Institutionalized Sexual Abuse in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’


A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher and regent of  Chogyam Trungpa ,  considered the Lama who brought Tibetan tantric ‘Buddhism’ to the west,   seduces his male students into the ‘higher tantric practices’ of the Vajrayana.  The  ‘inner circle’ of western students  knows  he  has the HIV virus but believing, as he does, that  his   ‘special Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ practices’   will prevent  him  from passing the AIDs virus on,  they let him continue to have sex with his students.

He maintains his promiscuous sexual activity  because no one   knowledgeable about his illness in the community dares to stops him. After all, he  is the appointed  ‘guru, ‘ the ‘master of the Vajrayana Tantra’  and therefore considered an ‘enlightened’ lineage holder of their first teacher Trungpa .  Since  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  is about  guru worship and  unquestioning devotion ,   this inner circle of the faithful, programmed to always  see their   guru’s   desires  and wishes as a command to  be obeyed,  not only  do not warn other community members about their masters deadly AIDS virus,  but they actively continue to facilitate their master’s need for  a fresh supply of devotees to  ‘practice’ his sexual bliss couplings.  After all, these sexual encounters with many ‘bliss partners’ are encouraged by the Tibetan secret tantric teachings themselves.

The  board of directors of Vajradhatu , including  an American physician,  continues to let him seduce  and have sex  with students for  several years, long after the dangers of the spread of the  AIDS infection are well- known to the public.  Keeping  back crucial information from the members of this Vajrayana tantric  community,  where sexual couplings and re-couplings are  commonplace for the more ‘advanced students’  and considered  a ‘sign of detachment,’   these administrators put hundreds  of members  of the community  in ‘harm’s way.’

Inevitably,   one of  his many  young male ‘sexual consorts’ is infected along with this  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news. The young man’s subsequent death is  caused as much  by these guru-cult influences as the AIDS virus itself,  cult influences that continue to enable the promiscuous behavior of Lamas and teachers.

Shortly thereafter this  ‘Vajrayana teacher dies of the AIDS virus himself.  The whole scandal is buried  by organizational ‘name changes’ , obscurations  and denial,  embalmed  in  the usual rhetoric and public relations cover-ups in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’   facilitated by  the Tibetan Lamas and the Dalai Lama himself.

To the devotees of this Tibetan ”Buddhist’  lineage of the Tantric Lama Trungpa, it is  all  just  ‘crazy wisdom,”  leading to  a great and profound teaching of ‘one taste.’   Not even  apologies are  given to the young man’s family, and it is often  overheard  in the delusional, cult-chatter of this group  about the young man’s death  being the  ‘guru’s  ‘blessings, ‘  and  an  accelerated  ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth .

Since history is considered  just an  illusion in  this western Tibetan sangha of   Trungpa ,   as it is in all Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ groups,  the white-washed and  newly named organization, Shambhala,   is now video streaming   this  teacher  on its  website, with no mention of the scandals surrounding the past.

Several years later,  a   sixty-year old  western   Tibetan teacher sleeps with a ten- year old daughter of another  sangha member in this same Shambhala group. The case is settled out of court. This  teacher of tantra is given a slap on the hand in a group who takes ‘nothing happens’  to heart.   As a Tibetophiled  devotee and protected member of this cult of Tantra,  he  finds his  group status  only  slightly depressed. The sexual abuse is buried  in the quick-sand of the One Big Tantric Mind  of  brothers and sisters ,once  again,  as though it never occurred.

A well-known ‘author’  of Death and Dying and popular Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  Lama,   with now  two   multimillion dollar lawsuits under his belt, one in 1994, and again in 2011,  for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating hundreds of western women, creates a harem of devoted western female slaves  ,  is feted and honored by the Dalai Lama,  the wife of  the former prime minister of  France,   and other  lay and lama  celebrities   at the opening of his western-funded, eight million dollar Tibetan ‘Buddhist’   Lerab Ling Temple in France.

Although there have been documentaries, articles , essays and reports about this Lama’s egregious spiritual abuse, spiritual fraud and sexual exploitation of his students,  since at least  1994, the representatives of  the Kagyu Lama cartel  and other long-term enabling western ‘Buddhist’ devotees and students  ,   will be going to this sexual exploiter’s  Lerab Ling center  in 2015, for an ‘international seminar,’  as though none of this sexual abuse by this Lama even occurred.  

This is to  infuse the situation with more cover-up and support by the western ‘Buddhist world,  since their own  ‘Buddhist’ lucrative livelihoods and reputations depend on the vast international vectors and networks  of Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ influence , created together with the Lamas.  It is  essential that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas remain protected and intact and that none of this information leaks out to the mainstream public.  Billions of dollars and many professional  ‘Buddhist’ careers are at stake if the real nature of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its institutionalize sexual abuse were to be exposed to the public. Exposure of the real nature of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ t would prove  disastrous to the whole western  Buddhist spiritual commodity enterprise  that has swept the nation and  that has gotten ‘too big to fail.’

In 2014   Naropa University, the first tantric university in the west,  founded by this same Chogyam Trungpa and still staffed and run by a Board that includes  his first  western students  maintains  thirty  years of denial and knee-jerk cover-ups   in these halls of ‘compassionate academia’ ,   let a self-proclaimed guru , Katsura Kan,  banned in Japan,   enslave a vibrant , healthy dance student.  She eventually dies of starvation.  This makes International news, but is hardly  reported in the U.S.  and typically  is soon covered up.

Not surprisingly,   a ‘spontaneous’ appearance  is planned by the  Dalai Lama who  will be paying a visit to  Naropa University in the Fall of 2015 . Since Naropa has always been a  recruiting college for Tibetan tantra and in   particular this cult sect of Shambhala International,   it is essential that another tragic death connected with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  and its gurus, is kept ‘ swept under the rug.’ The  Dalai Lama is  always on ‘emergency call’ to   plug up the leaks  and minimize the  damage  to prevent the real nature of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its institutionalized  sexual abuse and guru-worship  from gaining public exposure.

One can expect  lots of glowing endorsements from the Dalai Lama about Naropa at the time of  this visit,  carried in every major news outlet in the U.S.,   and  all  is strategically planned by the Dalai Lama, Naropa  and its  wealthy western supporters  to  bury this latest death, the  result of the same negligent  players  at Naropa who have taken vows  to bury the  truth and  protect their gurus and  their secret tantric teachings that   supported  another sadistic charlatan like this  Japanese Butoh dance ‘master.’

That any of the above examples would constitute sexual abuse of a minor, ‘criminal negligence’ causing death , or ‘gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority’ , is totally denied in these  suppressed western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’   groups. It never occurs to these western students to protest or condemn these behaviors, since they are thoroughly programmed by their Lamas to ignore their own western cultural values , ethics and laws. Only their  vows to their gurus to never see, hear or speak anything critical about their ‘masters’ is what matters to these ‘spiritual seekers’.

Sexual  abuse must always  be covered up in these  western Tibetan sanghas and affiliated groups and institutions,   because to  actually face it, and acknowledge it, unlike in other Buddhist sects,  would be to confront  the institutionalized’ sexual exploitation of ‘other’ as a mere sexual vehicle for the guru-Lamas’  occult practices. The  Hindu Tibetan’ Buddhist’  Tantric path,   after all ,  is built  upon the   sexual exploitation of women as ‘bliss partners’ for  the Lamas   and defines their ‘third turning of the wheel’.  The overlay of Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhist teachings in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  are simply a cover-up and a lure to seduce potential students into the Vajrayana ‘vehicle’ of the Lamas ,  where they are then caught in the net of the Hindu Tantra (tantra means ‘net’) that they claim are the ‘highest’ Buddhist teachings.

The sexual rites in the higher initiations of this occult ritual have to be designated as a manipulation of erotic love and a misuse of female energy to produce spiritual and worldly power of men and monks. So the equality of the sexes, democratic decision making, and ecumenical movements are in themselves foreign to the nature of the Kalachakra Tantra  from the Critical Forum Kalachakra

If the  sexual abuse  victims of the Lama system  ever do dare complain of the sexual gropings and sexual abuse by  the Lamas, the  wome are blamed  for it happening and told they should be more circumspect and less naïve,  after all.  It’s called ‘blaming the victim,’ which is what all misogynistic groups do.

At the same time   the women are told by the  Lamas and their western Tantric elders,  that they are just ‘whining’ about what is a great blessing and ‘ honor” to be chosen  for sex with a Lama and that one’s a fool to resist or complain . Doubletalk like this is  to confuse the minds of the devoted and keep them confused.

The Lamas , unknown to the public, are experts  inside their sanghas at doubletalk and doublethink,   both  cult techniques  that confuse and  soon freeze  the mind.  When given two opposite messages at the same time it creates a doublebind, and becomes harder and harder to act in one’s best interest or to make a choice  through a rational decision.  The Lamas are masters at the art of doubletalk  to keep their mental slaves in line. It worked in Old Tibet for a thousand years and continues to operate to keep  both the western ardent followers and the Tibetans in Exile in line .

Whatever  the Vajrayana  Hindu Tantra  was between one or two  devotees and their guru master,  as related in the ancient stories of the Indian yogis and sadhus?  This   Hindu Vajrayana  tantra, which is what these Lamas are really teaching,  is disastrous when it becomes an  institutionalized ‘religion’ of groups.  In the west it has created a herd  mentality of extremely compartmentalized and confused individuals,  who believe their oaths to their gurus and each other are more important than the  laws of their own land.

