Institutionalized Sexual Abuse in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’

A  Ph.D. western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ and teacher skirted a law suit and possibly a jail sentence  when in his New York sangha   he decided to sleep with a ten-year old daughter of another sangha member . His defense was that the sangha mother colluded.   The case was settled out of court for half a million and it never made the news.

This western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ continued to teach and coördinate a Shambhala center for many years after this sexual abuse scandal broke and  was quickly covered up in western, Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sangha fashion.

Instead of being shunned by his fellow western Tibetan Lamaists,  it was  denied that this was ‘abuse’ at all.  Being the scholarly type, his fellow  tantric practitioners probably concluded he was just ‘experimenting’ with the exhortation in the higher Hindu-based Tibetan Tantras that a girl of ten or eleven years old makes the best sexual consort.

Most  other western Buddhists  would find  the above behavior clearly sexual abuse, but not western Tibetan ‘Buddhists.’  After a  ‘flash’ of insight’ and critical awareness that something was very  wrong, this awareness would  be suppressed,  hardly reaching consciousness, the situation would be  idealized and fantasized in the tantric world where the belief in ‘no self’ , and ‘all is an illusion’ and ‘emptiness of phenomenon’ becomes a formula for a dangerous amoralism,  particularly when it comes to this  socio-politicized movement, infiltrating into all aspects of mainstream western culture with people having no knowledge of the  androcentric, war-like , misogynistic world of the Lamaist Tantra and its close connections with the most conservative, reactionary elements in India.

Being raised in a totally androcentric and misogynistic world , does not create ‘feminists’, the new Tibetan Lama mask.

Although these western Lamaists  have a  ‘flash’ of residual consciousness and conscience,  co-arising, it does not have an impact in their sanghas,   since the belief that the world is an illusion’ is the default meme that guides these  true believers .

In the inner  circles of  these Tibetophiled  western sanghas,  individuals give up their inner compass  of what is right and wrong by their own western standards and values,  substituting a  Lama- induced group mind  with everyone on the same page and speaking the same jargon, with only a very limited and restricted area for debate,  a debate that brooks no criticism of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas.

Confused and divided about ethics , free will, free speech, rejecting their own  western canon by increments,   these western Tibetan ‘Buddhists, while believing  they are becoming more awake, are actually becoming more compartmentalized, denying the ‘shadow’ side of this ‘perfect paradigm’ of  Shangri-La and the Lamas.

To be a Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ ‘ you have to ‘believe’in the devil’ as Stephen Batchelor,  former Gelugpa monk and translator for the Dalai Lama, directly put it , before he apparently  decided to go along again with Lamaism,  joining  up with the ‘Dalai Lama ‘Mind and Life Secular and Scientific Show’ headed to Chiemsee, Germany this August, 2014.

Mr. Batchelor also said recently that if there was ever a religion that would support sexual abuse of women it would be Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ but apparently being part of the ‘Worlds Top Experts in their Fields’  at this faux scientific symposium  of the Mind and Life Institute was  too tempting for Mr. Batchelor and his wife Martine.  Does he know or not know that this is another ‘front’ to spread Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  using his scientific spirituality mask  by the Dalai Lama?

The Batchelors  were featured in the  2011 Canadian documentary exposing Sogyal of Lakar and his egregious sexual exploitations of women at his Rigpa centers entitled  ‘In the Name of Enlightenment”. 

One wonders if Mr. Batchelor will be discussing the ‘Devil and Sexual Abuses in Lamaism’ as part of the panel discussions at this  secular and scientific  event?

Hope springs eternal.

Lama  Tsoknyi ‘the precious’ will also be a guest speaker at this symposium.  He would have a lot to say about ‘devils’ and ‘hell realms’  since he puts his students on retreat, reading about the hell realms and scaring them to death if they so much as have a negative thought about their Lamas and being the number one protector of his pal Sogyal,  the alleged sexual and physical abuser of hundreds of women in the west, this self-proclaimed Tibetan Lama ‘feminist’ knows a lot about the sexual abuses by his  precious pal and mentor, Sogyal,    for whom Tsoknyi  rinpoche has covered  for and taught beside , for over two decades.

Stephen was helpful, nevertheless   in pointing out that  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ was not what the Buddha taught, and one  had to believe in the devil in order to be a Tibetan ‘Buddhist. ‘ It’s why he entitled his book ‘Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist’. He couldn’t tolerate the double think and double speak anymore from what was clearly a theistic religion. .  Now , apparently he can.

It is really very hard to leave the Lama ” net of enthrallment’ , all your friends are still there, all the reference points of a lifetime keep you connected. It is very hard to leave unless you separate all connections, true of all cults, if you wish to free your mind completely from the Lamas.

In Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  people who are individualists, who ask too many questions, or speak out directly against corruption inside their ‘sanghas’ are literally demonized by the group and are considered heretics to this fundamentalist view that allows no criticism of itself or its leaders, the Lamas.

What becomes so disturbing about western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  is that they will  justify any and all abuses  within Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ by the Lamas who must always be  obeyed and seen as perfect ‘Masters’. Anyone that betrays this complete obedience to the Lamas by thinking for themselves or using their critical intelligence again is seen as a dangerous ‘heretic’.  There is no open freedom of speech and thought in this radically antidemocratic world.

This has  fast made theses western ‘Buddhists’ mental slaves and servants inside the  Lamas’ tantric world view apparently without any awareness that this has occurred.

Instead they believe, as they are repeatedly  told by the Dalai Lama,  who always tells  westerners what they want to hear, that they are karmically advanced beings, with great good fortune to have even encountered these ninth century despots,  even ‘luminaries’ on the ‘cutting edge’ of  a new western-eastern paradigm’  such as Robert Thurman for the Dalai Lama as one of the featured luminaries of the Shift movement,   created by former Esalen  Institute of Thought Control  founder, Steven Dinan, now joined up with the Dalai Lama  to  bring a  more ‘enlightened view’ to the world,   facilitating an actual  ‘shift in evolutionary consciousness’  for man’s greater good.

Instead these cutting edge ‘paradigm shifters’  are  helping to ‘shut down and narrow  our consciousness into atavistic paradigms more in tune with a medieval, illiterate  peasantry that can be easily manipulated by power politics thanks to these  ‘luminaries.’

The Lamas have always had slaves and servants surrounding them, they cannot imagine a world without them.

These  ‘luminaries’ or ‘wise elders’ the new ‘spiritual plutocracy, are now hiding themselves from plain view, and you can’t view the ‘luminary ‘  list on the Shift website without joining up and registering , unlike  a few months ago,  where they proudly were all  visible in a big New Age Wad of Nonsense.  Now they will all operate together  by stealth.  The ‘Shift’  is actually a  New Age Christian Tibetan ‘Buddhist, Hindu Yoga Spiritual Alliance of idiots who call humbly call  themselves ‘luminaries’   working together in  a vast network to ‘shift the world ‘ into Neo Corporate Fascism with the Dalai Lama and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ promoting and facilitating this, that is what makes its sinister rather than just silly .

This is a  massive , worldwide  Buddhocracy movement in  a secular,  philosophical  and now scientific disguise, a disguise donned by the Lamas  just for the west  to help  ‘narrow  the minds of the masses’ not expand them.

This group of leading meditation practitioners and cutting edge ‘scientists’ have actually been deeply programmed to  believe they are on their way to a more ‘awake and compassionate world’ populated by like-thinking people the spiritual and intellectual elite’ on the cutting edge of a Shift in world consciousness,   but who are actually instead helping to water down and  compromise egregiously their own centuries lineage of ‘enlightened’ scholarship  and while they are at it , destroy  the western canon  itself  in order  to substitute an Old Age  Religion  for our New Age, with a  medieval and despotic , Machiavellian leader, the Dalai Lama at its Godhead. Tibetan Lamaism will attach to anything if it helps spread itself like a virus.

These ‘scholars’ and cutting edge researchers don’t read history anymore, since  history is just a temporary perception,  an ‘illusion’ as now everything is an ‘illusion’.  Nothing that ‘arises’ in the phenomenal world is anymore important than anything else that arises.  Since there is nothing to learn from history,  why bother to read Tibetan history or look at the photos and film of Tibet under these tyrants the Dalai Lamas, ‘its all an illusion’, it doesn’t matter, they say,  programmed to knee-jerk the ‘Chinese Communist’ meme to prevent further investigation.

Not knowing that they are part of the geo-political scheming of the Dalai Lama to help spread his ninth century , androcentric priesthood these scholars and ‘researchers’ have been programmed to not consider or read the  history of Tibet, such that even the archived film footage and photographic images of the Lhasa under the Dalai Lamas,  its cruelty and slavery of its people, a  religious tyranny that they could see with their own eyes if the dared look, but instead these ‘scientists’ completely ignore it , literally turn away and cover their eyes and ears.

Ignorance is Bliss to these scholars and researchers.

These ‘secularists and scientists’ give themselves away as ‘true believers’ because of the way they ‘shun’ any contradictory or critical view of Tibet and the Lamas.

Ignoring evidence, i.e. important information from the phenomenal world  is not ‘scientific.’  Scientists don’t purposely ignore evidence if they are committed to the scientific endeavor.  Those who have fallen under the Lama spell of thought control and have become intellectually ‘shut down’ by the Lamas do.

They are programmed to only read hagiographic fairytales that adhere to the unchallengeable fantasy of this ‘peaceful’ superior path of spirituality for all.
These atheists and secularistsmain usage to the Lamas is to give Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ a legitimacy in the west to surreptitiously promote this despotic theocracy  of clerical misogynists whose exploitation of their own people would be in the annals of ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ but for  the help and self-deception of these devotees, influential scholars and  secular ‘true believers’

Because these ‘scientists’ and ‘secularists,  have been duped into believing they are so special,  so cutting edge’  by the Dalai Lama  the Master Flatterer,   they are unaware that their main purpose is really  to  create a  wider and wider field of adoration and protection around the Lamas and their tantric world  to fulfill the Dalai Lama’s driven, relentless dreams now of a creating  a World Lamastocracy.

It is the western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ ability to hide and excuse everything negative about their Lamas and the vajrayana teachings  that eventually becomes so very disturbing,  however.

Just as all those in cults of thought control are taught to believe their cult leaders are without fault, Tibetan Lamaism is the motherlode of this ‘Guru is Perfect’ meme.

It doesn’t matter what sect or Lama is being followed,  the main teaching of all of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is Lamaism,  i.e.  Lama worship,  this  is Tibetan ‘Buddhism’s’ main teaching, and what it all boils down to in the end: worship of the Lamas who are seen in these sanghas as superhuman beings, incarnate realized beings and as perfect no matter what egregious behaviors these Lamas demonstrate right before their western devotees eyes.    Of course, this  can’t but help create an extremely disturbing and dysfunctional   cult of denial which exists  in all these sanghas no matter what Lama or Tibetan sect of Lamaism they are following.

Guru Yoga , the practice of worshipping these Lamas as divine and ‘enlightened beings’ is  the main teaching tenet of the Hindu-based Tantric Vajrayana of Tibetan Lamaism. It creates a  group delusional field consisting of mental enthrallment and extreme obedience to these Lamas as the source of all blessings, inspiration and guidance for one’s spiritual path,  as well as a general moral relativism among an increasingly passive and profoundly conforming population within these  western sanghas, whose members soon come to disregard  their own western cultural values and codes of conduct and laws of their own culture and community .

Whether they know it or not,   these Lama devotees are engaged in the not-so subtle undermining of  their western democratic principles  of  individualism, freedom of thought and speech in order to substitute a    theocratic despotic oligarchy that controls their every thought and action and which they have been taught by the Lamas to believe is the best form of governance in the world.

Only reading and studying the  Lama spoon-fed fairy tales and hagiographic biographies of dead Lamas of the past  any healthy western skepticism or curiosity is soon closed off inside the world of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

If they did use their western critical reasoning again, westerners would soon discover the cruel  and despotic  history of Tibet  under the Lamas thrall , a history that the Lamas discourage them from reading,  including the ubiquitous sexual abuse of little boys,  torn from their families and ‘offered’ up to the Lamas for their  mass  monasticism, This sexual abuse of the little boy monks has gone on for centuries, and  is both  institutionalized  and accepted within Tibetan Lamaseries to this day, and where in the Gelugpa monasteries of the Dalai Lamas particularly, becoming a lover of an older Lama was the only way a lower caste system Lama could gain protection and perks in the rigid, androgynous, Tibetan ‘Buddhist’world of the Potala Palace.

Sexual exploitation of women  by the Lamas for their ‘bliss couple practices’   was  alsoand still is ubiquitous within Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and is not only tolerated   but  actively  encouraged in  this  Hindu vajrayana  cult of  tantric practices that these Lamas engage in.

Young  women, throughout the centuries in Tibet and now all over the world,   are told it will be a ‘great blessing’ to be a Lama’s sexual consort.  Some of these Lamas have had hundreds  of temporary liasons with their devotees , who are told to keep their special relationship with the Lamas a  ‘secret’. Book deals in the Lamas’ publishing houses,  and special status in the group as a Lama ‘dakini’  are just some of the  strong inducements and incentives to keep a ‘modern’ western woman quiet .

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’, although it dons the cloak of Mahayana Buddhist concepts over its fundamental Hindu Vajrayana Tantric belief system,  is not Buddhism, it is a  Hindu Tantric ‘cult religion’ brought to the early Buddhism of Tibet and overlaid on Bon spirit worship.    It is the worship of these Lamas as gurus on thrones whose every wish and indulgence is to be obeyed if ‘enlightenment’ is to be reached by a devotee, this is the fundamental and essential belief of all Tibetan Buddhists, whether  they are  well-educated professors from Stanford or illiterate nomads from Kham unceasingly twirling prayer wheels and reciting mantras to ward off the demons they have been taught to fear at every turn in the road.

This central teaching of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ this ‘guru worship’ is why someone like Sogyal rinpoche, with his many ‘Rigpa’ centers , despite having  allegedly sexually exploited  and physically beaten  hundreds of western females,  is still  honored and feted despite now a second, multimillion dollar lawsuit for alleged sexual  and physical abuse perpetrated upon a western student. Every celebrity Lama has circled the wagons around Sogyal to protect him, including the Dalai Lama.

Rather than being called out as a miscreant , as the Dalai Lama has deceptively told western Tibetan Buddhists to do,  if they know about Lama abuses,  the  Dalai Lama is engaging in double speak , particularly for the western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ since he knows full well  that the warning in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  to “never see, think or say” anything negative about the Lamas will override this rhetoric for the western audiences.

Nothing will ever be done ‘inside’ these western Tibetan Buddhist sanghas, because the  western devotees are not allowed to even have a negative thought about their perfect Lamas, the precious ones. If you are taught to never see, hear or even think anything negative about your Lama, how will the rampant sexual misuse of women inside these sanghas ever be stopped?

Sogyal’s  multimillion dollar Rigpa empire is openly celebrated by the Dalai Lama and all the other sects who are now under the Dalai Lama’s hegemony, another doublespeak example, what are these devotees to do , when they see the Dalai Lama himself in 2008,  along with the neoliberal  plutocracy in France  ‘honoring’ the number one alleged sexual exploiter and his opening of Lerab Ling ?

Sogyal’s Rigpa centers are  also a big part of the Dalai Lama’s ‘secular spirituality’ con on the world through his Mind and Life Institute and its  secular appearing affiliate organizations.

Sogyal’s sexual conquests are not the only thing celebrated by all the Tibetan Lamas as Sogyal  the precious  is protected by powerful social political forces  in the U.S. , France , Ireland and  elsewhere in the west-its the amount of money he brings in to spread more Lama sexually abusing monasticism around the world that gives Lama Sogyal of Lakar  his cover and protection within the world of Lamaism.

Sogyal has also sat on panels at the Mind and Life Institute and promotes this vehicle for a World Buddhocracy through his site and at  Lerab Ling  France, where he discusses their  ‘close connections’ and mutual goals and the ‘secular spirituality’ con  of this new world wide movement to promote feudalism and ignorance, promoted by the rest of the cults on the U.N. Economic and Security Council with ‘advisory status’ .

Do these western ‘great thinkers of our times’ , these scientists and researchers bother to research who and what is behind this Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama  who is  fooling the intellectuals in a way not seen since the Vichy government in France?

Not at all.

Perhaps that intellectual  lineage has been revitalized,  since the connections between Tibetan Lamaism and the National Socialists are well documented and becoming slowly more exposed, despite the plutocracy and Hollywood cover-ups and the recent desperate attempt of the Lamas to put out ‘damage control’ regarding these connections.

As for Sogyal  Lakar  the little precious,  his family ,the Lakars,   is a lineage of ‘benefactors’ of Lamaism over the centuries.  Not high lamas themselves but the landholders and wealthy administrators and families , the 5% that weren’t slaves and serfs in Tibet kept in a state of semi-starvation and poverty, that  financially supported Lamaism over the centuries. So anything Sogyal wants, he gets in the world of the Lamas . His  flagrant and continuous sexual exploitation of young women who come to him for ‘spiritual advice’  continues, unabated.

In the Spring of 2013,  Sogyal gave a ‘meditation retreat’ at Connecticut College, a prestigious female college in Connecticut, established to ‘empower women,’ to over a hundred young , naïve female undergraduates who probably do a little yoga and have decided to learn to ‘meditate’.

The U.S. news gave little coverage to Sogyal’s second multimillion dollar law suit in 2011, thanks to a corporately controlled news and much less than it did in 1994 when the first case was settled for an ‘undisclosed amount’ also rumored to be in the millions.  This news, so important to warn innocent young women, is censored in the U.S.    even at the expense of these young, naïve  female college students at Connecticut College.

This is the hidden and corollary dangers of the corporatized university and corporatized news,  as a corporate ‘personhood’ without any ethics and  certainly no moral compass , only concerned about profit and keeping the masses ‘dumbed down,’ protects and  covers up, along with all the western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ and their Lamas,  for a predator like Sogyal.

Even the American Psychological Association is enabling this sexually abusive cult of the Lamas  by endorsing it  and allowing it to spread and flourish through its many disguises but the motherlode of disguises of the Dalai Lama is his  Mind and Life Institute started by himself, a wealthy businessman and a fanatic western  Lama devotee .  The Mind and Life Institute is a Trojan horse to implement Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ into every aspect of western culture  by stealth until democracy is overturned from the inside.

The Dalai Lama,  of course,  has hooked up with  the worst of Global  Corporatism because the Lamas always seek out the power and money in every country they exploit, needing their wealthy ‘benefactors’ surrounding them , supporting and protecting them .

In turn the Lamas provide the same service as they did for the Khans and Imperial China :  the mass institutionalization  of Quietism.   Traditional religions creat too many individualists,  Lamaism will create ‘pod people’ who neither think rationally nor critically , but are obedient and passive,  programmed into conformity and silence,  to never speak out, never protest injustice or make a ‘judgment’ about what to accept or reject;  ‘it’s all good’ these  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ say,   no matter what the phenomenal world presents.   It is a form of infantilism  posing as spiritual advancement.

In the Lama sanghas  are also  now a critical mass of Lama-indoctrinated supporters and change agents for the infiltration of  Hindu ‘Buddhist’ Lamaism into western culture,  the  psychobuddhists , i.e. psychotherapists and psychologists, journalists, and other academics  who are also Tibetan ‘Buddhists, ‘ including one  popular western psychologist, that is  both a  fanatic cult devotee of Sogyal and  a vajrayanist who knows about Sogyal’s proclivities and yet promotes him as a ‘great master.’    Many Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  psychologists, however,   recruit and use their western credentials unknowingly  to spread what is really a sexually abusive cult of Lamaism and worship of Lamas, since the Lamas sexually promiscuous behaviors can be hidden even from their own larger sanghas.  

Undermining democratic principles is the hidden agenda of the Tibetan Lamas although   Chogyam Trungpa , considered the father of modern western Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ was  open about his goal to  ‘infiltrate western democracy’ to undermine it,  and  always spoke openly about an ‘enlightened dictatorship, ‘ i.e.  a theocratic monarchy,  as the best form of government and
Many who  followed him still adhere to that view under his son’s ‘enlightened leadership’ and Osel Mukpo’s ambitions, with his now over two hundred and fifty Shambhala centers world wide,  is just as grand.

Shambhala International  is in lock-step with the Dalai Lama to create an ‘enlightened society’ worldwide led by these  ‘enlightened’ Kings and Lamas.

Trungpa wrote, spoke and taught often about the failures of democracy, and Trungpa’s ‘pod people’,  as they were referred to  in and around Boulder in the ’70′s and ’80′s,  made national news,  when Trunpa’s behaviors were not whitewashed as they are today and when his celebrity students proclaimed the destruction of democracy as part of their goals.

Journalists, at the time,  were very concerned about Trungpa’s political,  social and cultural ambitions,  particularly since Trungpa and his closer students, like Allen Ginsberg,  were so outspoken about it,  as documented in the Great Poetry Wars at Naropa  by Tom Clark . Of course,  those were the days we had real newspapers, and real journalists and our own contemporary history indicates that there was great concern among  a large portion of the poets, scholars  and academics about the Lama Trungpa and his ambitions.

