The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism


Lama ‘justice’ for stealing a goat

Tibetan Buddhism, or Lamaism, creates a world view that is superstitiously and emotionally driven. It rejects Western values such as reason, freedom of thought and speech and the separation of church and state. While it talks about “secular ethics” and “secular spirituality,” it pretends to embrace secularity only to recruit by deceiving others. Lamas have no concept of a secular life. The lamas’ worldview is the imagined world of an atavistic theocratic ruling priesthood that controls and drives everything the lamas believe and do; a worldview that has not changed for these high lamas for many hundreds of years.  Tulkus are boy-men who have a profound sense of entitlement, taught to believe they are transcendent incarnations of previous high beings, even deity-like beings, who are superior to the ordinary realm of humans. They are taught to believe they occupy a space somewhere between a god-realm and the earth. Raised to be future god kings, lama avatars, they remain beyond the ordinary human realm of cause and effect and can never make mistakes because mistakes do not exist for these great bodhisattvas. That alone makes them and their fanatic devotees, who have taken oaths to obey them in all things, dangerous to a democratic society. Many of their  devotees, with western professional credentials , are bringing us the mindfulness movement exploding all over our nation.


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