Institutionalized Sexual Abuse in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’


A  PhD. western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ and teacher skirted a law suit and possibly a jail sentence  when in his New York sangha   he decided to sleep with a ten-year old daughter of another sangha member . His defense was that the sangha mother colluded.     The case was settled out of court for half a million and it never made the news. This western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ continued to teach and coördinate a Shambhala center for many years after his sexual abuse  was quickly covered up in typical  western, Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ fashion.

Instead of   being shunned by his fellow western  Lamaists,  the Shambhala International sangha denied that this was ‘abuse’ at all. He continued to teach,  coördinate a satellite ‘center’ and  remained a respected member of the community.  Being the scholarly type, his  tantric practitioner colleagues may have  concluded he was ‘experimenting’ with the exhortation in their higher Hindu-based Tibetan Tantras that an outcast girl of ten or eleven years old makes the best sexual consort.

Other  western Buddhists  would  have no doubt that this  behavior was clearly sexual abuse.  However, for western  ‘Tibetan’ Buddhists’ a judgement that this  was outrageous sexual misconduct,  and criminal behavior by accepted western standards, would be  suppressed,  (the judging mind is  systematically rejected in these sanghas) and the circumstances surrounding the sexual abuse  would be predictably   idealized as ‘crazy wisdom’ whereby,  in  the Hindu tantric world  of Tibetan ‘Buddhists, ’’ the belief in ‘no self’ ,  ‘all is an illusion’ and ‘emptiness of phenomenon ‘ can quickly  become a formula for a dangerous community amoralism.

The vajrayana tantric  view of the world as ‘an illusion,’  appears to be about freedom but becomes a  formula to shut off the judging i.e. discriminating mind in these groups, soon creating a  herd mentality ‘sangha’ of devotees, who appear to the outside world as rational and educated, reasonable people, but who are actually divided and straddling two different centuries,  the ninth and the twenty-first.

The  view of life as simply an illusion is also no small reason that in India  to extend help to those suffering , as westerners understand compassion,  is   ‘interfering in a person’s karma’  now and in  future lives and is discouraged.

A person’s wealth and comfort in this life is also seen as a result of his or her past ‘karma’ of good deeds and any   misery and suffering is the result of past misconduct in another life to be ‘burnt off’ in the current one.   Best to not interfere, says the Hindu tantric law of karmic cause and effect.  This is how a  whole society can  become eventually  numb and indifferent to the suffering all around them.  and has  ensured that an entrenched Indian caste system,  and its Guru- worshiping  of God-men has kept  India in a state of gross poverty and  inequities,  as it has for centuries.

Tibetan Lamaism a.k.a. ‘Buddhism’, is soaked  in this mother-lode of guru worship,  the main practice of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.  As devotees , east and west, prostrate at the feet of  their Lamas , they are mentally programmed to indulge the Lamas’  every wish and command as coming from ‘enlightened’ beings as the Lamas  of  talk endlessly about ‘compassion,’  from their thrones. One  would be hard pressed to see anything charitable they actually do  as they constantly fund raise for one goal only:  the spread of their  Hindu Vajrayana tantra as they   build more multi-million dollar Lama centers and temples throughout the world,  with tax-free western  monies to undermine western culture and values.

The west has been throwing money at these Tibetan Lamas for decades, money unaccounted for by anyone,  as they  have become tax-free ‘churches’ , while claiming to be promoting the  ‘secular, scientific study of the mind.’

So the Lamas  get to have it both ways,  they claim to  not be a religion at all ,  but ‘secular and scientific, ‘ while maintaining tax-free status as a ‘church’  answerable to no one, as they continue the spread of their Lamastocracy with a  free labor force  of thought-controlled devotees around the world to build the Adi-Buddha future.

Within  the inner  circles of  these Tibetophiled  western sanghas  of Lamaism, where worshipping the Lamas is the main ‘spiritual’ practice,  one’s own cultural values and  inner compass  of what is right and wrong,   is soon completely undermined  as a  Lama- induced , group  tantric Hindu  mind is substituted. .

While believing one is on the way to greater freedom, in fact,  everyone is soon on the same page , speaking the same  jargon  , with new Tibetan words and a new language/cultural  milieu that replaces one’s own western reference points. It is  quite amazing how quickly this can happen and how  subtle is the process whereby westerners give up their own values of freedom of speech, individualism and western ethics for a medieval world of serfs and slavery to these Lamas inside these western Tibetan sanghas. The  obsequious and sycophantic behaviors of devotees  around their Lamas, witnessed by outsiders, gives only a ‘hint’ of the level of control these Lamas exert over their western adherents inside their sanghas,  while appearing to the world at large as  simply ‘humble monks’ spreading peace and compassion.

There is no room for  any questioning  of the   hierarchical order inside  the closed, authoritarian,  anti-democratic  world of the Lamas  and no criticism of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ or of  the Lamas is ever allowed,   Period. This is written into the vajrayana teachings themselves,  Hindu tantric teachings,  that all the Lama sects teach,  and which says that ‘even a thought of criticism toward the teacher, your Lama vajrayana master, is forbidden and will  lead to the worst of the horribly descriptive  vajra hells. ‘   Narrative hells these Lamas have purposely created to subliminally  make sure that they will never be called out and   made responsible for their own actions  by any devotee in their groups,  no matter how egregious or against the social mores  of the societies their behaviors demonstrates.
Instead these  western Tibetan devotees of the Lamas become their most strident, vocal and fanatic protectors and enablers.

Confused and divided about ethics , free will, free speech, rejecting their own  western canon by increments,  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists,  under the thrall of their Lamas,  believe  they are becoming more awake on their spiritual paths.  Belief trumps facts always in these Tibetan Lama sanghas.

To be a Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ ‘ you have to ‘believe in the devil’ as Stephen Batchelor,  former Gelugpa monk and translator for the Dalai Lama, directly put it , before he apparently  decided to go along  with Lamaism once again,  joining  up with the ‘Dalai Lama ‘Mind and Life Secular and Scientific Show’that headed to Chiemsee, Germany in August, 2014. Mr. Batchelor also said recently that if there was ever a religion that would support sexual abuse of women it would be Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ but apparently being part of the ‘Worlds Top Experts in their Fields’  at this faux scientific symposium  of the Mind and Life Institute was  too tempting for Mr. Batchelor and his wife Martine.  Does he know or not know that this is another ‘front’ of the Dalai Lama to spread Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  using his scientific spirituality mask for the western academic types?