These ambitions went underground until the Dalai Lama managed to create a Tibetan Lama hegemony to deceptively undermine the western canon with his occult religion posing as ‘scientific’ and ‘secular’ mainly through the Mind and Life  Institute and its many affiliates in the U.S. and  now spreading into Europe.

Is this just more of the abominable ignorance and naiveté of the U.S. or is something more insidious going on,  world wide,  to spread this Tibetan Lama ‘Buddhism’ through these deceptive affiliations of the Dalai Lama  and hooked up with Corporatism ?

Ruder Finn, number one Public Relations Firm for major corporations, has its own spin off NGO, based on these Hindu Tantra Buddhist memes the “Global Peace Initiative for Women” . Why would a Public Relations firm representing pharmaceuticals, Boeing, the Oil Companies dictatorships like Malvides, and the Tobacco Company, even Shumei International, a millenialist,  apolcalyptic Japanese cult headquarters in Crestone Colorado, who is  hired to do damage control and public relations  for all these groups, , spin out a Hindu based  NGO with tantric underpinnings pretending to be about ‘empowering women?  GPIW actually  used to talk about ‘Shakti’ a Hindu concept, on their NGO’s websitewhich, by the way  no where lists that they are the NGO of Ruder Finn. A look at  the GPIW  Board of Directors, however, quickly reveals the One Dharma , Hindu -Buddhist underpinnings of Ruder Finn’s NGO.    Again, ask oneself, why is a public relations firm, connected with major multinational corporations spinning out an NGO with these Hindi-Buddhist-Theravadin underpinnings, and why are they engaged in pushing a ‘spiritual agenda’ pretending to be ‘empowering women’ with these caste system, misogynistic religions as represented  on their Board of Directors? This is the same Ruder Finn, hired to clean up the act of Malvides for the tourist industry until the world raised a hue and cry and they dropped the contract.

A cursory reading reveals the ‘philosophy’  of GPIW underneath. This is not about ‘empowering women’ if it is embracing the concepts that have kept women   ‘in their place’ for centuries.

Chogyam Trungpa  may have  paved the way for the ‘Buddhocracy Movement’ we see in the west today,  but he didn’t have multinational , corporate backers and a wealthy plutocracy as the Dalai Lama does,  with a much more hidden plan and  goal that is in full force to  implement this World Buddhocracy/Hindu  Tantric  movement that is causing chaos in the world, not peace , if we take off the blinders and  just look clearly at the situation, factually , on the ground, what they are doing, how fast they are doing it,  etc.   and stop reading corporate controlled news outlets controlled by wealthy billionaires   for our information on the Dalai Lama and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

It is also time to stop believing that because people make a lot of money in finance it makes them intelligent or wise or have a clue about what is best for the world.

Here, for example,  is Samdhong Rinpoche,  a ringer for the Thirteenth Dalai Lama and the Dalai Lama’s ex-pseudo-prime minister,  speaking at Sogyal the alleged predator’s Lerab Ling Temple , to a group of  westerners,  as he warms up to his topic on the downfalls and dangers of ‘democracy’  while quoting Krishnamurti,  who was always  anti-democratic and part of the Alice Bailey ,  World Theosophy movement, another group of batty ‘intellectuals’ whose leaders ‘channeled’ Tibetan Lamas and paved the way for the live Lamas to infiltrate and spread in Europe and the U.S. during their diaspora.

Alice Bailey’s ideas are still influencing  part of the United Nations through its  influential  Social and Economic Council with their ‘advisory status’ and hundreds of ‘new religious movements’ with these Hindu-Tibetan Tantric influences, on the Council.

Now the ex-pseudo-Prime Minister of the Dalai Lama is out boldly demonizing  the  party-system of democracy at Sogyal’s Lerab Ling centers when they are not teaching their Hindu Vajrayana  Buddhism, yet at the same time, presenting themselves to the larger western audiences as ‘democratically elected’ ministers of the Tibetan Government of Exile.

As if anyone in the Tibetan Government in Exile could even think  or do anything without their God-King the  Dalai Lama’s permission.

Can there be a more insulting hate-filled gesture than to put down  western culture and democracy and do it at the eight million dollar ‘temple’ paid for with western monies?

The same venue that little Sogyal,  the Precious uses to allegedly abuse hundreds of western women,  now using his same Lerab Ling center to take another brick out of a liberal democracy? I mean how long are we going to remain believing  only what these Lamas say, and not looking at what they are actually doing?

The art of doublespeak has reached high art among the Lamas of Tibet.   I wonder if the U.S. , French and other western  governments and its people would appreciate that  the tax exemptions for these Lamas, as they bring in millions of dollars and Euros , tax free, while facilitating the undermining of  a liberal democracy  by stealth,  thanks to the Dalai Lama  and his medieval representatives .

Just as the spread of the Hindu tantra vajrayana brought ‘chaos’ to Tibet and plunged it into the Age of Fragmentation, we are seeing the same chaos and amoralism develop in our own culture in the wake of the Lamas and their spread of the  Hindu Tantric Vajrayana. The time of blaming the west for all the corruptions within Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is over.  That handy deception by the Lamas over the last decades won’t fly anymore as the veil is lifted on the true nature of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its history.

Of course,   there will always be western Tibetan practitioners,  including many  men and perhaps now a few women ‘on the prowl’ with their own misogynistic agendas or confused beliefs that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ has something to do with gender equality and/or  sexual liberation,  and these people will continue to  gravitate toward Tibetan Lamaism on the basis of this primary confusion or other motivations.

These hedonists wouldn’t find the sexual amorality that prevails in  western Tibetan vajaryana sanghas  so wonderful, however,  if they thought,   ( even though Tibetan Lamaism discourages  critical thinking among its practitioners)    about what  is already known about sexually abusive cults and groups,  and that sexually abused little boys, (who are still being abused in Tibetan monasteries) can  become sexually abusive adults and/or very confused about sexuality.

This above is written by a western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ who still can’t really connect the dots completely to see  that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ a.k.a. Lamaism is the problem.  She doesn’t want to leave Lamaism, so she quotes a popular Lama, Dzongsar rinpoche who pretends, in typical Lama doubletalk that he shares these concerns.  This would be like quoting Warren Jeffs about the problems of sexual abuse and polygamy inside the Fundamental Mormon Church.

Tibetan ‘Buddhism is Hindu vajrayana tantra and its underpinnings have been  simply expanded upon and elaborated  by the Lamas,  to  justify and reinforce  a continued enthrallment and  exploitation of their own people. Now they are bringing this theatre world wide to enthrall and exploit other cultures.

Tibetan Lamaism’s   Mayahana mask is being used to fool people that this is a ‘spiritual path ‘ of peace and being nice to each other’, while massively indoctrinating  the world  into Hindu Guru Tantra to undermine democracy and to resurrect one of the longest lasting and cruelest theocratic kleptocracies on earth while calling it by other names that will fool the west: ‘peaceful’ , ‘ecumenical’, ‘gender equal’, ‘feminist’, ‘ecologically friendly’ and ‘non-violent’.

All western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ straddle two centuries, the ninth and the twenty-first,   and have to compartmentalize and ignore their own social and cultural values to continue to pretend that what they are practicing has anything to do with Buddhism or what Shakyamuni Buddha taught.   The Lamas,  these naive westerners  have been slavishly devoted to, however,    neither studied  nor comprehended what the Buddha taught because the Lamas and all their second-tier monks  (the majority of Tibetans only twirled prayer wheels and couldn’t read or write in Old Tibet)  have only been teaching and studying for centuries  the  Hindu based  vajrayana tantras of their own Lama lineages, with the Mahayana layered over it to further ensure group conformity.

Tibetan ‘Buddhists have no translations of what the Buddha taught , only their own mambo jumbo,  Hindu Tantras,   overlaid on  Buddhist concepts of the mahayana.  Yet Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ now outstrips Zen and the Theravadin in popularity among  western students, who alternate their  Hindu Yoga sessions with their Tibetan chanting , thus seamlessly being soaked in Hinduism while believing they are ‘Buddhist’.

Chogyam Trungpa’s infamous sexual exploits were hardly exceptional,  and for example, and were  totally  supported and encouraged by the Hindu Tantras he studied since a young boy.  He was  only doing what was ‘normal’ inside the world of the polygamous Lamas and their ‘higher practices’ preserved for only them in Tibet. His   overt attempt to undermine democracy from the inside out  by  infiltration of his  Vajradhatu ‘pod people’ into influential aspects of western society to implement a future  ‘enlightened dictatorship’ for the west was also congruent with the Kalachakra Tantra teachings of all the sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

Trungpa was completly ‘out there’ about his Tibetan Lamaist  Imperial Agenda to convert the world to Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

Many Lamas acted outraged by Trungpa’s behavior at the time, not because it was unusual in the Lama’s world,  but only because Trungpa didn’t hide what he was doing  as the rest still try to  do when in the west.  Trungpa was completely open about his Theocratic  Buddhist Monarchy ambitions and his sexual  promiscuities. Trungpa simply wasn’t as filled with hypocrisy and deceit as the rest of these Lamas now who are  building up  their mass monastic hegemony  under the Dalai Lama’s megalomaniacal ambitions to create a world Buddhocracy right under western noses .

Hypocrisy, deceit and double-talk  fools the masses , including many  religious leaders,  as the Dalai Lama dons his   ‘ecumenical’, secular and scientific masks on his whirlwind, non-stop,  western  propaganda tours.

Trungpa  however, was right out there as  a dictator and sexual exploiter in his sangha,  openly doing what the Vajrayana tantra allows and encourages of its adherents and the  Lamas to spread Lamaism ,  i.e.  that all social mores to be turn on  their heads to promote the Lamas’ obsessive  goal to create a  Tibetan Lama Buddhocracy.

Creating a Lama Buddhocracy throughout  the world is what the Lamas really  mean by ‘compassion’ and is  their ‘bodhisattva activity’ as their  vajrayana teachings exhorts them to lie, steal, cheat, sexually indulge themselves, even  kill or ‘liberate’ as justification for spreading Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the spread of their mass monasticism.  Assassinations were not an  uncommon occurrence among the    Lamas  and killing would be justified,  if done in the name of the Lamas’ particular form of ‘compassion’ that met their political agendas .

The Lamas have  been raised without  a western concept of ‘compassion’, i.e. empathy, concern for others suffering etc.  Their view and  long-range goal, as self-appointed and self-recognized great bodhisattvas,  is  to create a theocratic monarchy,  Lama style, to replace democracy, infiltrating western society and its cultural forms to overturn democracy from the inside out. Period. This is why most of the Tibetan  Lamas now have many centers and temples they are building, with western monies, some Lamas have as many as two hundred and fifty centers, and even the ‘third tier’ Lamas now  have dozens of their own centers,  that have suddenly  sprung up all over the United States, Europe, Australia and now So East Asia.

While trying to defend Tibetan Lamaism and the Vajrayana teachings,  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ should know that they have really been participating and involved in a Hindu Tantric cult of thought control by misogynistic, patriarchal priests who have always seen themselves as beyond the mere ‘human realm’ and  at the top of the heap of their Caste System Brahminism. It truly doesn’t matter what sect a western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ is participating in, most become shills for the Lamas, helping to spread this sexually abusive priestly cult that they have been taught to believe is ‘Buddhism’  convinced  they are creating a new world of peace, harmony, gender equality, ecumenicalism,  and secular ethics, when  they are doing the exactly the opposite.

A  brief familiarization with the real Tibetan history under the Lamas, would quickly disabuse them of their delusions, but they are programmed inside these sanghas to never read ‘history’ not their  own western history and particularly not of Tibet.

Every western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ is programmed to believe that anything critical said about the Lamas or Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ or the Dalai Lama is “Chinese propaganda’. Corporate news also helps with the cover-up of the Lama scandals.

What  the Boulder, Colorado  newspapers  did  to censor all  the scandals at Naropa  Institute that emerged  throughout Trungpa’s reign their  in the ’70′s and ’80′s ( with the exception of the Boulder Monthly who followed the scandals at Naropa and with Trungpa diligently and documented them as though knowing there would need to be a record)  has now  been taken up by  the corporate controlled news in the west,  who now censor most  things negative about Shangri-lai.

Naropa Institute, of course, put Boulder,  Colorado on the map,  and still exerts tremendous influence in  this town , as it spews out hundreds of psychobuddhists and ecobuddhists , avant garde artists, all  steeped in  new age cultism,  and world agenda politico-Buddhists, programmed in new age and  Hindu Tantra memes, whether they know it or not,  and Naropa’s  share of cult scandals  and the latest tragic story of a Naropa graduate dance student’s suicide  gets reported internationally, but hardly made the U.S. news and was quickly covered up.

Fortunately  the parents of this tragic victim of one of the cult leaders  at Naropa, and long term ‘guest teacher’ are not letting it remain covered up and have their own website.

In  the 1980′s,  U.S. journalists would have been all over this.  This was big news, this cult scandal at Naropa , when we had real city newspapers with real investigative journalists, not the marketing journalists we have now at all major coporate news outlets , trained to know what corporations like, so instead of waking citizens up abou the charlatans that are in these ‘contemplative spiritual programs’, these New ‘journalists’ write hagiographic material with hardly ever even a ‘hint’ of any balanced criticism against Shangri-lai.

The moral relativism and chaos sweeping our western countries  and the explosion of these  Hindu Lama ‘guru-cults’ is not coincidental.  Charlatans often gather together for both protection and strength in numbers. None of these sexual abuses  by the Lamas and their ilk are at all  exceptional or rogue. It is the foundational teachings of these Lamas, their ‘bliss practice’ tantra and belief in medieval alchemical  enlightenment transformation through the transference of bodily fluids in the sexual act with a female ‘consort’ that drives all the Lamas and their behaviors.   They are ‘exhorted in the Tantric texts’ to perform sex with as many women as they can for their ‘higher tantric’ sexual practices.  It has nothing to do with reciprocal sexual union for bliss for both partners.  It is about gaining power for the Lamas.  A common complaint of western consorts was how boring it was for a westerner to be with a Tibetan Lama sexually.  The sex act for the Lamas are very utilitarian and performed mechanically.   Tibetan Tantra is not about,  reciprocal, loving sexual union between equal partners, whatever the foolish New Age westerners might believe. The descriptions in the tantras are not  exotic and titillating,  except to those who are power hungry, mechanical  and misogynistic.

These High Lamas are exploiters,   par excellence,  while appearing humble and self-effacing, except for the thrones of course, and everything they do is for themselves, and their bliss, their comfort, their own peace and material prosperity,  their Brahmin world of indulgence and material wealth and comfort is what matters to them, they have no feelings of empathy or concern for individual beings. These are men torn from their mothers when toddlers,  and raised in a superstitious belief system that is autocratic, hierarchical, misogynistic and repressive , not  exactly a formula for developing  ‘compassionate individuals,  who are wise and omniscient.Yet these Tibetan Lamas have convinced westerners, who project their own ‘compassion and wisdom’ onto the Lamas that they are simply  humble bodhisattvas only here to save the world and compassionately bringing more peace. 

How peaceful has the world actually become since these Tibetan Lamas unleashed their Hindu Vajrayana Tantric occult practices on the world while cloaking themselves in the Mahayana Buddhist teachings ?  Since the Kalachakra has been given all over the world,  to hundreds of thousands of people and touted as ‘bringing peace and harmony,”how peaceful and harmonious has the world become?

Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  will occasionally   point the finger at what they think is  just another rogue and exceptional Tibetan  Lama,  always engaged in  their particular brand of ‘denial’ about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its Hindu Tantra while letting  their Lamas carry on, aided and abetted by these delusional, thought controlled,  western sangha members,  as the Lamas  indulge in their various activities, unperturbed,   believing that no one  will stop them as they continue to  call this sexual abuse of women their highest  ‘bodhisattva activity’ and dispensation of their   ‘higher teachings’ and ‘practices’   and a ‘great blessing’ for their victims, when the lamas are just using the  women as sexual objects for their own indulgences.

Knowing that the Dalai Lama will always protect them with his massive propaganda machine used to  confuse, conflate and coverup any and all scandals with the help of his wealthy friends all over the world and  in high places, Lamas like Sogyal Rinpoche continue to sexually exploit young women knowing that he will be fully protected by all the other Lamas and Lama sects and the Dalai Lama and his wealthy benefactors in high places .

How can the these Lamas  and their western devotees call out his behavior as sexual abuse when they know that this behavior is based on their own Hindu tantric Lama teachings?

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  was not ,  still isn’t and never will be a gender equal religion . This is just more ridiculous institutionalized doubletalk that  all cults engage in and the Lamas are the experts in doubletalk , given free rein to distort, lie and confuse to keep the public in the dark about who they are and what their true agenda is in the west.   The Dalai Lama even creates a  ‘limited hang out blog’  to lure in people who are confused by Tibetan Lamaism, started  by a Dalai Lama Gelugpa monk , ‘Tenpel’,  who is, interestingly, also a former Stasi .  ‘Tenpel’ pretends to offer  ‘neutral information’ about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .  This fools people into going to this site, thinking  it is a open  forum where they can  ask questions or express their confusion,  anger and concerns about all the corruption they are experiencing with this or that Tibetan Lama or group , when really this site is to let out just a  little of the Tibetan Lama scandals, while actually being a massive damage control site of the Dalai Lama to fool westerners with deception with doubletalk and obfuscation of the issues and particularly to do ‘damage control’ for the tsunami of sexual abuses by  the Lamas that are now coming to light.

Tibetan Hindu Tantra,  as the Lamas conceive it, performed with the lowest of their lower caste system participants,  women who, according to the Lamas can never be enlightened in this lifetime in a women’s body but can receive a ‘great blessing’ for a future life as a man if she sleeps with a Lama .  Women were not allowed to cross the threshhold of a Tibetan monastery/shrineroom for fear of ‘contaminating’ it.

This pretense of gender equality is just that ,  another  mask to fool the west.  It is the  religious superstitious stranglehold  and its Hindustani Brahmin Guru Tantric caste system politics , that is keeping India the caste system it remains.  Since women in India are at the bottom of the caste system’s  hierarchy they have had to take to the   streets over the gang  rapes and the institutionalized misogynistic underpinnings  in their multi-god realm and guru society,  that religiously justifies the  sexual abuse of children and women; it is the wheel that keeps this society mired in a superstitious, misogynistic quagmire of gross inequalities and caste system realities.

Sexual abuse justified by religion is known to be  the most difficult to stop.  That is true, whether it is in a family system or a religious cult. The Lamas are never going to stop,  because they are doing what their Hindu Tantra teachings tell them to do.  To stop would require the whole edifice of the Lama tantric system to collapse.

The western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ who are following these Lamas like mental slaves inside their sanghas are not going to stop these Lamas and their behaviors,  they have been deeply indoctrinated into the medieval world of the Lamas, and  programmed to see the Lamas as ‘perfect’ and without any fault,,  while at the same time being told in their ‘spiritual practices’ with the Lamas to ‘not be political’ themselves,  to ‘not read history’ and  to pay no attention’ to the relative world around them anymore. This ensures that the scandals are sealed off from individual consciousness in the sanghas of true believers.

Every single Lama inside these sanghas is turning westerners away from their own cultural values,  instilling a subtle sense of ‘self-hatred’ , one of the first things a cult does , i.e.  make a person reject  their own culture and history in order to replace it with the  frozen in time Tibetan Lama view of the world.

This then  makes western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ simply the drones and useful idiots for the Lamas,  and proud to be so,   tragic victims of the Lamas doublespeak and  the Lamas golden rule of “do as I say, not as I do” since the Tibetan Lamas are  the most politically  scheming group  on earth, and always have been.

When your a  thousand year old kleptocracy,  you have to be keenly political and constantly scheming, your survival depends on it.

Potential  ‘true believers’ who are being recruited by the thousands   will start ‘snapping out’ when they finally discover that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is just another theistic , fundamentalist,  misogynistic ‘religion’ with  androcentric millenialists intentions with their Kalachakra  prophecy of  an ultimate  Holy War  against the ‘unbelievers’ the Semitic religions  – their  war of propaganda to destroy traditional religions has already begun – it is the opposite of freedom and ‘enlightenment’  but it is now joining forces with other Buddhist streams , the Theravadin and Zen groups are quite enamored  these days by the idea of a One Dharma Buddhist path, very dangerous for the world and for democracy.

Buddhism as a spiritual path is one thing, Buddhism and the State is a disastrous mix and becomes the religious justification and vehicle  for profound conformity, misogyny and often supports  and strengthens repressive dictatorships (Burma, Sri Lanka,  Pol Pot’s Cambodia ) imagine what a World Buddhocracy would be like.  Yet this what these western ‘peacemakers’ seem to  have in mind to implement their  Tibetan Lamas’ One Dharma Plan for the rest of us.

By bringing all the other Buddhist streams on Board, primarily Zen and Theravadin, and the ‘change agents’, the teachers, psychologists, and other academics on board with  the Mind and Life Institute and the Dalai Lama’s other disguised affiliate organizations,  the Lamas are now implementing their long range plan for a One World , One Religion and naming it , as they always do,  the opposite of what it is: ‘Secular Spirituality’.  Now Zen, Theravadin and Tibetan Buddhist teachers are joining forces  and calling it the “Three Rivers, ” merging, or “Integrated Dharma”.