It is not just the women in these Tibetan western sanghas that are misused , confused in these sanghas of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’. The males are cuckolded by the Lamas as they too consider it an ‘honor’ if their wives, lovers and  even  their young daughters are chosen by the Lamas, some as young as fourteen years old, to be a Tibetan Lama’s consort.  As one older  male student of Trungpa recently put it on a Shambhala blog site:

“No…I was there. VCTR  ( Trungpa) never mistreated women It was consensual…
Christakes….he fucked all my wives, lovers……I was glad about it
no, you can’t touch him” Radio Free Shambhala  2/10/2015

The public would be absolutely  horrified, if they knew what really went on with these Tibetan  Lamas inside their sanghas and so the ‘damage control’ machinery of the Lamas  and their western devotee enablers are always on high alert. The Dalai Lama , with the help of his western monks, even  create  ‘limited hang out blogs’  to lure in people who are confused by Tibetan Lamaism. 

‘Tenpel’ , for example, a  Gelugpa monk of the Dalai Lama, and a former Stasi when in East Germany,  has many sites  pretending  to offer  ‘neutral information’ about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and offering sympathy for their concerns.  He then gets people to post on his  sites, thinking  these are open  forums where victims  can  ask questions or express their confusion and  anger and concerns about all the corruption they are experiencing with this or that Tibetan Lama or group , when really these sites are part of the massive damage control campaign of the  Dalai Lama, and a forum for the celebrity Lamas to confuse and further spiritually  abuse  those who start questioning the whole Lama set-up and to ward off the  tsunami of sexual abuse  and other corruptions by  the Lamas  and the Dalai Lama that are now coming to light.

 “Crazy Wisdom”

The preferred method of denial  about any negative behaviors  in Tibetan ‘Buddhism is : ‘All is emptiness’,  and  ‘nothing happens,’ anyway,   the cult meme in these groups.   Since the devotees are taught that the  phenomenal world is   ‘all   an illusion,’ egregious corruption and abuse can easily be re framed as    ‘crazy wisdom’  i.e.  the   unconventional, unexpected and outrageous behavior of these God men is always and only  to advance one along on one’s spiritual path.  Physical beatings, sexual abuse, money extortion, financial abuse, even death at the hands of these Lamas can be excused.

Therefore,  no matter what  behaviors their gurus engage in,  it  is always re-labeled   by these devotees as a ‘great teaching’ and a ‘great blessing’ , a  manifestation of ‘Buddha nature, ‘ that is  always   ‘all good’  even when its not.

‘Buddha Mind’  then becomes an orchestrated group mind, a herd mentality of never seeing the Emperor’s  human nakedness, let alone  his   narcissistic, pathological and exploitative  behaviors that are never curbed or addressed .

Probably not what the historical Buddha  had in mind  when he said ‘no one should sit above another’, and ‘be a light unto yourself, Ananda’.  His was a  path, without gurus.

When the Hindu tantra eventually reclaimed ‘Buddhism’ and recast the teachings in its own image in India to re-empower Brahmanism and the cast system, it was the Hindu Tantra that came to Tibet and was spread by these lamaseries of the Tibetan lamas in their mass monasticism .  It eventually plunged that country in what is referred to by historians as the ‘Age of Fragmentation’  from which it still has not recovered. Most  advanced people don’t burn themselves up for their ‘spiritual leader’ and his political ambitions.

The temporary experience and awareness that  ‘all is an illusion’,  can be a refreshing window into the present moment,  but was never meant to become a ‘religious dogma’ overlaid on the phenomenal  world so that the relative world is completely denied.

But religious dogma is what all groups create who believe they have a monopoly on the Truth   and this particular Hindu tantric doctrine of Tibetan Lamaism  that ‘all is  an illusion’  and ‘there is no good or bad, just ‘one taste,’   becomes a  blueprint for   ‘anything goes’    which naturally segues into neglect and indifference   and an  ability of the whole group , or even a whole  nation, when obsessively  mired in Hindu  Guru worship,  to ignore glaring abuses and  corruptions  all around them.  It also destroys an individual’s ability to discern any longer what to accept and what to reject, so the abuses of these  God men  in their communities  becomes  more and more hidden and denied.

The western cult members in all these  Tibetan Lama groups are  often well-educated   but  only appear  to be  rational  and reasonable to outsiders.  They know how to speak  and write articulately ,   that remains intact, but their reasoning minds have been destroyed  inside this  ‘religion’  where they are  full-time engaged  in  infantilized  idealization about  their gurus  as they  practice medievalist superstitious   beliefs in  irrational group practices , including   imagining themselves as deities and demons to dissolve their   self-identities and erase their ‘ego-clinging’  in order to merge their minds with their guru.    These are the  same  rituals,  the same  atavistic, occult  practices and rituals  that their Lamas engaged in since medieval times that for the Lamas has never ended and where these god men  still  live , frozen in time,  on their golden brocade thrones.

Not  ‘enlightened beings, ‘  these Lamas  are  in reality  fossilized, narcissistic  child men, torn from their own families at a very young age, whose own emotional and intellectual development was curbed  by Lamaism at  a very young age.

In these western Tibetan sanghas,  as well, the  devotees,  no matter how well-educated,   give up their own cultural values,  and become  slow -boiled toadies ,  shills for the Lamas in a herd mentality of enthralled devotion  no longer able to use their rational , reasonable minds  because their minds  have been split and  compartmentalized; they are  no longer  able to discern  right from wrong,  nor can they  see how their distorted relationship between themselves and their ‘masters’ destroys individualism, and creates a  a cult of groupthink  .

Each Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Lama  sangha ,  is  a theistic aggregate of fanatic believers, with one main Lama and  a  panoply of Lama gurus that form a rigid hierarchy around them to worship. The Lamas now form a tight circle around their  adherents  in a  larger Lamaist ‘net’ that envelopes their lives seamlessly.

Each sangha or community   worship their own mini-God guru,    i.e. their own particular Tibetan Lama,  as well as all the Lamas from other groups  that  now purposely envelops them. There are now thousands of these Tibetan  Lama  centers,  all over the West and Asia  and   all of them interconnected, forming a Lama cartel,   and each devotee in these groups believes their own  Lama and well as the other Lamas to  be the incarnate  manifestations of many  previous ‘enlightened’ Lamas and/or deities from their own ‘lineages’  going back hundreds of years.  Although the Tibetan Lamas were at first very jealous of each other and kept their devotees close when first coming to the west to recruit, ,  now that they have succeeded in fooling the world and have created a vast Lama, multinational corporation worth billions of dollars in property and  foreign currency, they are now propagandizing and recruiting together, and more importantly protecting each other from exposure, and do damage control for each other.  It is both a sign of their success, and a portent of their eventual downfall.  They are both afraid and emboldened by their success.

In particular , the  cartel of Kagyu and Nyingma Lamas, who have always had a close relationship in Tibet,  are working together, and have vastly  spread out in foreign countries to  teach and enthrall,  while collecting  their  money offerings in white envelopes for performing this abisheka, or that empowerment and teaching.   There  western devotees, who incessantly chant  praises,  and perform adulation  and eulogies to  all these these  d dead  Lamas and their dozens of past incarnations  ‘reborn’ now in the bodies of their own Lamas,   whom they believe have come back to  the ‘human realm’ only to help   lower,  sentient beings,  like themselves,  reach spiritual enlightenment  by being  unswervingly  devoted  to them.

After chanting these eulogies to dead Lamas incessantly,  these devotees are now  programmed to  believe whatever any of these  Lamas say, operating from the same  occult handbook , that the Lamas have  written themselves, and tell their devotees they have ‘discovered’ as ‘ terma’, i.e. hidden treasures in rocks and special places, in order  to serve their own self-interests as though coming from avatars now dead and  beyond time and space.

These westerners  are thus surrounded by an vast sea of an extended  Lama circle of influence, with all  these Lamas working together to  keep their devotees completely  mind-controlled with no gap. And how could these devotees   leave  this circle of influence, this ‘net of tantra’  when  convinced by the Lamas and their teachings that  a horrible hell realm awaits them to even have the thought of leaving or ever criticizing these Lamas?

Is it any wonder that Himmler loved the Lamas and saw the potential of their despotism to be the religious arm of his own occult group?  Or that the Dalai Lama’s extensive friendship network has and still  includes National Socialist connections?

“Anyway,  I wasn’t using the word “fascism” loosely. An autocratic set-up using organized force, group pressures fear and informants to bring about conformity of attitude and induce ‘devotion’ to an individual seems to me to be fascism, even at a classroom level, or in a street gang. And those who surrender their own judgments, in a group situation(Naropa and Tilopa, by contrast, were on their own) to someone they’re afraid of, aren’t to be trusted in my opinion.    Eliot Weinberger,”  Dharma Demagogy, ” The Nation, April 19, 1980.

In these current  western  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sanghas, since words disguise what is really going on, The Lamas and their ‘ western administrators,  are now skilled  at public relations and the deceptions that  accompany it,  particularly as the Lamas  have recently hooked up with the marketing and  corporate world to do  their proselytising and ‘damage control’ .

The new western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ may also now  be a former corporate  CEO, or marketing professional  herself, or a wealthy new age life coach or professional academics and journalists,  who  soon moves up the Lama hierarchy, as their  useful skills as ‘change agents’  can be harnessed for translating, proselytizing, fundraising ,  teaching and developing public relations  and marketing campaigns  for the Lamas.

Even though anyone  can  discover the true history of the Tibetan Lamas, if they did even a  minimum of research.  But western devotees  and their  rational minds have been systematically and thoroughly  shut down never reading  anything but  Lama  spoon-fed fairy tales that only a four year -old might believe.  The western public has been also programmed by a controlled media to believe these fairy-tales about the Lamas an Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ as well.

