Karmapa -Ogyen Trinley- Money Laundering and Illegal Land Purchase Charges Upheld



Dollar Dorje
Dollar Dorje


The Indian Government is clearly not as naïve as the United States of  America these days .

India  knows  their  God-Kings well. They have been dealing with them and their corruptions for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Ogyen Trinley Karmapa,  dubbed the   “Eco Karmapa”  and darling of the Western Tibetan Manchurian candidates here in the United States,  those “experts” on Tibetan Buddhism and Lamaism, our very own guru-worshiping  psycho-buddhists and academics,  who brought this alleged criminal and member of the Workers United Front of the Chinese Communist Party to  Harvard , Princeton, Yale,  Stanford and other Divinity Schools and Departments of Dupe at  our prestigious universities in March of 2015 for a  two month- feted and prostrated- to and fussed-over event extravaganza.  All so this ninth century throwback ,  this Tibetan high lama of the Karme Kagyu sect, trained  in  a medieval theater of atavistic  nonsense,   honed and cultivated  over the centuries to fool illiterate Tibetan peasants kept in their thrall, had absolutely no trouble fooling Harvard academics.

The darling of The Chubb Group of Insurances, who partly sponsored his trip ,   and gave Ogyen Trinley the Karmapa, this icon of compassion,  a Chubb Fellowship,   has had  his 2011 money laundering and  illegal  purchase of benami land  (land that was  set aside for poor Indian farmers) charges upheld in  a Hamachal Pradesh Superior Court this week:

What will all our guru-loving  academics and experts, enamored of everything Tibetan Buddhist  at Harvard and Princeton and Yale , the  University of Wisconsin, Emory University,   Stanford University and Redlands University do now?  So swept away  were they,  these experts and scholars,   that the latter  gave this alleged crook  and Chinese Communist Worker’s Front agent an honorary PhD . They are hoping that our corporately controlled media remains silent forever.  Maybe then , no one will notice their Karmapa has been re-arrested on corruption charges.

These  academic researchers ,  these luminous ones,  as they refer to themselves,  believe they  are going to save the world and usher in a new shift in human evolution and consciousness . This higher consciousness  they occupy  must include Machiavellian maneuverings they have learned  so well from their high priests and masters,  gurus of trickery and deception. Will they spin out another cognitive dissonance fire wall of silence for the rest of the  Western academic devotees and Tibetan Buddhists  that keeps them blinded beyond belief and following in lock step their lama masters ?  And will the billionaires in our country continue to support this  ninth century , sexually abusive and corrupt  kleptocracy of clerics, Tibetan Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism?

This precious one, Ogyen Trinley, trained by the Communist Chinese since a lad, and part of its soft power against the West , is  supported by the Dalai Lama as his successor.  When he said , over and over, “their will be no Dalai Lamas after me”, it was one of the few times he told the truth.  It was to be this Chinese Communist affiliate Karmapa that was to take the Dalai Lama’s place.

Ogyen Trinley already  has his  seat established in New York, started by his predecessor, the 16th Karmapa , his   Karma Triyana Dharmachkakra ( KTD)  center.  It is now run  by Communist-connected Taiwanese who kicked out the Western Tibetan Kagyu group of American  Buddhists-  but only after  these Manchurian candidates  gave decades of their free labor and blind devotion to   the Tibetan Lamas to build and maintain this   Karmapa lineage  seat for their reincarnation God King,  other lamas and their Taiwanese lords. .

These Western Kagyu Buddhists,   who call themselves the “mishap lineage, ” which means anything negative that happens to them they can rationalize,   don’t seemed phased at all to discover their guru and master’s  Communist  Workers Front connections or that he is part of a Kagyu Lama- Chinese strategy to create a world Buddhocracy of Harmony and Peace.  That would thrill them , despite being  programmed by their lamas  to call everyone a “Chinese Communist” in the past forty years,  who dared to criticize the Dalai Lama or Tibetan Buddhism.  Clever of these Tibetan Lamas wasn’t it?   Quite a diversionary tactic. But then the Dalai Lama does this all the time.  “Look at those Dorje Shugden practitioners! They are a cult!”  Then no one notices that Tibetan Lamaism is the oldest of cults and thought control and the Dalai Lama even has the power to get his Tibetans to set themselves on fire!

The   ability  of Western Tibetan Buddhists to compartmentalize anything negative and lock it away is amazing.      They plan to keep visualizing this  Karmapa  on the top of their foolish heads as their guru and master  while chanting, over and over,   Karmapa Chenno!   Since no matter what egregious behavior they see their lamas doing?  That is only a sign that they have not purified their karma enough.  That’s what the level of  mind-control is,  inside this cult of guru-worshiping Tibetan  Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism, pretending to be what the Buddha taught. That is what it  can do to a Western mind,  no matter how well-educated- turn it into mush.    Even this news can’t wake them up from the poppy fields of Old Tibet and the Swat Valley.

Ogyen Trinley   Karmapa has  lately been buying land in the U.S. heartlands, as have all the other  Kagyu Lamas, the most popular sect with Western Tibetan Buddhists here in the States. This is to keep  adding  to their extensive Lama Empire here in the  United States  and to centralize their influence of tantric  confusion to undermine us from the inside out.  They have been doing a very good job  so far,  if anyone has cared to notice.

Stealing is not considered a problem to these lamas- not according to their amoral ethics taught in the Vajrayana Hindu Tantra and its Law of Inversion– as they spread themselves at an accelerated rate now, pretending they are teaching what the Buddha taught.  They and their western enablers continue to build out their Adi-Buddha world in an endless , fanatical and robotic driven pace.

Someone should do an aerial map,  with dots,  of how many centers , temples, and other places of influence these Tibetan lamas have built all over the United States and  Europe  in the last forty years, thanks to the Dalai Lama mesmerizing the West with his net of tantra and his humble monk facade.  It would stun the ordinary American.      These lamas  always build- out in a  directional geometric pattern.  East-West-South- North and Central. The Karmapa is purchasing land in Cicero, Illinois:

“In an attempt to justify the purchase of a building in Cicero, a Western suburb of Chicago, for a dharma center in Rogers Park, way up on the city’s far North Side of Chicago, Lama Colleen said:

“We have the money, don’t ask how, but we can’t afford anything where anyone lives. Deal with it. We called the Karmapa while we were at the property and His Holiness personally approved the purchase right on the spot, end of discussion.”

What happened in Chicago is exactly what Ogyen Trinley Dorje will be standing trial for in India.”  from  blog;  https://tinfoilushnisha.wordpress.com/ July 9, 2015


Perhaps someone could wake up our politicians,  on both sides of the aisle and remind them  that all the military defense in the world is not going to stop our country from being undermined from the inside out  by all these do-good, Utopian liberal leftists and their Western Tibetan Buddhist collaborators in destroying our democracy,  with their heads completely in the sand, ………dreaming about the better future   these elitists and moralizers see  for the rest of us in their “third eye”  perception dumbed- down for years in no small part by these gurus and  their eastern medieval meme influences .

I wonder if the U.S. politicians – influenced completely now it seems  by a corporate plutocracy of billionaires  that just love Tibetan Lamas- will fly over to India  to influence the Indian Government to drop the charges against this Karmapa  again, like they did the last time  in 2011 when his cache of  international cash and his illegal plans to buy land was discovered?   After all,  he was going to prove so very useful in adding a ‘religious’ arm to  peoples’ confusion  world wide,  slated as he is to take the Dalai Lama’s place in  laying more manure all over the poppy field of sophomoric rhetoric  and tantric chaos  these lamas use to keep us asleep.

Can India hold out against a millennial-long and continued guru-corruption ,   a plethora of naive U.S. politicians  and a U.S.  administration and its own billionaire masters , as well as  India’s   former British colonial oppressors, the British monarchy ?

We are still waiting here in the United States   for our illustrious newspapers, like the New York Times , the Huffington  Post and the New Yorker,  that were all over this  Karmapa’s  previous visits,   to print something,  anything, even a small article. . The British Guardian is noticeable silent as well, not reporting on  this latest development with Ogyen Trinley , the Dalai Lama’s replacement for goodness sakes,  although they were quite prolific in articles covering this scandal in 2011.  What happened since then?

For now , the controlled media must be trying to decide how best to protect the  Chubb Insurance Group  and  other wealthy  investors and multinational corporations and monarchies , east and west,  that bring us this priestly icon of Shangri-lai  to dumb another world  generation of young people down carrying on  where the Dalai Lama left off.

Billionaires, like George Soros,  and Prince Charles  are heavily invested in this  medieval theater of the   priestly kleptocracy of Tibetan Buddhism.   Nothing like a religious arm to help the masses accept   gross austerity and  neo-feudalism   as just their “karma.”

Time to remember why we fought against God Kings and their rule over five hundred years ago.     When we already had our  Age of Enlightenment.  We separated Church and State for a very good reason.


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Institutionalized Sexual Abuse in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’



A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher and  regent of  Chogyam Trungpa ,  the Lama who brought Tibetan tantric Buddhism to the west,   seduces his male students into the higher tantric practices of the Vajrayana.  His  inner coterie of western students  and Vajradhatu Board  knows  he  has the HIV virus but believes, as he does, that  his   special tantric practices  will prevent  him  from passing it on. This confused and delusional inner circle  of western  guru-worshiping Tibetan Tantric Buddhists  let him continue to seek out  sex with his students   because no one,  knowledgeable about his illness,  dares to speak out or stop him.  After all, this  is their  appointed  guru,  their  master of the Vajrayana Tantra considered an enlightened lineage holder of their first teacher,  Chogyam Trungpa.

Since  Tantric  Buddhism  is really about  Hindu guru worship and  unquestioning devotion to  the Lamas ,   this inner circle of the faithful, deeply  programmed to  see a   guru’s   desires and wishes  as a command to be unquestioningly obeyed,  not only  do not warn other community members about their master’s deadly AIDS virus,  but they actively continue to facilitate their master’s need for  a fresh supply of devotees to  “practice”  with for his sexual bliss couplings.   After all, these sexual encounters with many bliss partners are actually encouraged by the Tibetan secret tantric teachings themselves and Tibetan Buddhists are taught inside these sanghas (communities)  to do what they masters want, without question.

The  board of guru-worshiping directors of  Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu , which includes  an American physician,  let his AIDS- infected regent seduce  and continue to have sex  with many of his mostly heterosexual male students for  several years,  long after the dangers of the spread of  this deadly disease are well- known .  Keeping  back crucial information from the members of this Vajrayana tantric  community,  where sexual couplings and re-couplings   are considered  a sign of detachment and a lessening of ego-clinging for the higher tantric practitioners, and  where  the sexual promiscuity of this guru is well-known, these  administrators  put hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way.