Can anyone think of a more horrible vision than a world that was all Buddhist and  now spearheaded by this repressive theocracy of Lamas?   Yet this is the dream of these Buddhist sects , Zen that brought us the Kamakazi and a military Buddhism,   Burmese Theravadan, bringing us the  lineage stream of 969 ‘s fanatic group, and all now   led by Tibetan Buddhism, a religious dictatorship,  coming together, teaching together, and merging into the One Dharma.

This is a geopolitical movement that has nothing to do with secularism or  spirituality  and more to do with economics and the sociopolitical imaginings of a wealthy plutocracy, that now wants a  totalistic religious arm to keep people content and quiet,  team players,  group controlled, accepting their ‘austerity’ as their ‘karma.’   The list of collaborators  promoting this ninth century repressive theocracy calling itself scientific and secular while implementing the  Dalai Lama’s plans is disturbing, to say the least.  Apparently these esteem western secular institutions have decided to deny   the cruel and abusive  history  of this thousand-year old priestly dictatorship as ‘just another  illusion’  as well.



© Copyright 2014 – Christine A. Chandler


Demon and Deity Cult

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is Lamaism , A Thousand Year Old Cult of Thought Control

Christine   Chandler, M.A., C.A. G. S.



..…the great landowners and the priests… exercise each in their own dominion a despotic power from which there is no appeal,” while the people are “oppressed by the most monstrous growth of monasticism and priest-craft”.-Capt. W F T O’Conner, English traveler”

Thirty years inside the cult of Tibetan ‘ Buddhism, ‘ about the average life span of ninety-five percent of Tibetans  in pre 1959  Tibet,  that’s how long I was under the Lamas’ thrall.

Three decades spent as a well-educated westerner inside this seamless  Lama world with my fellow western, well-educated cult members, who believe they are  following the Buddha’s teachings, and therefore  are  non-theists,  studying the  ‘science of the mind’  and their way to the realization of a higher consciousness ,  both more compassionate and  liberated.

I was also convinced I was  amazingly lucky and special to have connected with the Lamas in this lifetime.  The Lamas told us that repeatedly . An event as rare , they said , as a tortoise swimming in the ocean and surfacing,  to find his neck in the golden yoke of the third turning of  the wheel of the Dharma, the highest teachings,  the vajrayana teachings  of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

This is  the narrative  the Tibetan Lamas convince everyone to believe,  that  falls under their spell.  Of course  ‘yoke’ was the  flag word , the embedded truth,  that the  Lamas often reveal in their doublespeaking  and double-acting , knowing few will pay attention to the red flags, even when they are fluttering madly before the person’s eyes.  It’s  the fantasies that have caught their attention.

Even the Dalai Lama can be seen  sniggering when he is telling his untruths,  if you look and listen carefully beyond the doublespeak , and  rhetoric , but then you would be immune to the purposeful theatre of illusions spun out and  that surrounds him and his gaggle of  medieval, sycophantic monks and lamas   to notice the sniggering, but  so few  are immune these days,  so desperate is the world for a fantasy.   Perhaps the ‘sniggering’ is just for the other High Lamas that always travel with him and are in on the con.

In reality, these lamas on their golden brocade thrones stole most of  my adult life while I was  inside the closed  but hidden in plain sight world of Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’ the atavistic, medieval world created by  these precious ones,  as they humbly call themselves.


These are the ‘rinpoches’,   physically forced,  by their own hubris and greed,  out of their  own country and who then radically  catapulted into the twentieth century,  atavistic clerical  refugees  compelled to head westward,   first to India , with the help of the CIA and the Indian Government and with Dalai Lama greeted by  the Chilean dictator and tantric vajrayana practitioner, Serrano,  at his border crossing . All the  Tibetans in Exile Lamas headed eventually to Europe ,then the  U.S. ,  Australia and Taiwan, and now  no country is safe from their missionizing which is on a  fast track, world wide ‘proselytization by stealth’  program now under the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama wears different masks for different nations.

The Lamas first captured the minds of my generation in the  late sixties-early seventies , a generation already  primed to accept these Tibetan Lamas  with the massive distribution of hallucinogens  and the first wave of  the Hindu Maharishi ‘god men’ who came to America. The Vietnam War was not the worst thing that happened during this period , but the Vietnam war and a generation that was becoming disillusioned by war, was ‘taken’ out of political life by drugs and gurus and some now believe purposely.  The wide distribution of hallucinogens and the Lamas and gurus certainly turned a whole generation, who was becoming more politically engaged now  ‘inward facing’ no longer concerned about justice and a liberal democracy , only about their own ‘spiritual development’.

The  Hindu gurus and Tibetan Lamas were very helpful in making  sure that happen.

All western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’, estimated in the thousands  now in the U.S. and Europe,   who seriously began to practice the Vajrayana Tantras, despite having  post-graduate degrees,  become enthralled and  cult-controlled by these Lamas.  In  fact, the Lamas purposely  have made their deepest infiltration into the  western academic world of higher education , starting with Trungpa attracting the radical poetry set in the U.S.

Of course  this requires more theatre and masks to fool now hundreds of thousands, so among the many the Dalai Lama wears, he particularly  presents Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  as ‘scientific’ and ‘secular’   for this gaggle of mesmerized academics ,  even though ‘secular’ means to separate church and state, and the Lamas see them as the same thing.

So to lure westerners into their sanghas and once  they are caught  to keep them there, the Lamas using every strategy that all high demand, authoritarian cults use to beguile  western devotees  who then become shills for the Lamas and their fundamental, priestly religion, they will even  pose as  secularists, and believe that they are promoting the ‘scientific study of the mind’ that will lead to an Evolutionary Shift, of greater happiness and peace for the world. When all these ‘secularists of spirituality and No Self are doing is shilling for the Lamas’ and the spread of their  caste system theocracy where most everyone really is a ‘no self’  at the bottom of the hierarchy.

There are now  thousands of western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Utopianists  and many more  Dalai Lama ‘sympathizers’  in every field of social influence, some of them with high-profile and prestigious, even celebrity social status currency,   teachers, professors, psychologists, psychotherapists, academics, journalists,  lawyers,  life coaches,  Hollywood stars and neo politicians,  left or right,  all are promoting the  Dalai Lama and his Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

A pop psychologist and forty-year western devotee  veteran in the  cult of Lamaism , for example,  enables, protects and promotes his sexually abusive guru when not teaching   ‘focused leadership skills’ to Harvard   Business School Graduates.

Harvard University and other prestigious universities in the U.S. and the A.P.A.  are sponsoring the return to ‘Scientism’ by these duped academics and license professionals,  supporting a ninth century despot and his occult religion through the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama, , where Sogyal  the precious predator of allegedly hundreds of western women, has sat on their panel discussions after he has beat a few western ‘dakinis’ into submission and fear and made them his mental slaves at Lerab Ling , his eight million dollar Temple in France

.This is what the cutting edge of U.S. academia is promoting for a World Education  for the 21st century.  This is what can happen when our higher universities are controlled by corporatism.

Sogyal ‘s  protégé, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, who protects and supports  his  mentor Sogyal the predator, will  also be speaking at the Mind and Life Institute’s program in Germany  in August of 2014, as a ‘featured speaker’.

‘Tsoknyi the Precious’ after sucking us in with his Dzogchen teachings, had us go on retreat and read the ‘hell realms’ for a month to complete our indoctrination into what could happen if you so much as questioned the Lamas  and his ‘ divine authority’.  This is the reality behind this ‘contemplative science’ another doublespeak word created to fool people into believing that these are ‘scientists’ and researchers’ when they have been duped into a cult of anti-science and atavistic, anti rationalism and spreading this medieval  ‘scientism’ around the world to bring their dreams of a Tibetan led, One Dharma  Buddhocracy to fruition.

 Behind the Thankas, an exposé of Sogyal  rinpoche and a documentary   entitled ‘ In the Name of Enlightenment , which aired in 2011 on Canadian  public television,  got little exposure in the U.S. while this  main devotee and enabler,   this popular western psychologist and leadership trainer,   endorsed by Forbes,  sings the praises of  ‘his master and guru’  Sogyal everywhere while protecting him  for four decades and through  two multimillion dollar lawsuits brought by victims of his Lama’s sexual and physical abuses of western women.

He   no longer remembers  his oath as a psychologist to protect the potential female victims who come through his master’s temple doors and instead protects, endorses, and  enables his master and  guru, this alleged sexual predator of hundreds of western women,  to continue his  exploitation at his Rigpa centers throughout the west.

This is who Harvard University is allowing to teach ‘leadership skills’ to new Business School graduates  this fanatic devotee of a ninth century misogynistic cult who has massively broken his oath as a psychologist ‘to do no harm’ and ‘to report harm’ to others. Instead he covers up the harm and enables it for his divine master Lama Sogyal.

Such is  the power of the  Hindu based vajrayana of Tibetan Lamaism  that western values and codes of conduct are tossed aside as unimportant,  as more and more educated westerners embrace this medieval world of amoral relativism  of   Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its  Hindu vajrayana tantric practices .

Scandals  that are constantly occurring within Tibetan ‘Buddhism’, the  sexual abuses by the Lamas and monks, the pedophilia in the monasteries, the financial corruptions,  and even the occasional  murder , all these  gather like a  massive dark cloud about to thunderously burst upon the public ,  but for the Dalai Lama’s wealthy and well-connected  western enablers and  sympathizers,  who have way too much  influence over main stream media  and are constantly engaged in massive public relations campaigns and  damage control for the Tibetan Lamas and their peaceful  ‘religion’.

As for the millions of ‘fringe members’ , the growing number of  western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sympathizers, who may never go deeper into this group, they are the ‘enthralled outer circle’ who believe the Dalai Lama and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is the new panacea of hope for peace and a more ecumenical spirituality.

It is very  important that an  impenetrable,  positive portrayal of the Dalai Lama and his gaggle of priests creates  a ever- widening circle to  form a critical mass of western enchantment that helps protect and spread Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas deeper and deeper into all aspects of western culture.

This is the  goal and mission of  the  Mind and Life Institute , a group of ‘new scientists’ and the Dalai Lama to actually merge Church and State,  while calling themselves ‘secular’ and ‘scientific’  and with a world wide agenda:

“Over the next several years, the Institute will undertake its most ambitious phase yet: three global initiatives in the areas of ethics, education, and human development; craving, desire, and addiction; and mapping the mind. “Attempting to cultivate universal, human values rooted in the most rigorous science means thinking globally and multiculturally,” says President Arthur Zajonc. “It also means creating a coalition of institutional partners around the world in order to discover from each just how expansive and inclusive those human values are—and how they can be fostered appropriately in, by, and for those cultures.

Toward this end, Mind and Life has established Mind and Life Europe (now operating in Switzerland), and is planning an expansion in Asia and beyond”.

These are the lofty utopian goals of the Dalai Lama and his  western followers of  an occult,  fundamentalist religion,  thinly disguising itself as secular and scientific,  a movement whose global  ambitions are to reach into every aspect of western culture and ‘cultivate universal human values, ‘ values of course determined by these ‘elite’ utopians and their Lamas.

Adbedkar, who helped write the Indian Constitution,  called the Tibetan Lamas the “Buddhist Brahmins’ for good reason.

Rooted in the superstitions of Lamaism and its predictions and prophecy of a future world Buddhocracy based on the Tantric Wheel of Time Kalachakra,   the Mind and Life Institute was actually started  by three Tibetan Lamaist devotees, the Dalai Lama himself, a wealthy lawyer and oil millionaire  and an academic and  devotee of Tibetan ‘Buddhism.’

Besides being supported by the most naive and not so naive western academic enablers, the  Mind and Life Institute is also  supported by the  trances of the  Dalai Lama’s Nechung Oracle  while it claims a   ‘rigorous science’ as its foundational underpinnings.

This just more of the  typical and ad naseum  rhetoric and double speak  of  the Dalai Lama and his Lama cartel,    honed for their thousands of western followers  who are  actually straddling  two centuries  by being in the cult of Lamaism , the ninth and the twenty-first,  and see nothing incongruous about doing so.

Cult members are often in a time warp and can believe a hundred contradictory things at the same time.

Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ , despite being  well-educated,  have almost no understanding of the actual cultural  and ‘religious’ history of Tibetan tantra and the Lamas preposterous ambitions to create a world Buddhocracy.  Once  inside this priestly cult and its perfected form of thought control by the Lamas, individuals become quickly part of a groupthink and are soon no longer curious or even able to use their western critical reasoning skills again,  told by the Lamas that only the ‘present’ matters  in terms of devoted practice to cleanse one’s past karma, and the most efficacious way to do so,  is to unquestioningly give over one’s free will  and good sense to the Lamas,  who always  know best.

This is the main underlying ‘teaching’ of Tibetan ‘Buddhism, ‘ this unquestioning devotion to the Lamas,  while very soon inside the Lama’s world,   the westerner takes a ‘refuge vow’ to   severe  all  past ties to one’s past life and therefore western culture,  except as it  may serve as a tool for the  Lamas’  ambitions.  The Lama’s world  now becomes the authentic reality for the western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’as he or she wanders around in the contemporary world , their mind merged with their guru, and their heads  filled with  an images of their guru as they appear to be functioning in the contemporary world.  Soon, to create the Adi Buddha World,  these members of the cult of Tibetan Lamaism , see the whole world as the Guru.  Which is not what the Buddha taught,  this is Hindu Oneness teachings.   Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is Hindu Tantric teachings that have supported a caste system in India for centuries and into the 21st century.   It kept the Tibetans , ninety five percent of them in a state of semi-starvation, and poverty unimaginable while the Lamas lived like God Kings.

This is the ‘religion’ that will be the panacea for the world? .  Think again.  This is a religion  spread to  justify world ‘austerity’.   It’s just ‘their karma’  the wealthy elite will say.  They are already believing it , thanks to the Hindu Lama Brahmin memes infiltrating into our culture.

The ordinary western Lama devotees, the Lama’s  free  western labor work force ,  mentally indentured  to build and spread their priestly cult with  their free labor , financial donations, and unquestioning devotion,  are always  told to ‘pay no attention’ to  history and politics ,  but instead  are told to turn inward , to see the world as illusion and  focus on purifying their future  karma by always serving the Lamas without question  and practicing  diligently ‘as though one’s hair was on fire’.

This  leaves the Lamas and their often wealthy, western ‘administrators’ and ‘ promoters’,  their  new aristocratic gaggle the Lamas  always have to gather around them,   house servants with a lot of power, a wide field  free to  scheme and strategize, mingle and cavort with the powerful and wealthy  of every nation  for their  one mutual and obsessive goal:  to spread Tibetan Lamaism and its mass monasticism throughout the world,   by whatever means necessary.

That is what the Lamas mean by ‘compassion’ ,  their ‘bodhisattva act’ of spreading Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ among the masses  by every means and trick and  deception,  as their  vajrayana tantric teachings  allow.

Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ believe , like so much of the world now,  that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is based on the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha when, in fact,  Tibetan ‘Buddhism, ‘ and its  varjayana Hindu Tantric underpinnings came first to Royal Tibet, and its Buddhist aristocracy’  eventually  spreading to the masses through the  Lamaist priesthood that become the ruling power in Tibet by the ninth century.

It is not Buddha that these Lamas  follow or consider their prophet and  founder, the study of  the Pali Canon of Buddhism  is actually  discouraged in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’, it is instead Padmasambhava, an Indian sorcerer and sadhu ,  considered the founder of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and it is this Hindu Tantric master  that spread this  Hindu based occult religion among the masses in  Tibet during the ninth century ,  ‘taming’ and almost annihilating the indigenous Bon religion while  overlaying the vajrayana hindu tantra  on the existing early Buddhism and what was left of the Bon religion and its occultism .

 When this amalgam occult ‘religion’ , this Tibetophied,  Hindu based, vajrayana tantra  became more widespread, it actually plunged Tibet into what is referred to as the ‘Age of Fragmentation,’ a deep dark age of  priestly supported superstition and ignorance  that the Tibetan Lamas used to  control and exploit all the Tibetan people, creating  a master-slave formula that the Tibetan  Lamas have continued to  perpetuate in  India and parts of Chinese Tibet and are now spreading throughout the rest of the world .

These  Lamas were able to  enthrall their own people to such an extent that the Tibetans believed  that the Lamas were ‘living gods’ , incarnated on this earth,  suprahuman beings existing above the human realm,  who were to obeyed in all things and served in every way to ensure the devotee of a better future life  free from the miserable and impoverished circumstances under the Lamas’ thrall and that the   ‘blessings’  conferred by these  the Lamas,  in return for  unquestioning obedience in all things,  would result in   better fortune, perhaps  in their current life.   

 It would be a mistake to think that this was only possible because of the illiteracy, superstition and ignorance that the Lamas kept their own people mired in for centuries, for this unquestioning devotion to the Lamas is the same  belief system  instilled in the minds of educated,  western  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ devotees of Lamaism  and  the same paradigm  that is still operating  ‘inside’ the many proliferating,   western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sanghas in the U.S.,  Western and Eastern Europe, Australia   and South East  Asia today. 

Western Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  is actually  Lamaism, a rigid , deeply misogynistic , hierarchical, priestly caste system based totally on the unquestioning devotion to these Lama monks who claim to  be suprahumans,  reincarnated from a long lineage of suprahumans,  uniquely  holding the key to happiness and liberation for all who believe this fable and who willingly  give up their autonomy, western rational thinking and good sense,  as well as their money, labor and even their sexual integrity in return for the  Lamas’   ‘blessings’.

 Both eastern and western devotees of the Lamas eventually become mental slaves to the Lamas,  giving over their  free will , money and labor,   to  an atavistic, medieval tyranny  while believing , simultaneously,  they are creating an ‘enlightened society.’  They  then become shills to spread this feudal religion under its many disguises,  convincing others that Tibetan Lamaism, is ‘Buddhism” and the Lamas motivations are  only ‘pure’  and peaceful, ecumenical and unselfish when , in fact, there exists  no more fanatically ambitious proselytizers  on the face of the earth than these Tantric Lama priests who have never left their ninth century Lama milieu with its relentlessly driven, mass monastic , hegemonic ambitions.  The are ‘robotic’ about it.

 Even western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  begin to notice that the only real goal, the only charity  and recipient of the Lama’s generosity is  themselves and the spread of their Lamaism and all that  supports Lamaism’s spread.  

But  few  of the western Tibetan ‘Buddhists,’ leave the Lamas’ world,  once they have taken vows with their personal lama gurus, and the deep programming  of the vajrayana and its mythical   hell realms with the Lamas ‘deep fear conditioning’  keeps current and former western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  enthralled  and bonded for life,  their  lips sealed forever.  Lamas are the masters at deep indoctrination of their devotees, using the same   carrot and stick , hope and fear,  memes that all cult groups use to keep the herd in line.

Most  western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ instead of seeing Lamaism for the pervasive cult of  thought control that  it actually  is, may  become disenchanted with one Lama , but only to  follow another,  while pointing the finger back at the previous Lama as the roguish  exception.  Finger-pointing at each other  is a major occurence,  both between the different Lamaist sects and among their own sect.

Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’,  are hardly ever able to  leave the larger circle of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas altogether.   No matter how corrupt they start to see the situation ,  they always blame themselves or each other, never the Lamas or  Lamaism itself. Many of them now follow several Lamas who are all under the Dalai Lama hegemony and on board with his world agenda.

The Lamas used to compete with each other for who has the most western students, and the most money, the largest female harem of western students etc. but now ‘share’ students.  Lamas travel to each others centers, offering teachings, collecting extra white envelopes, stuffed with cash from another Lamas’ students, knowing that this  ” Lama grazing” among the western students means the wealth spreads for Lamaism in general,  and its all for the same goal anyway, building more monasteries, doesn’t matter what sect or Lama , they are all the same, and their goals are the same:  spreading the Lama’s mass monasticism , far and wide.  Many of these celebrity Lamas have hundreds of centers all over the globe now. In each center their is a cadre of wealthy western students that become that Lama’s ‘benefactors’ such that each Lama may have thousands of benefactors world wide, contributing substantial sums of money to the Lama’s coffers, the Lama’s labrang,  annually.

The Dalai Lama,   and his  gaggle of elitist, western  utopianists make up  the wealthiest support network, that includes billionaires like George Soros, and wealthy celebrities like Sharon Stone, and Richard Gere.  These weathy western utopian followers are    really embracing  a Hindu caste system, where ‘inside’ the sanghas of these Lamas,  no rebellion is allowed,  and whose leaders of this  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  movement  that they call ‘secular’ still believe they are semi-gods,  whatever humble  mask they are wearing to fool westerners  to the contrary,  the Lamas are  still living in the ninth century and want to  bring the rest of world backwards,   with the Lamas  on top of a new dung heap of gold, and wealth,  just as they lived in Old Tibet when they hoarded enough food , luxuries and wealth that could have fed legions of their semi-starved Tibetan serfs and slaves who  were living on tsampa and tea, programmed to ‘adore the Lamas like gods’.