And then there is ‘karma’ and ‘reincarnation’  that have  entered the mainstream consciousness of the west.  Inside these Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sanghas,  ‘reincarnation’ is used to keep Lamas and their reincarnated relatives  on their theocratic thrones, and ‘karma’ is used to keep the devotees of the Lamas  in their subservient place, always pleasing and obeying the Lamas for the Lama’s   ‘blessings ‘ to burn off karma and move up the ‘wheel of suffering’  more quickly for their next life.

Karma and reincarnation ,  used to keep  the Lama’s  devotees in a ‘carrot and stick’ paradigm , prone to want ‘results’ for their good deeds, or at least the promise of a ticket to Nirvana heaven,  is very keyed into the  ‘merit’ side of the karma equation.  Merit from good deeds that the Lamas tell them they are ‘storing’ for their future lives,  and there is “no good deed ‘   as valued on the path to   Lama- style  ‘enlightenment’ than to be  unquestioningly devoted to the Lamas  by  financially supporting them for  their constant  building -out of more and more  Lama  temples and centers  for the sole purpose of  collecting  more and more  money, to build more and  more temples to  train  more and more Lamas , to collect more and more money,  to build more and more temples to train more and more Lamas,  in an endless and permanent loop.

The past  fruition of this endless building- out  was the Lama theocracy that eventually took over the Kingdoms of Tibet,  creating  misery, poverty, slavery and serfdom for  ninety-five percent of  ordinary Tibetans.  It lasted for centuries, and was so stuck, so impervious to change,  that it took a  Maoist revolution to lessen the Lamas choke hold on their own people.  Whatever anyone thinks about the Chinese revolution,  it ended the gross exploitation of their own people  by the Lamas.   How ironic that western nations, that  fought for hundreds of years to end the tyranny of monarchical theocracies, can unthinkingly  embracing  and protect this  religious tyranny  of the Tibetan Lamas and see it  as an alternative to their own religious foundation.

That’s what one gets for letting Hollywood and billionaires determine our politics.

Fundraising,  along with worship of the Lamas,  is the other main practice in a western, Tibetan Lama sangha.  Most of the Lamas have many different fundraising vehicles to keep the cash flowing into their coffers   and the generous donations of rich western and Asian benefactors for their shared dream  with the Lamas to create a  ONE Tibetan Adi-BUDDHIST  world makes a wealthy benefactor, new to the groups,   move quickly up the ‘aristocratic ‘ ladder’ of the normally rigid hierarchical system of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .

So   regardless of  a  wealthy student’s  ‘spiritual advancements,’  to the Tibetan Lamas it is  the  devotees that have the deepest pockets that  counts for them.     It has always  counted to these Lamas.  No one loves money  or the piling  up of  loot,  now the size of Mt. Meru,  like Tibetan Lamas.

The  wealthy benefactors in the audience, from  west to east,  love   being told their wealth and comfort in this life  is the  result of their past ‘karma’ of good deeds and others’ poverty is the result of past misdeeds that they can therefore ignore.  Or it might be because of their past closeness  to their Lama’s  previous incarnation that they are so fortunate.  It  makes  these western  sponsors  of the Lamas very  happy  as they become hooked for life as  vital sources of support  for  their Lamas,  preening  proudly from their   special seats,  up front and close,  beside their Tibetan masters. . They are often seen traveling in their master’s entourage as shills to fund- raise for the Lamas in the  wealthy hotspots  around the world. This is   where most of these Tibetan Lamas now  have their most elaborate centers and temples,  as it is important that the wealthy, powerful and influential are always  on board with their approval  of the Lamas with their  donations.  A kleptocracy always seeks out and sticks to the powerfully  rich.

The ‘western administrators’  and rich benefactors,  when they aren’t fundraising for their Lamas,  are proselytizing for them in vast networks of influence,  while calling this ‘human rights activity’ or ‘bringing peace to the world’.  The Tibetan Lamas   also  recruit many young, naive college students and graduates from our prestigious universities , where the Lamas have set up departments and affiliated organizations, and  bedazzled by everything Tibetan , these naive young people are made to believe  that  they are  ‘ global citizens engaged in ‘human rights’ and peace work’ by bringing this atavistic, misogynistic theocracy to the world.  This is  particularly ironic  since ‘human rights ‘ is actually what always goes  first  inside these cults of the Tibetan  Lamas.

The new, wealthy western Tibetan”Buddhists’/Lamaists,  often will create an  NGO of their own  for ‘peace’,  in order to  further proselytize for the Lamas,   Now they too, like the Lamas,  have access to many western government grants,   and a tax-free status, to  push  out and extend the many tentacles of their  Tibetan tantric Guru’s   world.

As for the less- financially  well-endowed devotees of the Lamas, they  are told by them   that their free labor, unselfishness  devotion  and  willingness  to work like slaves in building the  many Temples and centers  for the Lamas is what will gain  them more happiness in this life and  merit  in the next . Their  ‘next life’ then  becomes their  focus in this life,  as they strive for perfection in their meditative practices and in  their blind devotion to the Lamas.

This  how a whole  society can become eventually  numb and indifferent to the suffering all around them in the present life,  obsessed as they are on  their ‘spiritual development’ and  their devotion to their God-men,  ensuring that an entrenched caste system and its massive guru worshiping  and sexual exploitation by charlatans  continues and grows.

Tibetan Lamaism,  a.k.a.  Vajrayana ‘Buddhism’, soaked  in this mother-lode of God-men and guru worship  brought  Tibet to  a level unimaginable suffering and poverty to contemporary sensibilities.  It is why the Tibetan Lamas and their families eventually came to  own all the wealth, the land and even their own people in Old Tibet. No Tibetan in old Tibet would dare to question the Lamas. Just like in these western sanghas.  For example, the current Dalai Lama was a slave owner as well as serf master in Lhasa before he  escaped from Tibet in 1959.    The High Lamas  like himself had to escape since their exploitative theocracy  and their pampered lifestyles left them no place in the ‘ Chinese workers mandala’ of 1959.

It was the lower- tiered Tibetan  monks and nuns that were left to deal with the eventual  destruction of their monasteries and the reported cruelties of the Chinese army,  not the majority of  high Lamas.  These ‘high lamas’  like the Dalai Lama fled, with their tons of gold and their aristocratic families,  first to India and then to the west, leaving everyone else to deal with the mess. They always leave others to deal with any  mess.

In the  Kingdom of Bhutan,  extolled recently for its ‘gross national happiness index’ ,   as a Tibetan Buddhist  Monarchy/Theocracy ,  slavery only ended  in 1958.  Women in Bhutan were not allowed to be educated beyond the fourth grade until very recently. They still still believe they should be beaten if they burn the dinner. For them the AIDS virus is caused by demon possession*.

Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  inside their sanghas  also believe in demons and deities, and prostrate at  the feet  of  their Lamas.  The merit these devotees  will gain from being slaves to these Lamas is   ‘immeasurable’  they are told by the Lamas, and the opportunity to serve their ‘masters’ is such rare, good fortune in this life,  that will quickly advance them on  their spiritual path in this life and the next. And  all these rare  opportunities  come only  from the ‘compassionate unselfishness of  one’s  Lama.   This is the root teaching in all of Tibetan Buddhism: worship of the Lamas.  In every sect, in every particular Lama group, this is what their whole teachings lead to,  unquestioning devotion and mental slavery to the Lamas.   There is nothing more important inside Tibetan Buddhist sanghas than  total devotion to their Gurus,  and no possibility of spiritual advancement is possible without ‘ total surrender’ to these God men on thrones. .  That is the essence of the Tantric Vajrayana ‘Buddhism’ of these Lamas   that the west unthinkingly comes to  believes  is so ‘chic’  and hip and better than  their own traditional religious heritage.

The Lamas  actually  do  believe that they are incarnations of deities;  ( although a few of the brighter and more cynical ones just use the ‘narrative’ to get what they want).   This is the narrative that the Old Lamas instill in their young tulkus ,   torn from their families  at a very young  and impressionable age, while also  teaching them how to present a humble  and non- assuming   facade  for their ‘public face’ in order to do  their real job:  to collect as much money from every nation for the spread of  their Hindu Tibetan Tantric Vajrayana occult teachings  via Lamaism and its  priestly caste system far and wide. That is what all these Lamas are really doing, whatever they say or  are pretending they are doing .

The fourteenth Dalai Lama had a double dose of narcissism infused in him since a toddler  as he was the 14th Dalai Lama, and he  told he was the incarnation of the deity,  Avalokitashvara, the Buddha of Compassion from the age of two. He totally believes this narrative,  whatever humble monk persona he cloaks himself in for world-wide public consumption. He loves the center stage as all true narcissists do.

From the Dalai Lama to the most minor Lama incarnate , this is the belief system  that this narcissistic  men believe, that they are  actually  ‘Living  Buddhas’  above the human realm. This  has never changed over the centuries,  not since the Karme Kagyu sect first  started recognizing incarnated Tulkus,  nor  since  one of the Mogolian Khans recognized the fifth Dalai Lama ( who then  recognized retroactively the First  through the Fourth),   and saw the uses of Tibetan Lamaism  and its repressive system to quell the hoards the Mongols had  conquered. Nothing like a tyrannical religion to quiet protests in a nation.

The Lamas also  believe that enthralling others into  a lifetime of service for the spread of  their Hindu Tantric Lamaism,  is ‘ the highest form compassion’.

Although the Lamas   talk endlessly about their compassion for others,   one would be  hard pressed to see anything charitable they actually do  for anyone other than themselves and their own lineages and all their monies collected goes into preserving and expanding their Lama system.