The Batchelors  were featured in the  2011 Canadian documentary exposing  Lama Sogyal of Lakar and his egregious sexual exploitations of women at his Rigpa centers entitled  ‘In the Name of Enlightenment”.

One wonders if Mr. Batchelor will be discussing the ‘Devil and Sexual Abuses in Lamaism’ as part of the panel discussions at this  secular and scientific  event?

Hope springs eternal.

Stephen was helpful, nevertheless   in pointing out that  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ was not what the Buddha taught, and one  had to believe in the devil in order to be a Tibetan ‘Buddhist. ‘ It’s why he entitled his book ‘Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist’. He couldn’t tolerate the double think and double speak anymore from what was clearly a theistic religion.

It is really very hard to leave the ‘Lama  net of enthrallment’ , all your friends are still there, all the reference points of a lifetime keep you connected. It is very hard to leave,  unless you separate from  all past connections, true of all cults,  if you wish to free your mind completely from the Lamas. There is no half-way choice available to extricate yourself from the Lamas and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.  Most people stay in, even if disenchanted with Lamaism, to keep their social connections formed over a lifetime.

Lama  Tsoknyi  was also a guest speaker at this  ‘scientific and secular’ symposium in Germany the summer of 2014.    Lama Tsoknyi ,  a popular young Lama in the west, a Europe and So east Asia, is  promoted by his western devotees   as a thoroughly  modern and ‘westernized’ Lama ,  who would have a lot to say about ‘devils’ and ‘hell realms’  since he puts his students on   retreat, reading about them  as their fate,  if  they see anything but ‘perfection in their ‘precious ones’, the rinpoches,  at all times.

Since Tsoknyi,  the precious,  is also the number one protector and enabler of his pal Sogyal , another precious and alleged sexual and physical abuser of hundreds of women in the west,  this self-proclaimed Tibetan Lama ‘feminist,’ also  knows a lot about the sexual abuses within Tibetan ‘Buddhism, ‘  as he  promotes  his pal, Sogyal from Lakar , declaring him  his mentor and part of his ‘family,’

There is no cult member of Tibetan Lamaism, as fanatic and devoted as the Tibetan Lamas themselves.

Tsoknyi  rinpoche has covered  for and taught beside his role model,   Sogyal,  for over two decades .

Whistle-blowers  inside these repressive sanghas are dismissed as simply neurotic , angry people and since any outrage or anger is completely rejected, no matter how appropriate, fellow sangha members serve to control the rigid boundaries of what can be expressed- they become the Lamas ‘gatekeepers’ .  Women who have been sexually abused and ‘whistle blow’ are dismissed as neurotic whiners,  and  ‘blaming the victim’ is the major strategy that these ‘compassionate’ modern western ‘Buddhists’ use to effectively silence any protest.

Since the Lamas can never be wrong in Tibetan “Buddhism’  it has to be the ‘whistleblower’ that is condemned.

There is absolutely no  freedom of speech and thought in this radically anti-democratic world of the Lamas,  where  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  reconfigure as a ninth century hierarchical  structure inside their western sanghas of administrators, wealthy benefactors , serfs and slaves.   Regardless of which role in the hierarchy of Lamaism they occupy,  all become  mental   slaves and servants of the Lamas .

It happens with no awareness that it is happening until it is too late.

Instead  the western devotees believe,  as they are repeatedly  told so by their ‘precious masters on thrones’,  that they are   the karmically advanced beings of the world,  with unimaginably great good fortune to have even encountered these ninth century  Lamas, and their tantric occult ‘religion’ that soon turns all of them into obedient servants for a theocracy of misogynistic priests, more fundamentalist than any western  traditional religion they have rejected.

Some of the more well-known  and influential western devotees, who are flattered by the Lamas for their ‘influence’ in spreading Tibetan Lamaism,  are elevated to  ‘luminaries’ on the ‘cutting edge’ of  a new western-eastern paradigm’  such as Robert Thurman for the Dalai Lama. 

Thurman,   who  is considered a well-respected member of the larger western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ community  often writes opinion pieces,  for Huffington Post and the New York Times on Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist topics without any opposing opinions printed. There is no caveat  given  before Thurman’s polemics,  that he is engaged in ‘religious propaganda’  as a fanatic cult member of his occult religion, Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  and is shilling for his ‘master’  the Dalai Lama  for decades.

Robert Thurman , considered a great ‘scholar’ among his western Tibetan ‘Buddhists, ‘  is also one among many featured luminaries in the New Age Shift movement,   created by former Esalen  Institute   founder, Steven Dinan.

Now  that all the new age ‘healers and channelers’ , life coaches and apparently some of our neoliberal politicians,  have  joined  the Dalai Lama and his ‘spiritual will to heal the world, ” in typical Dalai Lama Tibetan ‘Buddhist  double speak,  this New Age legion of new age salesmanship and ‘spiritual alliance’  movement of like-thinking ‘luminarie,  ‘ shamelessly self- promoting themselves,  are declaring they are creating a   ‘shift in evolutionary consciousness’ for man’s greater good and  for ‘peace in the world’.

Another Utopian Dream that is doomed to cause more suffering in the world.  The Dalai Lama is their   Captain of this New Age  Shift Movement but what these ‘Consciousness Explosion’ creators don’t realize is that the underlying goal of the Lamas,  always, is to create an  Adi-Buddha world with them at the ‘top of the heap.’

These ‘Brahmin Buddhist’  Lamas  share their thrones with no one.

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is really  a  Hindu ‘oneness view of unity’ which is anti-individual, anti democratic and basically anti-human in that it elevates ‘god-men’ and their dynasties over humanity,  creating a  world modeled on medieval India, land of abject poverty,  rigid caste systems and social structures that tolerates  immense suffering of its own people.

That’s the ‘fruition’ of these Hindu tantric religions like Tibetan ‘Buddhism.’

It is why the Lamas could look out on a ‘sea of suffering’ of their own people and never have a scintilla of authentic ‘compassion’ for them and their Lama-induced  poverty, illiteracy, and constant confinement to a subsistence and survival level, perpetuated by these ‘precious ones’ who pretend to have   infinite compassion and wisdom  to dispense from their thrones.