The Lamas want the same thing still, but this time with the whole world adoring them,  the world giving  them their  money, free labor and women , seeing them now as the umbrella cult  of  the New Age religion. The early hippies, and Hollywood celebrities , and naive wealthy elite , the first western Tibetan ‘Buddhists.’ have  simply been their first conquests, but certainly  not their last,  if they continue to spread.

Their lastest western ‘buddhist’ student  incarnation is a corporate type  western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ who,  weary with making his or her first millions,  have gravitated now to Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ as the panacea to  ‘save the rest of  the world’ by creating One Big Third World.

The Lamas also assuage these multimillionaires and their  guilt at having so much when so many are having less and less,  by telling them it is from having  ‘practiced so much in their last life” ,  or having been close to ‘this or that lama’ ; some of these wealthy westerners are even ‘recognized’ as Lamas themselves.  It their ‘good karma.’

The few that do completely make the break and recover,  of these,  only a tiny minority recognize that they actually were in a  high demand cult of thought control.  This is because  the larger western society has so embraced the Dalai Lama and his atavistic ‘religion,’ at a subconscious level,  believing the  media spun  Shangri-lai fantasy about Tibet under the Lamas, that there exists no sane, safety-net  to fall back onto in the larger  world  when coming fully out of Lamaism altogether.

One leaves the cult  of the Lamas alone, with  few reference points,  guidance or support until  one is able to  finally  accept , by studying the cult literature, and hearing the few voices in the wilderness of a cultified nation,  that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ a.k.a. Lamaism is actually  a  master slave paradigm of tyranny, superstition and deceit that has seduced the west with its  godrealm bubble ,  that keeps its  own people still mentally enthralled  such that , despite being no longer  under the Dalai Lamas rule as his  serfs and slaves in Old Tibet,  they would still set themselves on fire for their Kundun  and his political causes.

This master slave paradigm of the Lamas is not what the Buddha taught.


Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the  Lamas have  perfected the art of the ‘mask.’  Every year, for centuries,  the Lama’s  masked dances entertained their own serfs and slaves by frightening them  and perpetuating their submission to the Lamas and their tyrannical occult ‘religion’ with their demonic theatre.

In the west the Lamas use egalitaire disguises reflecting the values of these cultures and people  they are now enthralling  .

Behind their  humble smiles and many false faces  that the Dalai Lama and his Lama cartel  put on to  fool whole western nations of people,  such as ‘secular ethics’, ‘feminism’, ecology’, ‘gender equality’ ‘ecumenicalism’  ‘simple meditation as the key to a stress-free life’, the  most effective  mask that seduces people today is the Dalai Lama’s promise of a key to peace and happiness for the world through his  ‘mindfulness meditation programs.’

The Dalai Lama’s  Mind and Life Institutes’ ‘Secular Ethics’ movement,  and its meditation programs that he is spreading throughout the west, is what His Holiness says will fulfill this promise for everyone by ‘building a scientific understanding of the mind to reduce suffering and promote well-being’.

This is the newest Lama mask that has fooled  so many western academics that have come under Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas’ thrall.  A secular and scientific disguise, worn by someone who still consults his Nechung Oracle , seven or eight times a year for all his major decisions.

This latest  secular and scientific mask to fool western academics is the  most deceptive and dangerous that the Lamas have created ,  because if it continues to beguile ,  it will actually serve to  plunge the whole world back into ignorance , irrationality,  superstition and fantasy, while pretending to be advancing human understanding, if this need for a fantasy supercedes reality.

Which is the point,  as  thousands of Lamaist Tibetan monasteries are being  built  throughout the world now, even in China,  to recreate  Tibetan  vajrayana tantric Lamaism, a  mass monasticism of  priestly , misogynistic occultism, a  religion misnamed ‘Buddhism’ that has perfected the art of the mask  and just as the Khans saw the uses of the Lamas to quell the hoards they had conquered, our own global plutocracy see the same uses and benefits of the  Lamas’  masked dance and theatre once again.

Anyone , no matter how well-educated, can become a shill for the Lamas and their ambitions. In fact,  the more educated , the harder and more completely it seems they will fall under the Lamas’ thrall.

‘Happiness’ as another commodity was never the reason people practiced meditation on a spiritual path,  this is the current disguise that is fooling the ordinary person, who can’t imagine that these  Tibetan Lamas  might simply be  here to bilk us out of our money, our labor, our women, our energy and our good sense,  for only one reason: to  create their mass monasticism again, but this time all over the world.

 Everyone is a victim in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’: the Chinese Tibetan people who still set themselves on fire for their Kundun, the Tibetans in Exile who have never been able to get out from under the  Dalai Lama’s oppression and tyranny, the western Tibetan students who become slaves to the Lamas, giving over their money, their free labor and their total devotion  while rejecting their own cultural values, to help spread Tibetan Lamaism believing this will advance the human race and create peace in the world.

Even the  Lamas themselves are victims of Lamaism,    so  ‘thought controlled’ by this cult of  Lamaism   over the centuries that they have little creativity, no individualism, and absolutely no ability to break out from Lamaism’s yoke and  assimilate into  the twenty-first century.

They  believe their own narcissistic  narratives that they are incarnated superhuman deities,  great enlightened bodhisattvas returning to the world to spread Tibetan ‘Buddhism” , a narrative  fed to them by this priestly cult of thought control , the Lama hierarchy,  since they were toddlers.

These childlike men, these precious ones, these rinpoches,   were  literally torn from their mothers and family,  to be raised by this tyrannical priestly cult of superstition repression , trained in this occult vajrayana Hindu tantra  to spread this plague called Tibetan ‘ Buddhism’  that makes everyone a  ‘shill’ for  Lamaism, including the Lamas themselves.

Everyone becomes a slave to Lamaism.

After loosing their own country as a result of their egregious greed and selfishness and   lack of compassion for their own people,  and longing for the days of feudal Tibet when they were totally in charge , the Lamas  are building themselves up again in the west,  now to  spread  Tibetan Lamaism all over the globe, while undermining western culture,  liberal education,   values and democratic freedoms by stealth,  hoping we will substitute a ninth century medieval world view of mystery and superstition ,  regressing backwards as a people,  without the ability to reason and think analytically and critically anymore,  without even knowing that is what we have done until it is too late.

They have the help of the usual plutocracy of wealthy benefactors,  left and right, and puff piece news outlets like the Huffington Post with articles and editorials  by young and naïve journalists who are the third generation  that have been ‘thought controlled’ by Dalai Lama memes in our society.

The American Enterprise Institute, the right-wing, Washington think tank,has also joined forces with the Lamas, and  had a two day summit on Capitalism with the Dalai Lama.  He is their new favorite religious leader, while the Dalai Lama told them that wealth was an important key to happiness, after promoting around the world  the view that ‘austerity, contentment and working hard’ was the key for the rest of us.  The Dalai Lama supporters will present this glaring  but typical  doublespeak  an example of his  ecumenical,   taking no sides.  Actually it is because the Dalai Lama takes all sides that are connected to power and wealth .

Lama 'justice' for stealing a goat
Lama ‘justice’ for stealing a goat

The Dalai Lama is part of the  ‘No Complaints’ Movement  for the masses and certainly  lopping off limbs, gouging out of eyes,  and cutting out tongues  was the Potala Palace’s speciality in making sure there were no complaints in Tibet pre 1959.  and they know that most westerners won’t bother to read the real  history of Tibet or of the Lamas.

The bedazzled  west, gives a  ‘wide berth’ to Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas,   ‘burying’ their ancient and contemporary scandals of intersect and intrasect violence,  rampant in Tibetan Buddhism,  including  murder, sexual abuse and pedophilia which  rarely  reaches  the public.

Not even high lamas escape from the dark realities of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  and its arcane Lamaism as the young tulku Kalu rinpoche exposes  in his confessions on Youtube recently, about his sexual abuse under the tutelage of the Lamas and his life being threatened, and the news of Akong rinpoche’s murder in 2013,  by other Tibetan lamas,  only briefly covered in mainstream media, was  quickly buried, never mentioned again.

It becomes obvious, when one is paying attention, that there are forces that wish to use Lamaism again  and are working in collusion to cover up the  their abuses.

The Tibetan Lamas’ form of  social engineering is the most insidious, with the potential of inducing  a semi-trance of passivity and conformity,  with ‘mindfulness techniques’ that take years to learn to do properly and many a ‘lazy practitioner’ would be referred to by the lamas themselves as doing  ‘stupid shamatha’ creating  a semi- glazed over state of mind, that withdraws from the world more and more.

The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Lamas know that it takes many years to learn to ‘meditate properly’ and if not done systematically and with guidance it will  actually increase more ignorance in whole populations  facilitating more ‘ignoring’ about what is actually happening in the world around them as they turn their focus inward and on their imagined  ‘future lives’ and their ‘karma’ , becoming more like India who still live in a ‘caste system’ while calling itself a ‘democracy,’ a political system  so corrupted by these Hindu and Tibetan god-men and their superstitious strangle hold on the Indian  population.

The Dalai Lama convinces western countries, like the U.S. and Europe,  that he can solve economic problems   by telling the masses of people to ‘work  harder’ and  ‘accept  austerity’ and  particularly ‘forgive the bankers’ and those responsible for the global economic catastrophes occurring throughout Europe and the United States.    This was the message he gave Ireland in 2011.

This Dalai Lama,  knows how to work a gathered crowd and spreading a dose of ‘quietism‘ for every nation he visits is his speciality.  Messages to the Irish people after their  economic collapse was  to ‘work harder together, and don’t lose hope,   platitudes  from someone who has literally never had to  lift a finger in his whole life or do   one moment’s work, and  less than fifty-five years ago was a  slave holder, coming  from a thousand-year old lineage of slaveholders who perfected a form of thought-control that still holds the Tibetan people in mental bondage.

The Dalai Lamas enthralled and enslaved the Tibetan people through a brand of  fear and superstition  including the belief  that having even a negative thought about the Lamas would lead to terrible hell realms with no hope of escape and only by placing the Lamas before anything else and serving the Lamas, sacrificing one’s own comforts, and even  one’s children  could one improve one’s next life.

This allowed the Lamas to live off their people’s labor and wealth as   the incarnate gods they believed they were and still are , above the human realm of ordinary men and women.

This is the same belief system that they teach their western sangha of devotees, who refer to the Lamas inside their sanghas as ‘masters’  and this is  the atavistic  ‘religion’ that the wealthy .001 percent  are  now  holding up as iconic to the west,   thanks to a controlled media and a massive western propaganda program brought to us by those who also live in a ‘godrealm’ , the western wealthy elite, the new aristocracy the Dalai Lama has gathered around him.

The Lamas could not survive without their gaggle of wealthy benefactors and  the Dalai Lama is no Mother Theresa.  Yet, despite the  preferred company of billionaires,  the Dalai Lama’s western public relations team has been so effective in producing a deceptive image,  that the Dalai Lama  is still seen by the majority of people in the west as  a ‘monk of the people’.  Perception is what counts with the Lamas and they have perfected the art of illusion with the help of a powerful, western public relations network.

‘Ecumenical’ mask to infiltrate other religious traditions: 

Traditional religions of the west  are also targets for these Hindu-Tantric Tibetan Lamas to infiltrate and to eventually destroy.

 Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism,  and particularly Muslims are to be conquered  in a great holy war according to their main teachings in the Kalachakra or Wheel of Time  teachings and even though the Lamas align with the  most reactionary and fundamental  Hindu , anti-Muslim elements  in their places of exile,  India and Nepal.  Here, the  Dalai Lama dons a mask of ‘ecumenicalism’ in the west to fool the leadership of most western traditional religions, who line up to have their photos taken with ‘His Holiness’, celebrating ‘peace, harmony and religious tolerance’. 

Nothing could be further from the truth as there is no ‘religious’ group that is more chauvinistic about the superiority of their own belief system. Everyone  but a Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ is considered a heretic and on an inferior ‘spiritual path’, including other Buddhist sects and that is what is taught and reinforced ‘inside’ the Tibetan Lama groups, whatever masks of ecumenicalism  and peace the Lamas put on.

The Lamas claim to offer a more gentle and ‘open’ spiritual path easily incorporated into our other ‘faiths’ or appealing to those with no ‘faith’ at all.

The  Lamas pretense of ‘ecumenicalism’  will pretty much capture everyone in their terrible  net of deception.

Tibetan Lamas,  that still burned books  in India that were critical of their new Eco Messiah, the Karmapa  in India in 2012   still have  their devotees burning themselves up for their Kundun and his political causes,  while  pretending  to be ‘modern’ and ‘secular’ in the west to appeal to a liberal crowd .

Yet still the majority of westerners believe , because they are being massively programmed to believe,   the  claims  of these ‘god-men’  and the Dalai Lama, who says  the Lamas are only here  to bring   peace and a wholesome, healthier way of life.

The real truth is that  these are rulers that  let their own Tibetan people live in semi-starvation,  ignorance and poverty,  scaring them into submission  with their demon religion of spirits, while the  High Lamas  lived, as they still do,  a life of material indulgences, upon the backs of other’s labor, wealth and servitude.

Everything the Lamas do in this  world,  as it always had been in Old Tibet and still is so,   is  for their own  selfish purpose: to regain their semi-god like positions over now all of humanity,  a master god-like position that they still enjoy over  most of their Tibetan people and all of their new western converts.

Tibetan Tantric Lama Buddhism with its Hindu Vedic Brahmin roots, is presenting itself as  the ‘universal’ spiritual panacea for all our western woes, when if the west could just shake off the ‘fairy dust’ it has been propagandized with over decades now,  it would see that the  Lamas are actually recreating , worldwide, what they lost in Tibet: a gross despotism  and incomparable exploitation of their own people and building thousands of monasteries, world wide, with other people’s wealth to do so.

This is  the only oligarchy of  rulers , the Tibetan Lamas and their wealthy aristocratic families, that had to  flee enmasse from  their own country when their kleptocracy and seamless exploitation of their own  Tibetan people was over.

Yet, instead of learning from this experience the Lamas,  so deeply programmed from centuries in this cult of Lamaism,  are doomed to repeat history and their kleptocracy again, this time on the global stage.

Those who do not learn from  history are doomed to repeat it. This goes for the west as well.

Because of the west’s  willful ignorance, coupled with an egregiously false,  multinational  corporate media presentation, which  always shows the Tibetan  Lamas  in the best possible  light,  and always as the victims instead of the oppressors  they actually were  and always will be,  because of the whole set-up of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and it’s guru-devotee group model,  we are allowing this atavistic group of ninth century clerical tyrants  have a very good head start,  as they build their thousands of grotesque monasteries and centers throughout the world, and even in China again,  to train more Tibetan Lama  tulkus in the art of deception  for only one reason:  to spread themselves even further into the hearts and minds of the modern world, while the  world continues to ignores the real cruelty and abusive history of these Lamas and their Tibetan ‘Buddhism,”  under the Shangri-Lai  fantasy we have been spoon-fed.

Multinational corporations  not only earned huge profits   by ‘outsourcing’ in Asia, exploiting a labor force that accepted low wages as their ‘karma’ ,  but also learned a great deal about the Asian societies that were made particularly  passive and malleable when this idea of  ‘karma’ was inculcated as  being the cause of everything negative happening to a person now, and created a  focus on future lifetimes as the promise of happiness if one is very good, quiet and never complains or is angry. This always  turns people away from dealing with this life and confronting situations that need to be changed or dealt with. It also allows terrible corruption by political leadership. It is why so much of India is still in the eighth century and having such birth pangs to come  up and out of their guru induced caste system and into the 21st century. It is because of these fundamental,  reactionary elements in their society, their  Lama Guru Brahminism.

Tibetan Lamaism in particular, is such a potent ‘opiatefor the west’s gradual  acceptance of current and  future  gross economic disparities over the years, along with an incrementally and  purposely instilled  passive nihilism  in the west, that we have seen growing and that could  effectively ward off all future protest.

The spread of Tibetan Lamaism and Hindu Brahmin  Yogic ideas  into western society , and the simultaneous  spread of  passive acceptance of corporatism and austerity measures in the west  is no accident.

Birds of a feather stick together.  Tibet Lamas were  the ‘prototype’ of  extended “family” corporation.  They and their relatives  owned all the land,  the wealth and the Tibetan people’s   bodies and  minds as serfs and slaves who were under their tyrannical despotism, with no separation between Church and State. The Lamas were the State. The monasteries gave loans at 24% interest to the Tibetan people, who were  trying to scratch out an existence on the most inhospitable land imaginable , giving most of their hard-earned produce to the Dalai Lama and his ‘wealthy aristocrats’ and lama administration,  who in turn, over centuries,  hoarded enough surplus and wealth under the vast  storehouses of  the Potala Palace of the Dalai Lamas that could have fed legions of suffering Tibetan people.  But while their own  people  lived a life of semi-starvation,  the high  Lamas lived a life of luxury and indulgence, issuing loans , when the  peasants’ crops failed,  ‘usury debt’  inherited generation after generation  that the Tibetan peasants  could never pay back, becoming debt slaves to the Lamas. Their mental slavery ensured there was little protest against these circumstances. This was the Tibetan Lamas style of ‘compassion’.

After “dropping off their host” of a thousand years  , their ownTibetan  people, and still bloated with their narcissistic view of themselves as ‘living gods’  and their Hindu Tantric religion’ they misnamed ‘Buddhism,’ the Lamas fled Tibet only when Mao had all their former serfs  ‘burn their ‘debtnotes’ to the Lamas in great ‘bonfires’ .   The ‘revolution’  also  brought secular education to Tibetan for the first time, building schools and hospitals, ending the massive illiteracy rate, while doubling the lifespan of the people and radically decreasing infant mortality.

Whatever the world might think about China’s revolutionary ‘campaign’ in Tibet , mostly brutal to Lamaism itself, it did end the much worse tyranny of the Dalai Lamas’ centuries-long tyranny over their own people.

Only when  it was clear, after nine years of ‘conciliation’ under Mao’s rule, and hoping they could continue on as usual, did the Lama’s realize that their Kleptocracy and stranglehold on their own people was over when the smell of those  24% debtnotes going up in smoke was a ‘sign’ and ‘omen’. The Dalai Lama’s ‘oracle,’ that he still consults for all major decisions,  confirmed. Then and only then did the Lamas leave with their tons of gold and possessions – sixty tons the Dalai lama alone -and their gaggle of ‘aristocratic’,  relatives, scattering westward in their diaspora First to India, where all ‘god-men’ are welcomed,  then off to the west and other parts of Asia to scoop up the cash. As usual, the Lamas followed the money .

The West has also, very stubbornly and  foolishly ignored  the Chinese government’s  warning about the Dalai lama being a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ since who else would know better,  having dealt with the Dalai Lamas for centuries?

 Time for the West to Wake Up From the Lama’s Dream

The Lamas don’t change,  have not changed, and will not change,  because they don’t ‘assimilate into the cultures that ‘host them, or they  assimilate only enough to learn  the ‘weaknesses’ of the particular  culture they are exploiting  to continue their kleptocracy and “thought control” on the populations they are subduing and conquering, while spreading  their mass monasticism,  building more and more centers all over the world.

 Many of these Tibetan Lamas each have over a hundred centers  themselves,  some over two hundred centers  in the United States and Europe , Russia and now South East Asia.

 Multiply the hundreds of  Lamas and  their many ‘lineage’ centers and you have thousands of centers and monasteries accross the globe  to ‘train more young ‘tulku’s as shills for the Lamastocracy  to go out and continue to ‘fool the world’ with the help of each nation’s own corporate elite. 

These Lamas are even rebuilding their monasteries in China,  while the Dalai lama uses the Tibetan people in China as propaganda tool, setting themselves ablaze,  for his ‘Free Tibet’ campaign, pretending that  China persecutes Tibetan Buddhism as a ‘religion’ , when it is actually being encouraged in China,. Perhaps the wealthy billionaires in China see the uses of the cult of Lamaism once again. They certainly have more in common with the Tibetan Lamas than with the average Chinese worker.

The Kagyu Lamas, such as Tai Situ ‘rinpoche’, who ‘discovered’ and mentored  the  Eco Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley, (also recognized in China  by the Chinese Government)  have been rebuilding their  monasteries in China, off the radar of the west,  since the early 1980′s.

Tai Situ ‘rinpoche’ and his   and the Dalai Lama’s new,  Green Karmapa, (there are two or more contending for the estimated billion dollar empire ” Rumtek monastery’  in Sikkim),  are both suspected of being a Chinese spies in India, and both have their travel visas  severely restricted.

These factual events, however,  go totally ‘off the radar’  and unnoticed in the western media, as the west continues to wave their “Free Tibet’ flags and pour massive amounts of  tax-free monies into  the only ‘charitable cause’  the  Tibetan Lamas have ever known: themselves and their monasteries. Their concept of’ compassion’ and  ‘charity’ really does ‘begin at home’  as they amass billions to recreate their  Tibetan Buddhist ‘empire,’  creating thousands of centers worldwide.

