Sexual Abuse in Tibetan Buddhism


A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher and  regent of  Chogyam Trungpa ,  the Tibetan lama who brought  tantric Buddhism to the west,   seduces his male students into the higher tantric practices of the Vajrayana.  His  inner coterie of western students  and Vajradhatu Board  knows  he  has the HIV virus but believes, as he does, that  his   special tantric practices  prevents  him  from passing it on. This delusional inner circle  of Western  guru-worshiping Tibetan Buddhists of  Trungpa  lets him continue to seek out  sex with his students   because no one,  knowledgeable about his illness, dares to speak out or stop him.  After all, this  is their  appointed  guru,  their  master of the Vajrayana Tantra considered an enlightened lineage holder of their first teacher,  Chogyam Trungpa.

Since  Tantric  Buddhism  is really about  Hindu guru worship, not Buddhism,  and  an unquestioning devotion to  their Lamas, this inner circle , deeply  programmed to  see a   guru’s  desires and wishes  as a command to be unquestioningly obeyed,   not only do not warn other community members about their master’s deadly AIDS virus- they actively continue to facilitate their master’s need for  a fresh supply of devotees to  carry on with his “practices” for the higher attainments.   After all, these sexual encounters with many bliss partners are encouraged by the Tibetan  tantric teachings of the lamas, and their very obedient and  advanced practitioners who  pimp for and obey their lamas without question , offering them their money,   their labor or their  sexual integrity for vicarious status by becoming the lamas most devoted slaves, their “inner circle” that facilitates the whole house of cards to continue.  Repeating the mantra “may I always obey my master and never reveal the secrets  of the vajrayana or may I rot in hell” in their sadhana practices completes their total mind-control.

This  board of  directors of  Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu , (now renamed  Shambhala International) which includes  an American physician,  let this AIDS- infected regent and guru seduce and continue to have sex  with many,  mostly heterosexual,  male students for  several years, long after the dangers of the spread of  this deadly disease were  publicly well- known .  Keeping  back crucial information from the members of this Vajrayana tantric  community,  where sexual couplings and re-couplings  are considered  a sign of detachment and a lessening of ego-clinging for these “higher tantric practitioners” – with increasingly inflated egos from all their occult practices,  they know the sexual promiscuity of this regent , modeling his teacher Trungpa,  is habitually  flagrant and increasingly out of control. So these  administrators put hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way.

Inevitably,   one of  his  students is infected by this teacher along with the  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news. This  young man’s subsequent death is  caused as much  by these guru-cult influences as the AIDS virus itself,  cult influences  that continue to enable the  behavior of  Tibetan Buddhist lamas  to this day.

Trungpa with gun

For the Western devotees of this Tibetan Buddhist  lineage of the  Lama Trungpa, it is  all  just crazy wisdom,  leading to  a great and profound teaching of ‘one taste’, i.e. that things are neither good nor bad but ‘pure in themselves.’   Not even  apologies are  given to the young man’s family,  while it was often  overheard  in the delusional, cult-chatter of this  Vajrayana tantric group that the young man’s death  was a result of the guru’s  “blessings, ”  and accelerating his  ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth-all to  quicken his path to enlightenment.

Since history is  taught and considered  as just an  illusion in  this sangha of   Trungpa –  as it is in all Tibetan Buddhist groups- the white-washed and  newly named organization of  Shambhala International ,  is now video streaming   this  tantric teacher  on several of  its recruiting websites, honoring this sexual exploiter that caused at least one death among his devotees.

Several years later a   sixty-year old  Western  teacher of this same Vajradhatu/Shambhala  group has sex with  the ten- year old daughter of another community member.  The case is  quietly settled out of court and the teacher of tantra is given a slap on the hand by  a group  that takes “nothing happens”  to heart.  This slogan is soon on their car bumper stickers , from San Francisco to Boulder to Boston, reminding each other and the world that “all is an illusion” anyway.   Besides,  the vajrayana tantric teachings, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra secret teachings, recommends a  ten or eleven- year- old  girl from a outcast class as an ‘ideal consort’ for the Lamas and their couple bliss practices. Sixteen and twenty year old females were also ideal. These medieval lamas, who call themselves ‘scientists’ and the representatives of  modern Buddhism to increase the world’s “happiness” index, believe that  their   occult guru powers” will be absorbed if they have sex with women over twenty years old.

In 2014 ,   Naropa University, the first  Tibetan tantric college  in the West,  founded by this same Chogyam Trungpa and staffed and run by a  Naropa Board that includes  Trungpa’s  first  Western students,   maintain their guru vows and thirty  years of denial and knee-jerk cover-up behaviors for their gurus.

With few exceptions, most of the administrators and staff at Naropa are also a devotees of Trungpa and his son- the  “change makers” for the global world.  Most are also graduates themselves of Naropa University. This is a very special group of self-declared,  “compassionate” academics  in these  contemplative halls  – a guru worshiping cult group with a very special agenda  to obey Trungpa “to shift the world.”

The model programs at Naropa  for the future of  “compassionate leadership”  have   let a  Japanese  guru and  long-term, visiting teacher,  Katsura Kan, whose dance form is  banned in Japan,   drug and enslave a vibrant, beautiful and  healthy dance student  with her whole life ahead of her.  She eventually succumbs to his abusive behaviors, starving herself to death.  Naropa’s administration and staff would never have  seen anything wrong and/or  have spoken out against this guru’s  behaviors. They are all guru-worshiping cult members of Tibetan lamas,  programmed to always keep quiet .  Katsura Kan’s  sociopathic behaviors, just like the egregious behaviors of Trungpa, his regent,  and many other Tibetan lamas,  have been enabled by Naropa’s leadership over the years. That’s sadly what all devotees of Tibetan Buddhism wind up doing: enabling  egregious behavior by their  gurus and lamas while calling these behaviors a  “blessing,” and ” pure in themselves.”  What Naropa’s website really means  by  their slogan: “transform yourself, transform the world” is to catapult  yourself  back to medieval times when  people worshiped God Kings as deities and believed in myth and magic as obedient serfs and slaves.

This   latest  scandal at Naropa is hardly  reported in the U.S.  media  and  is soon buried.      Naropa  carries on with their creation of  a vanguard of wooley-headed,  new age spiritualists and “crazy wisdom”  warriors  with each graduating class, ready to go forth to continue to undermine democratic values of accountability and justice wherever they find them,  with their tantric influences of “one taste” and anything goes.  Their founder, Trungpa had told his former hippies, and their children  to   “clean up their act and get higher degrees” to bring forth my delusional  plans of an “enlightened dictatorship” of Tibetan Buddhism for the world.   “Democracy  is a disaster” he repeated over and over and  “needs a religious monarchy of lamas  like myself to replace it. ”

But the  family  of this latest victim of  Naropa University,  their beautiful daughter destroyed by these guru-worshiping memes  at the peak of her life,   are  not  also devotees of Trungpa and  his son,  as was true before.  This time Naropa is not so lucky.  This family is going public.  They have  started a cult-awareness network, warning young people about Naropa University.

As usual, the  Tibetan Buddhist  public relations and  damage control  team of the Tibetan lamas and their enablers is on high alert . A spontaneous’ appearance   was even planned by the  Dalai Lama,  who  was suddenly visiting Boulder Colorado and   Naropa University in the Fall of 2015 (This trip has been suddenly cancelled as doctors have told the “Living Buddha” he needs to  rest). Too bad for Naropa. The Dalai Lama would have been so helpful in presiding over another deep burial of the truth .

Since Naropa has always been a  recruiting college for Tibetan Buddhism and the vajryana tantra’s spread through one of its  Kagyu subsects,   Shambhala International,   it is essential,  once again, to whitewash Naropa so that another tragic death be  hidden from the public and  from potential  Naropa student recruits and their parents.

Any scandal  that tarnishes this  false patina of Tibetan Buddhism has to be suppressed.  Global  plutocracies and certain billionaires, with way too much power and influence and their own delusions of grandeur , are busy attempting to  create a totalitarian  corporatism with a cult religious arm .

It is not that the “elite” of the world haven’t always covered up for each others’   corruptions and egregious behaviors but this is the first time that the global elite are rich beyond most of our comprehension. Now they have a medieval priesthood they  are calling “secular spirituality” and hope to harness it to a global movement of  Quietism among the world’s masses to further empower multinational corporatism.     Birds of a  feather usually gather together, but this time the high priests, the lamas,  are  among the modern  plutocracy , their God Kings to keep the masses controlled.  One needs only research the globalist proponents throughout the world to to see how they pander to the Dalai Lama and his medieval ilk, using the mass media to cover up for who they really are.

The  Dalai Lama   has created his own group of    pod people‘   implementing his “transformative mission” to change the world,   claiming to be “bridging science and religion who have turned his misogynistic cult to lead they way for their      “mindfulness meditation” movement  and spearheaded through his Mind and Life Institute. His Western promoters,  like Richard Davidson and Robert Thurman.  are  leading the pack of    lama worshiping,   guru-prostrators.  who wish to create an Adi-Buddha world.  Establishment  journalists and many politicians on both sides of the aisle,  mostly out of profound ignorance, are promoting Buddhism now, spearheaded by these Tibetan lamas who are back in bed with China. Their Western devotees  who are pretending to be cutting edge scientists  actually worship their  lamas as god kings  inside their communities while engaged in occult tantric practices themselves.   They now believe they are dissolving ego-clinging by imagining themselves as deities and demons  for  spiritual and material power .  These are the only  people,  labeled  by the controlled media to be  the  “experts and scholars” but are the least  unbiased researchers and scholars one could find on the subject of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Dalai Lama learned well from Trungpa to gather “credentialed academics” as his promoters and shills.  But even Trungpa would have been stunned by the level of co-opting today and how the lamas,  under the Dalai Lama,  have managed to use the  controlled media  with the help of media savvy devotees  and the endorsement of “progressive”  billionaires like George Soros,  who not only funds and supports the Dalai Lama,  but also  exerts influence over  many, main stream news outlets, such as  the Huffington Post a major online news that reaches  younger generations . Ariana Huffington  and George Soros just love Tibetan Buddhism and have made sure that only positive news about it reaches the public ears.