The more successful Tibetan Lamas are now  rolling in money unaccounted for by anyone, surpassing their hoarded wealth in Old Tibet, and and each of these celebrity Lamas   have built up to 250 centers world wide.  Since  they have now become tax-free ‘churches, ‘ while  claiming   to promote the  ‘secular, scientific study of the mind’,  the  Lamas get  the tax benefits of a ‘religious Church’ while declaring they are not really a ‘religion’ at all but a philosophy of the mind.  No wonder every charlatan, third-stringer  Lama from Nepal and India and  now even China ,   can’t  wait to  come  west  or spread into  So East Asia, to  open their own string of  Tibetan  ‘dharma centers’.  There are now thousands of these Lama centers all over the world,  including China and each of them  are training hundreds of new monks and recognizing  and training many more tulkus, and  avatars, who believe  they too are very special beings, above the human realm.

When  these Lamaseries became  ‘churches’ in the west,  no one would ever  know how much money they collect or what it is actually spent on, since  they are  no longer required as churches to  file 990’s with the I.R. S. and their  ‘church members,’ their community of guru-worshiping devotees, who have taken vows to never question or doubt their Lamas,  are never going to ask and/or  tell.

The Lamas always attract  wealthy  naïve ‘spiritual seekers’, in whatever country they infiltrate.   They seek out these wealthy benefactors and seduce them with their various ‘masks’ and,  as they have always depended on ‘patrons’ to survive and thrive ,  they have to always hedge their bets.

In these Tibetophiled   sanghas, where worshiping the Lamas is the main spiritual’ practice,  regardless of sect or lineage, one’s own western cultural values and  inner compass  of what is right and wrong   is soon completely undermined and sidelined,  as a  Lama- induced , group  tantric , Hindu  mind is substituted so that everyone that stays too long with the Lamas  becomes an  irrational,  fanatic devotee,  doing  anything for their Lamas, even if it means destroying  their own human rights.  If  it advances Tibetan ‘Buddhism” and their Lama’s agenda to spread Lamaism,  it must be  all right. The means always justifies the end.


To be a Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ ‘ you have to ‘believe in the devil’ as Stephen Batchelor,  former Gelugpa monk and translator for the Dalai Lama, directly put it.

Mr. Batchelor also said recently that if there was ever a religion that would support sexual abuse of women it would be Tibetan ‘Buddhism. ‘

The Batchelors  were featured in the  2011 Canadian documentary exposing  Lama Sogyal of Lakar and his egregious sexual exploitation of  western women at his Rigpa centers entitled  ‘In the Name of Enlightenment”.

Mr. Batchelor  was helpful in pointing out that  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ was not what the Buddha taught, and one  had to believe in the devil in order to be a Tibetan ‘Buddhist. ‘ It’s why he entitled his book ‘Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist’. He couldn’t tolerate the double think and double speak anymore from what was clearly a theistic religion.

But it is  really very hard to leave the cult of western Tibetan ‘Buddhism.’   All your friends are still there, all the reference points of a lifetime keep you connected. It is very hard to leave,  unless you separate from  all past connections, true of all cults,  if you wish to free your mind completely from the Lamas. There is no half-way choice available to extricate yourself from the Lamas and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.  Most people stay in, even if disenchanted with Lamaism  itself,  because they cannot tear themselves away from their social connections formed over a lifetime.

Lama Tsoknyi ,  another popular so-called westernized  Lama,  thanks to  his Spirit Rock Meditation Center  connections , ironically set up with a mission to curb these guru and teacher sexual abuses,  has become a popular young Lama particularly with the psychotherapists in California, and is  promoted   as a thoroughly ‘feminist’ Lama  to boot. He claims he  has unselfishly incarnated   from a short line of previous ‘ feminist Lama incarnations. According to him,     he  is the third incarnation of the first Tsoknyi that  devoted himself to bettering the life of  nuns in Tibet.    This is  a helpful public relations tactic with his older wealthy  female students  who actually believe this feminist rhetoric  nonsense from the number one protector of the alleged physical and sexual abuser ,  Randy Sogyal Rinpoch , his pal.

Tsokyni Lama is now  building a replica of the first Tibetan Lamasery,   Samye Ling ,  in Taiwan  now, similar in  size to the Potala Palace in Lhasa,  and it is doubtful he could have done this without Chinese approval .

While Tosknyi’s  western U.S.  students still wait for the center he promised them back in 2001 in south western Colorado,   after garnering donations from them for over a decade and a half,  these devoted guru-worshipers of  Lama Tsoknyi have to make do with a statue he has consecrated and imbibed with ‘life  force’  that is housed in a little structure Crestone, Colorado.

This ‘scientific’ Lama Tsoknyi,  who sits on panels at Stanford’s Clayman Insititute for Gender Studies, and the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute, promoting’ secular spirituality, ‘ and the ‘scientific study of the mind’  still believes that one can make a statute come to embody the energy of a deity and had  his  monks come and perform  a consecration puja to do so.  He is  doing quite well , spreading his Lama lineage in  Taiwan now , after obtaining U.S. citizenship and collecting millions from naive Americans  with his tax-free Church status and donations collected  over decades.

Tsoknyi   is also a Lama that would have a lot to say about ‘devils’ and ‘hell realms’  since he puts his more devoted  students in  retreat and for the first month  has them reading about  the  cruel and sadistic hell realms  that will be their  fate,  if  they even see  anything but ‘perfection in their ‘precious ones’, the  Lamas at all times.   Foolproof method to continue the  Lama Guru charade and to deeply implant fear in the minds of his students that still believe he is a ‘westernized Lama, because he liked Starbucks and has managed to learn a minimum amount of broken English  to tell the same jokes that makes them laugh, at his retreats. Jokes that usually contain put-downs of the westerners and their culture. That is a common technique in cults, to get the members to hate their own culture first.

Since Tsoknyi,  the precious,  the  number one protector and enabler of his pal Sogyal ,  the alleged sexual and physical abuser of hundreds of women in the west,  this self-proclaimed Tibetan Lama ‘feminist,’    knows a lot about the institutionalized sexual abuses  within Tibetan ‘Buddhism, ‘  as he  promotes and protects   his pal,  Sogyal of Lakar, and his Rigpa empire, one of the worst perpetrators of sexual exploitation of young women in the west.

Tsoknyi was the first out of the corral of  all the celebrity  Lamas that  circled the wagons around Sogyal when the Canadian film about Sogyal’s  second law suit,  regarding  his sexual  and physical abuse was released  in 2011. .

Tsoknyi  rinpoche  continues  to  cover  for and teach beside his self-declared ‘ role  model, Sogyal  this   number one sexual and spiritual exploiter of women.   

As for the few western  female whistle-blowers,  that are brave enough to come forward and speak out  inside these repressive Lama groups,  who are all massively working together now to protect their sexually abusive cult of Tantra, they  are  immediately  dismissed as simply neurotic , angry people by their larger,  western  sangha of compassionate fellow spiritual travelers.  Since  any outrage or anger is always  rejected,  no matter how appropriate about abuses by these Lamas,  legitimate anger about sexual abuse  by these Lamas is  seen , not as the sociopathic behaviors of these Lamas, whom  many  may have been sexually abused themselves inside their monasteries as young children, but as a reflection of the victim’s mental health problem  as her  fellow sangha members serve to control the rigid boundaries of what can and cannot be expressed .

Women who have been sexually abused by these Lamas  and  dare to ‘whistle blow’ are thus dismissed as neurotic whiners,  since   ‘blaming the victim’  is the major strategy and tactic that these ‘compassionate’ modern western ‘Buddhists’  and their Lamas use to effectively silence any protest or appropriate outrage. It also acts as a deterrent to prevent any one else in the group from speaking out.

Since the Lamas can never be wrong in Tibetan “Buddhism’  it must be the ‘whistleblower’ that is condemned.

There is absolutely no  freedom of speech and thought in this radically anti-democratic world of the Lamas,  where  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  have reconfigured  a ninth century hierarchical  structure inside their western sanghas composed of the same  administrators, wealthy benefactors ,  serfs and slaves to the Lamas that existed in Tibet.   Regardless of which role in the hierarchy of Lamaism they occupy,  all the western devotees become  mental   slaves and servants of the Lamas and their delusional ambitions to usher in their Adi-Buddha world .

Some of the more well-known  and influential western devotees, who are flattered by the Lamas and used  for their ‘ influence’ in spreading Tibetan Lamaism,  and protecting it reputation, are elevated to  ‘luminaries’ on the ‘cutting edge’ of  a new western-eastern paradigm’  such as Robert Thurman for the Dalai Lama. 

Thurman,   who  is considered a well-respected member of the larger western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ community  often writes opinion pieces  for Huffington Post and the New York Times on the Dalai Lama and other  Tibetan Buddhist topics without  any opposing or critical opinions  of the Dalai Lama or Tibetan Lamaism being considered or printed. There is no warning  given  before Thurman’s polemics  posing as ‘scholarly,’   that he is engaged in ‘religious propaganda’ for his Kundun and  is a fanatic cult member of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ who has been  proselytizing  and shilling for  the Dalai Lama  for decades.

Robert Thurman , considered a great ‘scholar’ among his western Tibetan ‘Buddhists, ‘  is also one among many featured luminaries in the New Age Shift movement*,   created by former Esalen  Institute   founder, Steven  Dinan now that the  Dalai Lama  decided to  hook up with the New Age movement to use it to spread the Hindu Tantra.

And now  a Billionaires summit’ is connected  with this New Age movement  for World Peace, connected with Steven Dinan’s  Shift movement of charlatans and peace pimps,  to further dumb the world down .