Inevitably,   one of  his many  young male sexual consorts is infected by this teacher, along with the  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news. The young man’s subsequent death is  caused as much  by these guru-cult influences as the AIDS virus itself,  cult influences that continue to enable the promiscuous behavior of  Tibetan Buddhist Lamas to this day.

To the western devotees of this Tibetan Buddhist  lineage of the  Lama Trungpa, it is  all  just crazy wisdom,  leading to  a great and profound teaching of ‘one taste’, i.e. that things are neither good nor bad but ‘pure in themselves.’   Not even  apologies are  given to the young man’s family,  while it is often  overheard  in the delusional, cult-chatter of this  Vajrayana group that the young man’s death  is really about the  ‘guru’s  ‘blessings, ‘ and  an  accelerated  ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth that will quicken his path to enlightenment.

Since history is  taught and considered  as just an  illusion in  this western sangha of   Trungpa –  as it is in all Tibetan Buddhist groups- the white-washed and  newly named organization of  Shambhala International ,  is now video streaming   this  tantric teacher  on its  website, with no mention of the scandal surrounding his past.

Several years later a   sixty-year old  western  teacher of this same Shambhala  group has sex with  the ten- year old daughter of another community member.  The case is  quietly settled out of court. This  teacher of tantra is given a slap on the hand by  a group  who takes ‘nothing happens’  to heart.  After all, the Vajrayana Tantras, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachrakra’s secret teachings, recommends a  ten or eleven years old  girl from a outcast class as an ‘ideal consort’ for the Lamas and their couple bliss practices.

A well-known ‘author’  of Death and Dying and popular Tibetan   Lama,  Sogyal rinpoche,  with now  two   multimillion dollar lawsuits under his belt, one in 1994, and again in 2011,  for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating  two of his devotees and possibly hundreds of  other western women,  creates a harem of devoted western female enabling  slaves.


He is   feted and honored by the Dalai Lama,  the wife of  the former prime minister of  France,   and other  lay and  high lama  celebrities,   at the opening of his western-funded, eight million dollar  Lerab Ling Temple in France.

Here is Sogyal’s  recently inaugurated   Tenzin Gyatso Institute,   named after the Dalai Lama,  showing the two  are as tight as can be while the Dalai Lama refers to himself as a feminist and tells others to call out sexual abuse if they see it in these Lamas:

“The founder of the Tenzin Gyatso Institute is Tibetan Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the ground-breaking The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, who has taught in the West now for over 30 years. Rinpoche is renowned worldwide because of his special gift for conveying the heart of the teachings of Buddha in a way that is both authentic and deeply relevant to the modern mind. He is the founder and spiritual director of Rigpa, an international network of Buddhist centers and groups in forty-one countries that enjoys the gracious patronage and guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since 1973, when he played a key role in His Holiness’s first visit to the West, Rinpoche has tirelessly supported the Dalai Lama, communicating his message and his teachings wherever he goes. The Tenzin Gyatso Institute is the realization of Rinpoche’s lifelong wish to make a lasting contribution to His Holiness’s work and to help safeguard it over the year”


Although there have been documentaries, articles , essays and reports about this Lama’s egregious spiritual abuse, spiritual fraud and sexual exploitation of his students,  since at least  1993,  none of this matters to the Dalai Lama or   Sogyal’s western  devotees and fans.

The long-term, enabling western teachers and guru-worshipers of  Tibetan  Buddhism   all teach at Sogyal, this   sexual exploiter’s centers   conducting   international seminars on  Mindfulness and Awareness.   These are the same western  professional “mindfulness and awareness” experts who have ensured for decades that their Lama  Sogyal and his sexual abuses are  always protected.

These psychologists,  psychiatrists, and western meditation celebrities  are participating in the same exact delusional  guru- mind as the early students of Trungpa and his regent such that  no matter what  egregious  sexual  and other abuses their lamas commit   it will go  unheeded.

Sexual abuse , when connected with religion is impossible to change from the inside.   It will have to take a critical mass to speak out, outside this abusive system, a delusional  abusive system these celebrity psychologists , physicians and psychologists and  now meditation tzars  are enabling  in order to stop Sogyal  and other lamas like him.    No matter how professional and articulate  they might appear,  they are operating from a guru-worshiping cult delusion and are under the net of tantra spun over them by these Tibetan lamas.

Worse their credentials have allowed this sexual abuse of  Sogyal and Tibetan Buddhism  to continue.  These delusional professionals,  these “amazing change makers”  as they call themselves,  gather around him,  support him,  and defer to him in the audience  while teaching  at his center at Lerab Ling, on mindfulness and awareness,   pretending   they  are the icons and experts in being aware-  when their minds are the  least awake  in the group.    How  can there be awareness when you are ignoring this large an elephant in the room- Sogyal and his sexual predations?


What satisfaction this sexual predator Soygal and all the abusing Tibetan lamas  must feel to have  fooled so many Western “experts” who are now their  brain washed slaves  and shills.      This  link and others like them,  will be the historical record of what can happen to anyone under the lamas’  tantric vajrayana spell.

See also  the first ten minutes of this video below of  Dr. Goleman,  popular author and mindfulness western teacher who,  in 2011 when teachings beside his master of forty years,  praises Sogyal as a great master-  the sexual exploiter of possibly hundreds of western women   and one of Dr. Goleman’s  gurus  for decades.  Dr. Goleman  is a best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence and  part of the subtle anti-rationalist,   so-called “mindfulness movement”  that  is sweeping the the United States by storm  to  further dumb us down as a nation.

Notice how  Goleman  is constantly  putting down,  traditional psychology and psychologists  throughout the talk at this  retreat,   psychologists unlike himself,  who are  not guru-worshiping cult members of Tibetan Lamaism.  One has to ask:  Where are the traditional psychologists , neurologists and other academics who are sitting back silently letting this fraud continue on academia, while  enabling  sexual abuse to continue as the majority of psychology and other academic  professionals  remains mute?

When not prostrating  to and promoting for  His  Holiness of  Misogyny,    Sogyal rinpoche  and  his other medieval “masters” of Tibetan Buddhism,  Dr.  Goleman   gives seminars at Harvard Business School on   “Compassionate Leadership. ”

“Compassion ” has been the lucrative  commodity of the Tibetan Lamas and their western enablers like  Dr.  Goleman for a very  long time. Now these spiritual hucksters are diversifying , hoping to add “mindfulness”  training  which has become Big Business  into every aspect of our western culture.

Multinational corporations do not want a rational workforce that thinks for itself and critically judges and weighs things in a rational way.   They want team players,  who will work eighty- hour-work weeks  with “mindfulness” and without complaint .  Who react emotionally,  intuitively  and unthinkingly in a herd-like mentality,  pacified and  more easily manipulated by a controlled media  telling them what to think and feel.    Goleman and his Dalai Lama movement  are  going to be  so helpful in this regard.

These western mindfulness-awareness  teachers and guru-worshiping shills of the lamas gave up their  own awareness, in the mindfulness-awareness equation long ago.  It was willingly  offered up in exchange for their guru’s blessings and a lucrative “meditation” career,- apparently a small price to pay.

Since it has been   essential to protect  the   spiritual commercial enterprise of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and  the Tibetan Lamas this information  of the real nature of Tibetan tantric vajrayana of the Lamas  and  how many of these western enablers are connected to Sogyal the sexual predator and are guru-worshipers in delusional fantasies about their masters,   this simply  cannot leak out to the mainstream public.  Billions  of dollars and many professional Buddhist careers are at stake if the real nature of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its institutionalize Lama worship and sexual abuse was revealed .  ‘Tibetan Buddhism’ a.k.a. Lamaism,  thanks to the Dalai Lama is now  “too big  to fail. ” Thousands of professional  Buddhist careers  as teachers and  meditation instructors would go up in smoke and scandal if the truth  behind this   spiritual commodity  was  exposed.

In 2014   Naropa University, the first tantric university in the west,  founded by this same Chogyam Trungpa and still staffed and run by a Board that includes  his first  western students,   maintains its thirty  years of denial and knee-jerk cover-up behavior  in their contemplative halls of ‘compassionate academia.’

These model programs at Naropa for the future of  “compassionate leadership”,    let a self-proclaimed guru and  long-term, visiting teacher, , Katsura Kan, whose dance form is  banned in Japan,   enslave a vibrant, beautiful and  healthy dance student.  She eventually succumbs to his guru-worshiping Japanese dance cult, supported, enabled and promoted by a guru cult- worshipping  Naropa administration and staff themselves.   She commits suicide by eventual starvation.  This Japanese guru , a long-term (seven years )  “guest” teacher , another “guru” at  Naropa,   used her for his own sadistic agenda .

But this   latest   scandal at Naropa is  hardly  reported in the U.S.  media  and , typically,  is soon covered up.    Naropa, now that it has been given universitystatus and  is supported by our tax-paying dollars, as wealthy benefactors, certain politicians, and a controlled  so-called “liberal”  media continues to cover up for the Tibetan Lamas and  allows Naropa to continue spreading its Vajrayana influence on western young minds.

The family  of this latest victim of  Naropa  and its cult members of guru-tantra are  not  also devotees of Trungpa and  his son. This time Naropa is not so lucky, this family is going public.  The family has  started a cult-awareness network, warning young people about Naropa University.

That any of these examples  above would constitute sexual abuse of a minor, criminal negligence causing death at least  twice , or gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority is totally denied.  Since all western  Tibetan Buddhists are  thoroughly taught by their  Lama masters to ignore their own western cultural values , ethics and laws,  these cutting edge agents of change and purveyors of “mindfulness and awareness”  have vowed to “never see, hear or speak” anything critical of their gurus for fear of falling into vajra hell . That’s  the occult hell realm  descriptions and fears that the Tibetan  Lamas   scared all of us with  in order to make us keep their secrets while presenting to the world that Tibetan Buddhism is  a simple  non-theistic teaching,  secular and ecumenical,  and only here to bring peace to the world.


Lying, to spread Tibetan Buddhism is perfectly acceptable according to these “sacred” teachings and its  Law of Inversion that teaches that social mores should be turned on its head  in order to reach enlightenment.  That is why the Dalai Lama is a vajra master and mentor for  lying and deception and  not an icon of compassion.  He just uses the rhetoric of compassion incorporated into his act.  Compassion to these Tibetan Lamas means spreading tantric Buddhist influence  to as many people as they can draw into their net.

Not surprisingly,   a spontaneous’ appearance  is planned by the  Dalai Lama,  who  is suddenly visiting  Naropa University in the Fall of 2015 .  Since Naropa has always been a  recruiting college for Tibetan Buddhism and  Shambhala International, the old Vajradhatu,   it is essential that another tragic death is kept hidden from the public and  from future Naropa student recruits,  particularly since Shambhala is now a Global Movement and community, now  part of the Dalai Lama’s Adi Buddha future  world view  brought to us by former slave and serf owners  who owned their own people less than fifty years ago.