Naropa ,  infused with  Trungpa’s tantric Buddhism is  not “exceptional” in its views. In Tibetan Buddhism, this tantric, crazy wisdom meme is essential to the  teachings of all of  the Tibetan lama sects. So is the exploitation of women,   the real  “third-wheel turning of dharma” – a dharma made up by the lamas for their own pleasures and indulgences camouflaged in meditation and Mahayana Buddhism.

Someone very helpful to the Dalai Lama and his ambitions is a well-known “author”  of Death and Dying and very  popular Tibetan   Lama in the West,  Sogyal rinpoche,  This lama now has not one, but two  multi-million dollar lawsuits under his belt, one in 1994,  settled for millions, and again in 2011,  for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating  two of his devotees and possibly hundreds of  other Western women.

Sogyal rinpoche  was recently  feted and honored by the Dalai Lama,  the wife of  the former prime minister of  France  and other  lay and  high lama  and Hollywood celebrities at Sogyal’s gala  2008 opening of his elaborate, western- eight million dollar, Western-funded  Lerab Ling Temple in France. The Dalai Lama  has also recently  inaugurated  Sogyal’s  Tenzin Gyatso Institute in 2010 in The United States,    named after the Dalai Lama and given His Holiness’s “blessings”  with the sole purpose to bring Tibetan monks and lamas to study and infiltrate further into our higher educational system.

Unknown to the public and journalists, who seem to  pay no attention and only report what they are told to by their corporate masters.   the  Dalai Lama has  been supporting this sexual abuser ,  Sogyal Rinpoche, for the last forty years. The two are as tight as can be and in  in  lock-step collusion to create the Dalai Lama’s world ambitions of a future Buddhocracy based on his Kalachakra prophetic tantra that predicts a world with the lamas in charge.  While protecting this serial abuser of Western women, the Dalai Lama refers to himself  in public as a “feminist” for his Western audiences telling others to call out the sexual abuse of teachers  if they cannot stop it within their sanghas .

He’s been repeating this empty rhetoric since 1993, when a  first meeting in India was held  with concerned Buddhist teachers in the West, who were growing increasingly concerned about the sexual abuses of these lamas and other Asian teachers, including Sogyal rinpoche who had already garnering a reputation as a sexual abuser extraordinaire.   Now,  over twenty-years laterwhile  Sogyal  and other high lamas like him are still still sexually and even physically  abusing women and exploiting their communities, just as they did their own people in Tibet,   the  Dalai Lama ensures that this sexual abuse continues and why not?  Sexual exploitation, as he knows full well,  is institutionalized  and is essential to  the teachings and practices of his tantric vajryana, his “Buddhism” that has been misusing  women for a thousand years. The higher lamas are admonished by the teachings to have serial relations with many consorts for their superstitious, medieval belief that they will become enlightened by  defying the science they claim to be embracing.  Being still stuck in the eleventh century, they actually believing they by withholding  their ejaculation they can shoot their semen through their  visualized, imaginary chakras and channels to the top of their  foolish heads. They believe it is the only way to become enlightened in this lifetime.   This is the essence of their   vajrayana  tantric belief system a  medieval Hinduism, not Buddhism. That’s what they really are  teaching  to their Western students and each other in their “advanced practices.”  All Tibetan Buddhist sects are stuck in this atavistic belief system.

The  Dalai Lama  has always known, despite his pretense of concern,   that Western Tibetan Buddhists   will never call out the sexual abuse and exploitation of  women  (and sometimes men)  or any other abuses by these lamas because,  in their groups  and unknown to the public,  they have taken vows to never hear, think  or speak anything negative about their lamas. Speaking negative about one’s lama guru is considered  a sin so awful it could lead  these self-declared, secular spiritualists,  claiming to bridge science and religion,  plummeting to the eighteen vajra hell realms where  they believe they will rot forever for disobeying and disparaging their lamas.  Further, to “disobey one’s lama”, according to the historical Patrul Rinpoche, a lama whose teachings are  considered the  words of a perfect teacher and the apotheosis of  correct Tibetan Buddhist scripture,  is a “very grave sin.”   In fact, there is no sin so  great  in Tibetan Buddhism than to have a thought, or speak ill, or actively call out your lamas’ behaviors as wrong.  All Tibetan Buddhists are taught this. Including the high lamas who all have gurus of their own.  This is a guru-worshiping cult going back a thousand years.

So the  Dalai Lama continues to honors  in public this greatest of the sexual abusers  of women, Sogyal of Lakar,  who comes from a lineage not of Tibetan Buddhist masters but ,  more importantly, a lineage of  wealthy family benefactors: the Lakar family.   In fact, you  could see all  the other Tibetan lamas of every sect,  the the Kagyu,  Nyingmapa, Sakya and even Bon sects of Tibetan Buddhism , along with  the Dalai Lama, , circling the wagons around  Sogyal rinpoche after a documentary was broadcast on Canadian public television in the Spring of 2011. This documentary  was reaching a main stream public in Canada and was focused on Sogyal’s sexual abuses and his use of his tantric position as a ‘great master” to carry out his sexual exploitations within his community.    All the lamas of every sect knew how dangerous this public information concerning Sogyal  was to their Lama secrets and Tibetan Buddhism’s pristine facade.   So a  public relations  extravaganza and damage control campaign began in the Summer of 2011 and has continued, non-stop,  for both the public and the lamas’ Western devotees. Photographs were taken of all these teachers with Sogyal as they  quickly  came to his rescue, taught beside him and went to his centers to teach. They published letters  of endorsement of Sogyal  on his main website and other Tibetan Buddhist sites  to make absolutely sure their own Western herds of cult controlled devotees  didn’t stray and wake up.

A phony website by a Dalai Lama monk (and former Stasi) was  also created  around this time, to scoop up those who were starting to question being in these  sexually exploitative Tibetan Buddhist groups.   This ‘limited hang-out”  of the Dalai Lama monk was only created to confuse the public that might wander into this site when googling “sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas” and to completely confuse potential dissenters or, more importantly,  potential whistle-blowers who  might wander in.  This was to re-program them into the cult  jargon and Tibetan lama story-lines , even featuring some of the worst enablers of the sexual abuse , like the token female Tibetan lamas,  who always  tell  their groups what  to think,  thereby keeping them quiet –  and not to provide a neutral place to vent their frustrations, as  the site  proclaims.

The female lamas , like Pema Chodron, who has been protecting Tibetan gurus and their sexual abuses  for forty-years with her Mahayana presentation and her popular books for the Oprah crowd,   has been quoted in Buddhist magazines and interviews repeating the vajrayana tantric meme no right, no wrong” since she started protecting her  first guru, Trungpa when the public was shocked by his tyrannical behavior that were coming to light.  She distorts and twists  Buddhist concepts of emptiness  with Tibetan Lamaism’s  typical  dogmatic pronouncements  that  cuts off  any sane dealings with the phenomenal world to reject what is  destructive to society.     These pronouncements by these enabling  lamas and nuns  are not the historical Buddha’s teachings, these are the Hindu Tantric vajrayana teachings of the Law of Inversion that Ms Chodron and Western “advanced practitioners” like herself,  practice and promote. 

After decades of this  stealth influence in academia and psychology is it any wonder that our Western civilization seems  paralyzed by these perverted influences on the dharma of the historical Buddha who was trying to be a force against the guru-worshiping cults in the Hindu Indian tantric world he lived in?

Then there is the token female lama, Jetsun Khandro,  head of the labrang properties of her father’s wealthy lineage,  accumulated off the backs of the Tibetan people. She embeds a “blame the victim” excuse on this bogus site, telling the  women who come to her confused,   that  they are just whining and “they need to set better boundaries and not be so naive” when it comes to these sexually abusing lamas like Sogyal. She writes she “was shocked about these stories.”  Why?  She knows,  as a long time practitioner and lama , whose own students grovel and prostrate to hear her pearls of 11th century wisdom  and consider her “enlightened, ” that lamas can get their students to do anything they want.   What an unbelievable phony and hypocrite this female enabler of the sexual abuses continuing, she is.   Sogyal  is also a lama whom  she continues to teach with and support, just like all the other high Tibetan lamas that this token female lama protects for fear their own sexual abuses will come to light and the whole house of cards will come crashing down, along with Jetsun Khandro and her throne.   She is no different then Dalai Lama with her double talk and hypocritical actions but, as the one female lama the lamas  have ‘recognized” in their androcentric, misogynistic system, she is worse and more  dangerous because her purpose is to fool and attract more women into this tantric net.  Jetsun Khandro, while telling women to be less naive around lamas like Sogyal,  actually  increased her engagements at Sogyal’s  Lerab Ling center  to make sure she confuse a new  younger generation of women by teaching  and honoring him.  She knows full well that  these women will be brainwashed  by lamas  just like herself  over the  years by the tantric vajrayana  that she practices and teaches herself.   This typical of way the Tibetan  lamas and their enabling nuns engage in  the constant  double- binding and  “freezing” the minds of their students so they are sure to  become totally confused and  incapable of acting in their own best interests.  She knows that  all the other lamas she hangs with tell their students  it is a  a “blessing”  and honor to be physically groped and sexually exploited by all the other lamas.  She knows this!  There are no words for the hypocrisy of female lamas such as Pema Chodron and Jetsun Khandro,  who know exactly what is going on in this sexually abusive system  but they  lie and confuse and obfuscate the truth to keep this medieval abusive cult of the lamas  propped up.