Very foolish of us to not be paying attention to what the Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Lamas are doing.

“Distraction” is a very  powerful thought control technique.

For while the west remains focused on fundamental Islam   as the greatest danger to ‘democracy and its freedoms’ , it is being  “slow ‘cooked’ like the proverbial ‘toad’ in simmering water, as it assimilates and inculcates, often unconsciously, the fundamentalist  cultural values and beliefs of a misogynistic, and repressive  Hindu  tantric medieval, occult based ‘religion’  of Hindu/Lamaism,   called now Tibetan “Buddhism”,    that kept its own Tibetan  people in massive poverty and ignorance, for over a thousand years,  mired in superstition  myth, magic and occult beliefs , while it stole from them their labor, their wealth, their land, their sons and their daughters,  and their creativity and freedoms,  and still  holds  such a powerful sway over the Tibetans,  that even in China/Tibet  today  they set themselves on fire for their “Kundun” and “Free Tibet”, a  cause he left in the ‘dustbin’ 2009.

The Dalai Lama had  already changed his political propaganda focus, according to a recently released Wiki leaks document, from  a “Free Tibet” to now “Save Tibet. Stop Global Warming”,   his  new cause and ‘mask’  of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas being promoted as  avatars and teachers on   environmental wisdom’  teachings  for his global dreams of a Lama Kleptocracy.

It’s too bad  the Kundun hasn’t yet told  the poor monks and nuns under his control  that His Holiness, the incarnation of the God of Compassion, has  changed his mind and moved on to another campaign while his people still set  themselves on fire for the Dalai Lama and his Free Tibet  cause  in 2014,  five years after than cause was over for him.

The Dalai Lama  still hasn’t utter that  word “STOP” that would end all this suffering of the Tibetans, because he knows  that,  if he did, these monks and nuns and Tibetans would immediately stop committing suicide since they believe the Dalai Lama is a living god,  they must obey. 

Saying “stop”, and ending this useless suffering  of the Tibetan people,  however,  wouldn’t keep Tibet and himself in the news .   Instead the Tibetan Government in Exile has been massively producing martyr songs on Youtube,  idealizing these useless suicides,  promoted and encouraged by the Dalai Lama, who is building a shrine in Dharmasala to these martyrs, and still the west refuse to see the man behind the masks.

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is a  totalistic,  religious cult,  spread by misogynistic occult priests , who will don any mask  any disguise needed to fool the west , while  weakening its moral compass,  undermining its cultural values and  principles, and ultimately undermining democracy throughout the world.

By relabeling  the master-slave  Lama formula, these Lamas have adorned themselves with their greatest disguise,   a spiritual path to freedom,   instead of  a Lama field  of poppies , a net of vajrayana Hindu tantric illusion, ( tantra means ‘net’)  a god’s realm spun out  by the god men  to  seduce, enthrall  and to ultimately put people to sleep.

 “The great rationalist dream of the Enlightenment — that reason might lead men toward justice and lives of conscience — has never been proved unworthy or false; it has hardly been tried………..The history of America has in fact had little to do with reason, consisting instead of wave upon wave of zealotry and ideology, and religious excess, generations of superstition and foolish beliefs, and a yearning for salvation and the ceaseless abdication of the stoic virtues necessary to democratic life: independent thought;  the acceptance of human weakness; humility in the face of complex truths; the refusal to abjure either choice or responsibility;  and the willingness to choose conscience and uncertainty rather than submission and safety.”

 Marin, “Spiritual Obedience”, 1979. 

© Copyright 2014 – Christine A. Chandler



Dakini Power is Sexual Abuse Reframed: Beware the Trojan Horse for all Women in the World

Christine  Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

Sexual Abuse Victims of the Lamas  and other   Enablers of  Abuse in  the Cult of Tibetan Lamaism

Dakini Power is the latest mask of feminism, a  ploy and propaganda tool of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas in the west  to both justify and to cover-up with typical doublespeak the Lamas’ millenium-long practices of sexual misuse of women for  their  so-called transference of energy  rituals of the  High Lamas and their bliss practices to increase their own  life force.

 To indulge their polygamous  sexual abuse of young Tibetan women, given to the Lamas of Old Tibet for their sexual tantra bliss practices, without any choice on the young girls part,  the Tibetan families who gave up their daughters were told  by the Lamas that it was an honor and a  ‘great  blessing’ to be chosen to be the sexual partner of some old high Lama for his ‘enlightenment’ practices and  it would quicken her own spiritual path to realization in the next life since she, herself, had no chance of enlightenment in this life in a female body. 

 The Lamas and their western enablers are telling the world  and women the same thing again, i.e. that it is a great blessing and honor,  but since they have pretended to be feminist now in the west, they leave off the ‘no chance for enlightenment in a female body ‘ part for western women.  

 Tsultrim Allione, for example, is being honored now as one of twelve famous ‘Dakinis’ , the euphemistic name for sexual consort,  and is promoting this   ninth century  ‘blessings’ propaganda   for the Lamas’ same old sexual indulgences  with a twenty-first century twist, now it is proof of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’s  more feminist side.

Tsultrim,  to prove this,   was recently ‘recognized’ by the Lamas as a mythological ,  high  sexual consort , Machig Labdron, an emanation of Padmasambhava’s sexual consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, all part of the  usual confusing and convoluted fables and hagiographic  Tibetan Lama Lore,  spoon-fed to western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  devotees,  to prevent them and the world from reading the real  history of Tibet under the Lamas and their rigid misogynistic hierarchy, where women were on the bottom of the caste system praying daily to be reborn as a man.

The Lamas have created another mask, the ‘feminist mask’ to fool western women into believing that there could ever be any possibility of gender equality in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ whose very basis  and tantric teachings is about exploiting the female body as recent European Scholarship  by the Trimondis has exhaustively documented.   

  Ms. Allione was one of the first female western students of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ in the sixties, studying with many  high Lamas in India and Nepal, eventually attracting a female following of her own to Tibetan Lamaism at her retreat center , Tara Mandala, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Tsultrim,  long interested in the position of women in Tibetan Buddhism, authored one of the first western books on this topic, ‘Women of Wisdom. ‘

Hard pressed to find any women in positions of leadership or teaching in old Tibet,  she focused on the mythological females, the consorts of the Lamas of the past and particularly of  the Indian Sadhu , Padmasambhava, who brought the Vajrayayana Hindu Tantra from India  to Tibet and plunged  the country into what the Tibetans themselves refer to as the ‘Dark  Age of Fragmentation’  and a ‘proliferation of Tantric Buddhism and its mythic themes of demon taming at the local and popular level of Tibetan society.

Tsultrim focused on the  ‘demon taming’ at a symbolic level in her own practices by making a speciality of the ancient ‘Chod practices’ of Tibetan Lamaism,  a practice merging the Shamanism of the Hindu Tantra,  the Bon sect, and early Buddhism of Tibet,  and she  engaged in and  promoted this ritualized ‘ego cutting’ practice for many years ,  continuing her interest in  the  place of women in the Lama hierarchy.

With a dearth of real women of power and status in the long history of misogyny in Tibet,  Tsultrim had been forced to promote a  symbolic image of the position of women within Tibetan ‘Buddhism , through the use of the usual fable and mythological history provided by Tibetan Lamaism in order to try and create a more gender equality status for women inside western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sanghas.

  Now Tsultrim is ‘embodying’ the mythology she has been studying by being recognized as one of the mythological women herself.

After surviving two Lama pillorings , first for taking a ‘feminist stand’ throughout her long career as a female teacher of Tibetan vajrayana ‘Buddhism’ and later for outing the sexual abuses by  Lamas,  Tsultrim Allione   is now joining the  ‘rolling out ‘ of The Year of the Cult of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ in America  2014  by  adding one more  female- enabling face  to the Lamas’ new  ‘feminist’ mask to further seduce the west and cover up for the institutionalized abuses and ‘religiously justified’ sexual exploitation of young women by the Lamas in their ancient ‘Lama bliss’ tantric practices.

 These Lama occult practices are not about an equal partnership between the genders , as Tsultrim must know after her years of studying the tantras,  but she must be so glad to be back on the ‘Lama approved list’ of teachers, after her temporary humiliations by them , that she too is now  promoting the new  view  of ‘feminism’ as defined by the Lamas,  and as  the ‘ Worshipping  Lama Club’ promotes her,  she promotes the new view that   ‘it is the height of feminism’ to be the sexual consort of some misogynistic Lama. 

 Perhaps this is part of her ‘purification process’  for having blown the whistle on the Lamas and their predatory and promiscuous behaviors  several years ago  so that now  she is a major face of the ‘Its a great blessing” myth.  

Therefore Ms. Allione doesn’t mention,   in all this Lama ‘feminist hoopla’ for the precious ones, these  rinpoches on thrones,  now that she has a throne of her own  that she was raising  a major and outspoken public fuss  about this  sexual abuse  within the Lama sanghas   herself almost a decade ago.

The  Lamas surely didn’t like  or approve of Tsultrim’s authentic ‘feminist outcry’ so they let  Tsultrim  know , in no uncertain terms, as she was  being publicly shamed and literally escorted out of Lama teachings by one ‘married’ Lama she was ‘blowing the whistle on’ for his activities with a travelling  Bhutanese dance troupe after one or more  Bhutanese women complained.

Apparently these younger Bhutanese are ‘waking up’ and  don’t take as much  bullshit from the Lamas over in Bhutan  now that they can get an education beyond the fourth grade, a very recent development in their Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ country.

 Yet the majority of Bhutanese women, crushed by this misogynistic Tibetan  “Buddhism’ and its Lamaism,  the state religion of Bhutan  for centuries,  believe they should be beaten if they ‘burn the dinner’   refuse sex, argue with their husbands, and believe that HIV/AIDs is transmitted “supernaturally” as   a recent survey by the National Statistic Bureau of Bhutan found.  

The conflation of ‘feminism’ and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is another of the outrageous , deceptive masks these Lamas wear for the west.  There is no possibility of gender equality in Lamaism.  One has to be delusional to believe this.

Ms. Allione  had always in the past frowned on the typical male sexual predatoriness in her own ‘sangha’ at Tara Mandala, asking one male staff member to leave as he was always ‘hitting on all the women’ which seemed, like many of the Lamas,  to be his main practice.

Tsultrim was no doubt  starting to wake up as a result of all her Dzogchen practice,when she started calling the Lamas on their sexual predatoriness,  and that  was very dangerous to the Lamas,  by poking a big hole in their humble, virtuous, spiritual monk camoflauge.

But these lamas are very clever and  knowing the use of the carrot,  low and behold, Tsultrim is suddenly recognized by some obscure Mongolian Lama  as the reincarnation of an ancient mythological female sexual consort and Chod practitioner,  and is given a throne , a Lama hat, and all the recognition seemingly of a Lama herself.

That was the only way to keep her quiet, although in old Tibet of 1959,  they would have simply cut out her tongue or much worse.

Now she  is   simply one more female enabler of the sexual abuses within  Lamaism, after her flash of genuine feminist warriorship, easily dimmed by the carrot they held out to her and she accepted.  Now she is just one more tool of the  Lamas to cover-up their misogynistic abuses   part of their ancient deceptions.

So much for the efficacy of the Chod practices she recommends to cut through ego.

Ms. Allione also hosts almost  every year at  her Tara Mandala center  the biggest sexual abuse ‘enabler’ of Lama sexual abuse who also dons a ‘feminist mask’  one of the Tulku Urgyen  sons,  Tsoknyi rinpoche,   known for his support, protection and promotion  of  the number one sexual predator of western women for over forty-years,  Sogyal rinpoche

Sogyal rinpoche,   has now a second multimillion dollar lawsuit taken against him   for his continuous and prolific exploitation of young and vulnerable women under his ‘tutelage” who have  come to him for ‘spiritual advice’ over the last forty years in the west,   and get instead a big surprise from Sogyal,   as he lures them into his lair , revealed in  a Canadian documentary aired on public television in 2011 

This ‘Dakini Power’  propaganda  crusade and sexual abuse ‘enablers’ campaign is,  not coincidentally,  occurring  simultaneously with  the Dalai Lama’s massive  ‘meditation in the workplace’ crusade,   already implemented in Silicon Valley, promoted all over the corporate controlled media , with Puffington Post online  and taking the lead.

The Dalai Lama recently gave the prayer at the National Cathedral in Washington  and gave the opening prayer at the U.S.  Senate later visiting  the National Institutes for Health   A leader, who in his lifetime,  had no hospitals or medical care for his people, and whose religious dictatorship was so seamless that the Dalai Lamas and Lamaism were the state, the government, the religion all rolled into one.   But no one bothers to read history anymore .

The Dalai Lama’s pseudo-prime minister has declared 2014 the Year of the Dalai Lama as well.  Hollywood has also brought out its new  uncut version of a 2007  film  “An Ode to the Oldest Cult on Earth,   misnamed  “Dalai Lama :The Awakening”,   an update of the earlier release the “Dalai Lama Renaissance” to put the west further to sleep. If anyone doubts that the U.S is now  massively being targeted by the Dalai Lama propaganda machine,  with the help of a controlled and massive media effort to complete the total  ‘dumbing down’ of our culture at every level,  with the support of the wealthy élite  and its duped ‘academia’ they just have to look at what happened in  February and March of 2014  as the  Dalai Lama  Extraordinaire Campaign rolled out and over the people of the  United States and is continuing it’s march into Europe as well.

America is  to be the new India apparently according to the wishes of the plutocracy,  it’s people increasingly content with austerity and gross economic disparities as the Tibetan Lamas and their wealthy western accomplices attempt the complete erosion of the democratic process.

In fact the Dalai Lama  recently praised India,   in his speech at the National Cathedral this month, as the example  for America and the west for ‘religious harmony.’

The Dalai Lama of course  doesn’t mention that India is  still living in a caste system, with women at the bottom of the ‘heap’ thanks to the religious fundamentalism of it’s  god-men and gurus like himself  and their stranglehold on all freedoms and any possibility of equality , particularly  for women in a  country where  women have been taking to the streets  for justice because of the number of  violent rapes against women in this deeply misogynistic country.

It was no mistake that 2014 , declared the Year of the Dalai Lama by the Tibetan psuedo-prime minister of the Dalai Lama, was the  time for the Dakini Power mask to be part of the grand catapult movement of flipping America back to feudal times and keeping it there  and the Dakini Power oxymoronic campaign,   conducted by these  female Tibetan Lama enablers of the sexual abuse rampant in Tibetan Lamaism is the latest and boldest use yet of the art of the doublespeak by the  Tibetan Lamas and their cult devotees to cover up the massive sexual abuse of females that is institutionalized in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

 Doublespeak in cults is a common practice  to confuse and freeze the mind into doublethink and groupthink. This is the main powerful cult technique of the Lamas which these female enablers have been deeply  indoctrinated in, sometimes for decades so it is second-nature to them.

These western devotees of the Lamas  have so compartmentalized their rational thinking from their fantasy lives, that there is no dissonance between what they say and believe and what is actually going on in Lamahood, and they no longer have any discriminating awareness about what is right or wrong or what to accept or reject.

Straddling two centuries, the ninth and the twenty-first, as all western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ do,  can lead to massive mental confusion in a western follower of the Lamas, these ‘precious ones’ on their thrones.

Book deals and elevated status, at least temporarily  for these women,   also helps keep their  delusional systems they are now foisting on everyone else  going.  These are women who  otherwise,  like Tsultrim Allione once was,  would be a real threat to the whole Tibetan Tantric system of exploitation and abuse for what they know and have experienced about the real workings inside the cult of Tibetan Lamaism that would blow it apart.

Mary Finnegan,  long time Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ and devotee of Sogyal of Lakar, as well as journalist for the Guardian newspaper and ex-Rigpa member  has been trying to expose  Sogyal to the public for decades.    Finnigan  used to pimp for the precious one,  Sogyal   in his Rigpa sangha by procuring new young  female recruits for his ‘special teachings’  and felt so bad about it later,  she decide to expose him in  many articles in the British  Guardian and an exposé she wrote called Behind the Thangkas.

Because he has created a multimillion dollar empire,  Sogyal is protected by all the ‘celebrity Lamas’ , including the Dalai Lama,  since money is the only thing that matters in Tibetan Lamaism,  that,  and exploiting others for their free labor, and sexual favors.

These Lamas are unscrupulous. So  knowing what  Allione’s Achilles heel was and the way to sideline her speaking out about the sexual exploitation of women in  these Lamaist groups was to give her what she always ‘secretly wanted’: formal recognition by the Lamas.

Now Tsultrim Allione is very quiet about Lama sexual abuse and is also part of the  ‘ It’s a Great Blessing Brigade’ along with the other female enablers in the sexually abusive system called Tibetan ‘Buddhism’. She would have been extremely dangerous to them, as she had an extensive female following of students of her own, and would have ‘blown the whistle’ in the U.S. about the Lamas’ sexual abuse of western women wide open.

Maybe , if you are really dangerous to the Lamas and  raising holy hell in the Tibetan Lama sanghas,   very angry about the sexual abuse and start exposing it far and wide, you  too will be given  a Lama Hat, a  brocaded gilded throne,  a new hat and  ‘religious’ title just like Tsultrim  not as a  ‘high lama’ , a ‘precious one’  of course,   but as a  sexual consort incarnation of Padmasambhava , the Indian Tantric magician and Sadhu, that brought the Hindu tantric Vajrayana to Tibet and plunged it into the long lasting dark ages of superstition and the occult when the Lamas and their mass monasticism took over  and spread their made up Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’  this Tantric Vajrayana of Hindu Guru worship of the Lamas and incarnated living deities, with complete and despotic rule over the Tibetan people.

Using  highly ritualized demon and deity  centered ‘religion’ and the use  of superstitious fear and ‘karma,’ the Lamas plunged the Tibetans into  total submission,  owning them body and mind , exploiting them for over a thousand years.  They are still exploiting them for dead causes like Free Tibet,  as the Dalai Lama encourages them to set themselves on fire for their Kundun,  a  serf and slave owner a mere fifty-five years ago ;  the Tibetan women were the Lama’s  sexual slaves, offered to them at a very young age – a ten  or eleven year old girl from an ‘outcast’ family  was considered ideal and would be offered to the high Lamas without choice,  to sexually use for their own pleasures,  but told,  of course,  that it was a ‘great blessing’.

A girl from a wealthier family,  such as Khandro of Lakar , from a wealthier family,  would also be offered but would become part of the Lamas  large household of servants and serfs,  with a more privileged position near the high Lama,  but still a sexual object , considered to be  a lower birth incapable of enlightenment.    The Lamas didn’t marry, marriage was not known in Tibet, the wealthy aristocrats took serial partners, and the peasant men shared a wife as brothers, so that the land would not be divided up , there was scarce enough arable land to go around as it was,  and they worked the land as feudal serfs to the Lamas and their ‘aristocratic families’  who still owned all the property  the Tibetan peasant labored on for the Lamas’ benefit while being taxed for every imaginable life event . A Tibetan women could be shared by two, three or more brothers, a domestic and sexual servant to them all . With a very  high infant and maternal death possibility,  as the sexual object of so many brothers,  in a country without hospitals or health care, most women entered the nunneries to escape this situation.   That is still  one of their primary motivations in Tibet today. It is just second nature for these new ‘westernized’  sexually exploitative  Lamas , dressed in western , hip clothes, to tell all the western women who come to them today,  distraught  and confused about the sexual abuse by such and such ‘rinpoche’ the same thing they told them in Tibet that: “it is a ‘great blessing to be chosen by ‘such and such rinpoche, an often much older Lama and that one is very special and lucky to be singled out in the long line of pretty, young ‘Dakinis’, used and discarded in these Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sanghas. From the Dalai Lama’s ‘Mind and Life Institute’ mission statement  for his spread of his mass monasticism and sexual abuse cult after dumbing down the U.S. and it’s academics.

‘Toward this end, Mind and Life has established Mind and Life Europe (now operating in Switzerland), and is planning an expansion in Asia and beyond. “Mind and Life has always been a place where people come together,” says Zajonc. “This is not about multinationalism in the way one normally might think about it. It’s about supplying the most profound insights of diverse contemplative traditions—along with the science that affirms them—to as many as we can. It’s about creating an inexhaustible well of service.”
Science that affirms eastern cults like his Tibetan Lamaism? Whose religious leader, the Dalai Lama , still consults his oracle, seven or eight times year for all major decisions?
Well here you have the not-so disguised truth, because that is exactly what the Mind and Life Institute is about: using ‘Science to  affirm the truth of his profound cult of Tibetan Lamaism”. 