One can , of course,  expect  lots of glowing endorsements from the Dalai Lama about Naropa  at the time of  his visit.  His words  will predictably be  carried in every major news outlet in the U.S. that always protects the  Lamas.  and  all  is  carefully and strategically planned by the Dalai Lama and  his  connection of wealthy western  Tibetan Lama supporters .  Naropa  will   bury this latest death,  the  result of the same guru worshiping,  negligent  players  who always believe their mission is to save the world with their occult Vajrayana no matter who gets hurt. The end, to  the lamas, always justifies the means.

These  western  devotees  of Tibetan Buddhism can often be  board members of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute and/or  advisers for  Sogyal rinpoche ‘s Tenzin Gyatso Institute  pretending to be “Beyond Religion.”  The   Tibetan lamas , these God King throne dwellers and their western enabler devotees, however ,  have no concept of a world beyond their religion with its superstitious, medieval rituals and dogma.

These  western “mindfulness” purveyors   are often  old Trungpa students  and their children-  promoting  Shambhala International-  the renamed but still the same cult of   Vajradhatu- started by the first massive sexual exploiter of women in the west,  the late Chogyam Trungpa , who have vowed  to fulfill their dead guru’s command “to blend infiltrate and spread” their   master’s  “enlightened dictatorship” while undermining  democracy  from the inside out and  hoping to replace it with a ninth century God King monarchy of misogyny and delusion , a delusion that has had forty years  now to grow  and expand.  They recently took down their publicity about their retreats and classes  on “Monarchy” and Divine Rule, Apparently  they  feel it best to keep that one of their many secrets,  for now.

Here is Osel Mukpo or Sakyong, ( Earth Protector) Rinpoche and Trungpa’s son below, promoted by Altria, formerly known as the Phillip Morris Tobacco Comany,  the Aspen Institute, Lexus and Booze Allen Hamilton.  Corporations just love Tibetan Buddhism, and their cults.  You can see these sponsors before the camera zooms out.  Shambhala with its long history of sexual abuse scandals causing death by denial and guru-worshiping insanity  doesn’t stop these multinational organizations from supporting misogyny  and sexual exploitation of women. The public relations madmen will help them  spread and continue as the designated new ‘secular spirituality ‘  to create an image of “feminism” and “environmentalism” and  vaguards of “equality and peace” throughout the world.  This is what can happen when two institutions in deception and rhetoric join forces to complete the dumbing-down of  the world .


The  Western Tibetan Lama scholar devotees, an oxymoron to say the least , who are supporting this ninth century priesthood of misogynistic andocentrics say  the western “experts” in Tibetan Buddhism.”    This implies disingenuously that they  are unbiased and neutral in their studies although their thought-controlled minds  never, ever  read the real history of Tibet.  They are prohibited from doing so by the lamas and their own  mental programming .  These experts  in mindfulness and awareness  are never open to critical debate that questions the foundations of this ancient religion which they see as the perfect road to peace and harmony.

These  Western  pundits and “scholars” have made ever-increasing inroads  into   the psychology , religion, philosophy, psychiatry and gender studies departments across the United States,   particularly  at our prestigious university campuses in the  departments of education, health, medicine , contemplative psychotherapy,  neuropsychology,  philosophy,  social work and other  soft sciences .

All of these professional academic  Dalai Lama worshipers , together with the Tibetan Lamas,  their masters,  have the same  agenda: to slowly create an Adi-Buddha world replacing the  Western canon with their  muddled thinking and anti-democratic,   morally bankrupted,  atavistic amoral nonsense that they believe is ” compassionate progress’ but  will catapult the western world back to pre-enlightenment times, when God Kings rule,  if they continue to be allowed to infiltrate through their disguises and rhetorical deceptions.

We  forget that it was also the  intellectuals of  Germany and France of our last century  that were first “on board” with another  disastrous  totalitarian Utopian view for harmony and world peace.    This  National Socialist  movement, supported by the intelligentsia of academia in  Europe,   little known to the public, also incorporated   Buddhist underpinnings for their own Utopian social engineering plans.  Himmler was very influenced by Hindu and Buddhist teachings and carried “The Bhagavad  Gita”  around with him, where ever he went.  The National Socialists were  also enamored of the  Tibetan lamas and and how they despotically  ruled their own people.  The Dalai Lama’s connections with fascists  is well-documented and can be easily discovered with just a minimum of research uncovering  this information purposely kept from the public.

And let us   not forget the Hollywood set,  our very own  icons of cutting edge awareness and intellect ,   the shills of  a massive  corporate propaganda,  who have done so much to further dumb the West down.  They continue to prop up the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism over and over again,  keeping the world stupefied and ignorant of who and what the Dalai Lama is and what he really represents.

The Dalai Lama , will be celebrated at another rock event,  for his eightieth birthday,   of course,  where over-the-hill and dried up rock stars  will be proving , once again, that Hollywood and its  glitterati should be banned from the world of politics.

The United States  is  establishing  itself as  a place where a  growing censorship ad absurd um  through   political correctness, fermenting out of our universities and making it into mainstream,   is  replacing  all reason, ethics , discriminating wisdom and good sense that a true democracy and freedom of speech  depends upon.  Little do people know how much this has happened because of these eastern memes infiltrating mainstream thinking and the new progressive left who are sending their children to Nepal and India during their sophomore college years  who come back influenced by third world superstitious thinking.

Like India , if we don’t wake up and soon , we will become a  democracy in name only with  the mass of people more influenced by occult medieval Tibetan/ Hinduvati influences and eastern New Age memes, determined to  revise their own  western history while  tolerating massive corruption at home.  It will become so entrenched it will be impossible to counteract.   Then American corporations won’t have to outsource to  India. They can complete their exploitation of their own people here .

Trungpa, sexual exploiter and  tantric Lama extraordinaire, sweet-spoken tyrant ,  now whitewashed by his old Vajradhatu group, always told us that a good tantric practitioner was one that was always in  a “state of panic.” He created  a controlled chaos  unimaginable to the outsider  and an obedience to himself that rivaled Kim Jong II.  His whims  were obeyed with the same lock-step sycophancy inside  his own group  by always keeping people confused and disturbed but in a certain ‘peaceful trance’  as their own  western values  and ethics were so quickly tossed aside in the herd-mentality he create.

The same thing can be witnessed now in our progressive liberal fanatics, as we are witnessing the confusion that has been  spreading in academia  among our young people  purposely, systematically and with intent,  to undermine critical thinking skills, individualism, freedom of thought and healthy debate, to ensure that a increasing state of chaos and censorship  in our society with each generation,  will bring it down. These Lamas and their western enablers of vajrayana tantra have had no small part in this influence across western campuses. They do not have America’s interests at heart.

Soon  -thanks to Lama Soygal, the sexual predator’s vision – and his Tenzin Gyatso Institute’s plans- lamas from Nepal , Tibet and India will be coming to the United States to enter our universities to further confuse and influence our young people,  supported by former CEO’s who are now  tantric Tibetan western Buddhists themselves, and these  superstitiously trained  andocentric monks can create even more confusion and chaos with their influence . The self-identity and gender identity issues of our students  are already so confused that there is no way that an atmosphere of learning, at the most critical time in their education, can take place.  If you can connect sexuality with thought control it becomes a very powerful force to confuse and manipulate whole masses of people.  That is what we are witnessing now.   That is what the lamas did in Tibet for a thousand years and counting with their vajrayana tantra.

Once these Tibetan monks of the Dalai Lama and Sogyal the sexual predator and his Tenzin Gyatso Institute program  further infiltrates our higher education,  there will be no end to the confusion and chaos these influences will cause.

Pretending that these monks are here to ‘learn from the West’ when they have been programmed to create their 11th century world by stealth is part of their usual deceptions.  Seducing many  more  westerners  into the net of vajrayana tantra of Tibetan Buddhism- which is their goal-  disguised as “peace” and “gender friendly” and “ecumenical” –  will cause great disturbance and confusion at a time when a younger generation should be developing their intellect and reasoning abilities to the fullest not having it tapped down.

Trungpa’s group and  certain members of almost all of the other Tibetan Lama groupsas well as  the Vipassana  Insight Meditation groups out of California and Barre Massachusetts and even parts of the Zen community  have now  joined forces with the Dalai Lama  and   are connected with his  Mind and Life Institute and its “mindfulness ” movement. 

The  Buddhocracy movement and the mindfulness movement,  part of this great shift into herd-conformity,  are not separate  but intimately intertwined with the Dalai Lamaand his western enablers of Tantra leading the charge. The Lamas have always used ‘meditation’ as a lure to hook naïve westerners into their tantric sphere of influence and that is what these Western enablers, like Richard Davidson , Robert Thurman and  now hundreds of Tibetan “scholars” who are following along with them,  these meditation experts are the shills to create the lamas  Buddhocracy movement by stealth.

Rhetoric and labeling something the opposite of what it is or pointing the finger is another favorite technique of the Dalai Lama and his enablers.   “Ecumenical” is one of the favorite labels the Dalai Lama self-anoints himself with while all Tibetan Buddhists adamantly believe that all other religions are heretical and can never lead to anything but suffering.  Like all fanatical fundamentalist  religions only they have the true answers and view.  Calling himself a “feminist” when the Dalai Lama  is the religious leader of one of the most misogynistic and andocentric groups in the world, or calling himself a leader of “peace” when his vajrayana tantra always creates chaos and the history of Tibet under the Dalai Lamas was filled with bloody battles between sects,  constant political maneuverings  and scheming  even within a sect of Lamaism, including  murder and assassinations. Few of the Dalai Lamas lived to rule their people.

Pointing the finger at the Dorje Shugden group, that the Dalai Lama has been calling a “cult”  is another tactic of the Kundun and his enablers.  Yet the  Dorje Shugden group is the same Gelugpa sect of Tibetan tantric vajrayana  that believes in the same guru worship and sexual bliss practices using females for the lamas  ‘enlightenment’ bliss practices.    There is no difference at all between them, they simply worship now a different occult protector.   The Dalai Lama still consults an oracle in a trance  for all his major decisions.   But the  Dorje Shugden group has been very helpful in deflecting  the truth that  all of Tibetan Buddhism and its tantric vajrayana meets every criteria of a cult .   By pointing the finger at the Dorje Shugden group, however,  and calling it a “cult” this prevents others from researching how the Dalai Lama is in fact an ultimate cult leader of a lineage of despotic theocratic rulers so  admired by the  wrathful  Khans,  enthralling  worshipers for over a thousand years.  The  Tibetan people are  still cult worshipers of the Dalai Lama  seeing him as a God King  that they are  still  setting themselves on fire for him and his false causes even though they are physically free of his terrible rule.

