Sexual Abuse in Tibetan Buddhism


A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher and  regent of  Chogyam Trungpa ,  the Tibetan lama who brought  tantric Buddhism to the west,   seduces his male students into the higher tantric practices of the Vajrayana.  His  inner coterie of western students  and Vajradhatu Board  knows  he  has the HIV virus but believes, as he does, that  his   special tantric practices  prevents  him  from passing it on. This delusional inner circle  of Western  guru-worshiping Tibetan Buddhists of  Trungpa  lets him continue to seek out  sex with his students   because no one,  knowledgeable about his illness, dares to speak out or stop him.  After all, this  is their  appointed  guru,  their  master of the Vajrayana Tantra considered an enlightened lineage holder of their first teacher,  Chogyam Trungpa.

Since  Tantric  Buddhism  is really about  Hindu guru worship and  unquestioning devotion to  their Lamas this inner circle of the faithful, deeply  programmed to  see a   guru’s   desires and wishes  as a command to be unquestioningly obeyed,   do not warn other community members about their master’s deadly AIDS virus.  Worse,  they actively continue to facilitate their master’s need for  a fresh supply of devotees to  carry on with his “practices” for the higher attainments.   After all, these sexual encounters with many bliss partners are encouraged by the Tibetan secret tantric teachings  and Tibetan Buddhists are taught inside these sanghas (communities)  to never question what they masters’ demand.

This  board of guru-worshiping directors of  Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu , (now renamed  Shambhala International) which includes  an American physician,  let their AIDS- infected regent and guru seduce  and continue to have sex  with many of his mostly heterosexual male students for  several years. This is  long after the dangers of the spread of  this deadly disease are publicly well- known .  Keeping  back crucial information from the members of this Vajrayana tantric  community,  where sexual couplings and re-couplings   are considered  a sign of detachment and a lessening of ego-clinging for the higher tantric practitioners and  where  the sexual promiscuity of this guru is well-known, these  administrators  put hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way.

Inevitably,   one of  his many  young male heterosexual students is infected by this teacher, along with the  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news. This  young man’s subsequent death is  caused as much  by these guru-cult influences as the AIDS virus itself,  cult influences that continue to enable the Western-enabled,  promiscuous behavior of  Tibetan Buddhist lamas  to this day.

Trungpa with gun

For the Western devotees of this Tibetan Buddhist  lineage of the  Lama Trungpa, it is  all  just crazy wisdom,  leading to  a great and profound Tibetan Buddhist teaching of ‘one taste’, i.e. that things are neither good nor bad but ‘pure in themselves.’   Not even  apologies are  given to the young man’s family,  while it was often  overheard  in the delusional, cult-chatter of this  Vajrayana group that the young man’s death  is really about the  ‘guru’s  ‘blessings, ‘ and  an  accelerated  ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth that will quicken his path to enlightenment.

Since history is  taught and considered  as just an  illusion in  this western sangha of   Trungpa –  as it is in all Tibetan Buddhist groups- the white-washed and  newly named organization of  Shambhala International ,  is now video streaming   this  tantric teacher  on its  website, with no mention of the scandal surrounding his past.

Several years later a   sixty-year old  Western  teacher of this same Vajradhatu/Shambhala  group has sex with  the ten- year old daughter of another community member.  The case is  quietly settled out of court. This  teacher of tantra is given a slap on the hand by  a group  that takes “nothing happens”  to heart.  They plaster this slogan all over their car’s bumper stickers,  from San Francisco to Boston. Besides,  the vajrayana tantric teachings, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra secret teachings, recommends a  ten or eleven- year- old  girl from a outcast class as an ‘ideal consort’ for the Lamas and their couple bliss practices. Sixteen and twenty year old females were also ideal. Theses promiscuous high  and often old men lamas believe ,  their    “occult guru powers” will be absorbed if they have sex with women over twenty-five years old. 


In 2014 ,   Naropa University, the first  Tibetan tantric college  in the West,  founded by this same  lama Chogyam Trungpa and still staffed and run by a  Naropa Board that includes  Trungpa’s  first  Western students,   maintains its thirty  years of denial and knee-jerk cover-up behavior  regarding what goes on  in their contemplative halls of “compassionate academia.”

The model programs at Naropa  for the future of  “compassionate leadership”,    let a self-proclaimed guru and  long-term, visiting teacher, , Katsura Kan, whose dance form is  banned in Japan,   enslave a vibrant, beautiful and  healthy dance student.  She eventually succumbs to his guru demands.   Naropa administration and staff would hardly see anything wrong with his teaching style since this guru-worshiping behavior has been enabled and facilitated by Naropa for decades.  Many on their Board of Trustees, old Trungpa students have been repeating  “I will always do what my guru commands, or may I rot it hell. ”   for the last  forty  years.   So this  Japanese guru , a long-term (seven years )  “guest” teacher at  Naropa,  felt right at home  in these “contemplative compassionate and sacred halls.”   What Naropa means by “transform yourself, transform the world” is catapult back to medieval times when God Kings ruled on earth.

This   latest   scandal regarding this dance guru at Naropa is  hardly  reported in the U.S.  media  and , typically,  is soon covered up.    As a  “liberal”  media, with its own agenda is able to  continue to cover up for Tibetan Buddhism and  gurus  and their scandals for now  decades, Naropa creates  a vanguard of wooley-headed new age spiritualists and “crazy wisdom” spiritual warriors ready to go forth and further undermine democracy  as their original founder demanded,   with each graduating class.

However, the  family  of this latest victim of  Naropa University, their beautiful daughter destroyed by these guru-worshiping memes at the peak of her life,   are  not  also devotees of Trungpa and  his son,  as was true before.  This time Naropa is not so lucky and this family is going public.  They have  started a cult-awareness network, warning young people about Naropa University.

But the  larger Tibetan Buddhist  public relations and  damage control  team of the lamas  is on high alert . A spontaneous’ appearance   was planned by the  Dalai Lama,  who  was suddenly visiting  Naropa University in the Fall of 2015 (This trip has been suddenly cancelled as doctors have told the “Living Buddha” he needs to  rest).

Since Naropa has always been a  recruiting college for Tibetan Buddhism and  Shambhala International,  it is essential that another tragic death be kept hidden from the public as well as  from potential  Naropa student recruits and their parents.

Shambhala International a.k.a. Vajradhatu part of  the Tibetan Karme Kagyu Lama sect  of  Trungpa and Tibetan Buddhism is also colluding with China.

That any of these examples of guru worshiping cited above that resulted in  in  sexual abuse of a minor, criminal negligence causing death at least  twice , or gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority,  is  of course totally denied in the world of this cult of Tibetan Lamaism and by the Western media.   The Tibetan Buddhist’s  “sacred” teachings and its  Law of Inversion  actually promotes the view that it is good that social mores should be turned on its head  in order to reach enlightenment .  It is also good for creating their future Adi-Buddha world. This is   one of the best kept secrets in the world by these devotees and their masters ,who continue to pretend to the Western world, that  they are just peace-loving, ordinary “Buddhists”.

 Any scandal  that tarnishes the false patina of Tibetan Buddhism as a peaceful and harmonious religion has to be suppressed.  Global  plutocracies and certain billionaires, with way too much power and influence and their own delusions of grandeur,   wish to create a Global world corporatism with a religious arm in disguise and  now see, along with Communist China,  the use of  this atavistic religion that can and has made the minds of certain  Westerners, with advanced  degrees,  turn to mush.  To expose what is really  going on inside this ‘crazy wisdom’ world of Tibetan Buddhism ,  as  represented by  their affiliated Naropa University,  is a threat to the  billion-dollar spiritual enterprise concocted by  delusional Utopians, of which Naropa is only a part.

One could have expected  lots of glowing endorsements from the Dalai Lama about Naropa University ,   at the time of  his visit,  as his words  would be predictably carried in every major corporate news outlet in the U.S.   that always protects the  lamas and  their Western Tibetan Buddhism disguises.  Naropa,  as usual,  will be allowed to  bury another body,  this latest tragic and preventable death,  the  result of the same guru worshiping,  negligent  players and true believers . Guru-worshipers and occultists of Tibetan Lamaism, that were being called out twenty years ago . But thanks to our marketing journalists, who have sold their souls in order to get and keep their  the corporate media  jobs and thanks to the Dalai Lama   with  his own group of  pod people‘   claiming to be “bridging science and religion” Tibetan Buddhism is now the   “mindfulness meditation” movement of spearheaded by medieval priests and their shills. Massively  promoted by corporate media,  these devotees of the lamas, people who are worshiping God Kings while imagining themselves as deities and demons in their own occult practices for “power and transcendence” are labelled as “experts and scholars”. They are allowed and encouraged to  spread their “wisdom” throughout the land. The Dalai Lama learned well from Trungpa to gather “credentialed academics” as his promoters and shills.  But even Trungpa would have been stunned by the level of co-opting of a controlled media  and the endorsement of billionaires and “progressive” socialist,  illiberals,  that ensures that this continues to take place.