Western Tibetan Buddhists are so thought controlled and programmed in Lamaism that they   will “shrink in horror,” over news about  a  fundamentalist Christian,  polygamist like Warren Jeffs,   but if an exotic and and romanticized Tibetan lama is caught  drooling and slobbering all over his victims , even beating them and making them wipe his ass as a sign of devotion,   than that is perfectly all their tantric view of things.

This  lama Khandro has confused thousands of Western women in the United States and Europe with her carefully scripted rants from her golden brocaded lama throne, while enabling and protecting   lamas like Sogyal,  with whom she maintains a very cozy relationship.  We used to call  what she is doing   “identifying with the aggressor,”   one of the common roles that enabling women  raised in a  patriarchal,  sexually abusive system  take on. She is selling  her sisters down the river while pretending, in typical lama fashion, that she is a feminist to the many lesbians  who have become her devotees and who continue to  believe that Tibetan Buddhism is gender-free.


Double speak and double binding are what all cult groups do, and no one is more adept than Tibetan lamas and their enablers at doublespeak and double think.       This creates in their  cult members and disciples  a kind of permanent, reinforced shock  and a “gap, ” an opening,  so the lamas can  fill their heads and hearts with unquestioning obedience to  the lamas’ nonsense and exploitation. Fear and the belief that one is going to achieve perfection and nirvana or heaven by following blindly the words of the master is a very effective cult  tool.   This allows the lamas  to continue to engage in unethical,  sometimes even criminal behaviors,   right before their devotees eyes who are   blinded by their vows and the continuous deceptions and confusions of their gurus.

That any of these examples of guru worshiping cited above that resulted in sexual abuse of a minor, criminal negligence causing death at least  twice , or gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority,  is  of course totally denied in the world of this cult of Tibetan Lamaism and by the Western media.   The Tibetan Buddhist’s  “sacred” teachings and its  Law of Inversion   promotes the view that it is good that social mores  be turned on its head  in order to reach enlightenment .  It is also good for creating chaos to lay the groundwork for  the lamas’  future Adi-Buddha world. This  doctrine is one of the best kept secrets  by these devotees and their masters who continue to pretend that  they are just ordinary “Buddhists” promoting peace and harmony wherever they land.

This infiltration by the Tibetan lamas, who now have departments and NGO’s  and tax-free foundations inside many American universities , thanks to the Dalai Lama and his ability to pose as  a great scholar of wisdom,  only  interested in bridging “science and Buddhism,”  has already created a critical mass of confusion  in our Western population,  most obvious now in academia on college campuses where these influences are deep and these graduates go out in the world, not educated , but even more confused and spreading their confusion throughout our cultural, academic and political institutions .

The lamas of the  Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the most popular and prolific  in the United States and throughout the West,  are  back in bed with Communist China,  training Han Buddhist abbots  to become hybrid, vajra master gurus , cloning   these Chinese ” vajrayana gurus” trained  and dressed up by  the  lamas and teachings them their occult rituals.  Lamas such as Thrangu rinpoche, Mingyur rinpoche, and the head of their Kagyu lineage , the Chinese Communist Ogyen Karmapa,that they “recognized” with Chinese approval,  fool the ethnic Han  populations with a net of Tibetan lama tantra that has transformed their Han Buddhist abbots, to  make sure any nascent democratic leanings  in the Motherland and subsidiaries are squashed. Below is one of their hybrid Han Buddhist/Tibetan Buddhist abbots that these lamas have been training while pretending to their Western groups that they are being tortured and repressed by China to keep the Western donations flowing in:

Authentication of Reincarnated Living Buddha

  • By Lhoga Lord,
The Significance of Han (Chinese) Monk Being Authenticated by Tibetan Buddhism as Reincarnated Living Buddha – Introduction of Thupten • Tsultim Shedrup Nima Rinpoche (Vajra Supreme Master Yuan Fan)

In the past, due to barriers resulted from language, cultural, political, historical and geographical factors, there was a lack of communication and information exchange between Han and Tibetan Buddhism, this in turn led to lots of misunderstanding and even defamation between them. In recent years, the popularisation and international spread of Tibetan Buddhism have brought about overall exchanges between the two strains of Buddhism; this leads to increasingly more Han monks and lay disciples learning Tibetan Buddhist teachings, practices and rituals.”

Back in bed with the Motherland, (did they ever leave?)  since they always follow the money and can see the writing on the wall  i.e. that their currency in the West is about to dry up, now Tibetan lamas  are migrating to attach to a new set of “hosts” and  where the new money and the new billionaires are: Mainland China,  the SAR, Taiwan, So Korea and Malaysia and Manila and even Indonesia to build  their cash-vacuuming temples with other nation’s monies. This will allow them to   spread their tantric chaos and confusion worldwide  after already fooling the West.  Now they are helping the Motherland  to  dumb down their  own populations, , particularly in places where nascent democratic yearnings need to be nipped in the bud. What better cult techniques than Tibetan Buddhism?   After all these lamas were so good at  making their own people accept extreme poverty as “just their karma,”  obsessed  with gurus and fairy tales about gurus, and  focused on their future lives  paying  no attention to the political and social systems that were  keeping them illiterate,  poor, superstitious and easily manipulated under their leaders’ thumbs.   The lamas will be  assured of, course, of living lives as Pashas in Tibet and China once again,  while still playing the victim in the United States  as “Chinese- tortured  humble monks,” .  Meanwhile,  the lamas  still continue to let their own people  set themselves on fire for a “Free Tibet” from China and say not a word about their forty-year collusion  that has recently been exposed.

Here is the url for more information on what the Chinese and the Tibetan lamas are up to, while the Tibetan people are still setting themselves on fire for a free Tibet:

Meanwhile, back  in the United States, the Western change agents for the lamas  have been declaring in their usual crazy pontificating fulminations:  “There is no right or wrong!”  Except  the sin of  criticizing  the lamas.  That is terribly wrong and wont be tolerated in these elitist crazy groups.   Western Tibetan Buddhists,  many of them  old left radicals and  sixties hippies, who brains were fried in  hallucinogens before finding their  lamas, were attracted to Trungpa and his anti-Western,  brainwashing  rants against Western democracy, a message all the Tibetan lamas preach inside their sanghas in word and deed, while  their  Western own values and beliefs about right and wrong are constantly eroded. They  are now “respected Buddhists” and  university professors , psychotherapists in counseling groups with APA approval,  psychiatrists and even physicians, and department heads at our prestigious universities, and religion ‘ministers’ at our Divinity Schools while making sure that the younger generation  becomes the thought police,  making sure any  “judgements”  are seen as passe  and “only an opinion” or,  if contradicting their  own narratives, the call it   “a hate crime” by those determined to end  all free speech.  Western Tibetan Buddhists and their influences in academia over the years  are a big part of lubricating this out of control insanity at our universities with their cult memes.    They nurture the “know nothing, nothing to no” irrationality  that has brought American anti-intellectualism to a frightening new height.

Self-respecting self-identity (and therefore individualism) is now declared a  figment of the imagination. Christianity and Judaism ,  two of the few major religions that supports a secular state,  is now declared  dead, while religious cults  that prostrate to their Gods in abject obedience are embraced by these  clueless students  calling themselves “liberal” who have  hijacked liberalism along with the lamas for a  left-wing, anti-American, anti-Western agenda that has in its mind’s eye  an Orwellian Utopian state. This is the second wave of Manchurian candidates whose parents, the first wave,  are now in firmly established  positions of power and influence across the United States. And yet we still wonder  how things have become so confused.

While the West is still made to perpetually feel  guilty about our own slave history,  even after electing a black President  twice,  the Tibetan  lamas’ twentieth century slavery,  is  buried and hidden from public view and would still be continuing if  the Dalai lama and his gaggle of aristocrats hadn’t been forced out of their own country in 1959, fleeing for their lives, with no one to blame but themselves for their own greed and abuse of their own people.  Whatever one says about the Communist revolution coming to Tibet, it did loosen the grip that the Lama aristocracy had on its own people, whose suffering didn’t even register to this former slave holder, the fourteenth Dalai Lama. This was someone  tutored by the unrepentant Nazi, Heinrich Harrar,  in learning about the West, while spying  upon  his  people through his telescope from a safe distance on the rooftop of his  massive Potala Palace.   He did nothing to implement change for his own people or ease their suffering with his theocratic, despotic rule, despite having nine years under Mao’s rule  to make changes and abolish his slavery, serfdom, cruel and unusual justice system.