Its shows that a narrow skill for making tons of money has no correlation with intelligence or real compassion as these billionaire hucksters join up with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Robert Thurman to create a wider gap between the rich and the poor, while they have discovered, through the Dalai Lama,  how to mind control the world into using the rhetoric of ‘peace’ to accept austerity as their ‘karma’.

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is  actually a   Vajrayana Hindu ‘oneness’ view of Unity,  which is  not Buddhist and is anti-individual, anti democratic and basically anti-human in that it elevates ‘god-men’ and their dynasties  over humanity,  creating a  world modeled on   medieval India, land of abject poverty,  rigid caste systems and social structures that tolerates  immense suffering of its own people and will continue to do so until India shakes off these God men once and for all.

It is why the Lamas  themselves could look out on a ‘sea of suffering’ of their own people in Tibet  for a thousand years  and never have even  a scintilla of authentic ‘compassion’  to change  it.  The  Lama-induced  poverty, illiteracy, and constant confinement to a subsistence and survival level of  the Tibetan people in one of the harshest places on earth was the fruition of the Tibetan Lama’s compassion. The west should take warning and soon.

It took a Chinese revolution to end the slavery, debt imprisonment, and misery for the Tibetan people, brought by the Lamas, and  even though the fourteenth Dalai Lama had nine years between 1950 and 1959 to make changes himself,  he did not. Instead when the Lamas realized what the revolution meant, they and  their families abandoned their own people and  fled.  For this behavior the  Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sexual exploitation of women  by the Lamas for their ‘bliss couple practices’   was  always practiced and still is , in the institutionalized teachings  within Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ . It is not only tolerated   but  actively  encouraged in  this  Hindu vajrayana  cult of  tantric practices that these Lamas engage in. Young  women and girls, throughout the centuries in Tibet and now all over the world,   are told it will be a ‘great blessing’ to be a Lama’s sexual consort and a ‘fast track to enlightenment’.

For example,  Dzigar Kontrol, another popular Nyingma Lama, who has had his  own string of mistresses over the years for his own ‘bliss practice’ , tells women who come to him  upset about sexual abuse  by another Lama that they should be honored to be a Lama’ consort and to stop complaining.

Khandro Rinpoche,  the one  token female tulku in this misogynistic , androcentric Lama hierarchy,  who attracts many female and lesbian western Tibetan Buddhists herself,  is known to shame anyone in her  group who dares to question or complain about sexual abuse.   A Lamas herself on her high throne with dazed and bedazzled devotees who prostrate to ‘her holiness’,    never blames the Lamas  for the sexual abuse, while she   supports Sogyal,  this  alleged sexual abuser of hundreds of western women , as all the other Tibetan Lamas do who have formed a protective circle around him.

Kontrol even engages in  confusing the youth from her privileged  Lama throne at Sogyal’s Lerab Ling , where she goes to teach  while hypocritically  telling  the women  at her retreats that they  need to more discerning and have better boundaries.

Khandro, and Dizgar Kontrol,    are two precious ones,  who both support Randy Sogyal,   and who clearly work in tandem to double bind their  western adherents and confuse them.

This is how bold and arrogant these Lamas  are, that they believe no law of any land will every touch them as they have been convinced they are beyong the human realm.  This is the ultimate racism of the Tibetan Lamas against not just one group of people, but of the whole human race.

Some of these high  Lamas have had hundreds  of temporary liaisons with their devotees , who are told to keep their special relationship with the Lamas a  ‘secret’ upon pain of going tovajra hell.Book deals in the Lamas’ publishing houses,  and special status in the group as a Lama ‘dakini’  , are just some of the  strong inducements and incentives to keep a ‘modern’ western woman quiet about the real nature of Tibetan Lamaism and its exploitation of women for centuries . Engaging in the usual ‘doublespeak’ of Lamaism, and soaked in the guru-worship of Lamaism,  these female enablers of  sexual abuse call being a sexual object of the Lamas ‘bliss practices’ : dakini power.’

Every celebrity Tibetan Lama has circled the wagons around Sogyal to protect him,  including the Dalai Lama

Sogyal’s  multimillion dollar Rigpa empire is also  openly celebrated by the Dalai Lama and all the other Tibetan Lama sects who are now under the Dalai Lama’s hegemony, so what are these devotees to do , when they see the Dalai Lama himself in 2008,  along with the neoliberal  plutocracy of  France  ‘honoring’ the number one alleged sexual exploiter at his opening of  his  Lerab Ling temple.

Sogyal’s sexual conquests are not the only thing celebrated by all the Tibetan Lamas  and the Dalai Lama, as Sogyal  the precious  is protected by powerful social political forces  in the U.S. , France , Ireland and  elsewhere in the west-its the amount of money he brings in to spread more Lamaism  around the world that gives Lama Sogyal of Lakar  his cover and protection within  Tibetan ‘Buddhism.’

Sogyal has also boldly sat on panels at the Dalai Lama’s  Mind and Life Institute and helps  promotes the Dalai Lama’s  World Buddhocracy movement through Sogyal’s Rigpa site and at  Lerab Ling  France, where he discusses their close connections’ and mutual goals of ‘secular spirituality‘  to bring ‘peace to the world,’ the  new world wide movement that Sogyal and the Dalai Lama  and all the Tibetan  Lamas and their delusional western adherents think they are creating together for their arrogant dreams of an future Adi-Buddha World .

Is  there a bigger hypocrite on the face of the earth than the Dalai Lama, who has for decades told westerner Buddhists  to call out  the abuses of other Lamas and teachers, while the Dalai Lama joins with Sogyal  to continue to advance their vision together promoting their misogynistic ‘religion’ as a cure for the ills of the world?

It is not far-fetched to believe  that some powerful and wealthy players in the west are controlling this information about the institutionalized sexual abuses of these Tibetan Lamas and their cult of tantra from being published and well-known.
As for Sogyal  Lakar  the little precious,  his Lakar family is a lineage of ‘benefactors’ of Lamaism over the centuries.  Not high lamas themselves the Lakars were part of the wealthy landholders and  administrators , the 5% that weren’t slaves and serfs in Tibet kept in a state of semi-starvation and poverty. The Lakars  financially supported Lamaism over the centuries. So anything Sogyal wants, he gets,  in the world of the Lamas . His  flagrant and continuous sexual exploitation of young women who come to him for ‘spiritual advice’  continues, unabated.

In the Spring of 2013,  Sogyal gave a ‘meditation retreat’ at Connecticut College, a prestigious female college in Connecticut, established to ‘empower women,’ to over a hundred young , naïve female undergraduates who probably do a little yoga and have decided to learn to ‘meditate’.

The U.S. news gave little coverage to Sogyal’s second multimillion dollar law suit in 2011,  controlled as it is by global  corporations now,  and much less than it did in 1994,   when we still had real newspapers, and investigative journalists, and when the first case against Sogyal,  the precious,  was settled for an ‘undisclosed amount’ also rumored to be in the millions.

This news,  about a second, multimillion dollar lawsuit by a westerner  against Sogyal and his mistreatment and blatant misogyny posing as ‘crazy wisdom’ and compassion was important to warn innocent young women about,  but was clearly ignored  in the U.S.   news,  even at the cost of these young,  naïve  female college students who walked into this wolve’s den .

Even the American Psychological Association is  enabling this sexually abusive cult of the Lamas  by endorsing it  and allowing it to spread and flourish through its connection and influence in  ‘contemplative psychology’ programs,  and by recognizing ,  endorsing and licensing  vajrayana psychotherapists .Most major cities now have ‘group clinical practices’ composed of  vajrayana therapists,  who are also  long term devotees themselves of this  guru-worshiping cult   of the Lamas .

Varayana tantric psychotherapists,   being credentialed out of these ‘Contemplative Psychotherapy programs”  are actually  shills  for their Lamas and the spread of the Hindu tantric vajrayana that plunged Tibet into an  Age of Fragmentation so deep and destructive  that Tibetans  still set themselves of fire for devotion to the Dalai Lama and his political causes .

Since many of these clients may be coming to these vajrayana tantric therapists,  for help with  trauma and PTSD from a history of  sexual abuse, for example, ,  they are  now under a psychobuddhist’s care who is a devotee of  the Lamas and their religiously justified sexual and spiritual abuse.

It has become a truism , these days , that one should first  ask any  psychologist   one is considering as a potential therapist : “what cult of eastern religion to you belong to?”
Chogyam Trungpa, sexual exploiter  extraordinaire of women  in his Vajradhatu  group and an open advocate of ‘enlightened dictatorships’  to replace democracy,   may have  paved the way for the Buddhocracy Movement we see in the west today and his plan to have his guru-worshiping devotees ‘infiltrate’ as change agents into every aspect of western culture is not yet transparent to the public.

Operating by stealth and deception is what the Vajrayana tantra encourages in it’s Law of Inversion.  But the majority of  western  devotees of these Lamas have no idea that they have  been absorbed  into the very belief system  that is here to undermine their democracy and have become ‘change agents’ for the Lamas.  The new wave of young turk Lamas are more circumspect about what they tell their adherents than  was Trungpa .

The   long-range goal, as self-appointed and self-recognized great bodhisattvas,    is  to create a theocratic dictatorship,  Lama style, to replace democracy,  by infiltrating western society and its cultural forms and western institutions  to overturn democracy from the inside out. Period. That is what they mean by ‘compassion’. The spread of Tibetan Lamaism, by hook or by crook.  Trungpa was just more honest and outspoken about Lamaism’s goals and always told all his students  they were needed to ‘save the world” and that the “world needed their help” to create what he always referred to as an ‘enlightened dictatorship’ with Lamas , like himself, as universal monarchs, despotically  in charge as he was in his own community of devotees.