Naropa and Trungpa’s form of Tibetan Buddhism is  not “exceptional” to Tibetan Buddhism, however.   This tantric, crazy wisdom meme is essential to the  teachings of all of  the Tibetan lama sects,  as is the sexual exploitation of women,   the real  “third-wheel turning of dharma”  a dharma made up by the lamas for their own pleasures and indulgences camouflaging  itself in meditation and Mahayana Buddhism in order to spread.

Someone very helpful to the Dalai Lama and his ambitions is a well-known “author”  of Death and Dying and very  popular Tibetan   Lama in the West,  Sogyal rinpoche,  This lama now has not one, but two  multi-million dollar lawsuits under his belt, one in 1994,  settled for millions, and again in 2011,  for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating  two of his devotees and possibly hundreds of  other Western women.

This Sogyal rinpoche  was recently  feted and honored by the Dalai Lama,  the wife of  the former prime minister of  France  and other  lay and  high lama  and Hollywood celebrities,   at Sogyal’s gala  2008 opening of his western-funded, eight million dollar  Lerab Ling Temple in France.

Lama Sogyal has recently  inaugurated  his  Tenzin Gyatso Institutein 2010,   named after the Dalai Lama and given His Holiness’s Unknown to the public and journalists, who pay no attention and only now report what they are told to report by their corporate masters. The  Dalai Lama has supported this sexual abuser ,  Sogyal Rinpoche for the last forty years,  documenting  the two  are  as tight as can be.  The Dalai lama and Sogyal are in collusion for the Dalai Lama’s world ambitions.  Meanwhile the Dalai Lama refers to himself  in public as a “feminist” for his Western audiences and tells others to call out the sexual abuse of teachers  if they cannot stop it within their sanghas . He’s been saying this empty rhetoric since 1993, at a  first meeting with concerned Buddhist teachers  about sexual abuses of these lamas, including Sogyal, who was already garnering quite a reputation.   The Dalai Lama, always the inveterate politician,  refused to make a public statement himself, of course. Now over twenty-years later, the Dalai Lama honors Sogyal, knowing he is still abusing women and getting away with it, while promoting  him throughout the West. The Dalai Lama is ensuring that this sexual abuse continues, and why not.  It is institutionalized in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to use and exploit women and have serial relations , as many as they can, for their medieval belief

The  Dalai Lama  has always known  that Western Tibetan Buddhists   will do no such thing,  i.e. ever call out the abuse, because in their groups and unknown to the public,  they have taken vows to never hear, think  or speak anything negative about their lamas,  a sin so awful it could lead  these ‘secular” spiritualists,  claiming to bridge science and religion,  to plummet to the eighteen vajra hell realms where they will rot forever for having even a negative thought about their lamas.  To disobey one’s lama, according to Patrul Rinpoche, a lama who is considered the apotheosis of  correct Tibetan Buddhist scripture,  is a ‘very grave sin.”   There is no sin so  great in Tibetan Buddhist scripture than to have a thought, or speak ill, or actively call out your lamas’ behaviors as wrong.  All Tibetan Buddhists are taught this.

This is the level of doublespeak that the Dalai Lama and Tibetan lamas  engage in, telling people to “call out the sexual abuse” when these masters of cult control,  that kept their own people in bondage and slaves to the lamas for over  a thousand years,  know full well their enthralled students of the Vajrayana will never even “see” the egregious behaviors of these lamas,  let alone call them out.  Further the Dalai Lama honors the greatest of the sexual abusers in public Sogyal of Lakar, a lineage of important wealthy benefactors to the lamas for many years.

This is called  “double binding”   to create confusion,  something the lamas , the Dalai Lama  and all cult groups are  experts  in doing.  This creates in their  cult members and disciples,  unquestioning obedience to the lamas ,  engaging in unethical and even criminal behaviors,  while the Dalai Lama    is in collusion and partnership with the worst  of the sexual abusers of all the Tibetan lamas,  double-binding the devotees with his doublespeak  that not only confuses  all the Western Tibetan Buddhists, but also   all the other Buddhist sects, and the public at large. It also ensures that Sogyal’s  multi-million dollar enterprise,  tied into the Dalai lama’s fortunes and at his service, will continue to grow and expand.

What matters only and always  to the Tibetan lamas is  the money they receive to continue their own  indulgent  lifestyles they lost when leaving Tibet, while expanding their medieval, misogynistic world, by hook or by crook  to  spread and “recognize” more young tulkus to replace the hundreds that are dying off . These they can train to further infiltrate into the larger society and throughout the world for one reason only :   to weaken and undermine democracy by stealth,  infusing the world with their tantric, guru-worshiping, crazy wisdom memes.   This has already created a critical mass in our Western population,  which we can observe now in academia and higher educational institutes  where these influences are deep and  are now going  mainstream. These lamas of the Kagyu sect, the most popular in the United States and throughout the west,  are also now training Han Buddhists in China to become hybrid, monstrous  vajra master gurus  for that population to make sure any nascent democratic leanings are squashed.   They have recently taken their site down that announces these plans in China,  but here is a copy of what was online:

Authentication of Reincarnated Living Buddha

The Significance of Han (Chinese) Monk Being Authenticated by Tibetan Buddhism as Reincarnated Living Buddha – Introduction of Thupten • Tsultim Shedrup Nima Rinpoche (Vajra Supreme Master Yuan Fan)

In the past, due to barriers resulted from language, cultural, political, historical and geographical factors, there was a lack of communication and information exchange between Han and Tibetan Buddhism, this in turn led to lots of misunderstanding and even defamation between them. In recent years, the popularisation and international spread of Tibetan Buddhism have brought about overall exchanges between the two strains of Buddhism; this leads to increasingly more Han monks and lay disciples learning Tibetan Buddhist teachings, practices and rituals.”

Obviously,  wishes to hide this Tibetan Lama-Chinese Communist collusion as Communist China is rewriting its own history with the lamas.  Just as the illiberal socialist Marxists in our own country are rewriting our history to adhere to their social engineering agendas.

  Meanwhile , back in the State, these Western change agents for the lamas have been declaring “There is no right or wrong!” , Western Tibetan Buddhists who are now university professors, psychotherapists in counseling groups, department heads at our prestigious universities, and religion ‘ministers’ at our Divinity Schools.  They are now  boldly declaring that  “All is an illusion”  and any  “judgements” about right and wrong are passe and  are only  “only an opinion” while “facts” are fluid,  and don’t really exist.   Self-identity ( and therefore individualism) is a figment of the imagination.   All these memes have been significantly exploited and spread by this  vajrayana tantra  influence  implanted into the mind streams of  an  increasingly  anti-Western, self-loathing critical mass of now another generation, in the West, embracing  primitive third-world , atavistic views to replace a democratic, secular society based on reason and good sense.

While the West is still  guilty about our  own slave history,  the Tibetan  lamas’ slavery would still be continuing if  the Dalai lama and his gaggle of aristocrats, hadn’t been forced out of their own country in 1959, fleeing for their lives, with no one to blame but themselves for their own greed and abuse of their people.   His own  Tibetan people’s suffering didn’t even register to this former slave holder, the fourteenth Dalai Lama,  who claims he has the Key to Happiness for the World , someone who was tutored by the unrepentant Nazi, Heinrich Harrar,  in learning about the West, while spying  upon  his own people through his telescope, from a safe distance on his rooftop of the Potala Palace.  He did nothing to implement change. Even  Herr Harrar was shocked by the level of cruelty of the Lama system he observed when in Tibet although the Third Reich admired their way of rule.   These beacons of compassion, these ruling lamas,  let their own people die at the  ripe old age of thirty-five, without hospitals, or a secular education, kept illiterate and praying and serving and slaving, taxed to death and toiling for lamas on their high plateau all  for the lamas “blessings” for a better, future life.

Meanwhile the   lamas continue to present their humble monk facades to the West, few suspecting the truth about their long-standing collusion with China and their  deep involvement in this amoral chaos and confusion that is sweeping Western nations. This is chaos the high lamas of Tibet always  create  with the spread of their vajrayana tantra. As Allen Ginsberg , icon of the liberal west and first student of Trungpa admitted “I accuse myself all the time .. of seducing the entire poetry scene …. into this impossible submission to some spiritual dictatorship which they’ll never get out of again and which will ruin the American culture forever. ”  -p 33 The Great Naropa Poetry Wars by Tom Clark.


The lamas have also  pitched their tantric  tent of confusion  over the third- wave feminists, particularly the  lesbian groups ,  who must be the most naive of third wave feminists  who are supporting every trojan horse that claims to support them, comes their way including being totally tricked by the Tibetan lamas’  ‘feminist’ rhetoric .With their goddesses and depictions of female deities in sexual union, these  Tibetan lamas have  fooled these feminists and so-called researchers  on gender identity at our prestigious universities,  who foolishly believe that these lamas are becoming “Westernized” and are  promoting ‘feminism” inside their sanghas. In fact,  Tibetan Buddhism by its nature depends on the exploitation of women in serial sexual encounters with these lamas for their “higher practices.”