“Knowing’ and the ability to discern ethical from unethical behavior and  what to accept or what to reject,  i.e. ‘discernment,’  is what is massively obliterated by many streams that come out of this Hindu tantric  stream of influences promoted  now in our own western  cultures.    ‘Emotions and feelings’  are elevated as more important than intellectual thought,  while  critical thinking skills and the ability to discern right from wrong , i.e. ethics, are being slowly undermined for a   passive  “peace loving,  non-thinking’ promise of future happiness if you just ‘let go’  and don’t ‘judge’ , don’t think, ‘ ‘ and in particular, don’t get angry, not ever,  particularly even when righteous anger is called for when  exploitation, and corruption by those in power occurs.


Guru Yoga , the practice of worshipping these Lamas as divine and ‘enlightened beings’  never having a negative thought about them, no matter what you ‘think’ you perceive, creates a  group delusional field that relies on group enthrallment and extreme obedience to these Lamas as the source of all blessings, inspiration and guidance for one’s spiritual path.

Sexual exploitation of women  by the Lamas for their ‘bliss couple practices’   was  also and still is ubiquitous and institutionalized within Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and is not only tolerated   but  actively  encouraged in  this  Hindu vajrayana  cult of  tantric practices that these Lamas engage in. Young  women and girls, throughout the centuries in Tibet and now all over the world,   are told it will be a ‘great blessing’ to be a Lama’s sexual consort and a ‘fast track to enlightenment’.

Some of these high  Lamas have had hundreds  of temporary liasons with their devotees , who are told to keep their special relationship with the Lamas a  ‘secret’ upon pain of going to vajra hell.

Book deals in the Lamas’ publishing houses,  and special status in the group as a Lama ‘dakini’  are just some of the  strong inducements and incentives to keep a ‘modern’ western woman quiet about the real nature of Tibetan Lamaism and its exploitation of women for centuries . Engaging in the usual ‘doublespeak’ of Lamaism, and soaked in the guru-worship of Lamaism,  these enablers of the sexual abuses of the Lamas call being a sexual object of the Lamas ‘bliss practices’ dakini power’.

This central teaching of Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’ this ‘guru worship’ is why someone like Sogyal rinpoche, with his many ‘Rigpa’ centers , despite having  allegedly sexually exploited  and physically beaten  hundreds of western females,  is still  honored and feted despite now a second, multimillion dollar lawsuit for alleged sexual  and physical abuse perpetrated upon a western student.

Every celebrity Lama has circled the wagons around Sogyal to protect him, including the Dalai LamaRather than being ‘called out’ as a miscreant , as the Dalai Lama has deceptively told all western  Buddhists to doif they know about Buddhist teacher abuses,  the  Dalai Lama is  knowingly , and constantly engaging in double speak , particularly for the western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ audiences,  since he knows full well  that the warning in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’   that will override this rhetoric of ‘transparency’ is the  “never see, think or say” anything negative about the Lamas’ upon pain of hell realms’ meme  that  will always trump  any attempt at disclosing abuses by these Lamas.   Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ are the only ones that could know about the abuses, and they are deeply programmed to ‘not even see the abuses’ by the Lamas and their ‘Buddhist’ teachings.

Nothing will ever be done ‘inside’ these western Tibetan Buddhist sanghas, because the  western devotees are not allowed to even have a negative thought about their perfect Lamas, the precious ones. If you are taught to never see, hear or even think anything negative about your Lama, how will the rampant sexual misuse of women inside these sanghas ever be stopped?

Sogyal’s  multimillion dollar Rigpa empire is openly celebrated by the Dalai Lama and all the other Tibetan Lama sects who are now under the Dalai Lama’s hegemony, so what are these devotees to do , when they see the Dalai Lama himself in 2008,  along with the neoliberal  plutocracy of  France  ‘honoring’ the number one alleged sexual exploiter at his opening of  his  Lerab Ling temple.

Sogyal’s sexual conquests are not the only thing celebrated by all the Tibetan Lamas as Sogyal  the precious  is protected by powerful social political forces  in the U.S. , France , Ireland and  elsewhere in the west-its the amount of money he brings in to spread more Lamaism  around the world that gives Lama Sogyal of Lakar  his cover and protection within  Tibetan ‘Buddhism.’

Sogyal has also boldly sat on panels at the Mind and Life Institute  of the Dalai Lama and promotes the Dalai Lama’s  World Buddhocracy vehicle through Sogyal’s Rigpa site and at  Lerab Ling  France, where he discusses their  ‘close connections’ and mutual goals and the ‘secular spirituality’   of this new world wide movement that Sogyal and the Dalai Lama are creating together.

Do these western ‘great thinkers of our times’ , these scientists and researchers bother to research who and what is behind this Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama, that is  fooling the intellectuals in a way not seen since the Vichy intellectuals in France? Not at all.

As for Sogyal  Lakar  the little precious,  his Lakar family is a lineage of ‘benefactors’ of Lamaism over the centuries.  Not high lamas themselves the Lakars were part of the wealthy landholders and  administrators , the 5% that weren’t slaves and serfs in Tibet kept in a state of semi-starvation and poverty. The Lakars  financially supported Lamaism over the centuries. So anything Sogyal wants, he gets,  in the world of the Lamas . His  flagrant and continuous sexual exploitation of young women who come to him for ‘spiritual advice’  continues, unabated.

In the Spring of 2013,  Sogyal gave a ‘meditation retreat’ at Connecticut College, a prestigious female college in Connecticut, established to ‘empower women,’ to over a hundred young , naïve female undergraduates who probably do a little yoga and have decided to learn to ‘meditate’.

The U.S. news gave little coverage to Sogyal’s second multimillion dollar law suit in 2011,  controlled as it by corporations,  and much less than it did in 1994  when we still had real newspapers, and investigative journalists, and when the first case against Sogyal,  the precious,  was settled for an ‘undisclosed amount’ also rumored to be in the millions.

This news, about a second, multimillion dollar lawsuit by a western against Sogyals,  so important to warn innocent young women,was clearly ignored  in the U.S.   news,  even at the cost of these young,  naïve  female college students at Connecticut College who walked into the wolves den of this Lama and his sexually abusive history of exploiting young, western women.