Fanatic  guru-worshipers of Tibetan Lamas also extraordinarily  plentiful  in the United States. They  may   be  American psychologists, psychiatrists,  neurologists and academics, such as  Richard Davidson, Robert Thurman named above and include  Alan Wallace, Joseph Goldstein,  Dan Goleman,  Sam Harris and Sharon Salzberg, to name just a few of the celebrity ones,  and are all western Lama devotees claiming  to be simple  western meditation teachers and   scholars,   or ‘contemplative’  psychotherapists, neurologists, psychiatrists  and/or  socio-political pundits who are equally enthralled by the cult of Tibetan Buddhism. They write lots of books and influence western culture to present  their seemingly “unbiased” research into the benefits of meditation

These are just a handful of the  western enablers of  the Dalai  Lama cartel and his mafia of celebrity Lamas to shift the world into a Buddhocracy.  There are now thousands of them programmed in this nonsense disguised as cutting edge ‘luminosity’ for a troubled age.   This underlines again  the warning  to be heeded that the study and practice of   Buddhism was  never meant to be a group socio-political movement, but always  meant to be an individual journey, eschewing political bias, never to be connected and glued  to  the wealthy elite- the historical Buddha was trying to end the Hindu caste system in India-  or theocratic dictators like these Tibetan  Lamas.   Think Pol Pot,  think the Kamikaze of Japan,  think  Old Tibet, and in our own times, think Corporatism and China  and their billionaires, billionaires east and west, who think a religious dictatorship of lamas spearheading this movement of “mindfulness”  into every aspect of our  western secular culture is something to be embraced and promoted.

Do other western Buddhist groups complain, even when they suspect that the Hindu Tantra Vajrayana has nothing at all  to do with what the Buddha actually taught?  As many of them  jump on the currency bandwagon that the Dalai Lama umbrella gives them  while  together they create  a “Fourth Turning of the Wheel of Dharma. ?” 

Not at all.  Even thought these  Tibetan  western  ‘scholars’ and guru-devotees , in their blindness and delusion,   have now  brought a  Chinese  Communist Karmapa,  Ogyen Trinley,  the head of the now Kagyu lineage of  Tibetan Lamaism  and guru-worship,  the most popular in the U.S. to our so-called prestigious universities where young people are learning not to think critically or reason or to engage in meaningful exchange of ideas- what a “liberal education” used to mean, but instead are creating ‘trigger free’ spaces, and defining ‘hate speech’ as anything that doesn’t agree with their leftist  conforming, illiberal ideology.

This Karmapa was  trained by the colluding Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist sect since a young child, by the likes of  Mingyur rinpoche, and Thrangu rinpoche who were his tutors and together have about 300 centers across the U.S. and Europe.  A Karmapa that has been  approved by the Dalai Lama, since he first arrived from Tibet  to take his place ,  and is part    Communist Workers Front   to promote what has become a  World , Buddhocracy “Harmony’ movement created by  Communist China. 

Yet no one is complaining at our universities.  They are either silent, in order  to hold onto their tenure, letting left-wing  “illiberalism”  take them over or they are willfully embracing this insanity.

What a coincidence that this Lama  Guru and supra God King  Pope of the  Karme Kagyu lineage of Lamas, Ogyen Trinley,   is pontificating about environmental  and gender issues that have nothing at all to do  with  his Tantric  ‘Buddhism,’  and are completely  foreign to his medieval and superstitiously-trained  mind.  But these are  political charged and correct issues  in the west. They  can easily  fool young people into believing that  Lamas like him  care deeply about these issues  with  his  bogus, propaganda campaign and the backing of billionaires.

This God King,  Karmapa  doesn’t have to say much that would actually show the true nature of the Tantra and his medieval Lamaism.  He speaks to the crowd  in a Mandarin- accented Tibetan,  throwing in a few English language phrases,  here and there.  His western translator and enabler  is well-trained to fill in the blanks and cover up for any of his  faux pas.  His egregious behaviors in India which includes  2011 charges of money-laundering and illegal purchase of “benami” land set aside for poor India farmers being upheld in a Superior Court in India in 2015, where he resides will be rationalized and distorted and covered-up by a western friendly press, who still hasn’t reported on this development although they have been promoting him as the next Dalai Lama here in the States for years.

You can see the video streams of this Karmapa’s visit  and the typical Naropa affiliated  western “scholar” and  Harvard Divinity School  staff member with  her lush  introduction for  her Divine King  at Harvard University above.  

She is all a  ga-ga over introducing her incarnated God King to the audience and blushes as she looks in his direction.   Also a Naropa-connected,  Tibetan Buddhist “expert, ” in denial and delusional guru-worship herself, she  tells the audience that this 17th Karmapa  looks just like the last one that died, and that he is an amazing scholar,  wise and such a compassionate being, (although she has just met him) and that he has obviously  entered this one’s  mind stream  because he looks so much like the  16th Karmapa, before him.

So these now are the religious  western “experts” and “scholars, ” hired  at  Harvard University  and other prestigious universities across the country to merge  a totalitarian eastern Church and State and  who are influencing  other academics and students .   Parents , this is what you are spending 50,000  dollars plus and  more  on   annually – a university education you are still mistakenly believing  is  developing  your child’s critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Here is the Karmapa’s  America schedule  for his  Chinese trained infiltration into our instututions of higher learning,  to infiltrate by stealth  to fool yet another generation of our youth with eastern lama memes, images and lies,  adding to a critical mass of Americans who have  already been programmed with medieval, eastern religious memes over the last twenty-plus years.

The  Chinese have always known the power of infiltration and cultural assimilation versus the power of the gun. Its attempt recently  to infiltrate with their Confucian Institutes in the U.S. and the West,   was called out as a “soft weapon” with non-educational purposes.

“Once you have a Confucius Institute on campus, you have a second source of opinions and authority that is ultimately answerable to the Chinese Communist Party and which is not subject to scholarly review.” -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._D._Guttenplan

While their most stealth weapon,  their greatest “soft weapon” – the Tibetan Lamas-  has been among us for forty years and continues to expand non-stop throughout the West and particularly in the United States. The lamas, of course, care only about expanding their religious dictatorship and China and Taiwan are now more lucrative sources for their kleptocracy.

The  World Universal Christians, Theosophists and Occultists and their ilk,   The Madame Blavatsky types seem to have taken over the religious departments at our  universities across the country. Only  superficially understanding who and what  these Lamas and Tibetan Buddhism are really about, they  haven’t a clue that their Christian  and other Semitic religions are  simply targeted by these Tibetan Lamas to be incorporated into the Lamas’ future Tibetan  Adi-Buddha world view that China hopes to harness to their own hegemonic ambitions.  A future Buddhocracy , the prediction in the Wheel of Time Kalachakra tantra the Dalai Lama continues to give to hundreds of thousands of people across the world puts China, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan lamas all on the same page. .

Most of these   western theologians  don’t bother to read the whole Kalachakra tantra that the Dalai Lama has given- five times in the U.S. alone –  if they did, they would learn about  the Tibetan lama’s wish for an apocalyptic   world conquest at the expense of Semitic religious after a bloody third world war where the Lamas will emerge triumphant.  This is not symbolic,  they just tell Westerners that ruse.  To these Tibetan Lamas it is their ‘reason d’ etre” – what is driving their massive build-out with thousands of  temples and centers,  paid for with Western monies-  all tax-free.   To be ready for their “Age of Maitreya”  after they have helped to spread chaos  and confusion throughout the world with their influences  all the while smiling and grinning and appearing “ecumenical.” to these  naive “scholars’ and Christian ministers  at our gold-standard universities of dupe.

The   denial and  emotional repression about the truth of Tantra inside these western Tibetan Lama-controlled sanghas ,  replicates  the worst of a dysfunctional   system of  family sexual and emotional abuse.   When sexual exploitation is merged with religious justification it becomes impossible to change from the inside until it is exposed to the public. But  one of the paradoxes  for western tantric Buddhists is that tantra relies on  secrets and sexual abuse and exploitation of the female for male power .  The whole patriarchal lama system is predicated on secrecy and power. .   Without it,  their  vajrayana tantra doesn’t exist.  These tantric  tricksters  have double- binded themselves and are not willing to face the truth.

There is no one as incapable of using ‘good sense’ than a western cult member of Tibetan tantric  Buddhism.   All reason and spontaneous compassion that would include   natural outrage at exploitation and abuse has been buried in  ‘twilight language’ , where truth is covered over in symbolism and obfuscated and  hidden in plain sight. True compassion that includes justified and spontaneous anger at injustice  has been systematically  wrung out of these western ‘advanced students of tantra’ ,  and  stolen by the Lamas who have convinced them to ignore the world as just an illusion, except as it facilitates their guru’s ambitious world  agenda and doing what they can to spread confusion and ignorance, calling it the new and  “evolving consciousness” of human beings.  They  believe they are  special- the “chosen”- the vanguards of a better world for the future. They are also  the delusional  “elite” found in all cult groups,   but  they are also intellectual elites, drunk with guru worship. A truly deadly combination, that is impenetrable.   No criticism or feedback can breakthrough  these scholars with their “vajra pride, ” which hides itself in a carefully polished  patina for the public of humbleness,   gentleness and  witty  bright and intellectual amusement,  that is  until they are called out.  Then their  group tribal abuse on the whistle-blowers  becomes an irrational frenzy of attacks:  “Chinese Communists!”  “mentally ill angry person!,”   “obviously unhappy and depressed outsider, we will pray for you,  you who are  too stupid to understand” they screed out in public forums,  while whispering among themselves that anyone critical of the Lamas and their Tibetan Buddhism, are “heretical demon with negative karma”  to be condemned to”rudra hell.”  Fanatic medievalists in a contemporary disguise of peace and love rhetoric, each and every one.

Sexual exploitation of women,( and at times,  men) as ‘bliss partners’ for  the Lamas over the centuries   defines their teachings and so-called ‘higher practices.’   The overlay of Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhist teachings in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  covers up  the truth about what this ‘spiritual path’ is really leading to  and ‘mindfulness meditation’ and compassion talk becomes  simply a a lure to seduce potential students,  sooner or later,  into the Vajrayana ‘vehicle’ of guru-worship of the  Lamas:

Their “occult rituals  have to be designated as a manipulation of erotic love and a misuse of female energy to produce spiritual and worldly power of men and monks. So the equality of the sexes, democratic decision making, and ecumenical movements are in themselves foreign to the nature of the Kalachakra Tantra  from the Critical Forum Kalachakra.” See:    http://www.trimondi.de/EN/Kalachakra_2011.ht

Yet  “feminism and gender equality” is the disguise that the Lamas are using now to fool Western women with their newest  masks knowing that most people will never read or research beyond the corporately controlled media hype.