These so-called experts on gender and feminist studies, never engage  in investigating the true nature of Tibetan Buddhist tantra- a religious amalgam of Buddhism,  Hindu vajrayana tantra, shamanism and  a misogynistic,  medieval view of women,  made up by these lamas  who are all still living in the 11th century in their heads, while donning western masks.  That is how enamored these “feminists” are of the Tibetan lamas, that they drop all essential characteristics of a true researcher and become like infantalized children around these deceivers in their midst.

Since many Western  cult members of Tibetan Buddhism, these  guru-worshipers,  have infiltrated into most of our now illiberal but still prestigious universities and are influencing their colleagues and students,  with seeming rational rhetoric, is it any wonder that our campuses are now hotbeds of confusion in just twenty or so  years  after another generation has been indoctrinated by these eastern tantric memes?  Our universities are now almost unrecognizable as liberal institutions where democratic values of freedom of speech and thought no longer exist.

The rhetoric and feminist propaganda of the Tibetan Lamas is actually to  stop  true feminism and gender equality in its tracks- Tibetan lamas are terrified of the female and their whole religion is to dis-empower and negate feminine energy while pretending to elevate it- they were raised in all-male groups, torn from their mother’s influence with no choice.

Buddhism has always been misogynistic  with all Buddhist sects praying to be reborn in a male body,  considered the only vehicle to enlightenment, but only   Tibetan Lamaism takes this misogyny to an extreme form of negation of even motherhood, marginalizing women while pretending to honor them.   It’s why they have limited women’s roles to birthing their tulkus and being their sexual consorts . They create a “self-born guru,” recognized by their  androcentric tulku system and then take these little boy tulkus from their mothers and family to train them in tantric vajrayana as shills  for the further spread of their androcentric  monastic system  and they have been doing this for a thousand years. They cripple the minds of these young boys, and then elevate them and put them out on thrones as “enlightened beings.”

Trungpa, whose own autobiography,  before it was  edited,  exposed the cruelty of this lama system, but  couldn’t escape his own cultural  imprisonment. Even  though admiring much about the West, he  promoted his anti-democratic rhetoric ad naseum and acted out his misogynistic and sexually abusive training in tantric estoric teachings upon his cult members.  His bisexual  regent continued in the same vein, causing the death of at least one of his students as reported above.  Trungpa was clever enough to put some of his  sexual consorts ,  and the few women  he did not  sleep with,  like Pema Chodron,  his symbolic  nun,  in positions of  symbolic power. These women all became the  Western teachers to spread Trungpa’s  vajrayana tantric system,  under various disguises , their minds filled with the mantras ” I will always obey my guru in all things , even the dead ones” implanted in their cult-controlled heads. These are  the female enablers and protectors  of this sexually exploitative system of vajrayana tantra that you would find in any sexually abusive system or cult.  The only difference is that they are being used as another vehicle to create chaos all over academic circles and with the media-controlled public who buy their books.   They are  now out shilling for the lamas with their newly created dakini masks , writing books on Dakini Power,  and their “let’s tell the world it is a blessing” strategy. The lamas brainwashed them since very young women and adolescents,  and later mind-controlled their  children, the “dharma brats”  into believing it is a great honor to be a serial, sexual consort of some old lama while undermining  democracy,  replacing it with a medieval  Lama theocratic court.    Worse, they are trying to convince the public, now that their secrets are leaking out,  that being  groped and used sexually by these lamas is actually a great privilege and  honor  that  makes them ‘women of wisdom’  instead of the  thought-controlled enablers and shills of the lamas, their masters. They exhibiting the same defenses that all enablers of sexual abuse systems do: repression, denial, idealized projection  onto  the abuser, and compartmentalization to prevent cognitive dissonance too painful to experience.

As for the whistle blowers in this system?  Let’s tell the world the sexual exploitation  was consensual between the lamas and the women, even though this is a gross abuse by the lamas of their  so- called spiritual authority. If the women who feel abused  and misused by the lamas,   are traumatized and disagree or worse complain, let’s say they are all lying,  or crazy  and the new meme “they are just too angry to be believed. ” The lamas and their enablers , like the nun Pema Chodron, who writes lots of self-help books , making millions for her Shambhala cult and keeping it afloat,   has made sure that righteous anger  has been stamped out of existence, not only inside these Tibetan lama  sanghas but she is the voice  and humble nun appearance to deflect the truth with her main stream audience.

This darling   of the Tibetan Buddhist guru-worshiper clique  of Trungpa  and other Tibetan lamas,  since a  young cult member of Vajradhatu, she has enabled and protected  these sexually abusive lamas for the last forty years.  She is still convincing the world  to never express anger in any active or meaningful way.  “Let it all fall apart” she tells the Western world in her popular books, as she relentlessly props up,   bulwarks and defends the lamas’ sexual abusive tantra and the tulku system of guru-worship that she has been practicing and believing in for the last four decades, making sure it never falls apart.

Left-leaning, progressive illiberals and academics ,   their minds softened and weakened over the years – in no small part because of  these eastern tantric yogic memes infiltrating into  academia and main stream thought processes –  have also  helped to spread these guru-cult influences into main stream culture with each graduating class from our illiberal universities. You can hear people talk about the ‘fluidity of gender identity”  and that marriage is an outdated institution ( the lamas are polygamous and polyandrous) as we are bombarded with sexual gender choices as though that were coming from the ground up of public opinion,   instead of a controlled media , Hollywood and  university campuses that are pushing these images , ad naseum, in every T.V. show and movie and mini-series we watch.  What’s next pedophilia?  After all our white- washed poet and  icon for new generations,  and first Trungpa student, Allen Ginsberg,  was a member of NAMBLA.

These Western Tibetan  groups,  their analytical and synthetic reasoning compromised from years of  these  tantric eastern memes, have been infiltrating and spreading these memes  on campuses, in Hollywood   and in most mainstream media outlets,  and have,  in no small measure,  led to another and now  larger critical mass of  a  dumbed-down, even more wooley-headed generation,  unwittingly being socially engineered  as the vanguard of amorality and chaos,  to make the unacceptable , acceptable, without a clue of where these views came from,  destroying what has made our country free as they espouse views and ideology that every totalitarian government applauds.  It is  why a  Chinese Member of the Workers Front of Communist China , the Eco Karmapa , Ogyen Trinley of the Kagyu lamas,  could get  a whirlwind, two month treatment,  at our  prestigious universities,  like Harvard, and Princeton and Yale in the Spring of 2015.

Western  academia  had to be the first  seduced and fooled, of course.   This targeting started  in the 60’s and  70’s , with Trungpa and his Naropa crowd,   who were specifically told by Trungpa to  get higher degrees to “infiltrate and blend” to create his “enlightened dictatorship.”  Trungpa openly hated  democracy inside his cult group,  he was constantly putting democracy down,  promoting his Adi-Buddha world, as do all these lamas. Democracy and freedom is  foreign to their theocratic, medieval minds that cannot understand a separation of church and state, any more than fundamental Imams.    It has never existed for them. Why should they change?  Given the exalted status and ability to indulge their every fantasy, beyond their wildest imaginations , thanks to their Western Tibetan slaves and devotees they have created around them, willing to hand over their free labor, their money and even their sexual integrity, to  go out and shill for the Lama aristocratic kleptocracy for free and fool the main stream public?

Chogyam Trungpa created a legion of these early guru-worshiping  Western Tibetan Tantric Buddhists  and their generation cult- X children, with academic credentials and an ability to compartmentalize their cult behavior and practices and keep them hidden from public view.  They embrace, not democratic principles or reason, but a medieval guru culture of master and thought-controlled slave. But they are  able to go out in the world and increasingly  mingle among the staff and academic departments at our prestigious universities over the last forty years – particularly in the psychology and religious field, but also in medicine, and the softer sciences while  the rest of academia not having a clue about what these “scholars” of Buddhism really believe and practice inside their groups. Now their “contemplative” meme has morphed into most psychology programs  across the United States. Psychology  and psychologists, are always the change agents in a society,  Trungpa understood this. It is why a psychology degree was one of the first degrees offered at Naropa. Now they have dozens of “contemplative” programs to ‘transform yourself to change the world.”  “Be a change agent” their website boldly proclaims.  Naropa is seen as one of the five “insane” colleges that parents and adults can throw their money at,  but it is a mistake to see it as only a joke and underestimate its insidious influence over the decades .  Naropa clearly has some high powered and influential wealthy benefactors and enablers on its list of donors,  who see this as one more tool to undermine democracy from the inside out.


There are now thousands of psychologists, and other soft scientists, even medical professionals, and journalists and business executives,  influenced by the “contemplative” and “compassion”  rhetoric and the so-called  positive aspects of Tibetan lama- promoted  meditation for the masses, all part of the Tibetan Buddhist infiltration plan.  Why do you think the West is now so paralyzed , confused and incapable of making rational decisions anymore?  That’s what the influence of Tibetan Buddhism and its vajrayana tantra takes away, the ability to make discerning and timely judgements,  any judgements at all,  about what to reject and accept that is healthy for the individual and for society.