Even Herr Harrar was shocked by the level of cruelty of the Lama system he observed when staying in  Tibet during World War II to tutor the 14th Dalai Lama, although the Third Reich  had admired the  Tibetan lamas’  way of rule, making an expedition to Tibet three times in  the 1930’s to  search for the origins of the Aryan race. These beacons of compassion, these ruling lamas,  let their own people die at the  ripe old age of thirty-five, without hospitals, or a secular education, kept illiterate and praying and serving and slaving, taxed to death and toiling for the lamas on their high plateau  for the lamas “blessings” for a better, future life. Their punishment system of lobbing off hands and tongues and gouging out eyes for minor offenses was seen as extreme, even by Nazi Germany standards,  but their absolute rule was  admired and something to model for their own future thousand- year- rule as this Smithsonian video shows.

Meanwhile the   lamas continue to present their humble monk facades to the West, few suspecting the truth about their now revealed, long-standing collusion  with   China.  and their  deep involvement in the amoral chaos and confusion that is sweeping Western nations right now. This is chaos  the high lamas of Tibet always  create  with the spread of their vajrayana tantra. As Allen Ginsberg , icon of the liberal west and first student of Trungpa admitted “I accuse myself all the time .. of seducing the entire poetry scene …. into this impossible submission to some spiritual dictatorship which they’ll never get out of again and which will ruin the American culture forever. ” -p 33 The Great Naropa Poetry Wars by Tom Clark.
The lamas have also  pitched their tantric  tent of confusion  over the third- wave feminists, particularly the  LGBT  groups ,  who are certainly the  most naive and now the most boisterous  group in these bunch of pseudo-feminists who are embracing misogynistic theocratic priests, while they are  helping confusion , chaos and anarchy increase. They support every Trojan horse that claims to be supporting them.  They are easily flattered, their minds totally confused about what to accept and reject.  They love Tibetan Buddhism, and have been totally tricked by the Tibetan lamas’  ‘feminist’ rhetoric and  their mythical goddesses and  depictions of female deities in sexual union,  not knowing that they  are just another group -the Tibetan lamas’ see as their    “idiots utiles ”  who will leave them in the lurch,  or worse,  if  these forces of  anti-Western agendas,  they are always embracing, is ever reached. Lesbians , to the lamas, would be considered at the very bottom of the heap of their Tibetan Lama misogynistic caste system.

But the Tibetan lamas have  fooled both  straight and gay feminists and researchers on gender identity at our prestigious universities, into  believing  that these lamas are becoming  more “Westernized” and are  promoting ‘feminism” inside their sanghas!  In fact,  Tibetan Buddhism by its nature depends on the exploitation of all women and girls  and using them in serial sexual encounters with these lamas for their medieval , superstitious  “higher practices.”

The rhetoric and  propaganda of the Tibetan Lamas is actually to  stop  true feminism and gender equality in its tracks- Tibetan lamas hide the fact that they  are terrified of the female and their whole religion is to dis-empower and negate feminine energy while pretending to elevate it- they were raised in all-male groups, still androcentric to its core,  torn from their mother’s  and all female influence,  with no choice.


Trungpa, whose own autobiography,  before it was  edited,  exposed the cruelty of this lama system but he couldn’t escape his own cultural  imprisonment. Even  though admiring much about the West, he still was programmed since toddler hood to   promote his atavistic Tibetan cult religion and added an anti-democratic rhetoric ad naseum in his own  Western Tibetan Buddhist community. He  acted  out his misogynistic and sexually abusive training and sexual exploitation upon hundreds of female cult members.  His bisexual  regent continued in the same vein, causing the death of at least one of his students as reported above.

Trungpa, however, was clever, unlike most of  the other Tibetan  lamas,   to put some of his  sexual consorts ,  and the few women  he did not  sleep with,  like Pema Chodron,  his symbolic  nun,  in positions of  power.  She now heads up Gampo Abbey in Canada, also headed by the Chinese affiliated Tibetan lama, Thrangu rinpoche, who has been training the Chinese Han Buddhists into becoming vajra masters in China, while collecting sympathy millions to build his centers all over the world.   Shambhala International,  another affiliate of the Chinese Kagyu lamas has its headquarters in Nova Scotia where Trungpa knew he could fool more Canadians when the scandals were catching up with him in the States.  Apparently that has been true.

These Western Tibetan nuns like Pema Chodron are  the female enablers,  the female protectors  of this sexually exploitative system of  Tibetan vajrayana tantra that keeps it going and that you would find in any sexually abusive system or cult.  The  difference,   thanks to the Dalai Lama and his wealthy plutocratic friends l is that these enablers of sexual tantra are supported by  a Western main stream media who  stupidly believe these lamas represent a traditional Buddhist path, even  a panacea for our times, and are  invited to speak on talk shows like Oprah,   or Bill Moyers, or on Canadian CBC.  These  female cult enablers of the sexual abuse of the  Tibetan lamas, like Pema Chodron,  are  really out shilling for their masters and gurus. They have even created dakini masks , writing books on Dakini Power, published by the lucrative  lama publishing vehicles with  their “let’s tell the world  it is a blessing” strategy”  and “we are women of wisdom” instead of  the sad,  twice-used tools  and fools for the lamas, and their new message to deflect the truth . Trying to convince the public,  as they have long ago convinced themselves,   that being  groped and used sexually by these lamas is actually a great privilege and  honor,   a “blessing” is a sign of how disempowered they really are, despite their little dais, their thrones, and their titles, given by these miscreant, misogynistic lamas  now calling them incarnations” of previous sexual mistresses. These sexually misused Western females have to be  given special perks and  positions as the lamas knew they had to do to keep their secrets quiet in the West, they would have been tossed out the back door in Tibet when the lamas were done.  They are not “saints” or “wisdom women” as the proclaim. They are the most thought- controlled and  most -in- denial women in the cult of the lamas as the pampered wives, consorts and enablers who gain   vicarious status and perks, too lazy to protest their  golden cages as they sell their  sisters down the river for a book deal,  little thrones or a dais and vicarious status as part of the harem  and pimp brigade of the lamas.

You would find them in every sexually abusive cult  along with the perpetrators with something in it for them- they are  essential players, these female enablers,  to keep the whole house of cards from falling apart.

As for the whistle blowers, the women who dare to speak out about the sexual abuse in this system that is now calling itself “feminist?”  The lamas get the enablers to tell the world that they are liars, of course. If it can’t be be denied by the cult through a shut-down of communication in these Orwellian groups, then  the sexual exploitation by the lamas  is reframed as ” really consensual sex ” between the lamas and the women. Even though in these groups  the lamas desires are always unquestioned and the women  told they are “so lucky” to be chosen by these incarnated deities and gods on their brocaded thrones, and who are given Nobel Peace Prizes while using  their so-called “spiritual authority” to always get their way.  If the women, who feel abused  and misused by the lamas are sane enough to realize they have actually been  traumatized,  both sexually and spiritually, and have not been put in  quite a total trance like their fellow cult members by  teachings and cult techniques dating back a millennium,  and are brave enough to disagree or worse  even complain and say “no, this is sexual abuse!”  -then the group will circle the wagons around the lamas and put out the message that these women are all  lying,  or crazy  or the new meme that works so well  in our politically correct times:  “they are just too angry to be believed. ” The lamas and their enablers , like the nun Pema Chodron, who writes lots of self-help books , making millions for her Shambhala cult to keep  it afloat,   are always making sure that righteous anger  has been stamped out of existence  in these cults. That is what all cults do, stamp out righteous anger from those who are being exploited by the cult.

Pema Chodron, this darling   of the Tibetan Buddhist guru-worshiper clique  of Trungpa  and other Tibetan lamas,  since a  young cult member of Vajradhatu,  has enabled and protected  these sexually abusive lamas for the last forty years.  She is still convincing the world  to never express anger in any active or meaningful way with her popular , self-help books promoted by Oprah and her ilk.   “Let it all fall apart” she tells the Western world as she relentlessly props up,  bulwarks and defends the sexually abusive tantra of Tibetan Buddhism  and its guru-worshiping tulku system that she has been practicing , believing in and supporting for the last four decades, making sure it never falls apart.

It is not just the women in these Tibetan Western sanghas who are misused and , confused.  The males are cuckolded by the Lamas while taught to consider it an great ‘honor’ another “blessing”  if  the Lamas choose their wives, lovers and  even  their young daughters,  some as young as fourteen years old, to be a Tibetan Lama’s consort.  As one older,  male student of Trungpa recently put it on a Shambhala blog site:

“No…I was there. VCTR  ( Trungpa) never mistreated women It was consensual…
Christakes….he f..ked all my wives, lovers……I was glad about it
no, you can’t touch him” Radio Free Shambhala blog:  2/10/2015

We are now bombarded with sexual gender choices as though that were coming from the ground up of public opinion  instead of from a  purposely controlled media and an agenda to loosen up family and marriage ties. All boundaries have to go in the Great One movement that wants to create one big Third World instead of lifting everybody up. That is really what   Hollywood and  university campuses,  influenced by these eastern cult influences and a leftist, collectivist agenda are promoting, whether they know it or not.  They certainly don’t seem to notice that  are  elevating  misogynistic and sexually abusive cult religions to socially herd along and promote a massive dumbing down  a new generation.    What’s next pedophilia?   Polygamy? After all our white- washed poet and  icon for a new generation and first Trungpa student, Allen Ginsberg,  was a member of NAMBLA.