If the  sexual abuse  victims of the Tibetan  Lama system who are groped and fooled into sex with these Lamas, ever do dare to complain about the Lamas and their promiscuous,  misogynistic and degrading behaviors, particularly in the  celebrity Lama circle of sexual predators,  it is  always the women who are  blamed  for the sexual abuse happening  at all. The  apologists and enablers  always say that the sexual encounters with the Lamas are “consensual”, or the women  should have been more  circumspect , less naive and    set better ‘boundaries’  with their   high priests they are taught to  see as omniscient  and perfect:   bodhisattvas who are   unselfishly motivated   and more importantly their masters are  to be obeyed in all things  if one is to reach enlightenment.     It’s called the ultimate double binding  while  using a “blaming the victim”  excuse, what all misogynistic  patriarchal groups do when sexual abuse, exploitation and rape occur. But the lamas have perfected the art of the con for their sexual exploitations.

At the same time   these  celebrity Lamas , such as  Dzigar Kontrol the precious , who dons western, hip clothes as the occasion demands ,   and runs his own sangha like Genghis Khan,  while  keeping his own  consorts and mistresses up in the hills,  teaches at Sogyals Lerab Ling, and puts out his wife as a shill and apologizer for all the sexually abusive Lamas including Sogyal of Lakar,   while he admonishes the women who come to him complaining, about lama groping and sexual abuse, including Sogyal’s,   that they are just whining about what is  a   “great blessing and  honor” to be so lucky to be  chosen  for sex with a Lama and furthermore  one’s a fool to resist or complain .   This is not only serves to  protect the Lama exploitative system, but is self-serving as well.

Doubletalk  is always the Lamas’  favorite technique ,   to confuse the minds of the devoted and keep them confused. Calling something the opposite of what it is has always been, is  an effective screen for the Lamas and their often sociopathic behaviors.  The Lamas , unknown to the public, are  the ancient experts  inside their sanghas at doubletalk and doublethink,   both  cult methods to  create a groupthink to  confuse and  soon freeze  the mind.  When given two opposite messages at the same time,  it creates the perfect  double bind, making  it  harder and harder for Westerners inside these sanghas  to act in their best interest or to make a choice  through a rational decision.


So its common for the Dalai Lama to say “make the  abuse  public”  as he did in a public forum on sexual abuse by teachers in 1993,   and continues to do so when he knows full well that these devotees, that are Tibetan Buddhists in the audience , lay or clergy,  are not allowed to have even a negative thought about their Lamas , let alone to complain verbally out loud. This  incarnated deity and head of the Tantric empire he hopes to spread   is the very  best at doublethink and double bind and creating a ‘spin’ for public consumption that makes Tibetan Lamaism and himself appear the opposite of what it is.

It is not just the women in these Tibetan Western sanghas who are misused and , confused.  The males are cuckolded by the Lamas while taught to consider it an great ‘honor’ if  the Lamas choose their wives, lovers and  even  their young daughters,  some as young as fourteen years old, to be a Tibetan Lama’s consort.  As one older,  male student of Trungpa recently put it on a Shambhala blog site:

“No…I was there. VCTR  ( Trungpa) never mistreated women It was consensual…
Christakes….he fucked all my wives, lovers……I was glad about it
no, you can’t touch him” Radio Free Shambhala  2/10/2015

The Western public would be outraged  if they knew what really goes on with these Tibetan  Lamas inside their sanghas and so the ‘damage control’ machinery of the Lamas  and their Western devotee enabling deniers  and mental slaves are always on high alert. The Dalai Lama , with the help of his Western  monks, even  create  ‘limited hang out blogs’  to lure in people who are confused by Tibetan Lamaism.  

 Definition:  A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.

It takes the form of deception, misdirection, or coverup”  Wikipedia

‘Tenpel’ , a.k.a.  Tendzin,  a  Gelugpa monk of the Dalai Lama, and  former Stasi,   has  sites  pretending  to offer  ‘neutral information’ about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and offering sympathy for those disillusioned and abused by Lamas and pretends to listen with empathy and understanding for  their concerns. This is a clever and Machiavellian   massive damage control campaign and propaganda site for the  Dalai Lama , however,  and a forum to confuse even  more deeply  those who start to use their rational intelligence again. Former Tibetan Buddhists are the most dangerous to the Lamas deceptive veil being spread around the world.

Tenpel/T. Paljor actually fools Western sufferers  from Lama-abuse,   by pretending that “he cares” and is sympathetic -when a careful deconstruction of all his posts and comments on his    Buddhist-controversy site  to protect the Dalai Lama   shows that he is really a mouthpiece for the Lama’s usual party-line,  showcasing the usual Tibetan Lamas and other western teachers  and their apologetics.

This is the level of clever, and very cold public relations operations that these humble Tibetan  Lamas and their handmaidens and shills have developed over the years to keep this billion-dollar Tibetan  lama empire intact.

Another  popular but very deceptive  Tibetan Lama of the Drukpa  Kagyu lineage in the west, with major fund-raising centers in the U.S., and now  So East Asia ,  has also been covering up  for his “mentor” and pal,   His Holiness Randy  Sogyal Rinpoche , the alleged sexual and physical abuser of hundreds of western  women in his sangha.

Lama  Tsoknyi  the precious ( “rinpoche” means precious)  is   part of the Dalai Lama and Kagyu  Lama cartel and the Mind and Life Institute of course,   along with all the psychobuddhists, many of  whom he has fooled himself,  who promote him as the most  “westernized” and “feminist” of Lamas,  as he continues  to fool the  psychologists that come through  Spirit Rock Meditation Center door’s  in California, a place that foolishly  gave  little Tsoknyi  his start  twenty-plus years ago.  He targeted and cleverly  infiltrated  Spirit Rock Center, started by Jack Kornfield and other clinical psychologists and Theravada meditators,  coincidentally those who used to be the most vocal about the sexual abuses within Tibetan Buddhism and other sects of Buddhism . Now they have been completely duped  and silenced, thanks to little precious  Lama Tsoknyi and his net of tantra  thrown over  these ‘Insight Meditation” practitioners.

These psychobuddhists from California and Spirit Rock Meditation Center   are now  some of the  Tibetan Lamas greatest enablers  of sexual abuse,  including enabling the  worst offender among them,  Sogyal rinpoche,  who for some is now even  their own  guru and master.   What a victory of deception by Tsoknyi and for all the Tibetan Lamas  who are having quite a  knee-slapping laugh among themselves to have fooled these western  clinical psychologists and Theravada Buddhists,  who consider themselves so cutting edge,  these so-called  western “experts” on  the human mind,  meditation and awareness.

Number one sexual predator and his number one 'enabler'
Number one sexual predator and his number one ‘enabler’

Tsoknyi  rinpoche continues, unabated, to  cover up for his long-time  friend by enabling and protecting of one the worst sexual exploiters of women, often teaching beside him .   And while presenting himself as a ‘scientific and westernized’ Lama,   part of the Dalai Lama’s secular  and Mind and Life Institute mask for the west,  he teaches his own students that he is a product, as a reincarnated  lama ,  of a lineage of a deity and a human, and that statutes  are  imbued with living energy.    Neither he, nor his western students,  see any incongruity  here.  Western Tibetan Buddhists can believe up is down, black is white, if their Lamas tell them it is so.

The hypocrisy of these Lamas,  with their disguises and double talk   knows no bounds. After all , these  Lamas are still  trained in a medieval system of superstition and occult beliefs,  while donning  western ‘scientific’ masks to fool the world.  Most modern  societies,  as the Lamas well know,  would not approve of these occult couples- bliss practices they indulge in,  immediately seen as self-serving by those not enthralled by  the Lamas .   It is not to protect these  special vajrayana  teachings that they were  made secret,  it is to protect the Lamas from being found out.

 “Crazy Wisdom”

The preferred method of denial  about any and all negative behaviors  in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is : ‘All is emptiness’,  and  ‘nothing happens,’ anyway,   the cult meme in all of these groups.   Since devotees are taught that the  phenomenal world is   ‘all   an illusion,’ egregious corruption and abuse can easily be re framed as    ‘crazy wisdom’  i.e.  just part of the   unconventional, unexpected and outrageous brilliance of  God men whose unorthodox , anti-social behaviors are really compassionate interventions  on the  spiritual path to the truth.

The western cult members in all these  Tibetan Lama groups are  often well-educated   but  only appear  to be  rational  and reasonable to outsiders.  They know how to speak  and write articulately ,   that remains intact, but their reasoning minds have been atrophied  inside this  ‘religion’  where they are  full-time engaged  in  infantilized  idealization  concerning  their ‘masters’ the Lamas,   as they  practice medievalist and  superstitious  rituals  in  irrational group practices together , imagining themselves as deities and demons, in order to , the Lamas tell them,  dissolve their   self-identities and erase their ‘ego-clinging.’

But Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ can ultimately never functioned in open societies  it depends on authoritarian, top down oppression. So, as the Lamas and their western delusional  helpmates  become more emboldened, hubris again will be the Lamas  undoing, just as it was in Old Tibet.  But this time it  will happen more quickly in the west and  won’t take a thousand years, because what goes this far up in a  media frenzy of  icons and brand names,  will come down even faster and soon. It won’t take a Chinese revolution , once the west understands the true nature of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas and that  China and their billionaire ‘Buddhist’ devotees,  have  taken over Mao’s  dreams.

The Dalai Lama,  who when not pontificating about his ‘ecumenicalism’  and movement for global peace in the west, is  hobnobbing  with the RSS, the radical Hindu nationalist and  anti-Muslim arm of Modi’s BJP  party,  about  how much these two fundamentalist politico- religious sects  have in common when in India.

This  Hindu Tantra- Tibetan Lama- Chinese connection for a  future world religion  is very happy that the west is being duped by this ‘mindfulness’ movement and  is  distracted by the fundamental radicalism of ISIS  and other fundamentalist dangerous cult groups as  ordinary Muslims become the  new ‘scapegoat’ to distract from the activities and more hidden danger to world freedom by these Lamas and their Tantric Buddhism  incorporated with other Buddhist groups and China.

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit to Beijing on May 14, a senior Chinese Buddhist guru was in Delhi this week to mark 65 years of the establishment of India-China relations. “Buddhism is the way to improve bilateral ties,” “Vajra Master” Jinke Xuanlei told a parliamentary group on India-China relations.”

“Mr. Modi is well aware of the connections that Buddhism has in the entire region, and who better to string it together than India, the home of the Buddha,” Tarun Vijay, BJP MP and President of the parliamentary group, said.”

Rejecting the criticism that Mr. Modi’s outreach to Buddhism was not accompanied by similar connections to historic Islamic and Christian sites, Mr. Vijay told The Hindu that the reason for the government’s Buddhist message was that it was a “cultural one, not a religious one”.