“Judgements” ,  always eschewed by these cult-controlled Western Tibetan Buddhists and their doctrines, are considered now hate crimes by an increasingly thought- controlled academia  that is spreading this nonsense and mental weakness all over our nation, becoming a hot-bed of censorship and Orwellian tactics to curb all free speech, as more sociopathic behaviors are allowed to increase without protest.

Western educated journalists , who were calling these Tibetan lamas and the Dalai Lama, out  not so long ago,  journalists  like Christopher Hitchens,   and Leo Weinberger when he wrote about  Trungpa’s “Dharma Demonology” , in “The Nation,” when that was still a liberal paper and not  a left-wing vehicle of propaganda,  no longer exist.

Investigative journalists, so necessary to a democracy, is  sadly  a thing of the past,  These journalists  , of a different generation, would  have never let this happen.  Instead of  exposing someone like Sogyal and his egregious abuses,  justified  by the Tibetan Buddhist tantra and teachings  themselves, these journalists, already persuaded that anything critical of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism is a  “Chinese Communist plot,”  another  meme created by these Tibetan lamas themselves,  these marketing journalists become part of the cover-up.   These same journalists never investigate or find out  that it is the lamas themselves that are plotting along with China to weaken us from the inside out as a nation.  They should all read the Art of War to understand this dynamic.  Do younger generations even read anymore?

Of course, the educated  liberals, or at least those that consider themselves such, had to be fooled first, with a steady drip-drip drip, until their were thousands of them,  eastern- memed people, thanks to academia and of course  Hollywood, our left-wing arm of propaganda, and its embrace of this androcentric, misogynistic “religion” that manages to slip in iconography and jargon of thought memes of these eastern cults in their movies and television productions.  One  doesn’t even have to become a  guru worshiping  Western Tibetan Buddhist or Hindu tantric  yogi-worshiper to   be fooled. It’s enough that this influence spreads to the masses, from persons in power and influence that are now  creating a  belief system where good or bad, right or wrong  no longer exists, and  the tantric amoral relativism infects a whole society  ,  slowly destroying reason and good sense.

The early  Western members of Trungpa’s  slavish devoted group, used to be called the “pod people” in and around Boulder in the 70’s and 80’s , when we were more sane as a nation and before the  saintly arrival in our psyches of the  Dalai Lama and his ilk. Now it is these  same “pod people”  and their cult children, that are the “go to” people , writing columns for the New York Times and Huffington ,  informing the world about meditation, Buddhism,  the environment, and  peace.     Meanwhile,  hundreds of Naropa graduates, programmed with Trungpa memes,   are spewed out each year with their “contemplative psychology,” “contemplative religion,” “contemplative” dance,  “contemplative art and “contemplative environmental”  and “contemplative teaching”  degrees.

A whole nation can be brought down by weakening it from the inside out with this “soft power” brought to us by the Tibetan lamas,  now in collusion with Communist China .

Unknown to the public, the Tibetan lamas have been  in their own Holy War,  their Jihad on cat’s feet,     their Kalachakra Wheel of Time  holy war against all Semitic religions, a bloody apocalyptic battle  that their cult religion predicts,  particularly against Muslims, to usher in their Adi Buddha world when the dust settles from all the chaos they have helped create around the world while  Dalai Lama and his tantric influence, pretends to be about “peace.” Words replace reality now, all over the world.  Lies become the truth, that is what the tantra creates with its Law of Inversion.  

  It makes the lamas  satisfied and more emboldened, when they look out and see that their predictions of chaos in the Wheel of Time, the Kalachakra apocalyptic tantra taught by  these primitive, medieval lamas,    is coming to pass, a chaos they have been  helping along They can    let the Semitic religions they predict will be destroyed,   destroy themselves. Christians and Jews and Muslims all fighting it out together. Perfect.   That is what their Kalachakra apocalyptic tantra predicts, after which the Tibetan High  Lama, the the Adi-Buddha , the Chakravartin ruler will emerge triumphant ushering in the Age of Maitreya .This is not symbolic to them where symbol and reality  are the same thing.

The Dalai Lama has given this Kalachakra empowerment  thirty plus times and  five times in the United States alone- more than in any other nation except India- a tantra teaching that predicts this holy war among Semitic religions. The  Dalai Lama still consults a wrathful deity oracle for all major decisions,   behind his false smiles , humility and his scientific pretensions.

In the video below you can see a former CEO and wealthy benefactor to the lamas (certain billionaires  have been the easiest fooled) who  is now another wealthy shill for the lamas to expand their eleventh century world.


“The founder of the Tenzin Gyatso Institute is Tibetan Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the ground-breaking The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, who has taught in the West now for over 30 years. Rinpoche is renowned worldwide because of his special gift for conveying the heart of the teachings of Buddha in a way that is both authentic and deeply relevant to the modern mind. He is the founder and spiritual director of Rigpa, an international network of Buddhist centers and groups in forty-one countries that enjoys the gracious patronage and guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since 1973, when he played a key role in His Holiness’s first visit to the West, Rinpoche has tirelessly supported the Dalai Lama, communicating his message and his teachings wherever he goes. The Tenzin Gyatso Institute is the realization of Rinpoche’s lifelong wish to make a lasting contribution to His Holiness’s work and to help safeguard it over the year”

Although there have been documentaries, articles , essays and reports about  this Lama Soygyal’s  egregious spiritual abuse, spiritual fraud and sexual exploitation of his students  for the last two decades,  none of this matters to the Dalai Lama, Western Tibetan Buddhists  or   Sogyal Rinpoche’s western  devotees and fans  who are preparing for the time when  the dust settles and they can usher in their Age of Maitreya, their thousand-year Buddhocracy, their neo-feudal empire. To the lamas, the Islamist fundamentalists are their useful tools to create the violent chaos predicted between Semitic religions.  This time Muslim , Christian and Jewish religions that will fight and destroy each other,  the lamas hope, before their  Tibetan Buddhocracy ascends.

To comprehend the level of denial and confusion spread by the lamas in the West around the sexual abuse of the Vajrayana tantra of the Dalai Lama, many Western teachers of Buddhism, psychologists, and soft scientists  are now often seen  teaching at  Sogyal Rinpoche’s centers, psychologists themselves,  who have taken oaths to report harm to others, but who instead are helping to enable harm , thanks to their guru worshiping  indoctrination by these Tibetan Lamas. They help the lamas conduct international seminars on  Mindfulness and Awareness,  around the world  part of the Dalai Lama’s  Vajrayana Tantra soft power infiltration.   These are the  professional “meditation and awareness” experts who have ensured for decades that their own mindfulness and awareness is completely shut down while Lama  Sogyal  and others like him and his  sexual abuses, that represent the epitome of the Tibetan Tantra teachings and are not an aberration but the essence of Tibetan “Buddhism”  are ignored and  protected .

Here is Sogyal, the lama promoted by Richard Gere and his ilk – Hollywood corporate shills of propaganda for the Tibetan lamas-   getting ready for his more “advanced teachings” with these lucky women, who think it is so “cool to see a dancing Lama” and think the Vajrayana tantra is so freeing and so perfect for contemporary times.    Which of these lucky women will get to go back to his inner sanctum and be beaten and groped by this little toad after the music stops?  This is a video of his seduction dance to lure them into being beaten and humiliated in his “inner sanctum”  where he  has them wipe his ass, and perform other degrading actions to prove their devotion – the ‘higher tantra’ practices of master and slave.

For a complete expose of what Sogyal is really teaching  and the sexual abusing orgies- yes orgies-that he conducts  in the back room of his eight million dollar Western funded Temple in France, while pretending to new recruits he is just a humble and devout Buddhist teacher, see Behind the Thangkas.  Written by the  journalist, Mary Finnegan,  of the  British Guardian,  as a memoir of her days with Sogyal, she has unsuccessfully tried to expose her former ‘guru’ Sogyal of Lakar,  tirelessly,  for the last twenty years.  But the lama circle and the  The Dalai Lama’s   well-funded lobby  and his powerful billionaire friends have  many  ways of putting their fingers in the dyke.  That is why they are creating many more fingers to  infiltrate deeper into our society.  The Tenzin Gyatso Institute,   created by the Dalai Lama and Sogyal the sexual predator will do  just that- even more of a wall of silence and protection will be constructed, while spreading the Tibetan Tantra deeper into Western society.  No one can imagine that these lamas and their Tibetan Buddhism  is one of the most misogynistic , priesthoods  and unhealthy influences in our society, when it comes to women. Sogyal is not exceptional in his behavior and mind-set, he is the poster boy for the fruition of Tibetan Buddhism and is being constantly rewarded and honored by the whole Tibetan lama hierarchy , including the Dalai Lama, for expressing the success of  Tibetan Buddhism for fooling so many, exploiting so many,  and making a fortune for the Tibetan lamas along the way :

These  guru-worshiping psychologists,  psychiatrists, and western meditation celebrities , that follow these lamas and prop them up because of their own delusions, are weakening our culture, and  participating  in the same delusional  group mind as the early students of Trungpa and his  AIDS- infecting regent .   No matter  what  egregious  sexual  and other abuses their lamas commit and no matter how much it may harm others and society,   they shut off this perception  from awareness. These delusional people with their PhDs believe that these lamas are “enlightened beings” come to save us.  While saying they are bringing more “awareness ” to society through their meditation techniques, these cult members of Tibetan Buddhism who are shilling for the lamas and spreading this influence disguised as compassionate humanism and a program of  meditation for the masses,  are actually taught inside their groups to shut down all awareness and  never see, hear of speak any evil of their gurus.   Can PhD’s actually believe this while saying  they are promoting “secular spirituality” and  evolving the awareness of the human race while being this shut-down in their awareness?  Yes they can. A compartmentalized thought-controlled mind can believe anything.  Often intellectuals are  the hardest to fall.