Doublespeak  as the Dalai Lama’s  mission  is about creating an inexhaustible well of service,  but  a well of service  for the Lamas  not anyone else. This includes a well of inexhaustible service for  their sexual needs and practices using  female energy as they have throughout the centuries  for  their ‘Tantric couplings ‘ along with  the  inexhaustible wealth and free labor these  Lamas can beggar out of now the wide  world. A brigand system of exploitation, a true Kleptocracy that these Lamas have made into an art form,   stole the bodies, wealth and labor  from their own  Tibetan people, who were told they too were   so lucky to be ‘blessed’ by these  ‘precious ones’ and their mere presence. Just as they tell their western sanghas. This sexual abuse by the Lamas is not ‘exceptional’ by a few lamas in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  as the Lama apologists always claim.   It is the pinnacle and foundation of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  whose teachings are  only and always about the Lamas,  these avatars on thrones,   and what is best for them, what pleases them and all their wishes and needs should be ‘anticipated’ as well as fulfilled,   by the lower human realm of the ‘unenlightened’ rest of us,  so lucky and blessed to  devote our human lives  to  ‘serving them.’ The Lamas,  the rulers of Tibet,  were the State and used their own Tibetan people for their free labor and stole the  commonwealth from them,  leaving them in a state of semi-starvation and debt-usury,  95% of Tibetan families who inherited this Lama  debt, generation after generation. The Lamas are still using the  Hindu-based Vajrayana Tantra,  as a master-slave paradigm over whole groups of people-    Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ that these Lamas adapted and refined  to serve their own purposes,  pretending to the Tibetan people that they enslaved , that they discovered these ‘higher teachings’  in rocks and caves as terma, in order to continue their despotic  rule over their people. This sexual abuse by the Lamas is not by a few rogue Lamas , as they and their western enablers  are so fond of saying, often comparing themselves with other religions such as the Catholic Church and its wayward priests or the occasional Zen abbot scandals that make it to the main stream news. In the Vajrayana Hindu Tantra that the Lamas  co-opted and misnamed  ‘Buddhism’ the teachings  perpetuate a  guru master-slavish devotee paradigm which includes the Lamas  indulging their polygamous sexual pleasures at whim and as they are ‘extorted to do’ in their Sadhanas .  The Lamas feel absolutely justified in doing so , since they believe their own narcissistic story lines, fed to them since toddlers:  that they are  tulkus above the  human realm ,  and humans are only here to serve them. Some of these  female Dakini enablers have been thought-controlled since they were very young women within these western cults of Lamaism and they believe totally the Lama narrative that ‘being used  by their guru as a  sexual object  is a great blessing and a privilege and that all women should be grateful for their exploitation by the Lamas’. Of course the perks and special status within the Lama hierarchy  for some of them, if they play the game, has been more beneficial  then it would have been in Old Tibet where they would have been shuffled  in and out the back door of the monastery, not allowed to put even  a foot over the threshold  of the monasteries, as it would have ‘contaminated’ the sacred temple, when their ‘service to the Lamas ‘ was over. These ‘western dakinis’, like all western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ of course don’t read the real history of Tibet under these Lamas, and they  have to believe the ‘blessings myth’ ,  for to acknowledge the truth would be overwhelming and so disturbing and  cognitively dissonating ,  that  they are unwilling ever to confront it. So better for these ‘Dakinis’ to not face the truth, and  to keep convincing themselves and the world that it is all a ‘blessing.’  by the Lamas and that they are representing ‘feminism’. Could anything be more sad?

 Nothing changes in Lamaism, nothing will. Just the masks the Lama’s use to fool people change.

Dzigar Kontrul ‘rinpoche’, another  so-called westernized and semi-popular  Tibetan Lama, westernize   because he wears western clothes,  but who runs his sangha like a ninth century repressive  dictator with his ‘close’ devotees,  also tells the women,  who naively come to him,  confused and in pain about the sexual advances of other high Lamas,  that it is a “great blessing to be chosen”   for sex with any of these  living gods on thrones , like himself, and they should feel honored. That’s what this  so-called ‘westernized’ Lama tells these suffering women who come to him for advice and of course he would,  given his own predilections over the years within his own sangha. The Lamas alway protect  “This thing of ours’  that is always their sole  motivation behind any ‘spiritual advise’ they give.

His former ‘wife’,  another western  female dakini  who was given a big part in the High Lama  cover-up and  roll-out for Sogyal and the sexual abuse within Tibetan ‘Buddhism”,   is also on the Great Blessings Train, ‘ but she doesn’t stop there , she makes Video Odes  to Sogyal the  Sexual Exploiter,  singing  his praises ,  in her usual inane and childlike way.  The Lamas like women to be very demure, soft-spoken and adoring of them.   And she is all that.   Right after the public exposure of  Sogyal in the Canadian documentary, and the British Guardian she was immediately put out as damage control. 

Featured as one of the twelve ‘extraordinary Dakinis’ in the lastest Dakini Power Book, written  by a  former Life Coach , media expert, and now Tibetan Lamaist,   this ex-wife and sexual consort of  Dzigar the ‘precious’  will  be publishing another  book  on ‘emptiness’ in the coming future.   Since she is the ‘ex-wife’ of a high lama, she get special privileges and perks, even a teaching role on a ‘little dais’, travelling throughout the western sanghas,  part of her perks  for doing double damage duty for all the Lamas.  Look for her coronation  as a ‘great living master’  by the Lamas in the near future.

Khandro rinpoche, the token female Tibetan tulku and high lama,  in this  patriarchal, Lama-enabling  clerical  crowd ,  with her many Mindrolling centers ,  also featured as one of the twelve great dakinis in  the ‘Dakini Power’ handbook for justifying sexual abuse, looks down from  her high brocade throne on her female audience who have just prostrated three times to Her Magnificence  before she drops her gems of wisdom upon them .

She tells  all the female victims of the Lama abuses,  who dare to complain or protest,   to stop whining,  while blaming the victims for the abuse happening , these victims of the sexual advances and exploitation of the Lamas for their bliss practices and energy transferences,  who are chastised, sometimes publically at her retreats, for not being able to say ‘no’, to these ‘living gods on thrones’. At the same time  she reinforces the Lama living god status herself,  letting all of Lamahood off the hook for their responsibility in egregiously misusing their positions of spiritual authority in this way.

If Khandro of Mindrolling were to do otherwise,  she would topple  off that throne herself, if she could tell the truth, if she was even capable of seeing the truth,  after a whole life time being groomed in this patriarchal Lama system that is totally  based on idealizing the spiritual authority of the Lamas and seeing them as ‘perfect’ no matter what they do.  This is the ‘sine qua non’ of the Vajrayana teachings of Tibetan ‘Buddhism,  the tantric fast track to enlightenment, guru devotion as  Khandro well knows since she teaches , as all Lamas do, from the same  cookie-cutter Vajrayana notebook.  Either Khandro is knowingly deceptive, or she is as delusional and compartmentalized as her western devotees.   Someone should tell Khandro that ‘blaming the victim’ went in the dustbin in the 1980′s  as an excuse for authority figures taking advantage and  sexually assaulting  vulnerable young women who come to them for ‘spiritual advice.   In a sexual abuse case in Boston,  where  Judith Herman , expert in sexual abuse and well-known author on trauma testified,  Ms. Herman set a precedent in the Boston courts on a case that I brought her,  that had precedent-setting reverberations throughout the nation to  end the ‘Blaming the Victim’ excuse for sexual abuse of girls,  a common defense  sexual abuse perpetrators and their defense lawyers  had used in the past.  So much for this omniscient one,  Khandro the Precious and Prescient ,  and her  words of wisdom, this ‘living female buddha’ straight from the ninth century,   on her golden brocaded throne, who  hurls all the women in her audience back  a thousand years.  How could she offer any advice to womenof the twenty-first century , when she, like all the Tibetan Lamas  , are still living in the ninth century? Khandro needs to get off her ‘high throne’ and get real,  start learning  from the western women she keeps subservient and ‘below her’, ‘ who could run rings around Khandro the precious one  if only  these western women would stop prostrating to Her  Eminence, the number one  token female ‘Lama abuse enabler’ .

These western women need to  get off their hands and knees , shake off their groveling,  and  stop pretending to themselves that this woman or any of these boymen Lamas  know anything about the west  or much about  anything outside their narrow,  tulku protected ninth century world .  That would be the start of real ‘empowering’ of these western women again.  Until then, they stay cult controlled inside a patriarchal system whose foundations are  based on an  ancient caste system that is  profoundly misogynistic.

No amount of projection , idealization, compartmentalization, repression  and denial, all defenses of the clinically borderline patient, are  going to change  this reality in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ whose highest teachings rely on the sexual exploitation of women.

Khandro the precious one,  of course, like  most of  the younger generation of tulkus, was raised in a  privileged and protective bubble of Lamaism  in India , on a throne since a little girl,  soaked in this fantasy of an  all-male, narcissistically self-delusional god-realm system  and abusive patriarchy   who  herself has ‘identified with the aggressor’ as a defense.  Khandro has been an exception all her life as a female tulku,  and because her father had no sons, was probably only  ‘recognized’ to keep the Labrang,  the family fortune,  staying in the immediate family. This is the important thing in Lamaism and the purpose of  ‘reincarnations’ among relatives.   Khandro has been  ‘thought controlled’  herself by  Lamaism since a toddler .   She’s not going to blame the Lamas ,  she is one  of them, and certainly seems to relish her high and mighty privileged  position by the smug,  arrogant and sententious stance she exudes from her throne .

In every sexually abusive system you have the ‘perpetrators’  , the ‘enablers’ and the ‘deniers’ to keep it going.  Tibetan “Buddhism’ is no different. 

All this ‘great blessing and privilege ‘ talk is the same load of dung, the same double talk   told to the female sexual consorts in Old Tibet for over a thousand years and is the same Ioad of dung  that these female  promoters of the  Lamas , the western  Dakinis  are repeating and  reinforcing in their books and videos on YouTube:  that it’s a “Great Blessing” and you are so ‘lucky’  to be sexually exploited by some old Lama. These female ‘Dakini Power’ shills  for the Lamas are the worst  enablers of the sexual abuse however because  not only are they are the  same players  in any family system of abuse, but they are taking their doubletalk and doublespeak onto  the ‘world stage’ willing to be put out as shills for the Lamas  and  part of the Lamas’ massive cover-up and propaganda extravaganza;  Lamas who endorse these western enablers and their   ‘Dakini’ books,  write prefaces and introductions to these books and get them published in their multimillion dollar  Tibetan Lama publishing companies, like Snow Lion or Rigpa Publishing or affiliates like Shambhala Publications.

Recently, Tibetan Buddhism and its scandals regarding sexual abuse  have been all over the news, so  it called for a massive propaganda  and damage control campaign to deflect and confuse.

These  so -called ‘feminist’ western Tibetan Buddhist practitioners are simply being used by  the Lamas and Tibetan Buddhism again, whose dark side and tantric practices  that are the underlying reality dependent on sexual exploitation of women is  starting to come to light.

Often sexual consorts of lamas themselves for years, but now put out to pasture, (you are old to these lamas by your thirties )  they are  being used again as mouthpieces’ for the Tibetan Lamas, but with much better compensation. The power of  the Lamas and their cult of thought control over their devotees  and  ability to turn western cultural values on its head, cannot be overemphasized,  such that even  parents can  collude in the sexual abuse of their  own adolescent girls  in the cult of Tibetan Lamaism for the status it gives with the Lamas inside these western sanghas.

Some of these girls were as young as fourteen when they  first started sleeping with the Tibetan Lamas.  The Lamas have to make do in the west with this ‘older population’ but ten-years old were best  in old Tibet.

One  Phd. western Tibetan ‘Buddhist and teacher  skirted a law suit and possibly a jail sentence  in a  New York Tibetan Buddhist sangha, when he decided to sleep with a ten-year old daughter of another sangha member .  His defense was that the ‘sangha mother colluded’. The case was settled  while this western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ continued to teach and  coördinate a Shambhala center for many years after this sexual abuse scandal broke and then covered up in typical western, Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sangha fashion. Instead of his  being shunned by the  western Tibetan Lamaists,  the whole thing was covered up by the usual ‘denial’ within the sanghas that this was ‘abuse’ at all.

Moral relativism is  one of the main products of Tibetan   ‘Buddhism’ and an inability to discern ‘right from wrong’, because of a  deep confusion in the minds of western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ who have given up their own cultural values and are in a ‘time warp’  straddling two different centuries, the eighth century and the twenty-first century, a variation on Hassan’s “Changes in Time’ orientation . This western Tibetan teacher and devotee’s reputation was only slightly tarnished  and he was ‘forgiven’ since he was only ‘experimenting’ with the traditional teachings of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ that say a ten-year old girl is ideal as a consort.

Religious sexual abuse was considered in the sexual abuse literature and with the clients and families  I worked with as a licensed certified social worker and psychologist as the  most difficult to address because of the use of religion to  justify the abuse.

The victims of religious sexual abuse were also the most damaged by the abuse because the religious milieu made it almost impossible to address it  within these closed, religious systems where everyone was an enabler of the perpetrator of the abuses.  This is exactly what you have in Tibetan Lamaism , an extended family of sexual abuse,  justified by religion,  in a closed system of dysfunction. 

The Lamas and their Dakini enablers  have more in common with Warren Jeffs and his Fundamentalist, polygamous group  than with Buddhists.   But worse ,  instead of just silence being promoted, as in the past, these Lamas are getting very desperate and bold now that the ‘cat is out of the bag, ‘  thanks to Sogyal the precious and his sexual exploits , so the Lamas have to cover up  the sexual abuse  with a preëmptive strike: That   its great blessing and a sign of ‘good karma’, a stroke of ‘unimaginable great luck‘ to be sexually assaulted by a Lama.   These western female shills for the Lamas, these dakinis are  thus egregiously covering up and enabling the sexual exploitation to continue by protecting the Lamas with their latest con: Dakini Power.   This  new generations of western  female enablers are simply better compensated now,  being the ‘new corporate type’ Dakinis, and   more savvy about the business and marketing world themselves they also know how to create a spin. But the  ‘Great Blessing” con  is the same hackneyed  storyline the Lamas told the outcast girls and aristocratic daughters in Tibet, youg girls and  women who had no choice but  to be given by their families to some old dying Lama to increase his lifeforce.  “Good little girls’ of the lamas, all of these Dakinis of Dupe,  pretending they are  ‘wrathful warriors’ when they are just cult controlled victims themselves, pretending to be  adding to the ‘social justice of  women’ from their positions in  their patriarchal  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ hierarchies,   while ignoring the real root of the social injustice to women in their  Tibetan ‘buddhist’ sanghas :  the Lamas themselves. 

The  sexual abuse and exploitation of women in Tibetan buddhism  has lasted for centuries, by these lascivious lamas that are getting away with it again  in the west and now South East Asia,  and it is  in no small part  thanks to these  Dakinis,  these ‘brainwashed women, ‘ put out as ‘shills’for Tibetan Lamaism. The oldest ‘spiritual consort’ (also named Khandro), featured in  film and celebration at Lerab Ling, when Sogyal rinpoche’s second multimillion dollar lawsuit was taken, was part of the Lamas  cover up plan when Sogyal’s sexual abuses were being published and reported again in 2011.

So the Lamas said to themselves,  along with their western devotee promoters and spin doctors and with the Dalai Lama’s blessing of course,   “let’s elevate Sogyal’s  old aunt to the status of ‘enlighted wisdom holder’. who was ‘given away to an old Lama  in Tibet, to increase his ‘longevity, ‘ when she was a young girl  and  he was fifty six years old,

We can  even  build a stupa for ‘auntie Khandro’  at Sogyal’s Lerab Ling empire, and make the sexual abuses of a thousand years  by these Lamas a GREAT BLESSING”. So that’s what they did. These Lamas are unscrupulous and conniving, and masters at spin. By making their egregious behaviors ‘hidden in plain site’ and  now calling it their ‘compassionate activity’ and ‘blessings’,  their ‘bodhisattva activity’ , it is an example of their most outrageous  Lama cult control ‘doublespeak,’  well orchestrated and timed to cover up another potential tsunami of  Lama sexual abuse exposure reaching the main street public.

The  Lama enablers, these Dakini women, can be  a mixed bag.  Most are Lama cult members , thought-controlled for decades now, but a few, coming in from the life coach and corporate realm,  are  the usual suspects that see a good profit in the making.   The  Lamas   are now attracting a new group of devotees,   media experts, who  also know how to create a great spin.

Many of these  Tibetan Lamas now have public relations spin doctors and media types  and former corporate lawyers and CEO’s of companies as their ‘new ‘devotees’ and wise elders in their sanghas. These specially privileged  westerners are  both thought-controlled cult members,  and/or opportunists who are  taking advantage of another profitable opportunity .  Being connected to Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Dalai Lama gives them instant currency in a duped nation.

These  media corporate types move up quickly in the Lama hierarchy and are feted and adored by the Lamas, similar to the wealthy western benefactors   that give the Lamas lots of money. These’birds of a feather’ gathering around the Lamas  are the  new ‘gaggle of aristocracy’. How could George Soros, for example, who supports the Dalai Lama  every admit he was wrong about Tibetan ‘Buddhism?’ Doesn’t he believe he is a god as well, as all these billionaires living in their godrealms believe?

After all , that is why the wealthy plutocracy gravitate to the Lamas and their occult religion.  It allows them to rationalize their own greed as simply a mark of their specialness and ‘extraordinarily good karma.’ The Lamas never change,  they always gather the same group around them that they had in Tibet, only now they are the western wealthy  ‘groupies’ of the Lamas that manage and handle the Lamas and their skullduggery to fool the masses, most believing too that their Lamas are incarnate divine beings . All these westerners are part of the Lamas’ enabling system to spread their misogynistic tantra on the world.

Whatever their motivation,  these western enablers  reflexively protect the Lamas and  are now  foisting  this sick , misogynistic system on the  rest of the world  instead of vehemently denouncing and exposing  it as the egregious, corrupt system that it always was, i.e.  a despotic ‘religion’ that would take a girl from her family , with no choice,  offered up as a sacrifice  to some  old Lama so his life force could be strengthened and calling it a  blessing.  The only reason Soygal’s auntie Khandro wasn’t tossed out the back door of the monastery in Old Tibet,  after her use for the Lama was over,  was because she was from a wealthy benefactor’s  family ,  the Lakar family,  and is one of the few  truths in  Sogyal’s  biography on his Rigpa site.

A wealthy western benefactor put on ‘retreat’ in Nepal  by Tsoknyi rinpoche,  after many months  called home to the United States,  in tears,  and distraught.  When asked why she was crying  and so upset, she said it ‘was because I am not a man  and I  can never  be enlightened.’ That’s what these westernized Lamas really  teach the women under their spell when they get them  back in the land of the god- men and its  caste system that knows how to  keep women in their place.

No pretense of feminism necessary in Nepal.

Don’t be fooled.   This is massive damage control by the Lamas and the worst enablers of the Lamas’  sexual abuse inside these Tibetan Lama sanghas-  women who are not brave,  not ‘wisdom women’ as they say,  but promoters of sexual abuse by the Lamas. These Dakinis are a a trojan horse for women of the worst kind ,  female enablers of a misogynistic cult who are now glorifying themselves for their dastardly collusion with the Lamas  while participating  in  a bold propaganda and damage control  campaign for the Lamas,  calling themselves ‘feminists’ and ‘women warriors’  when it’s just the usual doublespeak and doublethink by  victims of a sexually abusive, authoritarian  cult. If you want to know what is really happening inside these Tibetan Lamas sanghas,  ask the whistleblowers of the sexual  and other Lama abuses in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’, who aren’t willing to sell their sisters down the river for a book deal,  or a throne and a Lama hat.

© Copyright 2014 – Christine A. Chandler

The Dharma Brats

Baby Buddhas


The Very  Special Children of the Cult of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’

Many western Tibetan Buddhists  have spent their  whole adult life , forty years or more, sitting at the feet  of their Lamas, their ‘masters’  and their children,  the ‘dharma brats’ of these  devoted, western  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ parents  are soaked in guru worship no matter where they turn.

Like their parents,  they are taught in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ that the Tibetan Lamas  are  very special beings,  living Buddhas in fact,  that have chosen to be reborn in the world of human suffering  only to help all sentient beings reach nirvana , Tibetan style.   The Lamas  are to be obeyed and adored, without question if this freedom is to be reached.

The dharma brats ,  this first generation of children of the spread of  western Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’ have always been told that they, too, like the Lamas,   are very special and above the ordinary human realm themselves, the  divine assembly  around the Lamas with a very  ‘fortunate birth’.

Indeed, when compared to the rest of us  mere  ordinary human beings,   just to be born into these sanghas of the very first western practitioners of  Tibetan Lamaism sets them apart… .   Western Tibetan Buddhist Indigo children  if you will.  Child  avatars  themselves whose good  karma  from past lives  is immeasurable. 

In reality the dharma brats are the deeply thought-controlled  children of   an authoritarian, high demand  priestly cult,   who have spent their entire lives in a ninth century fantasy world of demons and deities, hell realms and god realms, superstition and  willful ignorance, a world created and  despotically overseen by  these  ‘divinely self-appointed’ Tibetan  Lamas who rule with absolutist and dictatorial edict in their western sanghas ,  surrounded by their gaggle of  wealthy, western élite  and the Lama’s much larger western unpaid labor force,  ,just like in  Old Tibet, to help them build and build and build build with maniacal intensity now their Lamaseries and centers of influence throughout the world.