The  American Psychological Association is also enabling this sexually abusive cult of the Lamas  by endorsing it  and allowing it to spread and flourish through its ‘contemplative psychology’ programs, and by recognizing ,  endorsing and licensing  vajrayana psychotherapists, who  are actually devoted  members of this Hindu Tantric cult of  ‘Buddhism’ of the Lamas, with its  superstition and  occult practices. Visualizing a patheon of demons and deities   and slave-like devotion to their Lama gurus, is part of their ‘advanced’ ritual  practices . . Most major cities now have ‘group clinical practices’ of therapists  that are long term devotees themselves of this cult of the Lamas.

Varayana tantric psychotherapists,   being credentialed out of these ‘Contemplative Psychotherapy programs”  are actually    shills for the Lamas and the spread of the Hindu tantric vajrayana, that plunged Tibetan into the Age of Fragmentation once it spread, and who are  deeply programmed by their ‘guru-masters’  inside their  Tibetan Lama  sanghas,  and will certainly ‘refer’ their clients to their own Lama sect for ‘mediation’ as part of their ‘cure’.

Many have formed ‘clinical practices’ together  in every major city and the unwitting person, coming for help with PTSD from a history of  sexual abuse, for example, ,  is now under a psychobuddhist’s care who themselves are  devotees of Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’  the Lamas and its institutionalized sexual abuse of women.

It has become a truism , these days , that one should first  ask a ‘psychotherapist ‘  one is considering: “what cult of eastern religion to you belong to?”

Ruder Finn, number one Public Relations Firm for major corporations,  has its own spin-off NGO based on these Hindu Tantra Buddhist memes called the “Global Peace Initiative for Women.”.

Why would a Public Relations firm representing pharmaceuticals, Boeing, the Oil Companies dictatorships like Maldives, and the Tobacco Company,  hired to do damage control and public relations  for all these groups, , spin out a Hindu based  NGO with tantric underpinnings pretending to be about ‘empowering women?

GPIW actually  used to talk openly about ‘Shakti, ‘ a Hindu concept, on their NGO’s websitewhich, by the way,   no where lists that they are the NGO of Ruder Finn. A look at  the GPIW  Board of Directors, however, quickly reveals the One Dharma , Hindu -Lamaist, ‘Buddhist’  underpinnings of Ruder Finn’s NGO.


This is the same Ruder Finn,  that was ‘hired’ to clean up the act of the Tobacco Companies,  billion dollar,  multinational Japanese cults like Shumei International,  and dictatorships like Maldives for its tourist industry , until the world raised a hue and cry over this latest P.R. campaign for a dictatorship,  and Ruder Finn supposedly dropped the contract.

Chogyam Trungpa, sexual exploiter of women extraordinaire in his Vajradhatu and  advocate of ‘enlightened dictatorships’  to replace democracy,   may have  paved the way for the ‘Buddhocracy Movement’ we see in the west today,  but he didn’t have multinational , corporate backers and a wealthy plutocracy as the Dalai Lama does,  with a much more hidden plan and  goal in full force to  carry out this World Buddhocracy/Hindu  Tantric  movement that is causing chaos in the world, not peace , if we take off the blinders and  just look clearly at the situation, and the facts ‘on the ground’, what these Lamas are doing,  who they are colluding with, and how fast they are doing it,  etc.   and stop reading corporate controlled news outlets controlled by wealthy billionaires , like George Soros,  , fellow member of the neo Malthusian,  Club of Budapest, an affiliate of the Club of Rome,    for our information on the Dalai Lama and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

It is also time to stop believing that because some individuals have a narrow skill for making a lot of money in finance it  therefore makes them intelligent or wise or have a clue about what is best for the world.

Lamaism’s   Mayahana mask is being used to fool people that this is a ‘spiritual path ‘ of peace and being nice to each other’, while massively indoctrinating  the world  into Hindu Guru Vajrayana  Tantra  that is spreading chaos to actually  undermine democracy and to resurrect one of the longest lasting and cruelest theocratic and sexually abusive religious dictatorships  on earth while calling this by other names that will fool the west: ‘peaceful’ , ‘ecumenical’, ‘gender equal’, ‘feminist’, ‘ecologically friendly’ and ‘non-violent’.

Creating a Lama Buddhocracy throughout  the world is what the Lamas really  mean by ‘compassion’ and their  ‘bodhisattva activity’ is the spread of their  Lamastocracy.

In fact, factions of Zen and Theravadan Buddhism are now joining up with the Dalai Lama and Lamaism to promote their ‘One Dharma’, an amalgam of these three ‘streams’.

Their view and  long-range goal, as self-appointed and self-recognized great bodhisattvas,  is  to create a theocratic dictatorship,  Lama style, to replace democracy,  by infiltrating western society and its cultural forms to overturn democracy from the inside out. Period. That is what they mean by ‘compassion’. The spread of Tibetan Lamaism, by hook or by crook.

But now, what   the Boulder, Colorado  newspapers  did  to censor all  the scandals at Naropa  Institute and was  started as a recruiting college for Tibetan ‘Buddhism’,  that emerged  throughout Trungpa’s reign  in the ’70’s and  early ’80’s ( with the exception of the Boulder Monthly who followed the scandals at Naropa and with Trungpa diligently and documented them as though knowing there would need to be a record)  has now  been taken up by  the corporate controlled news in the west,  who now censor most  things negative about Shangri-lai and the Tibetan Lamas

Naropa Institute,  now Naropa University since they were foolishly give accreditation, was created by one of the first Hindu Tibetan Vajrayana tantric Lamas, Chogyam Trungpa, whose influence in the west and  own sexual exploits in his sangha were legion.  Naropa put   Boulder,  Colorado on the map. and is the prototype of the Contemplative Psychotherapy concept, as it  still  exerts tremendous influence in  this town spewing  out hundreds of psychobuddhists  ecobuddhists , avant garde artists, and social change agents, all  steeped in  eastern new age cultism  and Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Hindu influences and being deeply  programmed to ignore the most egregious behaviors and cult scandals in  their  own  ‘sacred halls’. The latest   tragic story of a Naropa graduate dance student’s suicide  gets reported internationally, but hardly makes  the U.S. news and was quickly covered up.

Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ and  devotees of  Chogyam Trungpa,  referred to as  the ‘pod people’ of their master in the late 1970’s,  when cults were still recognized as ‘cults,’   are now the tenured and influential  staff  ‘professors’ at Naropa .  This group of Hindu Tantric practitioners  have been deeply programmed over decades to cover up for their Lamas, and other cult leaders that connect with their Lamas.

This charlatan Japanese dancer and abuser was not a casual ‘visiting lecturer,’ at Naropa.  He was a long-term and highly promoted ‘teacher and master ‘ by Naropa’s staff and administration, and Naropa has yet to be made responsible for this tragic story unfolding they way it did and that Naropa Unversity enabled,  even though it is the cult-like,  group mind  of the senior staff,  the  old devotees of Trungpa,  that allowed this teacher to carry on with his abuse , without judgement,’   ending in this young woman’s tragic death.

Fortunately  the parents of this tragic victim of the cult atmosphere at  Naropa, ‘ are not letting it stay covered up and have their own website to keep this tragedy above ground.

The moral relativism and chaos sweeping our western countries  and the explosion of these  Hindu Lama ‘guru-cults’ is not coincidental.  Charlatans often gather together for both protection and strength in numbers.

And how peaceful has the world actually become in the last forty years,  since these Tibetan Lamas unleashed their Hindu Vajrayana Tantric occult practices around the globe while cloaking themselves in the Mahayana Buddhist teachings ?

Since the Kalachakra has been given all over the world, by the Dalai Lama, (five times in the U.S.  alone)  to hundreds of thousands of people and  touted as ‘bringing peace and harmony’, how peaceful and harmonious has the world actually  become since the Lamas have been given free reign to infiltrate and spread their Hindu- based Vajrayana tantra?

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  was not ,  still isn’t and never will be a peaceful  nor a  gender equal religion . This is just more ridiculous institutionalized doubletalk that  all cults engage in and the Lamas are the experts in doubletalk , given free rein to distort, lie and confuse to keep the public in the dark about the Tibetan Lama’s real history as a tyrannical theocracy of misogynistic priests, and what their true agenda is in the west.

The Dalai Lama even creates  ‘limited hang out blogs’  to lure in people who are confused by Tibetan Lamaism,  like the one started  by a Dalai Lama Gelugpa monk , ‘Tenpel’,  who is, interestingly, also a former Stasi .  ‘Tenpel’ pretends to offer  ‘neutral information’ about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .  This fools people into going to this site, thinking  it is a open  forum where they can  ask questions or express their confusion,  anger and concerns about all the corruption they are experiencing with this or that Tibetan Lama or group , when really this site is to let out just a  little of the Tibetan Lama scandals, while actually being a massive damage control site of the Dalai Lama to fool westerners and particularly to do ‘damage control’ for the tsunami of sexual abuses by  the Lamas that are now coming to light.

This pretense of gender equality is just that ,  another  mask to fool the west.  It is the  religious superstitious stranglehold  and its Hindustani Brahmin Guru Tantric caste system politics , that is keeping India the caste system it remains.  Since women in India are at the bottom of the caste system’s  hierarchy they have had to take to the   streets over the gang  rapes and the institutionalized misogynistic underpinnings  in their multi-god realm and guru society,  that religiously justifies the  sexual abuse of children and women; it is the wheel that keeps this society mired in a superstitious, misogynistic quagmire of gross inequalities and caste system realities.

Yet this is the religion now being embraced by so-called  ‘feminists’ in the west. Have we gone mad? Sexual abuse justified by religion is known to be  the most difficult to stop.  That is true, whether it is in a family system or a religious cult.

The Theravadan and Zen groups are quite enamored  these days of the Dalai Lama and  his Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the idea of a One Dharma Buddhist path,  and yet nothing could be more dangerous for the world and for freedom.

Always  a disastrous mix and becomes the religious justification and vehicle  for profound conformity, misogyny and often supports  and strengthens repressive dictatorships  ( Tibet, Burma, Sri Lanka,  Pol Pot’s Cambodia to name a few).

Imagine then what a World Buddhocracy would be like? And worse, spearheaded by an  androcentric Hindu tantric cult  of  misogynists, whose ‘thrones and gurus’  have  little to do with the teachings of the Buddha/

Yet this is what China is promoting now at their World Forum on Buddhism held recently in Beijing where it has become clear that these Tibetan Lamas, and the Chinese Government has been quite cozy, all along,  while mutually  inflaming the west with their exchanges of Anti-Dalai Lama, Anti Chinese rhetoric,  whose  mutual sole purpose must be to confuse the west, and to  keep  the Dalai Lama and his religion in a constant ‘victimhood’ status, under the radar, and in the limelight,   as it continues to creep its way into the naive ‘hearts and minds’ of a generous west who has  clearly never made  the ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu required reading.

As this in-depth article shows, the Lamas and the Chinese have actually been  colluding  all along, in rebuilding their monasteries in Tibet China,  while  promoting in the west their mutually created   Chinese  Karmapa Ogyen Trinley for the last fifteen years, the Eco Karmapa ,  groomed to appeal to east and west,  the new Karmapa to head the Adi Buddha world of the Dalai Lama.

This is what the Dalai Lama means, by ‘no more Dalai Lamas’ .They have their new Adi-Buddha leader, groomed by both China and the Lamas, and supported by the wealthy elite of both the west and east, , to appeal to the ‘ecology minded’ younger generations,  attracted to everything eastern , while programmed to reject their own western culture.

And while colluding with China for decades, these Lamas  have been encouraging their own people  to set themselves on fire for their Free Tibet from China propaganda,   calling these self-immolations ‘great acts of bravery’ and compassion and building shrines and writing pop songs , confusing young minds that this kind of self-violence is admirable and worthy of imitation.

We have been looking in the wrong direction and at the wrong group of androcentric,  fanatic, fundamentalist  clerics  threatening to overthrow democracy-  it is an enemy we have so uncritically  ‘embraced, ‘ and supported, who has been undermine democracy from the inside out and by stealth,  and has had a very good, head start.


All theocratic fundamentalist repressive religious are dangerous to democracy but none is more dangerous than the one that uses deception to infiltrate into the hearts and minds of the people across the world and that has always appealed to Utopians and Dictators with a Plan.

Time to really  look at those archived photos of ‘Old Tibet’ under the Lamas.