As George Orwell said:  “There are some ideas so absurd, only an intellectual could believe them.”

Sexual  and other abuses , when connected with religion  and perpetrated by true believers,  and their gurus,  is impossible to change from the inside.  It will have to take a critical mass to speak out, but it will never happen inside this sealed  cult milieu and priestly system of Tibetan Buddhism .

These Western  “professionals” , like John Kabat Zinn, Richard Davidson, Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Dan Goleman, and many, many others,  are  actually lending their  credentials   to promote the  sexual abuse of lamas like Sogyal and the many other Tibetan lamas whose very doctrines and teachings have institutionalized sexual abuse as their ‘higher’ and essential teachings.  Sexual abuse coupled with guru worship is a hell of a brew.

Dr. Goleman,  another popular author and mindfulness western teacher who in 2011,  when teaching beside his master of forty years,  praises Sogyal as a great master-  the sexual exploiter of possibly hundreds of western women –  and one of Dr. Goleman’s  gurus  for decades.  Dr. Goleman  is a best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence, part of the subtle anti-rationalist,   so-called “mindfulness movement”  that  swept  the United States by storm  in order  to  further dumb  us down as a nation, substituting a values-based , social engineered education for the Western canon.  It  has now  created a millennial  generation, so weakened and neurotic on campuses,  that they now react emotionally to every imaginable slight or offense,  instead of with reason. So sensitive to perceived “micro-aggression” now   on university  campuses that they have to resort to  macro-regressions, with their crayons and soft music in “trigger-free zones.”  They feel terribly offended by free speech that doesn’t agree with their purposely socially- engineered agendas. They are increasingly banishing  any judgements that are not their own,  as potential  hate crimes yet , with all their vigilance for the slightest affronts,  they are  unable to perceive  the real  predators in their midst- like the Tibetan lama Sogyal-  with his “mindfulness retreats, ” freely operating  his  Tibetan Buddhist, sexual exploitation scam each year on one of their college campuses.  Thus,  real victims of sexual abuse and other abuses and the  perpetrators of  these sociopathic behaviors go unheeded.  When the “victim status” is expanded so wide, the net result is that  real victims get lost in the crowded expanse of victim-hood ,  letting every sociopathogen infiltrate our Western society until it is  overwhelmed  and brought down.

For example, Sogyal the alleged abuser of hundreds of women,  and guru of our celebrity psychologists like Mr. Goleman ,  has been given his retreats  at Connecticut College, in New London Connecticut  ,   a place that has  naïve young women with healthy trust funds-  a perfect combination for the lamas-  proclaims itself the promoter of “empowering young women.” At same weekend  in May of 2014,   Sogyal’s  was giving a retreats on campus  as this college was  conducting  a seminar  for its students  on how to  protect themselves from sexual abuse and sexual predators.     That’s how insane, political correctness and multiculturalism has become, that is replacing true and healthy diversity,  instead embracing these primitive medieval religions, that are slowly destroying freedom of speech and  promoting self-hatred of our own Judaeo-Christian heritage- part of the bed-rock of our Western culture and a secular society . Judaeo-Christian civilization  supported increasing  individualism and eventually secularism, and was the foundation of our own Enlightenment. This is why it has to  go in the minds of the billionaire social engineers and their multi-national , one world corporatism.  Corporations don’t want people who think or express freedom of thought. They want malleable workers, mired in superstition and nonsense easily controlled by fear and false hopes. Tibetan Buddhism is the perfect religion for these views.

Here is the video below of  Dr. Goleman, our new psychobuddhist prototype,  and promoter of  Sogyal the predator and these eastern memes,  praising his guru :

When not  mingling with the other global plutocrats on Martha’s Vineyard, where his lucrative spiritual hustling has allowed him an expensive residence,  he is prostrating  to and promoting    His  Holiness of  Misogyny , Sogyal, and his other medieval “masters” of Tibetan Buddhism.    Dr.  Goleman  also  gives seminars at Harvard Business School on   “Compassionate Leadership.” to Harvard Business school students.

“Compassion ” has been the lucrative  commodity of the Tibetan Lamas and their western enablers like  Dr.  Goleman for a very  long time. Now these spiritual hucksters are  hoping to add the movement of  “mindfulness and awareness”  training  to their bag of tricks. It has  become big business as usual for Tibetan Buddhism and its  cult peddlers, spreading into every aspect of our western culture, ensuring that less and less mindfulness and awareness will remain about what matters, like paying attention to facts on the ground.   The  vajrayana tantra these psycho buddhists and lamas are teaching tells people there are no facts , just opinions.  Convenient for future totalitarian and despotic systems in the West,  that want to create a wooley-headed population of no-nothings who believe there is nothing to know.

Osel Mukpo or Sakyong, (  Sakyong  humbly means Earth Protector)  and the real head of Naropa, whatever lies Naropa University  has perpetrated on the  dumbed-down United States about being only an “inspired Buddhist college” is the rabid, proselytizing recruitment institute started by Trungpa and his  Tibetan Buddhist, anti-democratic memes.   Osel Mukpo ,  His fake “Holiness” and His  pretend, “Royal Highness Rinpoche”  is  Trungpa’s son. He is also God King II of Shambhala while God King I Trungpa is still ruling over them andover Naropa and in  every aspect of their two hundred and fifty centers all over the world spreading their “enlightened society” created by a dictatorial tyrant their dead master.  Even though dead,  God King I Trungpa still lives in the heads of  the Naropa Board and its “academic staff”    directing  their every action as they  repeat their mantras and oaths  to their number one , first theocratic medieval master. Meanwhile they continue to fool the world as they fool themselves , believing they are actually ‘secularists”  studying the “new evolution of the the conscious mind”  and its nuances that will set the world free. Their every waking moment has not a moment of freedom from the dictates of their the dead and living Tibetan Buddhist gurus that surround them.

Osel Mukpo,  Trungpa’s putative son, without the charisma, education, intelligence or charm, but still clever to surround himself with media savvy types,   is supported by the Dalai Lama hegemony in a way that Trungpa never was, is featured in the clip below.  He is promoted by our  wealthy plutocracy represented by Altria, formerly known as the Phillip Morris Tobacco Company,  the Aspen Institute, Lexus and Booze Allen Hamilton.

Certain corporations just love Tibetan Buddhism, and their cults.  You can see the corporate sponsors before the camera zooms out.  Their public relations firms are designating these lamas the  new ‘secular spirituality ‘ and  creating  an image of “feminism,”  “gender equality” and “environmentalism” for these lamas, the  vanguards of misogyny and oppression who ruled their Kingdom in Tibet only fifty plus years ago with an iron fist . This is what can happen when two institutions in deception and rhetoric join forces .

Sakyong Osel Mukpo,  Trungpa’s son,  who is a fake Tibetan Lama , with no traditional training as a Lama, but knows, as all Lamas do, the essential thing,  that only “appearances” matter when your uses have been appreciated by Billionaires like George Soros , and Global corporatism.

 Western Tibetan Buddhist  “scholar devotees”, an oxymoron  to say the least , who are the so-called intellectuals of Tibetan Buddhism, are happy and thrilled to be supporting  this eleventh century priesthood of misogynistic andocentrics,  while proclaiming  they are  the “experts” in everything to do with Tibetan Buddhism as they prostrate at their masters feet.

Yet these are the very same scholars, always called upon by our lazy, Western media  to feed the public their “expert” opinions .  They are joined by the “neutral academics” in philosophy and anthropology that have been discussing the minutiae of this occult, medieval religion , for the last forty years, writing papers that are only read by each other, and never care that this “religion, ” they are so fascinated with , is still abusing women with its tantra as they speak at their symposiums with each other  about the fascinating polyandrous marriages  of Tibetan women with four, five or six brothers,  or the probability  that human sacrifices continued in Tibet into the twentieth century.   Don’t look to them for  help in stopping this sexually abusive occult religion from spreading.  They have their heads as buried in the sand as the Western Tibetan Buddhist cult members. They  are heavily invested in their careers as Tibetologists. They certainly don’t want to know the truth about what they are promoting and supporting  and ignoring to be known.