Chogyam Trungpa and the lamas that came after him, created a legion of these  guru-worshiping,  tantric Western Buddhists  and  their children, the generation  of cult- X  children, with academic credentials ,  trained to demonize their own country and  Western values while substituting superstition, magic  and  the rule of God Kings of  eleventh century priests,  With an ability to compartmentalize their practices and beliefs and keep them hidden from public view and promote their “compassion” memes that negate any sense of real compassion that requires wisdom,  they have now permeated every aspect of our  lives with their chaotic tantric cult influences.    Now they are out promoting “meditation and awareness”  as their latest ‘spin” nd their advanced students in tantra are now “teaching meditation.  “While the celebrity lamas they have taken vows to shill for are  “off to China” to train the Han Abbots in their art of the  grift.

These enablers and cult devotees are trained and among us and  have  formed consortiums like this one.   As you can see, they often hold PhD s in psychology or are now licensed as psychotherapists.  I wonder how many are in the adjunct administration of  our prestigious universities that are  giving in to every Orwellian demand by these whining little campus terrorists who are so ‘triggered” they can bully every one else.  Enabling narcissism  and even sociopathic  behavior is what Western tantric vajryana psychologists, i.e. guru-worshiping cult members of Lamaism are experts in doing, After all , they got to  practice with their gurus.

It also makes the Tibetan lamas and their enablers  very happy, although they would never voice this to others  as they play the humble monks of peace, that  when they see all the chaos they are contributing  to by stealth   with their Tantric cult religion and its “no right, no wrong” doctrine that has put the West in a state of amoral confusion.   This is   because they hope to be ready to swoop in with their  own  form of religious totalitarianism as an  antidote, disguised as a”harmony” movement and now with China’s blessings.  There meditation” will seem like a resolution but instead will create more confusion and chaos, more passivity in the population, who will turn further away from reality and facts on the ground, and certainly contribute to more  dumbing down of generations along with more  sexual abuse on campuses,  until they will have completed their own Tibetan lama jihad on cats feet,  happy that their bitter enemy the Muslims, whom they have never forgiven, will do their  dirty work and killing  for them so they don’t have to take the “karma”. After all , they always got Muslims in Tibetan to slaughter their animals , so they would remain “pure.”

Naropa University,   with its guru soaked curriculum  to undermine democracy from the inside,  has dozens of “contemplative” programs  infused with this vajrayana tantra disguised as a peaceful program  to “transform yourself to change the world.”  “Be a change agent” their website boldly proclaims.    Naropa is seen as one of the five “insane” colleges that parents and adults can throw their money at ( which now should include Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale and other gone to rotten fruit, ivy-leagues)  but it is a mistake to see Naropa  as only a joke and underestimate the  insidious influence it has had over the decades .  Naropa clearly has some high powered and influential,  wealthy benefactors and enablers on its list of donors,  who see this as one more tool to undermine democracy from the inside out and create a more malleable and easily controlled population.

 The Dalai Lama has given his  Kalachakra empowerment  thirty plus times and  five times in the  purposely targeted United States alone- more than in any other nation except India- a tantra teaching that predicts a holy war among Semitic religions, i.e. Christians, Muslims and Jews. The  Dalai Lama is waiting it out for his own apolcalyptic fundamental  medieval religion to ascend;   he still consults a wrathful deity oracle for all major decisions,   behind his false smiles , humility and his scientific pretensions .

 Lama Sogyal has recently  inaugurated with the Dalai lama and all the other lamas and his billionaire friends   his  Tenzin Gyatso Institutein 2010,   named after the Dalai Lama and given His Holiness’s  “blessing.”

In the video below you can see one of the many wealthy,  former CEOs and wealthy benefactors to the lamas, Certain billionaires  have been the easiest fooled, or worse,  who  are now supporting the lamas:


“The founder of the Tenzin Gyatso Institute is Tibetan Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the ground-breaking The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, who has taught in the West now for over 30 years. Rinpoche is renowned worldwide because of his special gift for conveying the heart of the teachings of Buddha in a way that is both authentic and deeply relevant to the modern mind. He is the founder and spiritual director of Rigpa, an international network of Buddhist centers and groups in forty-one countries that enjoys the gracious patronage and guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since 1973, when he played a key role in His Holiness’s first visit to the West, Rinpoche has tirelessly supported the Dalai Lama, communicating his message and his teachings wherever he goes. The Tenzin Gyatso Institute is the realization of Rinpoche’s lifelong wish to make a lasting contribution to His Holiness’s work and to help safeguard it over the year”

Even though there have been documentaries, articles , essays and reports about  this Lama Soygyal’s  egregious spiritual abuse, spiritual fraud and sexual exploitation of his students  for the last two decades,  none of this matters.  These Western idiots utiles  and fans  are  happily undermining democracy and preparing for the time when  the dust settles and they can usher in their Age of Maitreya, their thousand-year Buddhocracy, their neo-feudal empire of the lamas.

Here is Sogyal, the sexually abusive lama promoted by  Richard Gere and his ilk –  i.e. the Hollywood,  corporate shills of propaganda for the Tibetan lamas-   getting ready for his more “advanced teachings” with these lucky women,  women who think it is so “cool to see a dancing Lama” and think the Vajrayana tantra is so freeing and so perfect for contemporary times.    Which of these lucky women will get to go back to his inner sanctum and be beaten and groped by this little toad after the music stops?  This is a video of his seduction dance to lure them into being beaten and humiliated in his “inner sanctum”  where he  has them wipe his ass, beats them  and perform other degrading actions to prove their devotion – the ‘higher tantra’ practices of this Tibetan Buddhism we have had crammed down our Western throats:

For a complete expose of what Sogyal is really teaching  and the sexual abusing orgies- yes orgies-that he conducts  in the back room of his eight million dollar Western funded Temple in France, while pretending to new recruits he is just a humble and devout Buddhist teacher, see Behind the Thangkas.  Written by the  journalist, Mary Finnegan,  of the  British Guardian, as a memoir of her days with Sogyal, she has unsuccessfully tried to expose her former ‘guru’ Sogyal of Lakar,  tirelessly,  for the last twenty years.  But the lama circle and the  The Dalai Lama’s   well-funded lobby  and his powerful billionaire friends have  many  ways of putting their fingers in the dyke.  That is why they are creating many more fingers to  infiltrate deeper into our society.  The Tenzin Gyatso Institute,   created by the Dalai Lama and Sogyal the sexual predator will do  just that-create even more of a wall of silence and protection –  spreading the Tibetan Tantra deeper into Western society.  Sogyal is not exceptional in his behavior and mind-set, he is the poster boy for the fruition of Tibetan Buddhism and is being constantly rewarded and honored by the whole Tibetan lama hierarchy , including the Dalai Lama, for expressing the success of  Tibetan Buddhism for fooling so many, exploiting so many,  and making a fortune for the Tibetan lamas along the way :


Dr. Goleman ,another popular Western, Tibetan Buddhist author and mindfulness teacher, praises Sogyal as a great master in the video below-   and protects  this  sexual exploiter lama , who has abused allegedly  hundreds of Western women –  He has been  one of Dr. Goleman’s  main gurus  for decades.  Dr. Goleman, one of the many guru-worshiping academics and psychotherapists,   is the  best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence, part of the subtle anti-rationalist,   so-called “mindfulness movement”  that  swept  the United States by storm in the 1990s.  Dr. Goldman has been part of the movement to substitute a values-based , social engineered education to   replacethe Western canon, and we are seeing the fruition on college campuses in America today,   such that young people are reacting emotionally to every imaginable slight or offense.  Emotions are what counts, expressing your emotional state, obsessing on your emotional state , screaming out and  demanding that your emotional state be addressed or else everyone will be  bullied, harassed and even fired if they don’t go along.   So sensitive to perceived “micro-aggressions”  the majority among them, usually white guilt-ridden liberals , straight from their yoga and meditation classes, trained in being doormats,  have to resort to  macro-regressions, with their crayons and soft music in “trigger-free zones.”

The bolder among them are screaming hate-filled attacks upon others while claiming they are are the victims of racial abuse.

While these utiles idiots  are getting others to take care of their imaginary traumas on college campuses, the real sexual predators roam in their midst.

Like lama Sogyal,  for example who has been giving his retreats  at Connecticut College, in New London Connecticut ,   a place that has a large population of   naïve young women with healthy trust funds-  a perfect combination for the lamas-  proclaims itself the promoter of “empowering young women.” During the  same weekend  in May of 2014,    when Sogyal’s  was giving his “meditation”  retreats,  this  college was   simultaneously conducting  a weekend seminar  for its female students  on how to  protect themselves from sexual abuse and sexual predators. This is how bizarre things have become in our prestigious college campuses that have gone to rot thanks to the “progressive agenda” of leftists who have hijacked true liberalism.  They always go after the young.

Here is the video below of  Dr. Goleman, our new psycho buddhist prototype,  and promoter of  Sogyal the predator  praising his creepy Tibetan guru before his  stupefied audiences :

When not  mingling with the other global plutocrats and change agents on Martha’s Vineyard, where his lucrative spiritual hustling has allowed him an expensive residence,  he prostrates to and promotes  His  Holiness of  Misogyny and guru , Sogyal, and other medieval “masters” of Tibetan Buddhism.    Dr.  Goleman  also  gives seminars at Harvard Business School on   “Compassionate Leadership.” to Harvard Business school students.