Watching their parents and other  well-educated adults around them   obsequiously and . sycophantically  slave for the Lamas,  prostrating at the feet of these  Lamas, grateful for a look, or an acknowledgement  from their God Kings, watching their parents give up their lives for the Lamas,  chanting for long hours together,  supplicating  the Lamas for their blessings  while donating to  the Lamas  much of their money and free labour to help  build the Tibetan Buddhist Lama centers and stupas and monasteries  throughout the west these dharma brats are the deeply indoctrinated cult members of Lamaism, without any awareness at all that this is so. They believe they are the beacon of freedom for the future world coming our way.

The dharma brats are actually  helping the Lamas  recreate, world-wide, what they lost in Old Tibet : a medieval  closed  and atavistic world of misogyny and magic,  superstition and  Lama self-inflation,  coupled with  a state of servitude and unquestioning obeisance on the part of their   western devotees who have agreed to undermine democratic values and substitute a dictatorial theocratic monarchy for their  Tibetan ‘Masters’ and call this ‘creating an enlightened society’.

It is always the ninth century  inside the inner world of western Tibetan Buddhism.

Another generation of ‘dharma brats’ , the ‘dharma brats of dharma brats’ are now being born, and these children, too,  will be indoctrinated  into  believing  that  the Tibetan  Lamas are reincarnated deities from a long lineage stream of wisdom ‘incarnates’ , who have only entered the ‘human realm,’  again and again,  because of their great ‘compassionate’ willingness  to leave nirvana and re-enter saṃsāra, our ordinary human world of suffering to set the world of humans free.

The catch is, however, that to gain this freedom, one has to first become a slave to the Lamas , who are to be seen as perfect at all times,  and beyond criticism ,  adored like God Kings,  their every wish one’s  command.

In other words,  if one becomes a mental and physical slave to the  Tibetan Lamas, these developmentally arrested, priestly abused,  boy-men on thrones,only then will one attain ‘freedom’.   The number one  double thinking meme of the Lamas that keeps the dharma brats , and their parents and anyone that is drawn into their ‘net of delusion’  in a state of  perpetual confusion while calling it ‘spiritual advancement’.

At the same time , while believing and living inside a medieval  fairy tale  of Lama avatars, masters and slaves,   and engaging in magical thinking, a belief in  deities and demons and visualizing oneself as a demon or deity in their ‘vajrayana tantric practices’,   western  parents and their dharma brats all tell themselves and the  world  that they are ‘non theistic’   and secular,  rational and operating from a  higher consciousness, a greater calmness, kindness and awareness than the rest of the less fortunate humans surrounding them.

The ‘Doublethink’ of cult conditioning, -  i.e.  holding two contradictory realities in  one’s mind at once -is  a very powerful thought control technique used all the time by cults. It has an immediate   freezing effect on common sense and reasoning while simultaneously opening a person up to further endless indoctrination by the Lamas.

Many children of the cult of Lamaism,  a.k.a. ‘Tibetan Buddhism’,  live in Boulder, Colorado , or Halifax Nova Scotia and attended ‘Sun Camp’, a children’s indoctrination camp into Shambhala  Lamaist doctrine, run by former child Shambhala camp members.  Later these children will more than likely attend  Naropa University ,   where the special parents of the first generation of Tibetan ‘Buddhism still  teach and administer a  ‘recruiting college’ that is set up lure another younger generation into Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ memes,   Shambhala style,  but is always maintaining the myth that Naropa  is  not  part of Shambhala  Incorporated and is a completely  separate entity .

Tell that to the undergraduates of Naropa   who discover that attending  Shambhala  meditation centers for credit ,  part of the Naropa curriculum, is mandatory.

  In the minds that are all now ‘one mind’ with their individual Lamas,  are planted the seeds of a World  Buddhocracy and no one is more enthusiastic than these dharma brats who plan on now conquering the world and laying their atavistic religion of superstition and repression on the rest of us.   Tibetan Lamas and their devotees , east and west,  always take the long view .

These  dharma brats are therefore scattering themselves and ‘infiltrating’  throughout the world now,   as ‘global children of peace,’   while spreading their cult of Lamaism far and wide.   But no matter how far and wide  the dharma brats scatter, they always stay ‘close-in’ to the Lamas and to each other – not at all hard to do  since all the Tibetan Lama sects and their many high Lamas  have now  joined forces under the Dalai Lama hegemony with  multiple Tibetan Lama centers, thousands by now, spreading their mass monasticism of thought-control throughout the world  with the help of the dharma brats.

The  Shambhala sect of Lamaism, like the  other Tibetan  Lama sects,   has  merged under the Dalai Lama’s Lama hegemonic umbrella,  and all  these young dharma brats of  the various Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sects  are engaged  in  massive world proselytising for a World Buddhism.  But none are on a more  dharma-thumping missionary quest, one that would make the Mormons and the Jehovah witnesses stand up and take notice,  than Shambhala (Utopia) International and its Buddhist Missionaries   the dharma brats  with an Agenda, i.e. to bring ‘enlightened society, ‘ i.e. a ninth century theocratic monarchy,  to the world.

Some of the children of the cult of Tibetan Lamaism,  Shambhala style, suffer greatly inside this cult of thought control,  particularly if they are  independent types and intelligent.   They try to rebel against the ‘felt but difficult to name’,  conformity and repression inside their sanghas.   Having  few  other ‘reference points’ but the Lamas and Tibetan “Buddhism”, however,  makes it almost impossible to escape,  particularly since their  friends , their family and  whole social network are in the cult of the Lamas.

This is a very large, extended family,  a very special family, made up of the very special people who occupy the land of Shambhala   so  leaving this cult  would be tantamount to a kind of death.  How could you ever leave something you were told all your life  was so ‘special?’

So it is  very painful for the children of the cult of Lamaism,  who are  stuck in a different way than their parents,  as they have known nothing else and are as deeply indoctrinated in  Tibetan Hindu guru tantric  memes  as the Lamas themselves since   the cult of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ captivated  both populations  when they were toddlers.

Some dharma brats are alcoholics by thirty years old,  some are depressed,  some have even committed suicide in the cult of the Lamas.

There  is another very special group of  dharma brats,    who are the children of the Lamas, and these most special dharma brats have been spoiled rotten by the delusional cult members that surround them in these sanghas. These tulku dharma brats often  the most deeply disturbed , narcissistic , and socially damaged  since no adult limits were ever imposed upon them  by  their extended  surrogate family of of thousands of  enabling, western Tibetan devotees. Yet these will be the future rinpoches or precious ones on thrones. 

They get to practice their future omniscient roles, since their large extended family of cult devotees of Lamaism have been asking  these spoiled  tulku dharma brats for ‘spiritual advise’ since they were toddlers, for these are ‘future Lamas’ for a next generation of the duped and bewildered under the Lamas’ thumbs..

The western  nannies of these tulku dharma brats,  the many  serial surrogate  adult figures and babysitters that take care  of this special group and who see them as avatars and superior to every other dharma brat child, who is already considered very special, have created a group of veritable  dharma brat monsters  within these Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  sanghas,   little,  tulku tyrants whose every wish, just  like the so-called adult Lamas, has to be obeyed.

This  special   group of dharma brats, these  ‘already recognized superior tulku brats’ ,  mostly Tibetan but some really obnoxious western ones,  will be the next  generation of   even more spoiled rinpoches  on thrones,  some who are bright and sometimes even disillusioned by Tulkuism but cannot see the source of their disillusionment  and the future perks awaiting them on the thrones is too great, too tempting to forsake their tulkuhood altogether, particularly when the alternative would be to work for a living and make their way in the world alone.

But the majority  of these special dharma brats  are only eager to become new  precious ones on  brocaded thrones, whose every wish will be a command for their surrounding cult members.

Many of the western , ordinary dharma brats, but still very special,  are now part of the Lamas’ ‘administration’ circle.  They are uniquely trusted by the Tibetan Lamas since , like the Lamas, they have never known anything else but the Lama cult that has always surrounded them. These dharma brats, often educated at Yale and Columbia,   are also fanatic recruiters and proselytizers,  and  believing that they are the chosen ones,  the specially elect sent into the world to create a theocratic monarchy  of Lamaism,  while calling it secular and scientific,  are convinced  in their Lama medieval worlds, that Tibetan tantric Lamaism , a  guru master-slave paradigm ,  is an improvement on democracy and their own western culture ,  a culture they  have been taught to reject since  toddlers,  sitting at their  parents’ and the Lamas’ knees.

New western   ‘administrative devotee  recruits’ come into the scene of Tibetan Buddhist  sanghas and move quickly up the ladder of prestige and status inside the rigid Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  hierarchy only if they are very wealthy or have some other skill that is  ‘useful’ to the Lamas and their never-ending spread of Lamaism.

These westerners gain special privilege and place in the Lamas’  ‘inner circles’  these days,  and since the new wave of western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ is more likely to be from the corporate world or have public relations  or marketing skills , they  are particularly valued inside  the Mega Churches of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .

If one is a  very young , female,  attractive, and a  possible ‘sexual ‘consort’  for the Lamas’ serial,  tantric coupling and bliss practices,  this can also catapult one into inner chambers of the secret world of the Lamas, at least temporarily, to receive the Lama’s special ‘blessings.’

If one keeps ones’ lips sealed after being discarded , one can be elevated to ‘dakini status’ within these western Tibetan sanghas.

Whistleblowers are not welcomed in Tibetan Lamaism.  Whistleblowers are the ones that still believe in the democratic values of freedom of choice and speech and don’t believe that  returning to medieval times would be that helpful to anyone.

Some of these ‘dharma brats’  were adolescent girls when they were sexually used inside these Tibetan Lama Sanghas as ‘consorts’ for the Lamas over the years, often with their parents approval, since it would give their mothers and fathers ‘status’ within the Lama hierarchy to have a female child chosen by these ‘divine ones on their thrones’.  Can anything be sadder?   Some  are given the title now of ‘wisdom consorts,’  or dakinis,  as their brains have been  turned  into  mush by the Tibetan Lamas .

The  Lamas are very,  very threatened by intelligent western women  who would question this belief system and the sexual exploitation and egregious  promiscuous behavior  that comes naturally to  of these ‘spiritual advisors ‘ on thrones.  These women  don’t last long in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’

These  young ‘dakini’ dharma brats  later become the highly indoctrinated enablers of the sexual abuses by the Lamas in order to protect the Lamas and ensure that the Lamas can keep  indulging  their avaricious sexual needs.

Reframing the Lama sexual abuse now as  a ‘great blessing’ and a mark of good  karma, the same line that these Lamas used on the illiterate Tibetan  peasants for over a thousand years  under their thrall,   not only spreads the sexual exploitation by these abusive  priestly gurus in the west,  but protects the Lamas from lawsuits by  these serial sexual consorts colluding with them and   labeling the Lamas’  ubiquitous sexual exploitation  of young  western women inside their Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ sanghas as Dakini Power,  an oxymoronic and  doublespeak technique , i.e.  two opposite thoughts  held in the mind simultaneously:  being  sexually exploited   by these divinely appointed spiritual authority figures the Lamasis not abuse  at all but  really a great ‘blessing’. Thus these ‘dakinis’ both protect the Lamas and throw their sisters to these wolves in sheeps clothing.

All polygamous cults leaders use the same ‘doublespeak techniques’ and  teach the same thing early on  to the youth in their clutches.

These dharma brats often  leave the safety of the cult of Lamaism to obtain  ivy college degrees   in such fields as  ‘International Global Planning’ or ‘International Law” ,  or perhaps  they are  joining the new ‘dumbed down’ Psychology field as  the new ‘psychotherapists,’ and life coaches,  spilling out of Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado and other ‘contemplative psychotherapy programs , saturating academic institutes that have incorporated Tibetan occult Lamaism into their curriculum and have Tibetan Lama Departments or special Dalai Lama  NGO’s within the university and colleges themselves .

Much of this continued and unceasing  infiltration is   thanks to the spread of Tibetan Lamaism by the first generation of western Tibetan ‘Buddhists of  this Shambhala  cult,  who were told to get higher degrees and ‘blend’ .   But it is these children, the  devoted and deeply indoctrinated dharma brats,   with their degrees in journalism, academia, international law , business, psychology and other professions where they can have the most ‘influence’ ,  who are the most fanatic about Lamaism’s spread, just  like their Lamas.

And just  like their parents were told , the dharma brats are told  to  get  western higher degrees to become more ‘professionally credentialed’  but only in order to  infiltrate and blend, and therefore shill for the Lamas and  Tibetan ‘Buddhism.

These dharma brats  have been indoctrinated to have no respect for their own western culture and its values of freedom of thought and speech,  critical reasoning and inquiry, in fact they have been taught by all the Lamas, to develop a  childlike state that eschews rational thinking while being able  to use the rhetoric and jargon of a reasonable person  and  appear to be  ‘objective’ , scientific and ‘secular’ ,  scholars and meditators,  simply perfecting the study of the mind and consciousness when underneath  their façade to the world  are just another group of fanatic ‘true believers’ ,  cult members in a high demand, authoritarian cult spreading  a fundamentalist medieval ,misogynistic totalistic religion  on the rest of us while  believing that they are ‘saving the world’ and bringing it to a new level of consciousness.

But how  could mental slaves and drones of the Lamas  free people to a higher level of consciousness?

These dharma brats are actually  creating the  New Religion for the World, a Hindu based,   new age,  tantric  influenced , socio-religious paradigm of extreme  thought control brought to us  through the vehicle of an atavistic, misogynistic, priestly cult  of  despots, autocrats and narcissists on thrones who are now determined to conquer the world with their ‘domination  by stealth’ ambitions while pretending they are humble ecumenicalists with no political agenda at all, when their agenda has reached egomaniacal , groupthink proportions.

“Since Trungpa’s Shambhala Training incorporates all of the established tantric deities, the entire martial field of Tibetan Buddhism with its entrenched concept of “the enemy” and its repellant daemonic power is adopted by people who naively and obligingly set out to attain personal enlightenment . We thus have the impression that the pupils of the tantra masters are exposed to a class hypnotic agenda… whereas they have long since become the pawns of Tibetan occultism in whose unfathomable net of regulations (tantra means ‘net’) they have become entrapped. Once their personal ambitions have been dissolved into nothingness they can be enslaved as the loyal lackeys of a spiritual power politics which no longer sees the “higher self” in the “universal monarch” but rather a real political “wrathful wheel turner”  who lays waste to the world with his armies from Shambhala so as to then establish global Buddhocracy”. 1979 Harper’s Magazine by Peter Marin  on “Spiritual Obedience’

Here is the special poem written to these dharma brats’  by their  Goldman Sach’s Lama , the  Sakyong  of Shambhala Incorporated,  the King Dharma Brat himself:

sakyong and subjects


Fortunate Birth

In the kingdom of children
Every one of you is this child,
An innocent being
Who jumped out of heaven
And landed in Shambhala.
Fortunate birth is who you are–
Everything is perfect in your world.

Your clothing is the mist of heaven,
Your feet covered by dragon’s breath,
You are the most fortunate beings on earth.
You are the children of dharma.
Nothing can close your open heart.
Other children suffer, caught in perpetual dilemma–
Because Buddha has touched you,
You are fortunate.

Be dharmic now,
Be powerful now,
Be benevolent now–
Not for me, not for others–
But because that is your blood.
When you feel privileged, use it.
When you feel ashamed, pounce.
Consume that hesitation–
It’s only a flicker of your imagination.

You are the blessed people on this earth.
Every atom of your being is Buddha–
What’s left is joy.
You have no excuse;
Don’t sulk.
You can be sad, for sadness is
the most genuine expression.
Expression of goodness is who you are.
Being a child of dharma is dilemma.
Being a child of dharma is freedom.

Consume this hesitation of not knowing.
Never doubt,
Only walk forward.
Love everything,
For that is why you are here.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. His Holiness and King of Shambhala

The editor of Elephant Journal,   a dharma brat himself,  brings us this message from his Guru and  Dharma Brat King.  He is of course clueless  about  how others, who aren’t  the very special children of the cult  of this  very special Tibetan Buddhist sect,   might view this poem that he published  in his Hindu Tibetan  Buddhist Yoga magazine, that mixes new age , yoga and Tibetan Buddhism all up in a big mess of confusion while posing as ‘cool and hip’ to be embracing a ninth century,  tantric occult,  priestly misogynistic anachronism , and then  thrusting it on the world, confusing   more younger generations into a form of incredible  narcissistic stupor and self-obsession over their bodies, their minds and their ‘spiritual advancement’,  to the detriment of their growth as fully functioning, responsible and compassionate adults who actually can think about others instead of self-obsessed about themselves , twenty four hours a day.  Even their sleep is taken up with ‘dream yoga’.

Elephant journal, a  Shambhala  magazine disguised as a Yoga magazine, whose unwitting goal is to bring the streams of Hindu and Tibetan Lamaism together,  does demonstrate the truth that Tibetan ‘Buddhism’, brought to us by the Lamas,  is not Buddhism after all,  but is  really Hindu Yoga,  the streams never parted in  the Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ of the Lamas since they come from one source  the Hindu Tantra Vajrayana and the Great ONE theory  . HUM……

Which is not Buddhism.

It’s best  not wake these ‘dharma brats’ up , though,    The   resultant ‘cognitive dissonance’   might cause them to faint into  deeper comas from which there is no possible awakening.

We better just tip-toe away from them and leave them in their very, very  special world with each other.

These  dharma brats are the ‘divine selfies’among us.



© Copyright 2014 – Christine A. Chandler

The Dalai Lama, 969,and Zen: The Global seeds of a World Buddhocracy

Violence, Racism  and Sexual Abuse in Shangri-lai

Christine  Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

The  Burmese Theravadin Buddhist lineage of the 969 Movement  is the lineage now merging with the Tibetan Vajrayana Tantric ‘Buddhism’ of the Dalai Lama  through his Mind and Life Institute’s ‘mindfulness meditation’ training streams and being heavily promoted by global corporations out of Silicon Valley and at  Google.

Harvard Business School and Forbes have  also indirectly endorsed  these merged streams  of meditation through promoting  the  Mind and Life Institute’s Dan Goleman and his  focused leadership training programs’ for its graduate students and western corporate media is facilitating all of this to create the New World of Corporate Quietism.

That this  particular  Burmese Theravadin lineage of Buddhism   is the  same  lineage as  the  ‘wrathful’ anti-Muslim ’969′ leader,  Wirathu’s  ‘meditation lineage’ is not widely known.  Wirathu is  described  in a Times cover story as the Bin Laden of Burma and  who has been leading the ‘Hacking of Muslims to Death’ campaign  described as a genocide by the Human Rights Watch.   It exposes the violence and ethnic racism that can be under the thin veneer  and all positive projections we superimposed on our new favorite  western ‘religion’ ‘Buddhism.’ 

This  Burmese Theravadin lineage  is also the lineage called ‘Insight Meditation’ or Vipassana,  relabeled ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation that Salzberg,  Goldstein and Jack Kornfield are teaching  and promoting at their successful California retreat Center,  Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California but this connection  with 969′s lineage is certainly never mentioned anywhere and never alluded to by the founders of Insight Meditation on any of their websites, although the connections can easily be found when reading their bios and their Buddhist lineage histories.

The Wirathu 969 website, since taken down,  also reflects this  lineage’s past and long-standing connections with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .  Wirathu, 969′s leader,  quoted the Dalai Lama and  refers  to the  Kalachakra teachings of Tibetan ‘Buddhism,’ given by the Dalai Lama to thousands of people worldwide over the last decades.

Wirathu’s quotes  referring to the Dalai Lama and the ‘Wheel of Time’  apocalyptic teachings of the Kalachakra were to  justify the violence  and ethnic prejudice that he and his Theravadin monks have engaged in against Muslims in Burmese Myanmar for years now,  Muslims they want to push back from participation in that Buddhist majority  country.

The Dalai Lama has had a close relationship with this  Lineage of Burmese Theravadin Buddhism as did the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Lamaism  when both sects  first arrived as refugees in India. So the Dalai Lama has  connections   with the  monk leaders of this lineage,  as well as through his  western students like Sharon Salzberg ,Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield, who first brought it to the U.S. through their Vipassana insight meditation centers in Massachusetts and  later California.

Joseph Goldstein,  one of the founding teachers of this Theravadin meditation lineage,  along with Salzberg, and Jack Kornfield,  is  now himself a devotee of the Tibetan Lamas,  and Goldstein has   actually suggested an‘integrated framework’ for  what he now  practices as ‘Buddhism’  advocating a new  One Dharma. This framework would be  a merging of the Burmese Theravadin lineage, Tibetan  Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. We can already see  that  merging materialize in the co-teaching retreats that are happening between these traditions, led by the ‘celebrity teachers’ of these schools.  Joan Halifax of the Zen tradition now teaches beside Tsoknyi rinpoche,  a Tibetan Lama, as does Salzberg,  Goldstein, Kornfield and Goleman.  All of these ‘enlightened teachers’ are advocating a state of “not knowing” as the pinnacle of wisdom and are promoting this One Dharma to establish  a new religion for the west.  This is despite Jack Kornfield  and company at Spirit Rock  being warned by one of their first Theravadin teachers that ‘mixing streams’ would be disastrous and that ‘maras’  and confusion would surely follow.