 This is  about creating a One World Religion for the future,  to influence and  eventually quell  any democratic hopes of the world  masses  altogether.
Christians and Muslims are not part of this plan, nor is Judaism.   Semitic religions  are just the tools to be easily  fooled into promoting this  Adi-Buddha-Krishna worlview by stealth as the many  naive and  “progressive”  liberal theologians of the west are being the most duped  of all.
Semitic religions, according to the Kalachakra prophecies of  Tibetan Buddhism,  are eventually to be destroyed for the coming of their  Adi-Buddha  world as predicted in the  Tibetan Lama  Tantric  Vajrayana Kalachakra Wheel of Time that the Dalai Lama has given to 100’s of thousands of people world-wide.  Whenever the Kalachakra empowerment  is given,  chaos seems to always follow in its wake.  The first attack on the World Trade Center, a foreshadowing of 9/11,  happened after the Dalai Lama’ s monks created a sand mandala  at this center, and then destroyed it.  This sand-mandala is not a ritual for world peace, as the Lamas would have the world believe,  it is a ritual for world power by the Vajrayana Tantric Lamas who are allowed to continue their ruse on the world so they can create, all over the world, what they lost in Tibet because of their greed, corruption and cold lack of compassion for their own people.
Every center, every stupa, every temple these Lamas  build and every ritual they perform is about fulfilling their  apocalyptic  vision  that Semitic religions,  particularly the Muslim religion will be destroyed in a great world war  that will  usher in the Adi-Buddha world for a thousand years out of the chaos.  The Muslim terrorist extremist cult groups that  that are frightening the west, and now the world?  They are playing right into this Kalachakra  prophecy  and the Dalai Lama’s hands . They are the idiots utiles to help usher in the Adi-Buddha world out of the global chaos they are now helping to  create. This makes the Tibetan Lamas very happy while they hypocritically say they are  praying  for the victims of the violence that they have predicted will ‘clear the ground’ for their Age of Maitreya.  All apocalyptic cults think the same.

But Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ never will be a peaceful, ecumenical   nor a  gender equal religion . This is just more ridiculous institutionalized doubletalk that  all cults engage in and the Lamas are the experts in doubletalk , given free rein to distort, lie and confuse, as the Hindu Lama tantra and its Law of Inversion.


Why would anyone  believe that this medieval and  fundamental   androcentric religion,  i.e. Tibetan Lamaism,  a.k.a. Tibetan Buddhism  is any  less repressive,  or less misogynistic than any of the other fundamentalist  radical interpretations of religious life?

Well, people believe this  because the Lamas and their Vajrayana tantra can use  lying and deception to spread their Hindu Tantra, because of this vajrayana tantric  Law of Inversion , appearing the opposite of who and what they are.

Theocracies, Christian, Judaic, Muslim , Buddhist, Hindu , when they take a fundamentalist reactionary turn,  rejects  modern and free societies,  and are always  repressive and misogynistic  toward women.   Tibetan Lamaism   is only exceptional because it’s   vajrayana tantra  encourages,  lying and  deception and various masks to spread itself far and wide.   That is what makes it dangerous, because it is so camouflaged-  you don’t see it coming and can  mistakenly embrace it as something it is absolutely not.

Remembering how  Trungpa,  the father of western Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  told us all to infiltrate to help create  an “enlightened dictatorship” as as he called it,   an Guru-King monarchy  to replace democracy that he was always denigrating, as all these Lamas secretly do ,  and now realizing  that these   Karme  Kagyu Lamas,  whose sect he represented,  have had  a long and cozy relationship with Communist China ,   longer than we knew, one can’t help but wonder how far back indeed does this Tibetan Lama collusion with the Motherland actually   go?   Did the Tibetan Lamas  really   ‘escape’  or  were they sent here?  We know that the Dalai Lama was on the CIA payroll, but given the Dalai Lamas’ history of being experts in deception,  there is no reason not to believe that they were duping the CIA as well.  We will probably never know the truth of their centuries of  Machiavellian strategies  but it is surely  time for the west  to take the blinders off and  read the real  history of Tibet and the Lamas, the history the Lamas don’t want us to read, and  look closely  at the archived photos and films of ‘Old Tibet.

The contemporary  picture below of  Osel Mukpo’s father-in law on his throne in India, ( Osel Mukpo , son of Trungpa and little God King himself  of Shambhala International) where  all  ‘western masks’  and ‘secular’  and ‘feminist’ rhetoric is  thrown aside as unnecessary when in the land of Indian  and their  profound misogyny  is also worth contemplating as these Lama throne dwellers and their western enablers  continue to infiltrate into our western culture with their ‘mindfulness memes’ and their secret Adi-Buddha world agenda, waiting in the wings after the dust has settled…… A picture is  still worth a thousand words.

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Western Tibetan Buddhists: The American Manchurian Candidates

The New Manchurian Candidates in America

“When near,  manifest as far.”  Sun Tzu in the ‘Art of War’

If  asked what is the  new religion,    promoted by Communist  China to  spearhead it’s  new  Global Buddhism for Harmony, the answer will leave the world  in shock,  for it is   Tibetan Lamaism a.k.a. Tibetan Buddhism,,  an  occult, ninth century  priesthood based on the Hindu Tantric cult of Guru-worship  overlaid with traditional  Hinayana and  Mahayana concepts.  This is the new  religion that  China hopes to   unite with  Han Buddhism to quiet their own masses by putting them in  a subtle Lama trance  in order, they say,  to promote harmony and peace but really to  prevent  nascent democratic movements from arising in their nation.

From the article ” “Geopolitique”  Buddhist Soft Power, Chinese Style” by Arnaud Dotezac  :

“In short, Beijing is on the point of harvesting the devotional potential of the Tibetan community (and their Western followers) like ripe fruit”.

Not victims of Chinese oppression  after all,  apparently the high  Lamas of the Karme Kagyu sect, the most popular in the U.S. , with thousands of western adherents,   has been  actively working with the Chinese Government,  since at least the 1980’s,  rebuilding their monasteries  in  China and their new temples and centers of influence in  the west  with  the free money and  labor of both their Asian and Western devotees.

Too bad the Lamas didn’t tell all the monks and nuns and ordinary Tibetans  in China,  who  are still  setting themselves on fire  for the Dalai Lama and his Free Tibet campaign to protest  “Chinese oppression”   that their God-Kings  have been partners with China   all along  to implement their mutual dreams of a Global Buddhism to bring totalitarian ‘harmony and peace’ to the world .

Ogyen Trinley Karmapa is  dubbed and marketed as the ” Eco Karmapa” and  is the head of this Chinese- colluding Karme Kagyu and Drukpa Kagyu sects.   He is also the darling  of  the Dalai Lama and his Gelugpa sect. The  Dalai Lama  has given his blessing to this Chinese Karmapa by also “recognizing him”  as the authentic Karmapa incarnation, the 17th Karmapa,  something the Gelugpas have never done in their centuries long tradition, i.e. recognize a  Karme Kagyu Karmapa. The Dalai Lama is actively promoting this Chinese Karmapa to take his place after he dies.

That is what the Dalai Lama really means  when he recently said: “there  will be no more Dalai Lamas after me” while pretending that he is in a battle with China over the next Dalai Lama recognition.

Ogyen Trinley’s   so-called escape from   Tibet in 2000  was  dubious  to say the least  and  India  has  long suspected  him of being  at least ten years older than he claims as well as a Chinese spy intent on building monasteries along the Indian Pakistani border .   This is one of the reasons why he has been kept under virtual house arrest  in one of the Dalai Lama properties in Dharmasala,  his  movements   restricted and under surveillance  by the Indian government and secret service since he  first escaped by helicopter and SUV over the Himalayas that the Chinese guards could not have missed.

Despite the travel restrictions in India since his arrival  he managed to  come to the  ‘perpetually naive’ U.S. A. ,  in 2008 and  again in 2011, enthralling thousands in New York City and Boulder, Colorado.  In 2015 , he was on a whirlwind tour of the U.S. prestigious universities, mingling and wooing the academics and divinity students whose ability to be duped has not been seen since in Vichy France.

The U.S. main stream news,  preoccupied with another fundamentalist and more violent Islamic cult threat,  never reports anything negative about the Tibetan Lamas , the  Dalai Lama  or  his androcentric, apocalyptic, fundamentalist ‘religion.    Ogyen Trinley  is strangely given  a free ticket to the U.S.,  however, to persuade more Shangri-lai-ed  Americans of his “enlightened” nature  as well as  his environmental concerns  and where he is green-marketed as the EcoKarmapa   while engaging in the usual collecting of lots of tax-free cash from his audiences during each American trip.

It was reported , by those in attendance during his 2008 visit, that  his western handlers charged four thousand dollars for a ten-minute group interview for various dharma groups as  he   enthralled more  American western Buddhists and the general  public with his carefully marketed pro- environmental persona and  his handsome good looks.

While he ha been ‘wooing and mingling’ with students at the most prestigious Universities in the U.S.  for his third visit in the spring of 2015,  the perpetually naive main stream media   made sure this visit was hardly reported. During the same time that he was here, infiltrating our colleges and universities, given an honorary degree by Redlands University,  the U.S. media reported, non-stop, for the whole visit, about a  Dalai Lama -China pseudo fight about his reincarnation,    when his next  “reincarnation”, was already among us and here,  in the U.S.,  thanks to certain  neo liberal academics whose hubris and ignorance now exceeds all bounds.

Here is the Dalai Lama passing the baton to this Chinese Communist Karmapa who is the most popular among western Buddhists in the U.S.  who are programmed to do whatever their Lamas tell them to do. They accept the news of his Communist connections,  ‘unflinchingly’  as they do any egregious lying, deception, sexual abuse and anti-social behavior by their Lamas.

Noticeably,  Ogyen, this new Tibetan Lama – Karmapa Pope,  always maintains a  closely-shaved head , perhaps to   hide the temples of gray that appear in certain light , indicating that the rumors   he  is  pushing forty instead of being the  “amazing twenty eight year old”  as claimed by his devotees,  might indeed be correct.

Akong Rinpoche,  the Kagyu Lama , ( see  referenced article below )  who came to the west with Chogyam Trungpa  the latter considered the father of Tibetan Buddhism in the west,   and functioned as his bursar (money counter)  at Samye Ling in Scotland in the 1960’s,  the first Tibetan tantric Lama  center in Europe established by Trungpa.

Trungpa and Akong had a falling out,  apparently over Trungpa’s extroverted behaviors that was  revealing the Tantric  aspects under the holier- than- though mask these Lamas wear for the west.