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The Dalai Lama, 969,and Zen: The Global seeds of a World Buddhocracy

Violence, Racism  and Sexual Abuse in Shangri-lai

Christine  Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

The  Burmese Theravadan Buddhist lineage of the 969 Movement  is the lineage now merging with the Tibetan Vajrayana Tantric ‘Buddhism’ of the Dalai Lama  through his Mind and Life Institute’s ‘mindfulness meditation’ training streams and being  promoted by global corporations out of Silicon Valley and at  Google.

Harvard Business School and Forbes are   also indirectly endorsing  these merged streams  of meditation through promoting  the  Mind and Life Institute’s Dan Goleman and his  focused leadership training programs’ for its graduate students and western corporate media is facilitating all of this to create ,  it seems, more ‘cooperative workers ‘ for the future New World of Corporate Quietism.

That this  particular  Burmese Theravadan lineage of Buddhism   is the  same  lineage as  the  ‘wrathful’ anti-Muslim ‘969’ leader,  Wirathu’s  ‘meditation lineage’ is not widely known.  Wirathu is  described  in a Times cover story as the Bin Laden of Burma  who has been leading the anti Muslim campaign  described as a ‘genocide’ by the Human Rights Watch.   It exposes the violence and ethnic racism that can be under the thin veneer  and all positive projections we superimposed on our new favorite  western religion,  Buddhism.

This  Burmese Theravadan lineage of Wirathu  is  the same lineage called ‘Insight Meditation’ or Vipassana,  relabeled ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation that Salzberg,  Goldstein and Jack Kornfield are teaching  and promoting at the successful California retreat Center,  Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California but this connection  with 969’s lineage is certainly never mentioned anywhere and never alluded to by the founders of Insight Meditation on any of their websites, although the connections can easily be found when reading their bios and their Buddhist lineage histories.

The monk Wirathu’s   969 website, since taken down,  also reflected this  lineage’s past and long-standing connections with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .  Wirathu, 969’s leader,  quoted the Dalai Lama and the  Kalachakra Wheel of Time teachings of Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’ given by the Dalai Lama to hundreds of  thousands of people worldwide over the last decades.

Wirathu’s quotes  referring to the Dalai Lama and these  apocalyptic teachings of the Kalachakra , were to  justify the violence  and ethnic prejudice that he and his Theravadan monks have engaged in against Muslims in Burmese Myanmar for years now,  Muslims they want to push back from participation in that Buddhist majority  country.

The Dalai Lama has had a close relationship with this  Lineage of Burmese Theravadan Buddhism as did the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Lamaism  when both sects  first arrived as refugees in India. So the Dalai Lama has  connections   with the  monk leaders of this lineage,  as well as through his  western students like  Salzberg , Goldstein and Jack Kornfield, who first brought it to the United States through their Vipassana insight meditation centers in Barre,  Massachusetts and  later California.

Joseph Goldstein,  one of the founding teachers of this Theravadan meditation lineage,  along with Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goleman,    is  himself  now a devoted student of the Tibetan Lamas,  and Goldstein has   actually suggested an‘integrated framework’ for  what he now  practices as ‘Buddhism,’  advocating a new  One Dharma. This framework would be  a merging of the Burmese Theravadan lineage, Tibetan  ‘Buddhism’ and Zen Buddhism. We can already see  that  merging materialize in the co-teaching retreats that are increasing  among these three traditions and led by the ‘celebrity teachers’ of these schools.  Joan Halifax of the Zen tradition now teaches beside Tsoknyi rinpoche,  a Tibetan Lama, who also co-teaches with  Salzberg,  Goldstein, and Goleman.

All of these ‘enlightened teachers’ are advocating  a   One Dharma approach to establish  a new religion for the west.  This ,  despite Jack Kornfield  and company at Spirit Rock  being warned by one of their first Theravadan teachers that ‘mixing streams’ would be disastrous and that ‘maras’  and confusion would surely follow.

Naturally,   the 969  Burmese machete wielding lineage connection with the Vipassana  “Loving Kindness” mediation lineage reconfigured for western consumption  is played down by these  American meditation teachers who brought it  to the United States  and  who hope the connections are never made by  other Buddhists let alone the public.  Their former Theravadin  teacher and current   lineage holder of the ‘fruition’ of  969’s peaceful meditation  in Burma,  U Pandita  Sayadaw,  has yet to publicly speak out against the violence being perpetrated  in Myanmar in the name of Buddhism.  But then again, little protest from western countries who wish to exploit Burmese resources are speaking out about it either.

U Pandita Sayadaw has  also yet to publicly condemn the Burmese monk, Wirathu  who is vocally spearheading this  hatred and violence with his rants against Muslims.  Nor has  Sam Harris,  a popular western author and promoter of  ‘Secular Ethics’ and Theravadan student of Sharon Salzberg,  also hooked up with the  Dalai Lama’s  Science and Secular Ethics’ masked dance, who is himself a  student of  Tibetan Vajrayana ‘Buddhism’  and a verbal Muslim basher himself,   said a one word about his  ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation  lineage stream’s abuses still occurring in Burma.  Not a word.   Nevertheless, Mahasi Sayadaw’s  lineage  of Theravada Buddhists, and  their leader,  U Pandita’s  silence has been noticed .

The misogyny within this  969 Buddhist sect fits nicely with Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ androgyny and with its violence and ethnic prejudice,   as repressive authoritarianism in a society and mistreatment of women usually go  together.

Wirathu and other Burmese religious leaders justify their anti-Muslim stance as based on an ‘interfaith’ marriage ban to protect the majority Buddhist population in Myanmar.  Educated women who are against this ban  are silenced in a country known for its unequal treatment of women, as a recent article of March 3rd, 2014 in Myamar news discusses:

“The culture in Myanmar also encourages women to remain submissive and accept decisions that are made on behalf of them – often by men. This behaviour is accepted in private life and in public.

Women who do speak up publicly can expect to be strongly criticized, including by other women.

Those who support an inter-faith marriage ban believe they need to speak for other Myanmar women because they lack the intelligence to know what is best for them.

In an interview with this reporter on July 17, 2013, U Maung Maung from the Theravada Dharma Network, a support group of the 969 movement, said: “The law is necessary because our Buddhist women are not intelligent or educated enough to protect themselves.”