“Compassion ” has been the lucrative  commodity of the Tibetan Lamas and their western enablers like  Dr.  Goleman for a very  long time. Now these spiritual hucksters are  hoping to add the movement of  “mindfulness and awareness”  training  to their bag of tricks. It has  become big business as usual for Tibetan Buddhism and its  cult peddlers, spreading into every aspect of our western culture, ensuring that less and less mindfulness and awareness will remain about what matters, like paying attention to facts on the ground.   These  psycho buddhists and lamas tell people there are no facts , just opinions.  Convenient for a  future totalitarian and despotic systems in the West,  that wants to create a wooley-headed population of no-nothings who believe there is nothing to know.


Osel Mukpo,  Trungpa’s putative son, without the charisma, education, intelligence or charm, but  with a much higher throne, was  clever enough, like the Dalai Lama,   to surround himself  and his white-washed Shambhala groupwith many media savvy types and CEO scions from Goldman Sachs and the  Aspen Institute  et al.   He is  supported by the Dalai Lama hegemony in a way that Trungpa never was.  Featured in the clip below,  this drop-out from Boulder high school , pretending to be a Tibetan lama and the imaginary King of Shambhala,  is promoted by our  wealthy plutocracy represented by Altria, formerly known as the Phillip Morris Tobacco Company,  as well as the Aspen Institute, Lexus and Booze Allen Hamilton.

Certain corporations just love Tibetan Buddhism, and their cults.  You can see the corporate sponsors before the camera zooms out.  Their public relations firms are designating these lamas the  new ‘secular spirituality ‘ and  creating  an image of “feminism,”  “gender equality” and “environmentalism” for these lamas, the  vanguards of misogyny and oppression who ruled their Kingdom in Tibet only fifty plus years ago with an iron fist . This is what can happen when two institutions in deception and rhetoric join forces .

Sakyong Osel Mukpo,  Trungpa’s son,  with no traditional training as a Lama, knows, as all Lamas do, the essential thing,  that only “appearances” matter when Tibetan Buddhism’s uses have been appreciated by Billionaires like George Soros , and Global corporatism.

 Meanwhile,  Western Tibetan Buddhist  “scholar devotees”, an oxymoron  to say the least , who are the so-called intellectuals of Tibetan Buddhism, are happy  to be supporting  this eleventh century priesthood of misogynistic andocentrics.

Always called upon by our lazy, Western media  to the exclusion of contrary views  to feed the public their “expert” opinions these  guru-worshiping scholars are joined by the  more “neutral academics” in philosophy and anthropology , those who have  been discussing the minutiae of this occult, medieval religion , Tibetan Buddhism, for the last forty years, writing papers that are only read by each other, and  who never care that this “religion, ” they are so fascinated  and obsessed with,   is still abusing women  and exploiting their fellow Westerners with its tantra as they speak at their symposiums with each other  about the fascinating polyandrous marriages  of Tibetan women with four, five or six brothers,  or the probability  that human sacrifices continued in Tibet into the twentieth century.   Don’t look to these Tibetan scholars for  help in stopping this sexually abusive occult religion from spreading.   They  are very  heavily invested in their careers as Tibetologists , to keep the grants coming.

Soon,  -thanks to  the Dalai Lama and  his Western, academic enablers and cult devotees, Lama Soygal, the sexual predator’s vision  of his  Tenzin Gyatso Institute’s plans will be fulfilled if no one stops him – more lamas from Nepal , Tibet and India will be coming to the United States to enter our universities and colleges to “mingle.”   This will only further confuse and influence our young people,  with their vajrayana tantra disguised as Buddhism.  These lower-level  lamas  and monks have taken the same vows to their own gurus to obey them in all things. So do people really believe the propaganda that these medievalist monks and lamas, stuck in an 11th century, who have vowed to be true to their lamas to spread Tibetan tantra throughout the world are actually  here to learn from the West or assimilate more of our culture?  They are no more interested in becoming Westernized than radial  Islamists also living in the 11 century in their heads.

Once these Tibetan monks of the Dalai Lama and  his Tenzin Gyatso Institute   further infiltrate into  our higher education,  bringing their atavistic influences  with them ,  and “mingle,”  there will be no end to the confusion and chaos these and primitive  Tibetan Lamaist cult ‘ influences will cause. Not to mention the sexual abusive behaviors that will suddenly increase on campuses as these monks begin their ” advanced practices, ” practicing on young freshman co-eds, who are the perfect cut-off age for  female sexual consorts for the lamas. These monks and lower level lamas can’t wait, as Hollywood and a controlled media continues to promote these monks as great wise beings filled with compassion.  The next group of freshman co-eds are being properly set up to become even more confused , exploited and abused than the last two generations.

Here is the Eco-Karmapa,   below in the video, the head of the Karme Kagyu sexually abusive cult of Tibetan Buddhists, the most popular and prolific in the United States and throughout the world, and  who are also colluding with Communist China to create a new hybrid vajrayana master for the Motherland.. This Ogyen Trinley , designated and trained by the Communist Chinese and the Karme Kagyu sect,  came this Spring, 2015, into our most politically correct, left-leaning  and now illiberal universities:

What a coincidence that this Lama  Guru and supra God King  Pope of the  Karme Kagyu lineage of Lamas, Ogyen Trinley,   is pontificating about environmental  and gender issues that have nothing at all to do  with  his Tantric  ‘Buddhism,’  and are completely  foreign to his medieval and superstitiously-trained  mind.  But these are  political charged and correct issues  in the west. They  can easily  fool young people into believing that  Lamas like him  care deeply about these issues  with  his  bogus, propaganda campaign and the backing of billionaires.

This  Karmapa  doesn’t have to say much that would actually show the true nature of the Tantra and his medieval Lamaism .  He speaks to the crowd  in a Mandarin- accented Tibetan,  throwing in a few English language phrases,  here and there.  His western translator and enabler  is well-trained to fill in the blanks and cover up for any of his  faux pas.  He did speak a lot about not being “aggressive” and basically promoted even more “niceness” on campuses, particularly among women, since Tibetan Lamas are experts in keeping women in their place.

You can see the video streams of this Karmapa’s visit  at Harvard University above and here at this link and how extensive his visit was. 

He is introduced in the above video by the  typical Naropa- affiliated  western “scholar” and  Harvard Divinity School,  guru- worshiping,  staff member, this  ‘expert’ cult member of Tibetan Buddhism  who is all a  ga-ga over introducing her incarnated God King to the duped  audience while blushing  as she looks in his direction.   Also a forty-year,  Naropa-connected,  Tibetan Buddhist “expert, ” in denial and delusional , she  tells the audience that this 17th Karmapa  looks just like the last one that died, and that he is an amazing scholar,  wise and such a compassionate being, (although she has just met him) and that the previous Karmapa,  she says,  has  obviously  entered this one’s  mind stream  because he looks so much like the  16th Karmapa, before him. She gives herself away when she ‘recites’ the guru-worshiping mantra: “Karmapa Chenno” during her introduction.  This is a pod person from the early Trungpa days,  but now a respected “scholar’ at Harvard.  What more can one say about how absurd and how far this has gone?

As for the real sexual abuse  victims ,  who are groped and fooled into sex with these Lamas , if they do expose the sexual abuse of the lamas, which is seldom because of all the brainwashing inside these groups,   it is  always these brave women , going against the tide, who are  blamed  for the  abuse happening  at all. They are excoriated by the group,  and seen as female demons , mentally deranged and beyond hope from escaping from vajra hell.

These Western Tibetan Buddhists are always liberal progressives who vote democratic, by the way. .  The lamas have a legion of cult-controlled,  female enablers who are part of the mental stoning that this “compassionate” bunch engage in when any member of their group starts thinking for herself again or reveals the secrets of the lamas that everyone has vowed never to do.

The lamas, unknown to the public, are encouraged to have as many sexual conquests and consorts as they can,  by the teachings of the Tibetan vajrayana  tantra for their practices.  This is never going to change for them,  their whole religion depends on this misuse of the female sex.  Homosexual relations, or “thigh sex”  with little boy monks, inside their monasteries,  is also normal and acceptable within Tibetan Buddhism and its androcentric world. That is why it is much, much worse than the sexual abuses in other religious institutions-  because it is institutionalized and normal and part of the very fabric of Tibetan “Buddhism”. Sexually abused males can become the future  sexual abusers themselves.  Sexually abused females can become the enablers of sexual abuse themselves.

Tibetan Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism,  doesn’t exist without sexual exploitation and the worship of  these gurus.   That is what the public doesn’t understand. That is why the Tibetan Lamas and their enablers are doing everything they can to keep this hushed up with the grand pretense that Tibetan Buddhism is something the opposite of what it really is , “peaceful and open and gender-free, even “feminist” the boldest lie of all, while  pretending it is about traditional Buddhist values, when the Mahayana teachings are  just a cover  to hide the truth that this is an ancient,  primitive and  sexually abusive  exploitative cult of gurus and guru-worshipers -a system kept their own people enslaved for a thousand years.

The idea that there could be a ‘westernized” version of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, or that it could be modernized is absurd on its face.  If you take out the guru-worship of  lamas, and the  sexual misuse of females for the lamas “higher tantric practices’ , the practices these lamas  believe can be the only vehicle to ‘enlightenment” i.e.  by shooting their semen, mixed with female fluids they believe they have absorbed in ejaculation-free sex , through the imaginary chakras they are visualizing , channeling it  up  to the top of their foolish heads, than Tibetan Buddhism no longer exists.