A long time member of the United Work Front of the Communist party in China , Akong was long feted and honored for his loyalty to the Motherland,  but  he was recently assassinated under mysterious circumstances. This was hardly reported in the U.S. controlled and pro-Tibetan Lama mainstream media , quickly buried and not revisited , although it contained important information about  Akong Rinpoche and his deep and long-standing membership in  China’s  United Work Front –  only the tip of the iceberg  concerning what these Tibetan Lamas have actually been doing around the world   and particularly in the United States,  with the close  support of the  Chinese government, certain western billionaires,  and their  Chinese wealthy plutocrats,  that  are clearly in ascendancy in China.

Interestingly, a long-standing dislike of democracy was part and parcel of life inside Trungpa’s Vajradhatu mandala , a cult group that he ruled with an iron fist and sweet smile as he  thought-controlled his western students to eschew their their own  western culture with all the tricks of mind-control these lamas use inside their sanghas.

These fanatic western Tibetan Lama devotees of their guru Trungpa are now prostrating to his son,  Osel Mukpo,  a high-school drop out from Boulder High School who pretends to be a thoroughly   trained  Tibetan Lama who can speak  English so well, and  has appointed himself  the King of Shambhala of his Enlightened Kingdom. His  throne has to be much higher,  since he lacks the charisma of Trungpa. He  renamed  his  Vajradhatu  group ” Shambhala International”  some say to avoid laws suits after the scandals that rocked his father’s world.  . These inter- generational devotees, faithful to  their master Trungpa’s command to ‘blend,’   is  in order to  slowly undermine democracy  from the inside out by replacing it with an  “enlightened dictatorship.”

Two generations of his devotees  have permeated and influenced   higher academia, journalism,  and particularly the  psychology field along with the Dalai Lama, and are now the ‘change agents in a society, They have entered the corporate and  legal and the psychiatric and  medical field, and  business milieus,  thanks to their “contemplative leadership training programs” paid with our tax dollars to undermine democracy  and institute their utopian plans to shift the world.

Little Osel, , Trungpa’s son and current lineage holder, is  a marathon runner and jock who runs his own community like Kim Jong II   in a Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Chinese Court,  and is  the darling of Goldman Sachs, the Aspen Institute , Booze Allen Hamilton and the Altria Corporation, formerly known as the  Phillip Morris Tobacco Company.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel,   former Obama Chief of Staff,  who admires this little  God King’s  ‘Ruling Your World’ Lama-style approach invites him to speak in Chicago  to quell the ghetto youth from protesting their city,  soon to become the next  Detroit,  thanks to  ‘progressive liberals”,   like him that love the idea of medieval religious  dictatorships of Lamas being the next religious arm of  the twenty-first century’s    new world corporatism.

Our neo-liberal politicians   in the U.S. just love Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Dalai Lama’s   ‘secular spirituality’  mask  and using his  new ‘mindfulness meditation’  fools them into believing these lamas are about bringing  ‘happiness to the world.’   The Dalai Lama  is their ’cause celebre, ‘ often invited to speak at their Prayer Breakfasts, and before the National Assembly, as they join the Hollywood set, neither group  having a clue about what they are supporting  by  actually  researching  Tibetan Lamaism and what Tibet was really like under this former slave owner and religious dictator.  It is too important to have their pictures taken with this dissembler and his false causes to give them ‘compassion currency’ with the media as they support a religious , misogynistic dictatorship of tyrant God Kings and rabid misogynists.   No one can be as duped as the neo-liberals,   and their Hollywood partners in propaganda .

China has already figured that out and hopes the masses in the United States and the rest of  the world doesn’t  figure that out as well.

These Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ and Hindu cult memes that Trungpa started,  have  spread far and wide into our western culture,  thanks to the Dalai Lama and his lama cartel of guru masters who have mind-controlled their first students to be the agents of change. This has been  mostly under the radar until now, when it is starting to explode into full view thanks to the many  questionable vehicles  and non-profits that the Dalai Lama and his wealthy enablers have  created and proliferated into a vast network of foundations and institutes and so-called, non-profits, to garner billions  to implement these eastern cult atavistic  influences in our western society to dumb-down another generation , naive and good-hearted  young people whose compassion and idealism will be stolen, like the lamas steal everything ,  and then project it back as they sit on thrones, pretending that it was not only theirs,  but they are the most compassionate beings  of all!

Cold-hearted people who let their own people semi-starve and die,  without schools, hospitals,  decent housing, forced into bondage from birth to a death,   at the ripe old age of thirty-five  while the high lamas lived in  luxury,  taxing their people for every imaginable reason, when they gave birth,  for planting a tree, for having animals, when they married,  when they died,  after worked  them to death, stealing their children from them to slave in the monasteries or be their sexual consorts.

“The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. They were taxed for religious festivals and for public dancing and drumming, for being sent to prison and upon being released. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being cast into slavery.”  Michael Parenti, Friendly Feudalism http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html

The history of the Lamas and their treatment of their own people would make these  progressive liberals weep,  if they dared to  take off their willful  blinders and go beyond the cognitive dissonance fire-wall they have constructed out of brick to maintain their Shangri-lai fantasies.   This must be where the expression “thick as a brick” comes from.  A  denial  about who and what these lamas are really about, that is now becoming very dangerous to the whole world.

As for the Tibetan people?  The lamas  have been controlling their minds for so long, that even though they are now free of the lamas  and their cruel  religious dictatorship physically,  they are still so mentally enslaved by them after centuries of their thought control,  that they  are still setting  themselves on fire for a Free Tibet cause that has long ago been over.  Why would the Dalai Lama want to go back to Tibet when he is so busy making the whole world into Old Tibet’s image  for the future? Probably now with China’s blessing?

It seems billionaires in China, just like in the west, are  attracted to the esoteric, occult practices  of the Tibetan Hindu Tantra . Making billions is no longer enough of an aphrodisiac. Now they want the power and immortality  that Tibetan Buddhism and its occult religion deceptively promises them.  Why these billionaires do not notice that these occult practices were so ineffective that the Tibetan Lamas lost their own country and had to abandon it when the game was up.

This affiliation with the Chinese  has proved  very lucrative for the Karme Kagyus   and all of Tibetan Buddhism. Now they can collect their  donations from both the Chinese people and the west. This lama mafia are positioned to go from multi-million dollar enterprises to multi-billion dollar entities.

Since coming on board with the Chinese Karmapa,  Thrangu Rinpoche and the other high, Kagyu and  Nyingmapa  Lamas all over the world, and under the Dalai Lama umbrella have done  very well over the last  decades, most growing into very wealthy,  family lineage corporations,  all tax-free in the U.S. ,    and as  as a  reward for their loyalty to the  Chinese Motherland,   they have been building hundreds of new monasteries in the west and in China as  ‘centers of influence’ for Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  , a.k.a. Lamaism to spread.

Below are excerpts from  an  article by Arnaud Dotezac,  recently published  in ‘Market China’ about this collaboration of the Tibetan Lamas of the Kagyu sect with the Chinese Government entitled : ‘Buddhist Soft Power:  Chinese Style”:

“China very quickly understood the political leverage associated with Buddhism, which currently has close to 300 million Chinese followers throughout the country….”Although the official patriotic Buddhist Association of China (BAC) was established in 1953, it has been since Deng Xiaoping came to power in 1981, that religion has played an official role in the construction of the new China. The aim was to mobilise all forces in the building of a modern socialist state and to serve Chinese interests abroad. “

Jiang Zemin endorsed this policy at the 14th CPC National Congress in 1992. He even went as far as making “spiritual civilization” a feature of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. This action was used not only to justify the value of “harmony” as the basis of Chinese public order and a sign of allegiance to the CPC, but also to project a softer image of China to the outside world.”

In China ,  this will be accomplished by merging  Han Buddhism with Tibetan Lamaism,  just as in the west there is  movement  by the Tibetan Lamas to merge itself with  Zen and Theravada  Buddhism  to form a One Dharma or Global Buddhist  stream for the world.

While we have been obsessed with the dangers of one misogynistic fundamental religious cult of  Islam,  another one has been busy expanding under the radar and by stealth.  But whereas the cult of terrorists are very transparent about their agenda and anti-western, anti-democratic sentiments, unknown to the general public, the Vajrayana tantra  allows making   full use of deceit  and lies,   which can be considered a ‘compassionate skillful means’ and  the highest Bodhisattva act of ‘generosity’  if its final  end is to bring Tibetan Buddhism to the masses.  So lying, as the Dalai Lama knows full well under  his Mahayana mask, is perfectly allowed in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism according to their Law of Inversion.   At least when the fundamentalist Islamist State is  coming at you , you know what it’s  goal is.  Not so with the Tibetan Lamas,  who operate under many masks and disguises as their Tantric Vajrayana Buddhism, so admired by Ghengis Khan in taming the hoards he didn’t massively  kill in the Asian Steppes .   After all it was the Khan dynasty that first recognized the Dalai Lamas.  This  blends well with the Art of War principles  by Sun Tzu since deception is considered the first principle in the art of winning without picking up a gun.

Again, from the article:

It is key to understand that the specific forms of Chinese Buddhism (“Han Buddhism”) have deeply shaped Chinese culture from philosophy to politics and arts, and even medicine, since the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE).

“Buddhism is the cement of Tibetan identity; a feature of particular note is devotion to the masters of teaching and meditation: the lamas. 

What all these lamas have in common is that they are respected and revered in a very powerful relationship of spiritual allegiance, even at the risk of manipulation and the abuse of power, which is very difficult to counteract. In contrast, the relationship between Chinese Buddhists and their Han clerics, while very respectful, is much less devoted. So it took some time for the authorities in Beijing to get the measure of this difference between Tibetan and Han Buddhism.”

“China is now investing heavily in presenting itself as the defender and benefactor par excellence of Buddhism. The creation of the “World Buddhist Forum” should, in particular, be seen in this context: this outstanding triennial event, launched in 2006, is attracting thousands of participants from 50 different countries. Most recently it has taken place in Lingshan, a sort of Pharaoh-like Vatican for Buddhism, in Wuxi, less than an hour from Shanghai”.

World Buddhist Forum 2009, held in Wuxi, China

The Chinese-approved Karmapa’s short name is “Ogyen Trinley” and was said to be seven years old at the time of his recognition.

Akong with the young Ogyen Trinley in 1992 in Tibet

 Again, from the article by Arnaud :

“Akong’s dedication to the Chinese motherland earned him many very significant honours, such as being part of the social circle (guanxi) of Jia Qinglin, the former Number 4 in the regime during the presidency of Hu Jintao.

A regular at Chinese official events, Akong was counted as a main honour guest at a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the so-called “peaceful liberation” of Tibet in Lhasa, in summer 2011″.

Interview in London (23.10.2006) with Jia Qinglin and Akong

“He was also appointed a member of the executive of the highly nationalistic China Association for the Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture, an offshoot of the United Front, which plays a key role in the ‘normalisation’ of Tibet. Yet, despite the protection he enjoyed at the very highest level, he was assassinated in western China in October 2013, in mysterious circumstances”.