A  group of American Buddhists  in California have also recently  launched a twitter account promoting this 969 movement .  This was right  after the Time’s cover article on  969’s monk leader,  Wirathu and his machete wielding monks was published. This new American, pro-969 group  also claims to be a vehicle for promotion  of  Wirathu’s organization  as the “seeds of a global pro-Buddhist movement that can give Buddhism and its values a collective voice”.  For an in depth discussion of these 969 connections see Trimondi online. 

Sam Harris, who studied with the Dalai Lama and with his  Theravadin western  teacher, Sharon Salzberg   and then like Salzberg,  connected   with  Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama,  also comes from this Burmese lineage of anti-Muslim bashing.  Sam is also connected with the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute, and like the Dalai Lama, is donning a ‘Secular Ethics’ ,   non-religious  and ‘Scientific’ mask  to promote Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism,  a patriarchal, theocratic  ‘occult’ religion,  while  claiming to be new voice of ‘reason’ and declaring death to all religions.

This is typical of the ‘compartmentalization ‘ and doublespeak of those who are  thought-controlled western cult members of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas ,  and are out shilling for the Lamas and their theocracy  while saying they are promoting a philosophy of the ‘mind and consciousness’ that is ‘non theistic’ and secular.

Instead of using a machete, Sam uses his inflammatory rhetoric every time he has speaking engagements.   Sam served  for a time as one of the Dalai Lama’s  students in India when on his ‘spiritual journeying ‘ and wanderings in the east.  He is probably well aware of the teachings contained in the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Wheel of Time  teachings and has more than likely been initiated into the higher teachings that predict a future apocalyptic war with Muslims and other semitic religions whereby an Integrated Buddhism for the world, will usher  in a thousand-year period of ‘peace, ‘ Tibetan Lamaist style.

Keeping peace  in Tibet by these Lamas  meant  gouging out of eyes, tongues, and lopping off limbs  for even minor offences, such as stealing a goat, pre-1959,   by this priestly gaggle of misogynistic feudal  tyrants and slave holders, the Dalai   Lamas,  that allowed no questioning of their iron-handed, violent, and repressive rule in their Theocracy. They owned their  people , body and mind, and this is what Sam is promoting while bashing other religions.

Sam engages in high level ‘double speak’   typical of members of the cult of Tibetan Lamaism  claiming  on the one hand that  he is a ‘secularist’  and excoriating all  religions, particularly Islam  for being apocalyptic as well as misogynistic,  while simultaneously promoting and proselytising for  his favorite  misogynistic, and apocalyptic theocracy , Tibetan Vajrayana ‘Buddhism,’  which he often says publicly is  uniquely “nonviolent and peaceful” among all religions.

Mr. Goleman, popular author of “Emotional Intelligence’   like Sam Harris, is also a long-time  devotee of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ ,  and endorses Sam Harris’  as do the Tibetan Lamas like Dzongsar Rinpoche. Goleman , while sitting at at the feet of his ‘master’ Sogyal Rinpoche or teaching beside him enables , protects and facilitates Lama  Sogyal’s  alleged and well-documented sexual predatoriness and physical abuse of hundreds of western women over the last forty years  in his  multinational, multimillion dollar Rigpa empire.

When not teaching  focused leadership skills to Harvard Business school graduates, Mr. Goleman is  seen,  infantalized and childlike, promoting Sogyal as a great ‘master ‘and teacher, with whom he  has taken  his Vajrayana vow  to never see  him  anything but  ‘perfect’ no matter what behaviors he might erroneously, as a mere human, think he is seeing  , a vow clearly more important than his oath as a psychologist.

One wonders when Mr. Goleman will include in his  ‘Advanced’ Training programs on  Leadership Skills at Harvard Business school his  course on ‘ Being a Sexually  and Physically Abusive Leader in the Workplace  and Getting  Away With It,   since Mr. Goleman’s real expertise is in that type of ‘focused leadership’ for forty years sitting at  his master Sogyal’s  feet.

When not advising Harvard Business School Graduates, or prostrating before his master Sogyal,   Mr. Goleman is out pushing  the Mind and Life Institute’s global Buddhocracy agenda,  where Tibetan lamas, like his master Sogyal,  are invited to teach and sit on their various panels as ‘experts’ with the other ‘scientists’ and ‘scholars’ from around the world .

This sexually abusive cult of Tibetan Lamaism, and the   ‘wagon circling  Lamas’ who protect Sogyal and promote the misogynistic and  sexually abusive foundational teachings  of Tibetan ‘Buddhism” are also featured speakers at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University with such scientific topics’  as “Lower Birth and Spiritual Transcendence. ”   Clayman Institute for Gender Research also provides a  vehicle for the Lamas ubiquitous and constant fundraising and propaganda campaign for their misogynistic endeavors and their most egregious disguise and mask ‘feminism.’

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas’ excel in calling something the ‘opposite’ of what it is,  in order to fool people, and these ‘feminist scholars’ and ‘scientists’ are clearly the most easily duped  by ‘appearances’ and the Tibetan  Lama ‘masks’.  They don’t even bother to research,  at the most superficial level,  what they are unthinkingly embracing and  promoting  as a vehicle for more gender equality for the west.  Apparently, if  it has the Dalai Lama’s and Tibetan Lamas’   imprimatur, that’s enough for these great feminists and scholars, leading the way in gender studies  research. They need research no further.

Like Dan Goleman,  Sharon Salzberg  is also a  devoted student of Sogyal rinpoche  the  alleged sexual predator of hundreds of western young women.  Salzberg is also  a devotee of Sogyal’s main protegé , enabler and protector,  Tsoknyi rinpoche,  featured  Lama speaker at the Clayman Institute,  who has declared that his own Pundarika sangha is one big ‘extended family’  with  Sogyal’s Rigpa, his main center, a grotesque and garish,  eight million dollar temple in France,  called ‘Lerab Ling” , paid for by western donations of course. The Lamas never spend ‘their money, ‘ the billions they  collect around the world , they just keep on fundraising as their loot piles higher, just like in Ol’ Tibet.   Being in Rigpa’s ‘ extended family,’ is one of the few truths that comes out of Tsoknyi’s mouth , himself a  Lama expert in doublespeak, who puts on a ‘westernized’ cute and nonthreatening mask,  attracting both young western females and older wealthy women , the latter his main target of thought-control.   Tsoknyi is very, very good at fooling old women with money, as well as American psychologists,  the new psychobuddhists, who research nothing anymore, since  Tibetan Lamaism targeted that group  here in the U.S over forty-years ago  and a new, third generation of cult-controlled western, Tibetan Lamaists have emerged- the ” Western Tibetan Psychobuddhists” and academics and ‘scientists  that can be found everywhere now since  ‘infiltrating’ is what they do best and their  Utopian goal, as the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama says of its ‘mission statement’ is in :

its most ambitious phase yet: three global initiatives in the areas of ethics, education, and human development; craving, desire, and addiction; and mapping the mind. “Attempting to cultivate universal, human values rooted in the most rigorous science means thinking globally and multiculturally,” says President Arthur Zajonc. “It also means creating a coalition of institutional partners around the world in order to discover from each just how expansive and inclusive those human values are—and how they can be fostered appropriately in, by, and for those cultures.”