We  forget that it was also the  intellectuals of  Germany and France of our last century  that were first “on board” with another  disastrous  totalitarian Utopian view for harmony and world peace.    

Himmler, for example, was very influenced by Hindu and Tibetan  Buddhist teachings and carried a dog-eared,  Bhagavad  Gita in his pocket, where ever he went.  The National Socialists were  also enamored of the  Tibetan lamas  for their  despotic and cruel  rule over their own people.

Soon,  -thanks to  the Dalai Lama and Lama Soygal, the sexual predator’s vision – with  his Tenzin Gyatso Institute’s plans – lamas from Nepal , Tibet and India will be coming to the United States to enter our universities and “mingle,”  to further confuse and influence our young people,  with their vajrayana tantra disguised as Buddhism, supported by former CEO’s  some of whom are now  tantric Tibetan Western Buddhists themselves. These medievally trained lamas have taken the same vows to their gurus to obey them in all things. So do people really believe this propaganda perpetrated on the West that these monks and lamas are here to learn from the West?

Once these Tibetan monks of the Dalai Lama and  his Tenzin Gyatso Institute program  further infiltrates our higher education by bringing their atavistic influences  here, pretending  to “study at our universities,”  and “mingle,”  there will be no end to the confusion and chaos these and primitive cult religions’ influences will cause. Not to mention the sexual abusive behaviors that will suddenly increase on campuses,  as these monks begin their ” advanced practices, ” practicing on young freshman co-eds, who are the perfect cut-off age for  female sexual consorts for the lamas. These monks and lower level lamas can’t wait, as Hollywood and a controlled media continues to promote these monks as great wise beings filled with compassion.  The next group of freshman co-eds are being properly set up to become even more confused , exploited and abused than the last two generations.

Here is the Eco-Karmapa,   below in the video, the head of the Karme Kagyu sexually abusive cult of Tibetan Buddhists, the most popular and prolific in the United States and throughout the world, and  who are also colluding with Communist China to create a new hybrid vajrayana master for the Motherland.. This Ogyen Trinley , designated and trained by the Communist Chinese and the Karme Kagyu sect,  came this Spring, 2015, into our most politically correct, left-leaning  and now illiberal universities:

What a coincidence that this Lama  Guru and supra God King  Pope of the  Karme Kagyu lineage of Lamas, Ogyen Trinley,   is pontificating about environmental  and gender issues that have nothing at all to do  with  his Tantric  ‘Buddhism,’  and are completely  foreign to his medieval and superstitiously-trained  mind.  But these are  political charged and correct issues  in the west. They  can easily  fool young people into believing that  Lamas like him  care deeply about these issues  with  his  bogus, propaganda campaign and the backing of billionaires.

This  Karmapa  doesn’t have to say much that would actually show the true nature of the Tantra and his medieval Lamaism .  He speaks to the crowd  in a Mandarin- accented Tibetan,  throwing in a few English language phrases,  here and there.  His western translator and enabler  is well-trained to fill in the blanks and cover up for any of his  faux pas.  He did speak a lot about not being “aggressive” and basically promoted even more “niceness” on campuses, particularly among women, since Tibetan Lamas are experts in keeping women in their place.

You can see the video streams of this Karmapa’s visit  at Harvard University above and here at this link and how extensive his visit was. 

Introduced in the above video by the  typical Naropa- affiliated  western “scholar” and  Harvard Divinity School,  guru- worshiping,  staff member, this  ‘expert’ cult member of Tibetan Buddhism  is all a  ga-ga over introducing her incarnated God King to the duped  audience and blushes as she looks in his direction.   Also a forty-year,  Naropa-connected,  Tibetan Buddhist “expert, ” in denial and delusional , she  tells the audience that this 17th Karmapa  looks just like the last one that died, and that he is an amazing scholar,  wise and such a compassionate being, (although she has just met him) and that the previous Karmapa,  she says,  has  obviously  entered this one’s  mind stream  because he looks so much like the  16th Karmapa, before him. She gives herself away when she ‘recites’ the guru-worshiping mantra: “Karmapa Chenno, “during her introduction.  This is a pod person from the early Trungpa days,  but now a respected “scholar’ at Harvard.  What more can one say about how absurd and how far this has gone?

There are now hundreds of NGO’s and foundations and academic-affiliated Tibetan Lama tantric organizations, infiltrated into our prestigious colleges and universities  and dumbing a new generation of young people down. This is turning their minds away from democratic and western values to embrace these pernicious influences as some kind of freedom and progress.  And we are still confused about where the confusion and insane , Orwellian-like behaviors on campuses and  in our academic circles is coming from?   Or why sexual abuse and rape are actually  increasing on campuses across the nation, while women are increasingly confused  about gender  and what to accept and reject and healthy for their own development and  western values of right and wrong, and misogynism disguised as feminism is inimical  to their very western freedoms and all the gains that they have made in equality over the years.

As for the real sexual abuse  victims ,  who are groped and fooled into sex with these Lamas , if they do expose the sexual abuse of the lamas, which is seldom because of all the brainwashing inside these groups,   it is  always these brave women , going against the tide, who are  blamed  for the  abuse happening  at all. The  apologists and enablers for the lamas always say that the sexual encounters  are “consensual,” or  that the women  should have been more  circumspect , less naive and    set better ‘boundaries”   with    high priests they were indoctrinated  into  seeing as  “omniscient  and perfect” at all times, great bodhisattvas, , incapable of doing wrong-  who are  always  unselfishly motivated.

Talk about exploitation of an unequal relationship in a sexually abusive cult.

They are always taught by all the other lamas  and their western enablers that it is a great blessing  to be groped and sexually exploited and physically abused by a lama.  “It is “opening up your chakras,”  and speeding your way to “enlightenment “the lamas and their legion of other sexual abused women tell them.  You are “so lucky” they say.  The lamas, unknown to the public, are encouraged to have as many sexual conquests and consorts as they can,  by the teachings of the Tibetan vajrayana  tantra for their practices.  This is never going to change for them,  their whole religion depends on this misuse of the female sex.  Homosexual relations, or “thigh sex”  with little boy monks, inside their monasteries,  is also normal and acceptable within Tibetan Buddhism and its androcentric world. That is why it is much, much worse than the sexual abuses in other religious institutions-  because it is institutionalized and normal and part of the very fabric of Tibetan “Buddhism”.

Tibetan Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism,  doesn’t exist without sexual exploitation of the female sex and the worship of gurus, and obeying these gurus in all things.   That is what the public doesn’t understand. That is why the Tibetan Lamas and their enablers are doing everything they can to keep this hushed up with the grand pretense that Tibetan Buddhism is something the opposite of what it really is , i.e.  pretending it is about traditional Buddhist values, when these Mahayana teachings are  just a cover  to hide the truth that this is an ancient primitive sexually abusive and exploitative cult of gurus and guru-worshipers that kept their own people enslaved for a thousand years.

The idea that there could be a ‘westernized” version of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, or that it could be modernized is absurd on its face.  If you take out the guru-worship of  lamas, and the  sexual misuse of females for the lamas “higher tantric practices’ , the ones they believe can be the only vehicle to ‘enlightenment” by shooting their semen, mixed with female fluids  they believe they have absorbed , through the imaginary chakras to the top of their foolish heads, than Tibetan Buddhism no longer exists.

Doubletalk  is always the Lamas’  favorite technique  to confuse the minds of the devoted and keep them confused.  “Speak out” they tell these women,  and don’t be so naive even though these devotees  are required , by the Tibetan teachings themselves ,  to worship their guru and lama and obey him in his every wish.  This  creates a wide field for the  Lamas and their often sociopathic behaviors.  The Lamas , unknown to the public, are  ancient experts  at doubletalk and doublethink, and diversionary tactics,  all cult methods to  create a group-think to  confuse and  soon freeze  the mind.  They have continued to freeze the minds of their own Tibetan people who still consider the Dalai Lama a “Living Buddha” who is a God and can do no wrong as they burn themselves up for a “Free Tibet” while their lamas collude with China . Only in the West and to the public,  does the Dalai Lama  pretend to be just a “humble monk.”
When given two opposite messages at the same time,  it creates the perfect  double bind,  over time, making  it  harder and harder for Westerners inside these sanghas, who become infantilized  and unable   to act in their best interest or to make a choice  through a rational decision anymore, based on their own cultural and Western  values that are slowly undermined and replaced. Worse , the whole world has colluded with this  cult of sexual abuse, Tibetan Buddhism, elevating it and its leader into something is certainly is not.