That’s the truth about Tibetan Buddhism that no one wants to know and the lamas and their enablers are not telling.

Another  popular but  deceptive  Tibetan Lama of the Drukpa  Kagyu lineage in the west, and also part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute with its Adi-Buddhist ambitions, is  Tsoknyi rinpoche who  has been doing  major fund-raising  for the Tibetan lamas to create new centers in the U.S. and now  So East Asia where he is building a temple for the Taiwanese, the size of the Potala Palace. He is replicating the first lama center in Tibet,  Samye Ling.  This is a big, big project that wouldn’t be happening without Chinese approval.   Tsoknyi  has also  been very busy,  covering up  for his “mentor” and pal,   His Holiness Randy  Sogyal Rinpoche , the alleged sexual and physical abuser of hundreds of western  women in his sangha. 


Lama Tsoknyi fooled  the many  psychologists  and professionals that came through  Spirit Rock Meditation Center door’s  in California where Lama Tsoknyi was given his start to conduct his “Dzogchen” retreats  That was more than likely his special assignment and role given  by the Tibetan lama hierarchy and the Dalai Lama who said to Tsoknyi:  “go and conquer” these Western psychologists causing all this trouble out there in California,  the first ones to call out the sexual abuses of these teachers and lamas when they had not been yet seduced into the tantric net of nets.  The Tibetan lama hierarchy  was very upset that this group of influential American Buddhists and psychologists were getting wise and were calling these Asian teachers “out.” Something had to be done and Tsoknyi was the boy-man to do it.

Now these   psychobuddhists from California and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, after lamas like  Tosknyi’s influence and infiltration into their groups for the last twenty years,    are  some of   the   greatest enablers of sexual abuse by lamas like Sogyal.   Sogyal  is often seen teaching beside his  protege Tsoknyi rinpoche, or with Joseph Goldstein,, Dan Goleman and other psychobuddhists Many of these psychologists now attend  number this  sexual abuser, Sogyal’s  retreats .

Mingyur Rinpoche is Tsoknyi’s brother  and former tutor to the Chinese Workers Front  appointed Eco-Karmapa,  Ogyen Trinley,  the 17th Karmapa featured in the video above.  Mingyur is  deeply involved in the Mind and Life Institute scam of the Dalai Lama,  along with his brother Tsoknyi.  So is the  Karmapa above -rearrested in India on money laundering charges, but strangely able to travel to Germany and the U. S.  to give retreats,  thanks to our “progressive democrats” and their  cover ups for all Tibetan  lamas.  These progressives have been bold enough to try and interfere with the court system in India to get this Karmapa “off the hook”  telling the Indian government that all his devotees in the U.S. would be so pleased if he was once again absolved of all wrongdoing, or they would be “triggered” beyond repair and traumatized for life  if he was sent to prison.   Yes, as guru-worshiping cult members they would. But of course, if he did go to prison they might wake up, and that would be much worse for the Western enablers of the Tibetan lamas.

Mingyur   is also involved in helping China create a new hybrid ‘vajra master cult’ for the Chinese, while telling his own  Western devotees  that he has been  on a wandering four-year  “retreat”  ( a common ruse used by these lamas to ‘disappear’ and engage in other activities, it is now four years than the original three,  since training the Han has taken longer),  after which it is planned Mingyur  will emerge as the new  “Milarepa” to keep his Western and now his  many Chinese disciplines happy.

This is now big business, a  multi-national, multi-billion dollar enterprise of propaganda, started by the Dalai Lama  and supported by very wealthy benefactors, politicians and  corporations, who are all   pretending  that Tibetan Buddhism is  not the fundamentalist, medieval, misogynistic “religious cult” it actually is,  but  is “Scientific!” and about “compassion” with now  hundreds of enthralled and indoctrinated enablers in the sciences , academic and the psychology field , along with Hollywood, to disguise that it  uses and abuses of women for their “higher practices” is  completely doctrinaire .

Do you know what this lama is reciting to affect his brain waves?   “May I always obey my own guru and never reveal the real secrets of the Vajrayana or may I too rot in hell.”  This is a guru worshiping cult, not Buddhism,  or even about meditation, except to make people dumbed- down.  They call it “stupid shamatha” in Tibetan Buddhism, that is what they are teaching in the West, meditation merged with guru-worshiping nonsense that makes slaves of devotees  not  more liberated and awake human beings  as they claim.  Look at them, they are still slaves themselves to this Lama system that stole them as children. They have no idea what a secular , free or  creative life would be out from under the yoke of Lamaism and its repressive cult that makes even them slaves of them , “brand names”  to sell Tibetan Buddhism’s tantric cult to the masses.

What a victory  for all the Tibetan Lamas who are surely having a knee-slapping laugh among themselves. They  have fooled the  clever Western  clinical psychologists and other academics  who  consider themselves so cutting- edge- these so-called  Western “experts” on  the human mind,  meditation and awareness,   who actually have actually been fooled by these lamas that the lamas are becoming ‘westernized and scientific in their outlook.”   Why would they do that?  Their perks are the same as the Saudi Sheiks, whom they have more in common with than the historical Buddha.  They just have put on a disguise as humble monks.

You’ll recognize the voice of  the narrator, Richard Gere who is constantly out narrating propaganda films for the Tibetan lamas, apparently his part-time job.  Gere, is  one of the most prolific and active  promoters of Tibetan Buddhism and these Tibetan gurus. He is also closely  connected with most of the  vajrayana Tibetan lamas and a Tantric occult practitioner and guru-worshiper of the Dalai Lama. He is also very close to Tsoknyi rinpoche and Sogyal rinpoche as well.

Number one sexual predator and his number one 'enabler'

Sogyal rinpoche  and  Tsoknyi rinpoche.

Below are early partying  days for Gere and  Zen abbot, Roshi Joan Halifax, Ms. Eco-Zen.  Neither of these Westerners,  these “compassionate” Buddhists and role models for others to become more awake and aware,  have ever even criticized what  Sogyal is doing with young women who come into his lair.  Instead they fool the world into believing Sogyal is a very kind and wise lama, even an “enlightened master.”  Ms.  Halifax,  the Eco Buddhism poster girl for all of Buddhism, is so confused that she can actually write exposes about the  sexual abuse toward women  in her own Zen Buddhist centers,  but speaks not  a word about the egregious,  institutionalized and more far-reaching sexual  abuse by these Tibetan lamas,  like her pal Sogyal.  Instead, she  is a featured author in  Sogyal’s books.


Sogyal Rinpoche, Joan Halifax, Richard Gere


Tsoknyi  rinpoche, is one of the  main protectors of   Soygal,  whom he refers to as his “mentor” and family, while he  expands  his  wool pulling over the  third wave heads of so-called feminists’  at Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research .

While his students proclaim him  as the most ‘westernized”of  Tibetan lamas, Tsoknyi has them  prostrating  to him inside his own groups and reading about the hell-realms that await them  for speaking out publicly about a lama’s behavior, a  lama like him.  He also  tells his students that he comes from a lineage of a deity and a human being and praying  to statues  Tsoknyi says  his lamas have  imbued with living energy- thanks to his minion monks  mind-numbing , days-long chants and ceremonial prayers,  done for weeks around the statue .

These two lama brothers, Tsoknyi and Mingyur are ready for China: the scientific mask will be donned  for the Chinese intellectuals on the Mainland and the SAR, and the superstitious  medieval  masks for the Chinese  and Tibetan peasants to keep them enthralled with a New Global Buddhist led by God Kings, vajryana tantric hybrid masters. At least that is the plan of China’s new masters,  their  own Corporate Communist wealthy elite.  The new hybrid Han/Tibetan  vajra master these lamas like Mingyur the wandering yogi  are creating  while supposedly in a cave for the last for years , all with the Chinese government’s blessing,  has  it all covered.

Isn’t it long overdue time for the West  to take the blinders off and  read the real  history of Tibet and the Lamas?

Or look  at the archived photos and films of ‘Old Tibet?

Here is another picture, worth at least a  thousand words  the photo  of  Osel Mukpo, Trungpa’s son’s  father-in-law,  on his eighty-foot throne in India,  land of the God-men,  where all the masks of equality and kindness and “feminism” fall away.

Secular and Scientific ????   CLICK TO ENLARGE

 Secular and Scientific ????
Secular and Scientific ????

Tibetans should save those “Free Tibet” signs and banners, adding “From the Dalai Lama” at the end, and stop setting themselves on fire.   The West should start making our own signs: “Free the West and the World  from the Dalai Lama  and  the cult of the Tibetan Gurus.


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Christine A Chandler

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The Nancy Pelosi “flip flop” on China

“Nancy Pelosi Makes Rare Visit to China:

What can one expect these days from the so-called  “progressive party, ” that has regressed to protecting  medieval cults who want to destroy  us and substitute their misogynistic theocracy  to the detriment of our democratic principles, the Western enlightenment and the foundations of our separation of church and state.    Yet,  this is  the party that says it is  advancing human progress and  “empowering women. ”

Now that China is embracing  Tibetan Buddhism again to help them implement  their  Global  Buddhist Harmony Movement for World  Austerity,    then of course our illiberal  and ill-informed Nancy Pelosi is on the ready and willing to follow.