“Akong’s exploits could never have succeeded without the unswerving support of Dr Chen Li-an and some other well-placed Tibetans that Chen Li-an bankrolled”.

……the links proven to exist between the Beijing regime and the young Ogyen Trinley’s mentors – led the Indian authorities to place him under quasi-house arrest as soon as he arrived in India”.

Chen Li-an with Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche who is a key ally of Chinese interests

Thrangu Rinpoche , pictured above with Chen Li-an,   has himself over a hundred centers or practice groups  in the U.S. and Europe and this is common of all the higher ranking Lamas and their  lineages, which have now merged under the Dalai Lama hegemonic umbrella.  Thrangu was influential in getting all the other Kagyu and Nyingma lineage holder Lamas to ‘get on board’ with this Chinese Karmapa, some who were even reluctant at first.  But being the one that ‘boxed their ears’ to get them in line as toddlers and young tulkus at Rumtek, made their cowering into compliance not difficult.  The Lamas are as controlled by Lamaism and its tyrannical authoritarianism as their western  Lama devotees.

Recently the Lamas, who used to brag about how many centers they had on their websites,  are removing that information   from the  public eye. Their braggadocio was given  a second thought that it might be  better to be more ‘discreet’ about how fast they are building out and spreading all over the world.   There are now  even second and third tier Tibetan  Lamas ,     forming more ‘practice groups, and centers of influence,  in every major city in the U.S. , Europe,  and Asia.

 Despite his theater and his anti- Chinese inflammatory rhetoric for the west’s benefit over the last decades,   nations  so easily fooled by   the Dalai Lama’s fabrications  and doubletalk,  here is the Dalai Lama video,  of the Tibetan in Exile leader passing the mantle of the future leadership of all of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ to this Chinese Karmapa,  and therefore to the Chinese government ,

This is more than likely what  Dalai Lama actually  meant when he said recently , “there will be no future Dalai Lamas” because he knows it will be  this  Chinese  EcoKarmapa,  lying in wait,  to take over the Lordship of World Buddhism  after he dies, with the Chinese government  pulling the strings.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche,   part of the Chinese-affiliated Kagyu  Lama cartel, is  a favorite ‘westernized’  Drukpa Kagyu  Tibetan  Lama of the California psychologists and academics who met up with him at at Spirit Rock , a mediation center started by western psychologists and Theravada Buddhists, who have clearly merged their own group with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ , He has now been giving retreats  there for years and now  ‘blessings’ and retreats   in Taiwan , but it seems that  the Taiwanese, like their U.S. counterparts,   don’t yet know about the sexual abuses rampant in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ by these Lamas.

His western   students also  don’t  know that Tsoknyi the ‘precious’  Lama is  building  a Potala- sized Lama  Palace in Taiwan, modeled after the first Tibetan Lamasery, Samye Ling , as his western devotees continue to  wait for the center he promised them over  fifteen years ago to be built in Southern Colorado after millions were collected.  Instead they  are making offerings  to a ‘statue’ that Tsoknyi’s lower monks performed  pujas over,   believed by these superstitious medievalists that  after days of chanting , they will  have imbibed the statue with a ‘life force. That will have to do for these western  devotees, who pray to the statue  for ‘blessings’ , their minds so infantalized now,  they are regressed to  level of illiterate peasants,  led around by their nose rings,  by  their  ‘scientific and westernized ‘ Lama, who is laughing all the way to the bank.

  Lamas always hedge their bets,  and the wealthy Chinese in Taiwan and China  are proving to be a more lucrative target for  Lama Tsoknyi and all the other Tibetan  Lamas  as they cozy up with their former partners in Imperialism .

One can’t help but wonder if the Chinese Government knows about the  institutionalized misogyny and sexual abuse rampant in Tibetan Lamaism and that the pinnacle of their form of enlightenment is using females over the centuries for their  higher tantric practices that culminate in the  ‘bliss practices’ for the Lamas ?

Probably they suspect so,  since  Ponlop Rinpoche, the promoter of this  Chinese Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley in the United States and in Taiwan, got  a famous  pop star in Tawain pregnant and has now ‘married’ her. 

The Kalachakra tantra and their other sexually exploitative tantras of the Lamas recommends an ‘outcast girl’ for their bliss practices. Actresses were listed as outcasts in the misogynistic dogma of Tibetan Buddhism as ideal  for their serial encounters.

In Tibet , she would have been tossed out the back door after this lama was through with her.

The  Buddhists of Taiwan, and perhaps  in mainland China,    however,  will  not be  so easily fooled by this Hindu Tantric distortion of the Buddhist teachings  as those in the west ,   since their countries have practiced Mahayana Buddhism for centuries.

  One group of Buddhists in Taiwan  has been very active in trying to warn the Taiwanese population about the Lamas real intentions and agenda for the last decade in their country :

  “The promiscuous couple-practice of copulation of Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism” has overly permeated Taiwan religious community due to the Dalai Lama’s active promotion and the establishment of his foundation in Taiwan to boost the issue. We have therefore received many public complaints about Taiwan Buddhist temples infested with the couple-practice of copulation. Many monastic monks are secretly practicing the copulation tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism.” They are clothed in Buddhist kasaya reciting sutras and chanting Buddha’s name in daytime, but follow Tantric lamas’ instructions and sexually abuse female adherents …. Zang Ghonpu , Chairman of the True Enlightenment Foundation.

Reference Source:    http://foundation.enlighten.org.tw/trueheart_en/26

Again, from the article by by Arnaud Dotezac  on the collusion between the Han Buddhist patriarchs , the Tibetan Lamas and the Chinese Government  ‘Soft Power of Buddhism in China':


Framed picture of Ogyen Trinley wearing the clothes of Han monks, hanging on the wall of a Chinese temple (to the right of the photo)

“They finally realized that if the true allegiance of the very hierarchical Tibetan Buddhists were to be harnessed to Han Buddhism, the entire community could be shifted towards a very spiritual devotion to the Chinese motherland. For this aim, a very subtle and complex religious doctrinal merging process of the Han and Tibetan Schools had to be organised, with a superior rank given to Han Buddhism.”

“Many lamas, both in Tibet and in exile, have successfully put this to the test through the gradual merger of the two versions of Buddhism. Thus in recent years, one can see Tibetan lamas assuming the ways of Chinese monks while at the same time introducing them to Tibetan practices. It is a fact that, although under strict Indian control, Ogyen Trinley has set an example in this respect”.


Meeting of Ogyen Trinley and the approved Han Master Ching Yao, in India, 2.12.2009

In the west too, the Tibetan lama  and their fanatic psychologist devotees, like Dan Goldman , and Joseph Goldstein are  both devotees  of Randy Sogyal , and the Dalai Lama.  Goldstein’s  latest book is called :  ‘One Dharma, ‘  and he  has been  busy spearheading the integration of the three streams here in the States and in Europe, bringing together the Zen and Theravadan Buddhists  under the Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ umbrella .    A ninth century, misogynistic priestly tyranny  promoting  the chaos of the Hindu Vajrayana Tantra, brought to Tibet by a Indian Sadhu and sorcerer,  is now leading the way with the mindfulness movement in the U.S. that came out of the ‘insight mediation’ stream of Spirit Rock Center in California, and has merged now with Tibetan Lamas and the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,  his cover to spread Tibetan Lamaism and to  merge the ‘Three Streams’ of Buddhism for a One Buddhist World.

World Totalism with a  patriarchal, misogynist and repressive Buddhist religious arm carefully cultivated to have a ‘peaceful , harmonious ‘ face.   This Chinese Karmapa  here to “mingle” and ‘wow’ the young to add to the knowledge of ‘soft power’ for China  as he ‘woos’ the young at our prestigious universities in the States during his two-month tour.  Another generation duped, they hope, by these eastern gurus and charlatans.

  See the link  here for the full article  on Buddhist soft power, Communist style and the collusion of these Tibetan Lamas who have been playing victim in the West while garnering billions for their Free Tibet Campaign.

Also see  an article here on Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the new Chinese billionaires.

“I have even heard it whispered that in Old Tibet, that pristine and contemplative land, the lamas were the allies of feudalism and unsmilingly inflicted medieval punishments such as blinding and flogging unto death. Yet the entire Western mass media is uncritically at the service of a mere mortal who, at the very least, proclaims the utter nonsense of reincarnation and who affirms the sinister crazy belief that death is but a stage in a grand cycle of what appears to be futility and subjugation . What need then to worry about nuclear weaponry, or sectarian frenzy, or the sale of indulgences to men of the stamp of Steven Segal? “Harmony” will doubtless kick in. During his visit to Beijing, our sentimental Baptist hypocrite, ( George W. Bush) turned to his dictator host, recommended that he meet with the Dalai Lama and assured him that the two of them would get on well.  That might easily turn out to be the case.  Both are very much creatures of the material world.Hitchens, Christopher,    ‘The Divine One,’ The Nation, July 27/August 3, 1998 p. 8

Prophetic words by the late Christopher Hitchens.

Now that this Chinese Karmapa will be touring the U.S. again   to fool us with his mask of ‘compassion’ and  major events and talks will be given by this Chinese Goverment-  sponsored  Eco-Karmapa,   he will be  pretending to be about ‘peace,’ ‘love’ and ‘saving the environment’ , at Stanford University, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Wisconsin at Madison, sponsored by  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists who are cult-controlled Tibetan Lama guru-worshipers, and their affiliated and enthralled   California neurologists and other academics, apparently  in love with New Age gurus and the Dalai Lama.

The Yale  Chubb  Fellowship started by Hebron  Chubb,  a wealthy insurance magnate ,  part of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies , has been heavily infested in China.  This  is who is  sponsoring this Chinese Karmapa for his two-month tour of the U.S.  to infiltrate China’s  ‘soft power’ in our universities ,   giving this Karmapa   a chance to ‘mingle’  and enthrall, while Redland University is giving him an honorary degree.

Most of this is  under the radar as the neoliberal corporately controlled media  bombards us with the theater of the constant pseudo-fighting between the  Dalai Lama and China  over his ‘reincarnation’,’  while this two-month mingling and wowing of our young  by this Chinese Karmapa is taking place and our global corporate plutocracy makes sure this is hardly noticed underneath the false flag  ongoing enmity  between China and the Dalai Lama , when in fact they are in total agreement,  since it is to be this Chinese Karmapa to take the Dalai’s place,  the most popular   Lama with the  guru-worshiping  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  and their billionaire fans in the United States to win the hearts and minds of the another younger generation  by stealth .   A ‘harmonious’  world for the future,  bringing us all back to the ninth century where there is complete censorship and no protest  about anything anymore.  Just like the wonderful days  in Old Tibet.

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