 It is not just the women in these Tibetan Western sanghas who are misused and , confused.  The males are cuckolded by the Lamas while taught to consider it an great ‘honor’ if  the Lamas choose their wives, lovers and  even  their young daughters,  some as young as fourteen years old, to be a Tibetan Lama’s consort.  As one older,  male student of Trungpa recently put it on a Shambhala blog site:

“No…I was there. VCTR  ( Trungpa) never mistreated women It was consensual…
Christakes….he f..ked all my wives, lovers……I was glad about it
no, you can’t touch him” Radio Free Shambhala blog:  2/10/2015

Another  popular but  deceptive  Tibetan Lama of the Drukpa  Kagyu lineage in the west, and also part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute with its Adi-Buddhist ambitions, is  Tsoknyi rinpoche who  has been doing  major fund-raising  for the Tibetan lamas to create new centers in the U.S. and now  So East Asia where he is building a temple for the Taiwanese, the size of the Potala Palace. He is replicating the first lama center in Tibet,  Samye Ling.  This is a big, big project that wouldn’t be happening without Chinese approval.   Tsoknyi  has also  been very busy,  covering up  for his “mentor” and pal,   His Holiness Randy  Sogyal Rinpoche , the alleged sexual and physical abuser of hundreds of western  women in his sangha.

Lama  Tsoknyi  purposely deceived the many  psychologists  and professionals that came through  Spirit Rock Meditation Center door’s  in California where Lama Tsoknyi was given his start to conduct his “Dzogchen” retreats  to fool all the Western psychologists that came through Spirit Rock doors. That was more than likely his special assignment and role given  by the Tibetan lama hierarchy, to “go and conquer, ” a hierarchy that  was very upset that this group of influential American Buddhists and psychologists , were calling these Asian teachers “out.”

These psychobuddhists from California and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, after lama Tosknyi’s influence and infiltration into their groups,     are now   the  Tibetan Lamas greatest enablers of sexual abuse by lamas like Sogyal.   Sogyal  is often seen teachings beside his  protege Tsoknyi rinpoche and many of these psychologists attend Sogyal retreats .

Mingyur Rinpoche, Tsoknyi’s brother  and former tutor to the Chinese Workers Front,  Communist Karmapa,  OgyenTrinley,  the 17th Karmapa,  (rearrested in India, but strangely able to travel to Germany to give retreats) is also involved in helping China create a new hybrid ‘vajra master cult’ for the Chinese, while telling his own  Western devotees  that Mingyur  is on a wandering three-year  “retreat”  ( a common ruse used by these lamas to ‘disappear’ and engage in other activities),  after which he will emerge as the new  “Milarepa.”

This is now big business, a multi-billion dollar enterprise of propaganda, started by the Dalai Lama,  pretending  it is  not the fundamentalist, medieval, misogynistic “religious cult” it actually is,  but  is “Scientific!”with now  hundreds of enthralled and indoctrinated enablers in the sciences , academic and the psychology field , along with Hollywood, to disguise that it  uses and abuses of women for their “higher practices” is doctrinaire .


What a victory  for all the Tibetan Lamas  who are having quite a  knee-slapping laugh among themselves. They  have fooled the  clever Western  clinical psychologists and other academics  who  consider themselves so cutting edge- these so-called  Western “experts” on  the human mind,  meditation and awareness  who actually believe that these lamas are becoming ‘westernized and scientific in their outlook.”


Ironically , the Dalai Lama sect, the Gelugpa sect that is pushing this mindfulness movement through the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute, did not meditate, they were the sect that did not have a meditation  practice but believed in the study of the lama tantras and texts, and of course the sexually abusive, couples bliss practices that all the Tibetan lama sects practice, but not a sitting practice of meditation. But seeing that meditation would be the vehicle to fool the West, as it did Trungpa in his  group,  they jumped on the bandwagon of meditation for the masses.   You’ll recognize the voice of  the narrator, Richard Gere, who is constantly out narrating propaganda films for the Tibetan lamas, apparently his part-time job.  Gere, is  one of the most prolific and active  of our  Hollywood shills for the lamas and connected with most of these Tibetan gurus. He  is also vajrayana Tibetan Tantric occult practitioner and guru-worshiper of the Dalai Lama, himself.

Number one sexual predator and his number one 'enabler'
Number one sexual predator and his number one ‘enabler’

Early days for Gere, Sogyal and the Zen abbot , Joan Halifax, before she became a Zen abbot and is now enabling the sexual abuse of these Tibetan Lamas.  The abusers and their  enablers  always  stick together:


Sogyal Rinpoche, Joan Halifax, Richard Gere


Tsoknyi  rinpoche also expands his  clever trickery by fooling all the ‘third wave feminists at Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research .   Of course these female “feminist”  academics were targeted by the Tibetan lamas  just like their other equally wooley-headed academic and psychology counterparts .

Meanwhile  Lama, Tsoknyi , puts his own students on retreat,  studying the hell realms that await them for having even  a negative thought about lamas like him.  He tells his students he comes from a lineage of a deity and a human, and now has his students praying to statutes  that his lamas have  imbued with living energy.   .

Isn’t it long overdue time for the West  to take the blinders off and  read the real  history of Tibet and the Lamas, the history the Lamas don’t want us to read, and  look closely  at the archived photos and films of ‘Old Tibet.

The contemporary  picture below of  Osel Mukpo’s father-in law , on his eighty-foot throne in India, where  all  ‘western masks’  and ‘secular’  and ‘feminist’ rhetoric is  thrown aside as unnecessary when in the land of Indian god-men.

Secular and Scientific ????   CLICK TO ENLARGE

 Secular and Scientific ????
Secular and Scientific ????

Tibetans should save those Free Tibet signs and add “From the Dalai Lama” at the end, and stop setting themselves on fire.   In fact,  the West should start making our own signs: “Free the West and all people  from the Dalai Lama  and Tibetan Gurus.


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Karmapa -Ogyen Trinley- Money Laundering and Illegal Land Purchase Charges Upheld



Dollar Dorje
Dollar Dorje


The Indian Government is clearly not as naïve as the United States of  America these days .  The  Tibetan  Kagyu Lama, Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Rinpoche,  promoted by the Dalai Lama to take his place and promoted here at our prestigious universities , has been re-arrested in India on corruption charges for money-laundering, and the illegal purchase of benami land that was  set aside for poor Indian farmers.   Never part of a lineage that lets a concern for the poor get in their  way,  this leader of one of the oldest kleptocracies  in the world needed the land to continue to   build-out his Tibetan Lama world empire for a future World Buddhocracy .   Apparently  with China’s approval.

India  knows  their  God-Kings well. They have been dealing with them and their corruptions for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  But can  India hold out against a millennial-long and continued guru strangle- hold that still keeps a large part of their country  in the ninth century and a caste system?  Can they resist  the  plethora of naive U.S. politicians  and a U.S.  administration, with  its own billionaire masters,  as well as India’s   former British colonial oppressors, the British monarchy,   from  maneuvering behind the scenes to try and get these charges dropped again?

Billionaires, like George Soros,    and Prince Charles   are both  heavily invested in this  medieval theater of the   priestly kleptocracy of Tibetan Buddhism.   Nothing like a religious arm to help keep the masses enthralled , accepting   gross austerity and  neo-feudalism in the future as just their “karma.”

We are still waiting here in the United States   for our illustrious newspapers, like the New York Times , the Huffington  Post , the New Yorker,   and the Times, that were all over this Karmapa’s  previous visits,   to print something,  anything, even a small article.  The British Guardian is noticeable silent as well, not reporting on  this latest development with Ogyen Trinley – the Dalai Lama’s replacement for goodness sakes-  although they were quite prolific in articles covering this scandal in 2011.  What happened since then?

For now , the controlled media must be trying to decide how best to protect the  Chubb Insurance Group  and  other wealthy  investors.  Certain multinational corporations and monarchies , east and west,  are happy to bring us this priestly icon of Shangri-lai, the Karmapa, hoping to fool another  generation of young people – carrying on where the Dalai Lama left off.

 Here in the United States, Ogyen Trinley Karmapa  is  dubbed the   “Eco Karmapa” presumably to  appeal to  naive  environmentalists. He is also  the favorite  of our very own Western Tibetan Manchurian candidates here in the United States – those  “experts” , the Western Tibetan Buddhists always called upon  for opinions and propaganda about  everything Tibetan   and the Dalai Lama.  These  guru-worshiping, cult members of  Tibetan Lamaism,   the psycho-buddhists,   academics and their ilk have brought this alleged criminal and member of the Workers United Front of the Chinese Communist Party to  Harvard , Princeton, Yale,  Stanford and other Divinity Schools and Departments of Dupe in our prestigious universities.

In  March of 2015  the Karmapa was  here in the States on  a  two month- feted and prostrated to and fussed-over event extravaganza, to ‘woo and mingle ‘ with the young, those college undergraduates, the most susceptible to cult influences.  All so this eleventh century throwback ,  this Tibetan high lama of the Karme Kagyu sect, trained  in a medieval theater of atavistic  practices misogynistic  and sexually exploitative toward women,  streamed from the Indian Hindu tantra, and cultivated and honed  over the centuries to fool illiterate Tibetan peasants  could influence another generation of westerners.

The Tibetans have been kept in their thrall by being kept mired in superstitious Lamaism for centuries, but what is  Western academia’s excuse when this medieval master , Karmapa,  had  absolutely no trouble convincing Harvard academics?   The Western Canon  seems to have been thrown in the dust bin decades ago at our most “liberal” universities as they embrace, defend and promote  the religions of  misogynistic tribal nations that are anti-democratic theocracies,  while tossing aside their Judeo-Christian heritage that actually allows and fosters a separation of Church and State.