But  how peaceful has the world actually become in the last forty years,  since these Tibetan Lamas and Hindu Gurus  unleashed their Hindu Vajrayana Tantric occult practices around the globe?

Since the Kalachakra Tantra has been given all over the world, by the Dalai Lama, (five times in the U.S.   alone and more than in any other western country)  to hundreds of thousands of people  for the last several decades, and  touted as  a vehicle to ‘bring peace and harmony’, to the world,  how peaceful and harmonious has the world actually  become since the Lamas have been given free reign to infiltrate and spread their Hindu- based Vajrayana tantra?

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  was not ,  still isn’t and never will be a peaceful  nor a  gender equal religion . This is just more ridiculous institutionalized doubletalk that  all cults engage in and the Lamas are the experts in doubletalk , given free rein to distort, lie and confuse, as the Hindu Lama tantra allows,  to keep the public in the dark about the Tibetan Lama’s real history as a tyrannical theocracy of misogynistic priests, and what their true agenda is in the west.


The Lamas pretense of gender equality is just that ,  another  mask to fool the west since it is the  religious,  superstitious stranglehold  and its Hindustani Brahmin Guru Tantric caste system politics , and gurus and Lamas  that are  actually keeping India the caste system it remains,  with women and girls in  India are at the bottom of the caste system’s  hierarchy. Women and girls that  have had to take to the   streets over the gang  rapes  and sexual abuse in India. 

Interestingly these incidents of Indian rapes has increased in the last forty years, since the Lamas have settled in India where Hindu tantra of the Lamas and their ‘mother home’ of tantra has joined forces.   In fact it has increased all over the world , since their misogynistic ‘religion’ disguised as peace has spread throughout the world.

The institutionalized misogynistic underpinnings  in their multi-god realm and guru society,  a society so soaked in this guru worship is what continues to  religiously justifies the  sexual abuse . It  is the wheel that keeps this society mired in a superstitious, misogynistic quagmire of gross inequalities , massive political corruption and caste system realities.

Yet this is the ‘religion’ now being embraced by some so-called  ‘feminists’ and academic scholars in the west. Have we gone mad?

Sexual abuse justified by religion is known to be  the most difficult to stop.  That is true, whether it is in a family system or a  whole nation.

The Theravada and Zen groups are  quite enamored  these days of the Dalai Lama and  his Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the idea of a One Dharma Buddhist path of all the streams of Buddhism,   is now being promoted in the west,  and yet nothing could be more dangerous for the world and for democratic freedom.

Always  a disastrous mix ,  when Buddhism and the State merge, it  becomes the  the religious justification and vehicle  for profound conformity, misogyny and often supports  and strengthens repressive dictatorships  ( Tibet,  Burma, Sri Lanka,   Pol Pot’s Cambodia , to name a few).    Yet this is the movement  being spearheaded by Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ , which is not even Buddhism, but a misogynistic, cult of Tibetan priests who have totally fooled other Buddhists into believing that this is a high form of Buddhism,  the ‘third turning of the wheel, when it is instead  a guru-worshiping cult of Hindu Tantra .

Imagine then what a World Buddhocracy would be like, and  yet this is what these  western Buddhist   ‘luminaries’ have planned for the rest of us,  spearheaded by  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ an  androcentric Hindu tantric cult  formed around a cult of personality of   misogynistic , despotic priests, who demand absolute obedience and an outrageously high investment of time and money (one of the defining characteristics of cults)  whose ‘thrones and gurus’  have  little to do with any teachings of the Buddha.

Yet this is what China,  is now promoting at the World Forum on Buddhism held recently in Beijing,  where it has become clear that these Tibetan Lamas, and the Chinese Government has been quite cozy all along,  while mutually  inflaming the west with their exchanges of  pseudo- anti-Dalai Lama and  anti- China rhetoric,  whose apparent,   mutual sole purpose it  seems is  to  continue to confuse and distract the west  and to  keep  the Dalai Lama and his  cult  in   a state of constant ‘victim hood’   while under the radar the real activities of the Lamas are not seen,  as they continue  to creep their  way into the naive ‘hearts and minds’ of a generous west who has  clearly  never read the real history of Tibet under the Lamas and never made  the Chinese  ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu required reading.

As this in-depth article shows, the Kagyu Lamas, the most popular umbrella group in the west,  have actually been  colluding  with the Chinese government , since at least the early 1980’s ,   in rebuilding their monasteries in Tibet China,  while  promoting  their mutually created   Chinese  Karmapa Ogyen Trinley  , the  Eco Karmapa,   groomed to appeal to  both east and west.

This is what the Dalai Lama means, when he recently declared “no more Dalai Lamas.”   Since the Tibetan Lamas and the Dalai Lama have agreed to have their new Chinese  Adi-Buddha leader,  the Eco-Karmapa,  replace the lineage of Dalai Lamas.

We are looking in only one  direction and at only one group of androcentric,  fanatic, fundamentalist  priests and  clerics  as a threat to democracy. There is another group, waiting in the wings and lying in wait, laying  the ground work and operating by stealth to ‘pick up the pieces’ out of the chaos their own teachings predict,  create  and welcome, to become the  religious fundamentalism of a new world ‘peace’ and harmony , Lama style.

It is really time to take the blinders off to  look closely  at the archived photos and films of ‘Old Tibet‘ ,  or the one below  revealing the real life of Tibetans , even in exile, under the Lamas. A picture is still worth a thousand words.

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Tibetan Lamas: The Agents of China in the West?

“When near,  manifest as far.”  Sun Tzu in the ‘Art of War’

If  asked what is the  new ‘religion, ‘   promoted by Communist  China to  spearhead it’s  new  Global Buddhism,  it  might leave the world  in shock, for it is   Tibetan Lamaism a.k.a. Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’   an  occult, ninth century  priesthood based on the Hindu Tantric cult of Guru-worship , overlaid with traditional  Hinayana and  Mahayana concepts.  This is the new  ‘religion’ that  China hopes to   unite with  Han Buddhism to quiet their own masses by putting them in  a subtle Lama trance to promote ‘harmony’ and peace.

From the article ” “Geopolitique”  Buddhist Soft Power, Chinese Style” by Arnaud Dotezac  :

“In short, Beijing is on the point of harvesting the devotional potential of the Tibetan community (and their Western followers) like ripe fruit”.

Not ‘victims’ of Chinese oppression  after all,  apparently the high  Lamas of the Karme Kagyu sect, the most popular in the U.S. ,  have been  actively working with the Chinese Government,  since at least the 1980’s,  rebuilding their monasteries  in  China and their new temples and centers of influence in  the west  with  the free money and  labor of their Asian and Western devotees.

Too bad the Lamas didn’t tell all the monks and nuns and ordinary Tibetans  in China,  who  are still  setting themselves on fire  for the Dalai Lama and his ‘Free Tibet’ compaign to protest  ‘Chinese oppression’  that their God-Kings  have been partners with China   all along,   and  apparently  for decades , to implement their mutual dreams of a Global Buddhism to bring totalitarian ‘harmony and peace’ to the world .

Ogyen Trinley,  the Chinese choice for the seventeenth,  reincarnated Karmapa , considered the  Pope of the Karme Kagyu lineage,  has his main seat in Woodstock , New York and  is the most popular Tibetan Lama , not only with  the Tibetans in Exile but also with the now thousands of  American  western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Lama  devotees.

Ogyen Trinley Karmapa  is also the darling  of  the Dalai Lama and his Gelugpa sect. The  Dalai Lama  has given his ‘blessing’ to this Chinese Karmapa by also ‘recognizing him ‘  as the authentic Karmapa incarnation,  something the Gelugpas have never done in their centuries long tradition, i.e. recognize a  Karme Kagyu Karmapa and the  Dalai Lama is actively promoting  this Chinese Karmapa    to take his place after he dies.

That is what the Dalai Lama really means  when he recently said: “there  will be no more Dalai Lamas after me”.

This   current  head of the  now Chinese- re-affiliated,  Karme Kagyu sect,  Ogyen Trinley  is  the most popular choice with western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ devotees because they and all their fellow guru worshiping devotees believe and  do whatever the Lamas and the Dalai Lama tell them  to think or do. They  don’t make individual decisions based on rational thought anymore after being under the Lamas’ cult persuasions and influence for the last  forty years and counting.

Ogyen Trinley’s  seat in the west,  Karma Triyana Dharmachakra,  in Woodstock , N.Y.,  has been increasingly funded and administered by Chinese devotees from Taiwan,    who have pushed out  many of the original, devoted western Buddhists ,  who spent their entire adult life and  their own money, free labor and sweat to create this main Kagyu  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ center in the United States for the siexteenth Karmapa.  But this  doesn’t deter these western fanatic devotees who still consider this Karmapa their ‘pope’ and Lama King. They are so programmed by Lamaism , that even  as the Kagyu lineage they follow  and it’s connections with China become more transparent,  it has no effect on their guru-devotion to this Chinese Karmapa,  despite still attacking everyone  critical of Tibetan Lamaism or the Dalai Lama  as  being ‘Chinese communists’  themselves. This is another example of how a compartmentalized mind can operate, as though two parts of the brain have severed connections with each other.

Ogyen Trinley’s   ‘escape’ from   Tibet in 2000  was  dubious  to say the least  and  India  has  long suspected  him of being  at least ten years older than he claims as well as a Chinese spy intent on building monasteries along the Indian Pakistani border .   This is why he has been kept under virtual house arrest  in one of the Dalai Lama properties in Dharmasala,  his  movements   restricted and under surveillance  by the Indian government and secret service since he ‘escaped’ by helicopter and SUV over the Himalayas.   Despite these travel restrictions in India, he did manage to  come to the  ‘perpetually naive’ U.S. A.   in 2008 and  again in 2011, enthralling thousands in New York City and Boulder, Colorado.