We know that California is  now China-West, thanks to Silicon Valley ,  San Francisco and Marin County,  where the Tibetan lamas have colonized and confused  these populations  for generations, and unbeknownst to them,   all for the Motherland and  its stealth infiltration.  Hollywood,  Hindu tantric yoga, disguised as just stretching exercises and a  New Age obsessed milieu – along with  the insidious influences of the tantric vajrayana of  the Tibetan lamas, these anti-Western influences  have bamboozled  and abused the United States for  now decades, thanks to Ms. Pelosi and her  high-jacked. party. Now that  our illiberal democrats across America , have appropriated our democracy by stealth to perpetrate a global, socialist agenda in politics, academia and other institutions and have morphed into Orwellian hues,  more and more Americans that consider themselves the elite, are completely paralyzed by their “idiot compassion.”  Like deer in the headlights they are  embracing and accommodating to  medieval cults determined to destroy our freedoms.  The hijacked democratic party refuses to see, hear or speak against apocalyptic cults living mentally  in the 11th century among us. Multiculturalism to dumb us all down with a tidal wave of primitive influences overwhelming us to destroy this nation,  instead of promoting true diversity. Global plutocrats don’t want nations or an informed populace that can reason and think critically.

No inner compass anymore. That’s what hanging out with Tibetan lamas with their tantric “Buddhism” does. A group whose main tantric mantra is:  “no right , no wrong”  as it stealthily undermines Western ethics and values over the years while pretending to be about peace. Is it any wonder that the new choice for this undemocratic party is  Hilary, someone who lies and obfuscates with impunity  and a majority of her base say they don’t trust her but will still vote for her?

It shouldn’t be surprising,  given the influences that have formed the non-thinking and irrationality  and amoral leadership of this party over the last two decades.  “Idiot compassion” is what they now represent.   Compassion without wisdom that has been disastrous for our country.  It seems that Europe is relearning that lesson,  painfully. Will it take another 9/11 for us to relearn it, as well?

So, of course  Ms. Pelosi, always the expedient politician like her pal, Hillary ,  is doing an about- face and traveling whichever way the wind is blowing and now it is blowing  to China,  and off she goes  to see how “really well the Chinese Tibetans have been doing all along in the Motherland.”  Can you imagine how much the Chinese and the Tibetan lamas  are laughing  behind her back, when she believes she is going to lecture the Chinese about their  human rights violations vis-a-vis Tibet when she has allowed gross abuses,  including sexual abuse to continue  here at home by these Tibetan lamas within their cult-groups  for the last forty-years? .   Or that she is still this much in the dark, as most ‘progressives” like herself are,  about the long-standing relationship between  China and Tibet, despite a few spats in the scheme of things,  over the last thousand years?

Or is it that Ms. Pelosi feels that the time is right to visit the Motherland now, particularly since  there is a Trans Pacific Trade Agreement that pretends  to the American people, that China is not one of its partners, when nearly everyone with a thinking brain  knows the  Special Administrative Regions (SAR)  of China are already under China’s thumbs and the rest of So East Asia is sure to follow.   This is why  these Tibetan lamas  feel it is time to be transparent with the  public about their decades-long  deception and collusion with China,  seeing  now that the United States has been so weakened under this administration and their collectivist, Alinsky-trained  President.  Now they are flagrantly  insulting their Western hosts  that have supported them for decades and naively allowed them to build their “Trojan Horse”in the United States and throughout Europe  with the same objective as their more violent  fellow misogynistic medievalists : destroying Western civilization and democracy.

The lamas  have also been busy rebuilding their monasteries  in China since at least 1982, while playing the abused victim of China’s evil policies here in the States and elsewhere,  and now they no longer feel a need to hide it.  The  Dalai Lama’s newly elected prime minister of his Tibetan Government in Exile,  Lobsang Sangay,  Harvard-trained  on the tax-payers’ ticket   has  recently  come out as loyal to the Motherland and now says, after fooling the West,  like his God King, the Dalai Lama, that he  is not interested in a democracy.   Even Maura Monyihan , long-time believer in Shangri-lai myths,  like her friend Nancy Pelosi,  was shocked.  It shows how little they both know about Tibet, the lamas and China.

Pelosi, minority leader of the “compassionate”  California style, illiberal, politically correct non-democratic party, that always perches from a high moral ground telling the rest of us to never use our own common sense and accept lies and cover-ups  while bringing us to the very  brink of  terrible suffering and disaster,   has apparently not the slightest cognitive dissonance that  at least Ms. Monyihan  shows over the back-stabbing,  duplicitous behavior of these  Tibetan Lamas.  behaviors.  Ms. Monyihan  must still have a conscience.

Nor does Pelosi  have any regret for having  whipped  the U.S. population  into a frenzy of  idiot compassion over the last twenty years by allowing  these lamas to massively fool everyone that they have been  abused  by China while garnering billions from the West for their bogus “Free Tibet” cause.   The Tibetan lamas , with their  victim status   filled their own coffers to the brim with  loot, while the infrastructure and neighborhoods of Ms. Pelosi’s  poorer constituency went to rot.

Instead Pelosi  helped funnel billions over the decades so  these  lamas could build their hundreds of temples and centers all over the United States while letting these lamas exploit and sexually abuse their students and undermine democratic principles inside their Western cult- controlled “Buddhist” groups, while she and her fellow ‘liberals” made  sure their egregious behaviors were always covered up.

She is typically all  “a flutter” about her coming trip to China as the usual empty  rhetoric of “compassion” passes from her lips- this is another “compassion mission of” the democratic party, selling another piece of the United States to the highest bidder,  when real compassion in this sister’s heart remains far, far away, as it does for all these expedient politicians looking out for  number one, and keeping their voting base completely dumbed-down. Ms. Pelosi?  I met a hundred of her in my time in the Tibetan guru-cults in the West.  Silly older women that believed that these lamas were so special and “enlightened” and refused to see what was in front of their face.  They always surrounded themselves with silly, rich old ladies as their “benefactors” and sponsors.  They are on thrones Ms. Pelosi, or did you notice?

Ms. Pelosi also  thinks nothing at all about  those  hundred and twenty-nine   ordinary Tibetans in China  inflamed by all the liberal rhetoric  here in the States by  the Nancy Pelosis of the world, who have not a clue about Tibet, the lamas or Tibetan “Buddhism” and its guru-worshiping tantra as these poor Tibetans set  themselves on fire over a chimera,  a bogus movement, called “Free Tibet” that Ms. Pelosi  and her progressive liberals,  along with the Dalai Lama, helped create and continue to promote . The lamas are laughing all the way to their Swiss banks.

Now that the Tibetan lamas are all back in bed with the Motherland,  it is time for the illiberal  party to  shift gears without a backward glance and get on board too.  Ms. Pelosi hopes the last two generations that the democratic party has  dumbed down,    will remain as incapable of remembering the history of last year, let along the history of our nation.  Last year was when Pelosi was railing against China and all its terrible abuses of the Tibetan lamas, like the Dalai Lama, blaming China for everything bad that ever happened to Tibet. She of course got   her “expert” advise from the Dalai lama and the cult guru- worshiping Western Tibetans like Robert Thurman who wishes the whole world to be ruled by these despotic Tibetan lamas someday in a future Adi-Buddhaworld.  Apparently Ms. Pelosi thinks that would be a good idea too.

This visit to China by Nancy Pelosi is also  a prelude to allow China to  bring in  their  newly cloned and hybrid, Han Chinese vajrayana masters and gurus,  trained by these treacherous, Tibetan lamas . They will now be part of  the answer to  the chaos that the Tibetan tantric vajrayana, posing as Buddhism, has already created with its Law of Inversion.

Now  that China  has seen how easily these Western fools, like Nancy Pelosi,  could be duped by the  Tibetan lamas ,   they have decided to  train their own Han Buddhist abbots in Tibetan lama deception and theatre, rituals and the occult.  It seemed only natural to do, in order to  quiet down their own ethnic groups that might be influenced by democratic yearnings.    Watch for the “immigration”  of these hybrid Han tantric masters  all along the West coast  for as the Chinese visa  tech workers in  Silicon Valley flood now San Francisco and elsewhere they need to be fooled in the States as well.  Doesn’t China already own Google and Facebook?   Mark Zuckerberg  Facebook owner and worth 44 billion  says Buddhism is “an amazing religion and philosophy”.    He married a Chinese Buddhist , so now he is an “expert” on Buddhism and he and George Soros agree.  Buddhism, however,  has always been disastrous when it is as a State religion. It results in repressive dictatorships.  Beware when billionaires tell you a certain religion is “wonderful.” They live in a god-realm. Many of them would like  to see Buddhism become the World religion for the rest of us.  But Buddhism is an individual spiritual path and should never be ‘recommended”by billionaires that want to convince the rest of us that “money doesn’t make people happy.”     I wonder if Mark will be expediting the influx of cloned Chinese Han -Tibetan Buddhist masters into  the Bay area?   Will he soon have Han-Tibetan shrine rooms for mandatory “meditation” to increase productivity at Facebook? Will the couple’s 120 million donation to the Bay Area schools  have a rider  with it to bring  Buddhism  surreptitiously  into the classrooms through  “meditation” programs in the curriculum?

After watching the successful  brainwashing  of a critical mass of the American public by a confluence of  “progressive”  influences brought to us by corporate billionaires  is it any wonder that China wants to use  the Tibetan lamas again for their “harmonious spirituality” to nip any ideas about democratic freedoms, individualism and a spirit of independent thinking ?

After all,  Tibetan Buddhism with its  Hindu tantric influences has proven so very effective  for the last forty years in doing the same thing here at home.


Christine A Chandler

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