Toward this end, Mind and Life has established Mind and Life Europe (now operating in Switzerland), and is planning an expansion in Asia and beyond. “Mind and Life has always been a place where people come together,” says Zajonc. “This is not about multinationalism in the way one normally might think about it. It’s about supplying the most profound insights of diverse contemplative traditions—along with the science that affirms them—to as many as we can. It’s about creating an inexhaustible well of service.”

Salzberg is often seen teaching with Tsoknyi rinpoche  these days on such topics as ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Feminism’ or  ‘How to Combine Grown up Mind with ‘Childlike Mind, ‘  the latter a recent favorite topic of Tsoknyi rinpoche for his infantilized , regressed and childlike western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ devotees, prostrating and  sitting at  his  feet,  who have already excelled at this ‘combination’.

Ms. Salzberg is often seen teaching beside both  ‘His Eminences , Sogyal and Tsoknyi  Rinpoche, one the alleged sexual and sadistic abuser of hundreds of western women with now a second, multi-million dollar lawsuit against him, and the other his main Lama  protector and enabler.

Salzberg and Tsoknyi can also be seen teaching together on Global Warming, with Krishna Dash, a Hare Krishna chanter.  This are the people ‘leading the way’ in spiritual cutting edge paradigms for our New World of ‘secular spirituality’.  The world has gone mad.

Just as Salzberg, Goldstein, Goleman and Kornfield hope that these connections of  the anti-Muslim violence of 969 and the sexual abuse rampant in Tibetan Lamaism is never made  with their own Vipassana  ‘Loving Kindness” lineage , this might prove to be difficult in the long-term,  since  Sam Harris, a product of both this Burmese lineage and Tibetan Vajrayana ‘Buddhism’  is out on the speaking circuit constantly “Muslim bashing” while promoting ‘secularism’ and a ninth century theocracy, Tibetan ‘Buddhism, ‘ in the same breath.  There are even   fanatic American Buddhists who are promoting the 969 movement as the seeds of a global buddhist movement, one ” can give Buddhism and its values a collective voice”.

Even Ken Wilbur,  popular author and founder of Integral Life, never one to be left behind, is coming out with a book,  “The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Evolution of an Integral Buddhism”  about the future of Buddhism and this new merging of streams prmoted by such luminaries as Patrick Sweeny,   featured in Ken’s movement, the homosexual partner and  heir of the notorious regent of Chogyam Trungpa, Thomas Rich,  who shocked the world when he spread  H.I.V. Aids  among his students, and at least  two of them died is now touted by Ken as ‘one of the most treasured Buddhist teachers” contributing to this ‘fourth turning of the wheel of dharma’,  a new integrated Buddhism.

These ‘ One Dharma’ proponents are exploding on the world scene.

Whenever Buddhism becomes connected to socio politics it has always ended in misery and disaster for the masses.

Authoritarianism always follows, often leading to religious supported  dictatorships, repression and  violence .

Worse, now these buddhist lineages of historical  repression, abuse and violence are merging:  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ that brought a thousand plus years of misery to Tibet,  Zen Buddhism that brought us the Japanese Kamikazes, and Theravadin Buddhism that is bringing us the Wirathu’s  969 movement. These are the  ‘seeds of a global buddhist movement’  being promoted by the Dalai Lama  as the ‘seeds of happiness” for the world.

He is making  this happen through his  Mind and Life Institute‘s ambition Mission as described on the Mind and Life Institute’s website as a  “global initiative to  affect  the areas of ethics, education, and human development. That covers everything except of course, what it really is: a massive political agenda  that is now in full throttle through the  Mind and Life Institute, the global political agenda of the Dalai Lama,  who declared he ‘renounced’  politics in 2011, and then,  in his  typical doublespeak so endemic to  Tibetan Lamaism, proceeded to engage  in  a level of  global politics beyond anything he has done before .

But of course the Lamas  have always believed in their own narratives,  mythologies and fairy tales. They have never had a secular education, although declaring themselves ‘experts’ and ‘wisdom holders’ for the world  in  topic of ‘secular ethics”.   Experts in narcissism and cunning,  hubris and  deceit is  much closer to the truth.

Any form of Buddhism,   an individual spiritual path,  has never done well when  merged with politics and is always a religious arm of repression when it becomes merged with the State.

A more cruel or tyrannical religious theocracy could not be found in the history of the world than when Tibetan Lamaism  was the State and the  Dalai Lamas were the  rulers  and slave owners of their people minds and bodies. Nothing is further from the truth than this  myth of a Tibetan Shangri-lai.

Worse, the hubris of this  Mind and Life group under the Dalai Lama’s hegemony and  direction  is that they  are actually  promoting a World Buddhocracy,  while pretending  that it is  is a secular , scientific movement.

While the west remains focused on the dangers of   Christian and Islamic fundamentalism,   these Buddhist streams, are now in ‘high gear’ all over the  world merging these ‘Three Rivers of Buddhism’ to create a movement together to fulfill the Dalai Lama’s and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’s’  Kalachakra Wheel of Time teachings and prophecies to usher in their One Dharma after the Semitic religions are defeated in a Great Holy War.

As the Vajrayana Tantra allows,  the Dalai Lama  is  attempting to fulfill  this prophesy  through  all his deceptive vehicles,   secularism, feminism, ecology, ecumenicalism,  through his  Mind and Life Institute,  which will merge all these  varied ‘masks’ to fool the world .

 A picture is worth a thousand words to dispel the fantasy that that this is a ‘secular spirituality’ :

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