The U.S. main stream news,  preoccupied with another fundamentalist and more violent cult threat,  never reports anything negative about the Tibetan Lamas , the  Dalai Lama  or  his androcentric, apocalyptic, fundamentalist ‘religion.’   Ogyen Trinley  is strangely given  a free ticket to the U.S. however, to persuade more Shangri-lai-ed  Americans of his ‘enlightened ‘ nature  as well as  his environmental concerns  and where he is green-marketed as the EcoKarmapa  while engaging in the usual collecting of lots of tax-free cash from his audiences during each American trip.

It was reported by those in attendance, that  his western handlers charged four thousand dollars for a ten-minute group interview for various dharma groups in 2008 as he   enthralled   more  American western ‘Buddhists’ and the general  public with his carefully marketed pro- environmental persona and  his handsome good looks.

Noticeably,  Ogyen always maintains a  closely-shaved head , perhaps to   hide the temples of gray that appear in certain light , indicating that the rumors   he  is  pushing forty instead of being the ‘amazing twenty eight year old , ‘  as claimed by his devotees,  might indeed be correct.

Akong Rinpoche, another high Kagyu Lama , ( see  referenced article below )  came to the west with Chogyam Trungpa  and established Samye Ling in Scotland in the 1960’s, the first Tibetan tantric Lama  center in Europe.

Trungpa was considered the Lama who brought Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ to the west and  who was always knocking democracy  inside his own community. He was a constant advocate of an ‘enlightened dictatorship’ to replace western democracy.   He always told his students to ‘infiltrate’ western institutions to bring his version of an ‘enlightened’ society,  Lama style,  into being . In fact his group is now giving Monarch retreats, advanced programs on how to create ‘sacred governance’ within what they call an ‘enlightened society’  Is it any wonder that Queen Jordan,  Prince Charles and other monarchs love the ring that resounds of the possibility of their all of them returning to absolute power in the future under an Adi-Buddhist world?

These fanatic devotees of their guru Trungpa, and now his son,  have been very faithful to  their master’s command to ‘blend,’  over the last forty plus years, permeating  higher academia, journalism,  the  psychology field ,   the legal professions  and eventually into corporate milieus thanks to their ‘leadership training programs’ out of Naropa University,    who has also  influenced the creation of other ‘contemplative psychology programs’ like their own,  that have sprung up all over the U.S.  in the last few decades.

These Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ and Hindu cult memes that Trungpa started,  has  spread far and wide into our western culture,  mostly under the radar.

Akong Rinpoche,  Chogyam Trungpa’s bursar and co-founder of Samye Ling,  was recently  ‘assassinated’ by Tibetans under highly suspicious circumstances.  The official story,  reinforced in all the Lama-friendly,  western mainstream newspapers,    was  changed to  it being  a ‘murder over a simple money dispute’.   The story was quickly buried and not revisited by the western press , although it contained important information about  Akong Rinpoche and his deep and long-standing membership in  China’s  United Workers  Front –  only the tip of the iceberg  revealing what these Tibetan Lamas have actually been doing around the world  and with the close  support of the  Chinese government and the  Chinese billionaires that  clearly are in ascendancy in China.

It seems billionaires in China, just like in the west,  have a propensity to be attracted to the esoteric, occult practices  of the Tibetan Hindu Tantra .

Thrangu Rinpoche ,    tutor to the  second generation of  high celebrity  tulkus at Rumtek monastery,  the Sikkim seat of the 16th Karmapa,  which is said to be worth millions and a source of the ‘Karmapa wars, ‘ was also  very influential in bringing all the other  Kagyu Lamas,  who were at first resistant to this choice of a new Karmapa,  very  quickly  ‘on board’ with this Chinese pick.  But going along with their former tutor, and his persuasive influence was not hard, since it was Thrangu who   boxed their ears if they stepped out of line at Rumtek, when he had control of their very  young minds.

This affiliation with the Chinese  has proved  very lucrative for the Karme Kagyus  since  now they can collect their  donations from both the Chinese people and the west. They are positioned to go from multi-million dollar enterprises to multi-billion dollar entities.

Since coming on board with the Chinese Karmapa, Thrangu Rinpoche and the other high, Kagyu  Lamas have done  very well over the last  decades, most growing into very wealthy,  family lineage corporations,  all tax-free in the U.S. ,    and as  as a  reward for their loyalty to the  Chinese Motherland,   they have been building hundreds of new monasteries in the west and in China as  ‘centers of influence’ for Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  , a.k.a. Lamaism to spread.

Below are excerpts from  an  article by Arnaud Dotezac,  recently published  in ‘Market China’ about this collaboration of the Tibetan Lamas of the Kagyu sect with the Chinese Government entitled : ‘Buddhist Soft Power:  Chinese Style”:

“China very quickly understood the political leverage associated with Buddhism, which currently has close to 300 million Chinese followers throughout the country….”Although the official patriotic Buddhist Association of China (BAC) was established in 1953, it has been since Deng Xiaoping came to power in 1981, that religion has played an official role in the construction of the new China. The aim was to mobilise all forces in the building of a modern socialist state and to serve Chinese interests abroad. “

Jiang Zemin endorsed this policy at the 14th CPC National Congress in 1992. He even went as far as making “spiritual civilization” a feature of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. This action was used not only to justify the value of “harmony” as the basis of Chinese public order and a sign of allegiance to the CPC, but also to project a softer image of China to the outside world.”

In China ,  this will be accomplished by merging  Han Buddhism with Tibetan Lamaism,  just as in the west there is  movement  by the Tibetan Lamas to merge itself with  Zen and Theravada  Buddhism  to form a One Dharma or Global Buddhist  stream for the world.

While we have been obsessed with the dangers of one misogynistic fundamental ‘religion’ ,  Islam,  another one has been busy expanding under the radar and by stealth.

Again, from the article:

‘It is key to understand that the specific forms of Chinese Buddhism (“Han Buddhism”) have deeply shaped Chinese culture from philosophy to politics and arts, and even medicine, since the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE).

It is no surprise that it would also easily become an effective instrument of influence elsewhere, particularly in the US and more recently in Europe, including Switzerland, where it’s been growing in the wake of the Confucius Institutes that are sprouting up like mushrooms following the rain”.

“China is now investing heavily in presenting itself as the defender and benefactor par excellence of Buddhism. The creation of the “World Buddhist Forum” should, in particular, be seen in this context: this outstanding triennial event, launched in 2006, is attracting thousands of participants from 50 different countries. Most recently it has taken place in Lingshan, a sort of Pharaoh-like Vatican for Buddhism, in Wuxi, less than an hour from Shanghai”.

World Buddhist Forum 2009, held in Wuxi, China

The Chinese-approved Karmapa’s short name is “Ogyen Trinley” and was said to be seven years old at the time of his recognition.

Akong with the young Ogyen Trinley in 1992 in Tibet

 Again, from the article by Arnaud :

“Akong’s dedication to the Chinese motherland earned him many very significant honours, such as being part of the social circle (guanxi) of Jia Qinglin, the former Number 4 in the regime during the presidency of Hu Jintao.

A regular at Chinese official events, Akong was counted as a main honour guest at a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the so-called “peaceful liberation” of Tibet in Lhasa, in summer 2011″.

Interview in London (23.10.2006) with Jia Qinglin and Akong

“He was also appointed a member of the executive of the highly nationalistic China Association for the Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture, an offshoot of the United Front, which plays a key role in the ‘normalisation’ of Tibet. Yet, despite the protection he enjoyed at the very highest level, he was assassinated in western China in October 2013, in mysterious circumstances”.

“Akong’s exploits could never have succeeded without the unswerving support of Dr Chen Li-an and some other well-placed Tibetans that Chen Li-an bankrolled”.

……the links proven to exist between the Beijing regime and the young Ogyen Trinley’s mentors – led the Indian authorities to place him under quasi-house arrest as soon as he arrived in India”.

Chen Li-an with Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche who is a key ally of Chinese interests

Thrangu Rinpoche , pictured above with Chen Li-la,   has himself over a hundred centers or practice groups  in the U.S. and Europe and this is common of all the higher ranking Lamas and their  lineages, which have now merged under the Dalai Lama hegemonic umbrella.

Recently the Lamas, who used to brag about how many centers they had on their websites,  are removing that information   from the  public eye. Their braggadocio was given  a second thought that it might be  better to be more ‘discreet’ about how fast they are building out and spreading all over the world.   There are now  even second and third tier Tibetan  Lamas ,     forming more ‘practice groups, and centers of influence,  in every major city in the U.S. , Europe,  and Asia.

In fact, Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’  is really  a  group of  family ‘lineages’  now running  their operations as multinational, ‘religious’ corporations’ with expensive public relations campaigns and ‘damage control’ operations to fend off the increasing number of sexual abuse and other abuse charges,   while maintaining  their image as  ‘ecumenical’  churches,  who are  simply collecting  vast amounts of tax-free monies to  ‘preserve their Tibetan heritage. ‘

In fact, they  have been spreading what is a guru-worshiping,  occult religion  and its  Lama mass ‘monasticism’   over the continents of the west and So East Asia at  a galloping pace, just as  they once did in  the territory of Tibet and with the same  robotic,  maniacal ambitions, the same  benefit of ‘free labor’ and free money from  their fanatic devotees, east and west,  to build their Adi-Buddha world.  In other words, recreating their theocracy with a High Lama as their God King.  Just like in Old Tibet.