Naturally, in the west,  the 969 lineage connections with the Vipassana  “Loving Kindness” mediation practiced at Spirit Rock, California  and in Barre, Massachusetts are played down by these western teachers who brought this  lineage to the west and  who hope the connections are never made by  other Buddhists let alone the public.  Their former Theravadin  teacher and  lineage holder of the ‘fruition’ of  969′s peaceful meditation  in Burma,  U Pandita  Sayadaw,  the current holder of this lineage   has yet to speak out publically against what the  Human Rights Watch has referred to as  a ‘genocide’ being  perpetrated there in the name of Buddhism.

U Pandita Sayadaw has  also yet to publicly condemn the Burmese monk, Wirathu  who is vocally spearheading this movement of hatred and violence with his rants against Muslims.  Nor have Salzberg, Goldstein, Kornfield or Sam Harris, Secular Ethics promoter of the Dalai Lamaa’s  Science and Secular Ethics’ masked dance, ,  student of  Tibetan vajrayana and verbal Muslim basher himself,   said a word about their  ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation  lineage stream’s abuses still occurring in Burma.  Not a word.   Nevertheless, Mahasi Sayadaw’s  lineage  of Theravadin Buddhists, and  their leader,  U Pandita’s  silence has been noticed .

The misogyny within this  969 Buddhist sect collides with its violence and ethnic prejudice,   as repressive authoritarianism in a society and mistreatment of women usually go  hand-in-hand.   Wirathu and other Burmese religious leaders justify their anti-Muslim stance as based on an ‘interfaith’ marriage ban to protect the majority Buddhist population in Myanmar.  Educated women who are against this ban  are silenced in a country known for its unequal treatment of women, as a recent article of March 3rd, 2014 in Myamar news discusses:

The culture in Myanmar also encourages women to remain submissive and accept decisions that are made on behalf of them – often by men. This behaviour is accepted in private life and in public.

Women who do speak up publicly can expect to be strongly criticized, including by other women.

Those who support an inter-faith marriage ban believe they need to speak for other Myanmar women because they lack the intelligence to know what is best for them.

In an interview with this reporter on July 17, 2013, U Maung Maung from the Theravada Dharma Network, a support group of the 969 movement, said: “The law is necessary because our Buddhist women are not intelligent or educated enough to protect themselves.”

A  group of American Buddhists  in California have also recently  launched a twitter account promoting this 969 movement to do damage control. This was right  after the Time’s cover article on  969′s monk leader,  Wirathu and his machete wielding monks was published. This new American, pro-969 group  also claims to be a vehicle for promotion  of  Wirathu’s organization  as the “seeds of a global pro-Buddhist movement that can give Buddhism and its values a collective voice”.  For an in depth discussion of these 969 connections see Trimondi online. 

Sam Harris, who studied with the Dalai Lama and with his  Theravadin teacher, Sharon Salzberg   and then, like her,  connected   with  Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama,  also comes from this Burmese lineage of anti-Muslim bashing.  Sam is also connected with the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute, and like the Dalai Lama, is donning  ‘Secular Ethics’ ,   non-religious  and ‘Scientific’ masks  to promote Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism,  the most patriarchal, theocratic religion imaginable, while he is declaring death to all religions.

This is typical of the ‘compartmentalization ‘ and doublespeak of those who are  thought-controlled western cult members of  Tibetan Lamaism and are out shilling for the Lamas  while saying they are promoting a philosophy of the ‘mind and consciousness’ that is nontheistic.

Instead of using a machete, Sam uses his inflammatory rhetoric every time he has speaking engagements.   Sam served  for a time as one of the Dalai Lama’s  students in India when on his ‘spiritual journeying ‘ and wanderings in the east.  He is probably well aware of the teachings contained in the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Wheel of Time  teachings and has more than likely been initiated into the higher teachings that predict an apocalyptic war with Muslims and other semitic religions whereby an Integrated Buddhism for the world, will usher in a  theocratic religion whose ambition is to usher in a thousand-year period of ‘peace, ‘ Tibetan Lamaist style. Keeping peace  in Tibet meant  gouging out of eyes, tongues, and lopping off limbs  for even minor offences, such as stealing a goat,  in Old Tibet 1959,   by this priestly gaggle of misogynistic feudal  tyrants and slave holders, the Dalai   Lamas,  that allowed no questioning of their iron-handed, violent, and repressive rule in their Theocracy. They owned their own people , body and mind, and this is what Sam is promoting while bashing other religions.

Sam engages in high level ‘double speak’  so typical of members of the cult of Tibetan Lamaism  claiming  he is a ‘secularist’  and excoriating all  other religions, particularly Islam  for being apocalyptic as well as misogynistic,  while simultaneously promoting and proselytising for  his favorite  misogynistic, and apocalyptic theocracy , Tibetan Vajrayana ‘Buddhism,’  which he often says publicly is  uniquely “nonviolent and peaceful” among all religions.

Mr. Goleman, popular author of “Emotional Intelligence’   like Sam Harris, is also a long-time  devotee of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ ,  sitting at the feet of his ‘master’ Sogyal rinpoche while enabling , protecting and facilitating Lama  Sogyal’s  alleged and well-documented sexual predatoriness and physical abuse of hundreds of western women over the last forty years in his  multinational, multimillion dollar Rigpa empire.

When not teaching  focused leadership skills to Harvard Business school graduates, Mr. Goleman is  seen,  infantalized and childlike,  before his ‘master’ Sogyal ,  breaking his vows as a psychologist to do no harm and warn and report of  harm to others, by promoting and protecting Sogyal as a great master and teacher, believing  him to be  a ‘living god and avatar’ with whom he  has taken  his Vajrayana vow  ‘to never see  as anything but  ‘perfect no matter what behaviors he might erroneously, as a mere human, think he is seeing  , a vow clearly more important than his oath as a psychologist.

One wonders when Mr. Goleman will include in his  ‘Advanced’ Training programs on  Leadership Skills at Harvard Business school his  course on ‘ Being a Sexually  and Physically Abusive Leader in the Workplace  and Getting  Away With It,   since Mr. Goleman’s real expertise is in that type of ‘focused leadership’ for forty years sitting at  his master Sogyal’s  feet.

When not advising Harvard Business School Graduates, or prostrating before his master Sogyal,   Mr. Goleman is out pushing  the Mind and Life Institute’s global Buddhocracy agenda,  where Tibetan lamas, like his master Sogyal,  are invited to teach and sit on their various panels as ‘experts’ with the other ‘scientists’ and ‘scholars’ from around the world .

This sexually abusive cult of Tibetan Lamaism, and the   ‘wagon circling  Lamas’ who protect Sogyal and promote the misogynistic and  sexually abusive foundational teachings  of Tibetan ‘Buddhism” are also featured speakers at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University with such scientific topics’  as “Lower Birth and Spiritual Transcendence. ”   Clayman Institute for Gender Research also provides a  vehicle for the Lamas ubiquitous and constant fundraising and propaganda campaign for their misogynistic endeavors and their most egregious disguise and mask ‘feminism.’

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas’ excel in calling something the ‘opposite’ of what it is,  in order to fool people, and these ‘feminist scholars’ and ‘scientists’ are clearly the most easily duped  by ‘appearances’ and the Tibetan  Lama ‘masks’.  They don’t even bother to research,  at the most superficial level,  what they are unthinkingly embracing and  promoting  as a vehicle for more gender equality for the west.  Apparently, if  it has the Dalai Lama’s and Tibetan Lamas’   imprimatur, that’s enough for these great feminists and scholars, leading the way in gender studies  research. They need research no further.

Like Dan Goleman,  Sharon Salzberg  is also a  devoted student of Sogyal rinpoche  the  alleged sexual predator of hundreds of western young women. Salzberg is also  a devotee of Sogyal’s main protegé , enabler and protector,  Tsoknyi rinpoche,  featured speaker at the Clayman Institute,  who has declared that his own Pundarika sangha is one big ‘extended family with  Sogyal’s Rigpa, his main center, a grotesque and garish,  eight million dollar monstrosity in France,  called ‘Lerab Ling” , paid for by western donations of course. The Lamas never spend ‘their money, ‘ the billions they  collect around the world , they just keep on fundraising as their loot piles higher, just like in Ol’ Tibet.   Being in Rigpa’s ‘ extended family,’ one of the few truths that comes out of Tsoknyi’s mouth , himself a  Lama expert in doublespeak, who puts on a ‘westernized’ cute and nonthreatening mask,  attracting both young western females and older wealthy women , the latter his main target of thought-control,   Tsoknyi is very, very good at fooling old women with money, as well as American psychologists,  the new psychobuddhists, who research nothing anymore, since  Tibetan Lamaism targeted that group  here in the U.S over forty-years ago  and a new, third generation of cult-controlled western, Tibetan Lamaists have emerged- the ” Western Tibetan Psychobuddhists” and academics and ‘scientists  that can be found everywhere now since  ‘infiltrating’ is what they do best and their  Utopian goal, as the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama says of its ‘mission statement’ is in :

its most ambitious phase yet: three global initiatives in the areas of ethics, education, and human development; craving, desire, and addiction; and mapping the mind. “Attempting to cultivate universal, human values rooted in the most rigorous science means thinking globally and multiculturally,” says President Arthur Zajonc. “It also means creating a coalition of institutional partners around the world in order to discover from each just how expansive and inclusive those human values are—and how they can be fostered appropriately in, by, and for those cultures.”

Toward this end, Mind and Life has established Mind and Life Europe (now operating in Switzerland), and is planning an expansion in Asia and beyond. “Mind and Life has always been a place where people come together,” says Zajonc. “This is not about multinationalism in the way one normally might think about it. It’s about supplying the most profound insights of diverse contemplative traditions—along with the science that affirms them—to as many as we can. It’s about creating an inexhaustible well of service.”

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ a.k.a. Lamaism is based on  creating an inexhaustible well of service ,  i.e.   inexhaustible service for the Lamas,  and  servicing their sexual predatoriness and use of female energy for their ‘high Lama practices’, a great blessing they tell their  female victims,  is part of their religious practices.  This sexual abuse is not ‘exceptional’ by a few lamas,  as the Lama apologists always claim,  it is the pinnacle and foundation of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  which is only and always about the Lamas,  only and always about these avatars on thrones  and what is best for them, what pleases them  and the importance , above all, of the Lamas  needs being met by the lower human realm.

Lamas, who were the State and the Religion merged,  who  used their own Tibetan people for the Tibetan’s  free labor and stole the  commonwealth from them,  leaving them in a state of semi-starvation and debt-usury, Tibetan families who inheriting the debt, generation after generation, never able to emerge free. A slave population was also part of the Lamas ‘property’ as the Fourteenth  Dalai Lama is one of the most recent slave-owners in the history of the world.

The Lamas are still using their   Hindu-based Vajrayana Tantra,  the pinnacle and foundation of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ that these Lamas adapted and refined into a ‘demonology and deity religion to control their people’ and the Lamas are just doing what comes natural to them: to continue their  ‘master slave paradigm’ when used  in groups in the west . Just as they used it to  indulge in their  kleptocratic and sexual needs as masters of the Tibetan people,  for over a thousand years now the world is their target.

So Tsoknyi is also  just doing what is natural: promoting mass Lamaism for  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’s Global Buddhocracy ambitions,whereby the  ‘end always justifies the means’  and in Tibetan ‘Lamaism’ this means  through  whatever disguises and masks are necessary.  I would imagine there are  viruses at the biological  ,  cellular level that do the same, ‘mask’ themselves to spread.

Salzberg is often seen teaching with Tsoknyi rinpoche  these days on such topics as ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Feminism’ or  ‘How to Combine Grown up Mind with ‘Childlike Mind, ‘  the latter a recent favorite topic of Tsoknyi rinpoche for his infantilized , regressed and childlike western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ devotees, prostrating and  sitting at  his  feet,  who have already excelled at this ‘combination’ and now  see every inane and  sophomoric statement  Tsoknyi  makes as golden,  precious gems dropping  from their master’s mouth, laughing  in unison at his stale jokes,  heard for the hundredth time,  that always contain a put-down about westerners.

Tsoknyi is the favorite  cute and cuddly Lama visiting teacher  out of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, founded by Jack Kornfield.   This  Burmese Theravadin stream of meditation is the primary buddhist vehicle taught here but has since merged with Tibetan Buddhism and Tsoknyi   rinpoche is Spirit Rock’s favorite Tibetan Lama, He also  leads the fan club in the United  States for Sogyal rinpoche , covering up for his alledged abuses of hundreds of western women, as does Salzberg,  Goldstein and Dan Goleman,  so that Sogyal the predator Lama can  carry  on with his  bodhisattva activities of sexual exploitation of western women.  

Sogyal  knows that Sharon, and Sam ,  Dan and Joseph Goldstein  and Jack Kornfield   and all the  other  dumbed down psychologists‘ and psycho-therapists in California’s Spirit Rock Center, particularly dumbed down since their associations with Tibetan Lamaism and its thought control techniques,    will protect  Sogyal and break their vows as psychologists to ‘do no harm’ as they refer their own clients  to Sogyal’s Tibetan Vajrayana Tantric retreat harems  for ‘meditation’ perhaps even  as part of their recommended psychotherapy regimes.

Conveniently, Sogyal has fourteen retreat centers operating  in the U.S. and many more around the world, about two hundred and fifty last count, all streaming in the tax free dough, to build even more centers, Lamas are programmed to do.

Don’t think of them as ‘enlightened’ , think of them as robotic , which is what they are, programmed to build and build and collect more  and more money to build and build, forever,  to spread Lamaism far and wide,just as they have been doing since the ninth century. They  even come back , they say to do it again.  Tibetan Lamas take the long view.

So Sogyal carries on as though  he is invincible, thanks to these enablers and the governments in all these  countries that he operates,  that  turn a blind eye to the sexual abuses and other scandals rampant in Tibetan Buddhism and so obviously represented by Sogyal of Lakar whose Rigpa empire is a multimillion dollar corporation itself for the Lamas and the spread of Lamaism worldwide.

Money always outbids justice in the corporate west now. These government officials that have ‘burnishing ‘ their own credentials on the currency of  what they think the Dalai Lama represents and what they think Tibetan Lamaism is?   Foolish of them, unbelievable foolish .


Ms. Salzberg is often seen teaching beside both  ‘His Eminences,” these Lama  perpetrator and enablerof the alleged sexual abuse of women of hundreds of western women, abuse that doesn’t seem to bother her at all, nor Mr.  Sam Harris, who himself  is always railing against the misogyny of Islam on his speaking tours,  but seems somehow totally unaware that he is promoting one of the most patriarchal, misogynistic , repressive theocratic cults on earth for women ,   Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ .

Just as Salzberg, Goldstein, Goleman and Kornfield hope that these connections of  the anti-Muslim violence of 969 and the sexual abuse rampant in Tibetan Lamaism is never made  with their own Vipassana  ‘Loving Kindness” lineage , this might prove to be difficult in the long-term,  since  Sam Harris, a product of both this Burmese lineage and Tibetan Vajrayana ‘Buddhism’  is out on the speaking circuit constantly “Muslim bashing” while promoting ‘secularism’ and a ninth century theocracy, Tibetan ‘Buddhism, ‘ in the same breath.  There are even   fanatic American Buddhists who are promoting the 969 movement as the seeds of a global buddhist movement, one ” can give Buddhism and its values a collective voice”.

Even Ken Wilbur,  of Integral never one to be left behind, is coming out with a book,  published of course by Shambhala,  called “The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Evolution of an Integral Buddhism”  about the future of Buddhism and this new merging of streams prmoted by such luminaries as Patrick Sweeny,   featured in Ken’s movement, the homosexual partner and  heir of the notorious regent of Chogyam Trungpa, Thomas Rich,  who shocked the world when he spread  H.I.V. Aids  among his students, and at least  two of them died because of his sexual promiscuity .  But here is  the   Regent’s ‘dharma heir, ‘   Patrick Sweeney,  being now touted by Ken as ‘one of the most treasured Buddhist teachers” contributing to this ‘fourth turning of the wheel of dharma,  a new integrated Buddhism.   These people reek of conformity, rigidity and arrogance while believing they are promoting a genuine path to openness and freedom.

The world has gone mad from this Vajrayana tantric influx everywhere and hopefully this  movement is probably about to implode on itself, when people realize what these ‘integrated Buddhists ‘ are up to. Meanwhile  these One Dharma proponents are exploding on the world scene with their intellectual sophistry and  hubris.

Clearly the most profound arrogance and ignorance and delusions must develop in these western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’  students  and their other Buddhist lineage admirers,  who  have combined  and mixed up lineage streams in their own ‘practices’ and are  now  pushing the Dalai Lama’s agendas as their own, while calling it a modern and new   ‘integrated framework’ for a global buddhist influence in the world.  Does this look like the face of  peace and humility or something  more sinister ?

Whenever Buddhism becomes connected to socio politics it has always ended in misery and disaster for the masses.

Authoritarianism always follows, often leading to religious supported  dictatorships, repression and  violence .

Worse, now these buddhist lineages of historical  repression, abuse and violence are merging:  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ that brought a thousand plus years of misery to Tibet,  Zen Buddhism that brought us the Japanese Kamikazes, and Theravadin Buddhism that is bringing us the Wirathu’s  969 movement. These are the  ‘seeds of a global buddhist movement’  being promoted by the Dalai Lama  as the ‘seeds of happiness” for the world, and it seems that all the Buddhist lineages have jumped on board  the ‘ship of fools’ with the Dalai Lama.

He is making  this happen through his  Mind and Life Institute‘s ambition Mission as described on the Mind and Life Institute’s website as a  “global initiative to  affect  the areas of ethics, education, and human development. That covers everything except of course, what it really is: a massive political agenda  that is now in full throttle through the  Mind and Life Institute, the global political agenda of the Dalai Lama,  who declared he ‘renounced’  politics in 2011, and then,  in his  typical doublespeak so endemic to  Tibetan Lamaism, proceeded to engage  in  a level of  global politics beyond anything he has done before .

But of course the Lamas  have always believed in their own narratives,  mythologies and fairy tales. They have never had a secular education, although declaring themselves ‘experts’ and ‘wisdom holders’ for the world  in  topic of ‘secular ethics”.   Experts in narcissism and cunning,  hubris and  deceit is  much closer to the truth.

Any form of Buddhism,  as an individual spiritual path,  has never done well when  merged with politics but is always disastrous when it becomes merged with the State.

A more cruel or tyrannical religious theocracy could not be found in the history of the world than when Tibetan Lamaism  was the State in Tibet  and the Dalai Lamas were the  rulers  and slave owners of their own people minds and bodies. Nothing has ever  been  perpetrated on the world or is further from the truth than this  myth of a Tibetan Shangri-lai.

Worse, the hubris of this  Mind and Life group under the Dalai Lama’s hegemony and  direction  is that they  are actually  promoting a World Buddhocracy,  while pretending  that it is  is a secular , scientific movement.

While the west remains focused on the dangers of   Christian and Islamic fundamentalism,   these Buddhist fundamentalists  have a dream of becoming a world religion and are creating a movement together to fulfill the Dalai Lama’s and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’s’  Kalachakra Wheel of Time teachings and prophecies .

It  is the Dalai Lama  spearheading this movement,  the  leader in a long line of Lamas of  the longest lasting , theocratic dictatorship  on the face of the earth who pretends to be ‘ecumenical ‘and nontheistic.

As the Vajrayana Tantra allows,  the Dalai Lama  is  attempting to fulfill  this prophesy  through  all his deceptive vehicles,   secularism, feminism, ecology, ecumenicalism,  but most importantly now through his  Mind and Life Institute,  which will merge all these  varied ‘masks’ to fool the world .

Nothing could be more disastrous for the world than if the Dalai Lama succeeds and his ambitions become even partially fulfilled,  thanks to the  enabling of what must be the dumbest group of academics and intellectuals  ever  gathered in one place at the Mind and Life Institute since the Vichy intellectuals collaborated with the last Utopian dream of world conquest,  and  who believe the Dalai Lama deceptions  that this movement is about ‘secular ethics’ and ‘science.’ The Lamas have no concept for secular since Tibetan Lamaism is the merging of Church and State.   

 A picture is worth a thousand words to dispel the fantasy that  these academic  luminaries of the  Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute are promoting anything remotely  ‘secular’  and  ‘scientific’ :

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself:   “has the world become anymore peaceful since these Tibetan Lamas have become more influential,  or for that matter the Hindu Yoga ‘Namaste’ memes, which Tibetan “Buddhism’ is based on .  Between the Hindu Yoga Centers and Tibetan Lamaism which has captured another generation,one has to ask:   How have these  ‘spiritual influences’   that are always talking about ‘peace’ actually  helped  to promote a more peaceful, sane world?

It’s a simple question, but it requires the world to shake off this Shangri Lai  dream and fantasy,  brought to us  by one of the cruelest and longest lasting repressive theocracies in the world,   and ask it.

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