 Despite his theater and his anti- Chinese inflammatory rhetoric for the west’s benefit over the last decades,   nations  so easily fooled by   the Dalai Lama’s fabrications  and doubletalk,  here is the Dalai Lama video,  of the Tibetan in Exile leader passing the mantle of the future leadership of all of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ to this Chinese Karmapa,  and therefore to the Chinese government ,

This is more than likely what  Dalai Lama actually  meant when he said recently , “there will be no future Dalai Lamas” because he knows it will be the Karmapas and the Chinese  EcoKarmapa,  lying in wait,  to take over the Lordship of World Buddhism , with the Chinese government  pulling the strings.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche,  a favorite ‘westernized Drukpa Kagyu  Tibetan  Lama of the California psychologists and academics that met up with him out of Spirit Rock , a mediation center started by western psychologists and Theravada Buddhists, who have clearly merged their own group with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ ,  has  now been giving retreats and ‘blessings’   in Taiwan for many years,  but it seems that  the Taiwanese, like their U.S. counterparts,   don’t yet know about the sexual abuses rampant in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ by these Lamas.

His western   students also  don’t  know that Tsoknyi the ‘precious’  Lama is  building  a Potala- sized Lama  Palace in Taiwan, modeled after the first Tibetan Lamasery, Samye Ling , as they continue to  wait for the center he promised them over  fifteen years ago to be built in Southern Colorado after millions were collected. They are making offerings instead to a ‘statue’ housed in a tiny building  where  Lama Tsoknyi, who bills himself as a thoroughly ‘westernized Lama’ ,  had his lower monks do pujas to imbibe the statue with a ‘life force. That will have to do for these western Tibetan Buddhists  religious devotees, who pray to the statue  for ‘blessings’ , most having  no idea what Tsoknyi has been up to in Taiwan while they still wait for their center in the U.S.

  Lamas always hedge their bets,  and the wealthy Chinese in Taiwan are proving to be a more lucrative target, as the Lamas cozy up with their former partners in imperialism,   using their  religion to quell the masses into accepting ‘austerity’ as their karma.

Do the Chinese billionaires that the Lamas are feting and attracting realize that Tsoknyi  Rinpoche is   the main protector and supporter of  ‘Randy’ Sogyal Rinpoche, here in the United States?   Perhaps.  Perhaps not. Since it has been so well-covered up in main-stream western news.

Sogyal Rinpoche  is now facing a second, multi-million dollar lawsuit for  the alleged sexual and physical abuses of hundreds of  his young, female western devotees thanks to a French young woman ‘blowing the whistle.’

  Sogyal is featured in the Canadian film In the Name of Enlightenment’ about his sexual exploitations for over forty years here in the west. What the film doesn’t say is that sexual abuse of women is  what the Lamas mean by the ‘highest practices’ of their ‘Buddhism’ of the Hindu Tantric Vajrayana .

Tsoknyi ‘the precious,’   trained in the art of Lama doubletalk, dubs himself the  ‘westernized and feminist’ Lama , a moniker created not just for  his rich older western  female devotees and their deep pockets,  but also for those easily duped feminist scholars out of  Stanford University’s  Clayman Institute for Gender Research,  who also go ga-ga over little Tsoknyi, inviting  him there to teach and fund-raise for his apparently Chinese- approved  enthrallment of western academics.

I wonder if the Chinese Government knows about the institutionalized misogyny and sexual abuse rampant in Tibetan Lamaism and that the pinnacle of their form of ‘enlightenment is using females over the centuries for their  higher tantric practices that culminate in the  ‘bliss practices’ for the Lamas ?

The  Buddhists of Taiwan, and perhaps  in mainland China,    however,  will  not be  so easily fooled by this Hindu Tantric distortion of the Buddhist teachings  as those in the west ,   since their countries have practiced Mahayana Buddhism for centuries.

  One group of Buddhists in Taiwan  has been very active in trying to warn the Taiwanese population about the Lamas real intentions and agenda for the last decade in their country :

  “The promiscuous couple-practice of copulation of Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism” has overly permeated Taiwan religious community due to the Dalai Lama’s active promotion and the establishment of his foundation in Taiwan to boost the issue. We have therefore received many public complaints about Taiwan Buddhist temples infested with the couple-practice of copulation. Many monastic monks are secretly practicing the copulation tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism.” They are clothed in Buddhist kasaya reciting sutras and chanting Buddha’s name in daytime, but follow Tantric lamas’ instructions and sexually abuse female adherents …. Zang Ghonpu , Chairman of the True Enlightenment Foundation.

Reference Source:

Again, from the article by by Arnaud Dotezac  on the collusion between the Han Buddhist patriarchs , the Tibetan Lamas and the Chinese Government  ‘Soft Power of Buddhism in China':

“Buddhism is the cement of Tibetan identity; a feature of particular note is devotion to the masters of teaching and meditation: the lamas. 

What all these lamas have in common is that they are respected and revered in a very powerful relationship of spiritual allegiance, even at the risk of manipulation and the abuse of power, which is very difficult to counteract. In contrast, the relationship between Chinese Buddhists and their Han clerics, while very respectful, is much less devoted. So it took some time for the authorities in Beijing to get the measure of this difference between Tibetan and Han Buddhism.”

Framed picture of Ogyen Trinley wearing the clothes of Han monks, hanging on the wall of a Chinese temple (to the right of the photo)

“They finally realized that if the true allegiance of the very hierarchical Tibetan Buddhists were to be harnessed to Han Buddhism, the entire community could be shifted towards a very spiritual devotion to the Chinese motherland. For this aim, a very subtle and complex religious doctrinal merging process of the Han and Tibetan Schools had to be organised, with a superior rank given to Han Buddhism.”

“Many lamas, both in Tibet and in exile, have successfully put this to the test through the gradual merger of the two versions of Buddhism. Thus in recent years, one can see Tibetan lamas assuming the ways of Chinese monks while at the same time introducing them to Tibetan practices. It is a fact that, although under strict Indian control, Ogyen Trinley has set an example in this respect”.


Meeting of Ogyen Trinley and the approved Han Master Ching Yao, in India, 2.12.2009

In the west,  The Lamas and their fanatic psychologist devotees, like Joseph Goldstein,   a devotee himself of Randy Sogyal and the Dalai Lama,  whose latest book:  ‘One Dharma, ‘   has been  busy spearheading the integration of the One Dharma here in the States and in Europe, bringing together the Zen and Theravadan Buddhists  under the Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ umbrella .   A ninth century, misogynistic priestly tyranny  promoting  the chaos of the Hindu Vajrayana Tantra, brought to Tibet by a Indian Sadhu and sorcerer,  is now to lead the   way to merge the ‘Three Streams’ of Buddhism for a One Buddhist World.

World Totalism with a religious arm.

 The corollary of this  unfolding story as a warning to westerners:   meditation may make you ‘relaxed’ but not necessarily intelligent and those Lamas on thrones have simply created another masked dance, this time to fool the world, not just their own people.

“All warfare is based on deception’  Sun Tzu

 See the link for the full article  on Buddhist soft power at:

and  also an article on Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the new Chinese billionaires:


“I have even heard it whispered that in Old Tibet, that pristine and contemplative land, the lamas were the allies of feudalism and unsmilingly inflicted medieval punishments such as blinding and flogging unto death. Yet the entire Western mass media is uncritically at the service of a mere mortal who, at the very least, proclaims the utter nonsense of reincarnation and who affirms the sinister crazy belief that death is but a stage in a grand cycle of what appears to be futility and subjugation . What need then to worry about nuclear weaponry, or sectarian frenzy, or the sale of indulgences to men of the stamp of Steven Segal? “Harmony” will doubtless kick in. During his visit to Beijing, our sentimental Baptist hypocrite, ( George W. Bush) turned to his dictator host, recommended that he meet with the Dalai Lama and assured him that the two of them would get on well.  That might easily turn out to be the case.  Both are very much creatures of the material world.Hitchens, Christopher,    ‘The Divine One,’ The Nation, July 27/August 3, 1998 p. 8

Prophetic words by the late Christopher Hitchens.

Now This Chinese Karmapa will be touring the U.S. again in March of 2015,   to fool us with his mask of ‘compassion’ and a major event and talk will be given , sponsored by the western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’   California neurologists and other academics, apparently  in love with New Age gurus and the Dalai Lama.   More massive propaganda for the Lamas and other God men infiltrating their Hindu guru memes into our western institutions of higher learning as a preview of their ‘guest speakers’ indicates .

When ‘freedom of religion’ becomes a merging of religion and the secular  by stealth , as is happening in our country, through the infiltration of sexually abusive cults like Tibetan  Lamaism  and their representatives ,claiming to bring a new paradigm of peace to the world’ and no one bothers  in academia to raise a protest or voice a concern, we can kiss our  secular freedom goodbye.  We don’t have to worry about terrorists from afar, when we have  portions of academia , inside our own prestigious universities embracing something as destructive a force as these Lamas and their Tibetan ‘Buddhism.’

Apparently Stanford also  has no problem with a totalitarian government’s  endorsement of this Chinese  Karmapa,  the  ‘new face’ of an ancient tradition of cruelty, and oppression ,  now spreading out to scam the world.  Clearly the Stanford academics  now live in a  disturbing  utopian ‘godrealm’  themselves,  just like the Lamas that Himmler so admired do.  These academics  are eerily  reminiscent of the academics in Germany and Vichy France, the first to be massively fooled by another ‘utopian view of harmony’  in those countries as well….   ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la meme choice.’

One can be sure of one thing,  when there is all this ‘talk of compassion’,  real compassion  is  far, far away and simply the word ‘compassion’ over and over is  being used as  rhetoric to allow the most un-compassionate group of priestly despots the world has ever seen,  to fool and dupe the most  easily duped, whatever academic credentials they have after their names.


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