And what will  academics and experts, enamored  for decades by  everything Tibetan Buddhist,   at Harvard and Princeton and Yale , etc. do now as they try and ignore this elephant in the room? So swept away  by this cult,   that Redlands University, originally a  Baptist college,   gave this alleged crook  and Chinese Communist Worker’s Front agent,  an honorary PhD.  Hoping that  our Western, main stream media remains  silent so that the public won’t notice this  Karmapa has been re-arrested , the egg on their faces thickens .. It will  surely take a hammer and chisel to chip it off . Perhaps they had better distance themselves very soon, before its too late.

The Chubb Group of Insurances,   heavily invested in China since 2000,     partly sponsored this Karmapa as did other wealthy Chinese Nationalists for his  latest whirlwind trip all over the United States.  They even  gave  this medieval cleric , taken from his peasant, nomadic family , trained to be a shill for spreading Tibetan Buddhism since a young boy,  a Chubb Fellowship to promote “Buddhism” throughout the West.  There is even the rumor that he replaced his younger brother who ‘was not working out” thus his older age in reality.   Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism it  is Hindu, yogic tantric vajrayana overlaid with Mahayana Buddhist concepts, streamed from the  Hindu vajrayana  tantra from India and is not what the historical Buddha taught.

But our wealthy  plutocracy of  social engineers  are certainly not going to let this fact or a little thing like corruption charges get in the way of their grand plans for the rest of us.   These wealthy elite have invested millions, along with China,  in their  “religious campaign, a medieval theocratic and theatrical movement they are calling the new “secular spirituality.” Their Karmapa,  honed for  world mass consumption,  is  far too important to let anything  like illegal  charges and a re-arrest in India spoil their  Utopian plans .

Particularly now that it is the  Beijing  government that has decided to merge their  Chinese Han Buddhist abbots and the occult Tibetan lamas counterparts, for a Harmony and Peace Buddhist  “religious”movement  for all of  China and , eventually they hope,for all the world,  by successfully  splicing the Han abbots and the Tibetan gurus into  hybrid clone vajra masters. 

They already have thousands of Tibetan lama centers and temples ready-made, all over the West, So East Asia , Australia, and Russia, thanks to the busy  Tibetan lamas who are  programmed since the 11th century to build and build and build, tax-free and with other people’s  money, of course.

It seems our Western naivete about other cultures and their religions has come to an absurd fruition, and an  advantage for these misogynistic tribal cults, like Tibetan Buddhism , who have preyed on our generosity and inability to understand that some of these tribal religions really do still live mentally in the 11th century.   A culture that is   fundamentalist,  and reactionary and has no concept of “secular, ” who  burn books,   while saying they are promoting and  spreading “secular spirituality” and peace , even “bridging a greater scientific understanding” in the West.  

The Chinese and the Tibetans have spent far more centuries in alliance,    than a  relatively few years  antagonistic  to each other-  perhaps  only  theater for the West-   and both always take the long view.   So while we have been programmed  for decades to believe that China and the Tibetan Lamas are bitter enemies and are now worried about everything but this Chinese Communist  infiltration  by stealth through these Tibetan  lamas,  their territorial  expansion has already taken place in the West , So East Asia,indeed in Africa,  Australia, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe and, most aggressively,  in  the United States.

They are not even trying to hide their  hybrid Chinese vajra master,  cult infiltration into Canada  where they  now have at least  eleven centers in Toronto and other major cities  Soon it will be hundreds  in Canada,  from where they will launch into the United States. They have already now a center in Seattle, where many of these  vajra masters already have colonized the Chinese population there. Although China has banned some of these movements, like the “Living Buddha ” school linked above, calling it  out as a “cult, ” they have been actively promoting the mother-lode of  cults, the vajryana tantric cult of   guru-worshiping Tibetan Buddhism and the Karme Kagyu School of Tibetan  Vajrayana Buddhism, Trungpa’s lineage,  has been working with the  Chinese government to help create this cloned vajra master .    While China calls these spin-off groups   “cults”  this is the usual diversion , a tactic  to prevent one from seeing the mother-lode of cult  activity  that China is allied with:  Tibetan Lamaism  itself. The Dalai Lama ,  uses this same  limited hangout tactic, calling a ‘spin-off’ of his own Gelugpa sect, the Dorje Shugden group,  a “cult” even though this group’s only difference is that it worships a deity protector that is no longer worshiped by the Dalai Lama, but once was. That is the only difference between them. Everything else is the same, same guru-worship, same sexual abuse by the lamas for their higher practices, same use of Mahayana Buddhism to disguise that they are a Hindu tantric cult.  Since the Dalai Lama calls the Dorje Shugdun group a “cult” then no one investigates the cult nature of the Dalai Lama and his Gelugpa sect  and all of Tibetan Buddhism.   China calling out these other hybrid Chinese vajra master groups “cults,”so  no one notices that China is  creating a new hybrid vajra master cult of  trained by the Kagyu Tibetan Lamas and merged with  Han Buddhist abbots to create a New World Buddhocracy of Harmony and Peace for  us all,  Tibetan Lama style .  A perfect neo-feudal religion for the future World Buddhocracy the Chinese and the Tibetan Lamas have planned. Helpful  for quelling  the world’s masses into compliance and accepting austerity under World Corporatism.   “It’s just our karma” everyone all over the world will say.

But of course Trungpa already moved his operation for Westerners to Canada in 1985- renaming it Shambhala International when Vajradhatu was in trouble in the United States with possible lawsuits over his behavior and his Regents AIDS scandal soon to blow up.   He told us all it was because Canada’s neurosis was “ignorance”instead of the “aggression” he was finding in the United States.   The aggression of potential lawsuits, he meant.  He also meant there would be even more denial among the ordinary citizens of Canada about what was happening  around them with these guru-worshiping Western Tibetan “Buddhists,” talking peace and harmony while  bringing what seemed to be more economic prosperity to a depressed part of Nova Scotia.  Trungpa saw Canadians as being even more passive than America about what would be taking place around them.  In fact,  with the help of our increasingly controlled media,  both countries have proven they could be duped.

Trungpa’s Gampo Abbey,  another affiliate of the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist umbrella   is overseen by Thrangu Rinpoche. Thrangu,  after building hundreds of centers in North America and Europe, has simultaneously been  busy rebuilding his monastic dynasty in Tibet , Hong Kong  and other parts of Asia, with China’s blessing, while ordinary monks have been setting themselves on fire  for a Free Tibet.  Thrangu, who  trained this re-arrested,  Communist Workers’ Front, Eco-Karmapa,  is part of the training of  the new hybrid clone, Vajrayana Han Buddhist “vajra master” for  future, Chinese ethnic consumption and to quell the unrest among the Tibetans.

One can get a picture of how all these Tibetan  lamas are in collusion with China , but this is still mostly under the radar , not only from the public, but from their own Western devotees who are still taught to call any criticism of the lamas and the Dalai Lama as “Chinese Communist propaganda.”  Actually it is the spread of Tibetan Lamaism, all over the world,  that is the Chinese Communist propaganda .  Westerners are so perennially naive.

Recently , the CBC  in Canada interviewed one of Trungpa’s  former ” main sexual consorts”- one of  his  seven ” sagyum” since a young teenager –  now that she is all grown up .  She doesn’t mention her special relationship  with Trungpa as one of his special sexual bliss tantric partners, a specially designated and small  group, that sat like mute concubines by his side and thereafter,  out  of the hundreds of ordinary sexual conquests of Trungpa in his medieval court. She is out on the media circuit, as Shambhala International’s representative  to do damage control  and constant rehabilitation for her former guru, his dead regent ,  his son, Osel Mukpo, God King II  and her Shambhala Kingdom. Her ambitious,  cult tantric community,  where she has been a dharma brat, i.e. child cult member,  since she was  a little girl,  is constantly proselytizing, and recruiting , while pretending they are not.   She is also part  of the vast, enabling group of sexual abuse victims of Tibetan gurus, taught to believe by Tibetan Buddhism that  they were “blessed” to be sexually used for the lamas “higher practices.”   As the “Shambhala Court Decorum” spokesperson  out proselytizing  for  Shambhala International and Trungpa’s son and his   Tantric Buddhist  Imaginary Monarchy,  making the usual excuses for one of the most cultist  groups of all of Tibetan Buddhism as well as being the most  dysfunctional and ambitious, and that’s saying a lot .

Trungpa’s plans to establish an “enlightened society” ruled by God Kings such as himself,   what he told all advanced tantric practitioners,  who were at first in shock,   was that Nova Scotia was where he was going to create his center and Kingdom of Shambhala headquarters , his “Kalapa Court” in the Maritime Provinces, where there was little government oversight in the 1980’s. So Trungpa, in mostly a drunken stupor, with the mania and  delusions of grandeur of all late-stage alcoholics,    believed that  lobster fishermen and their ilk would eventually secede from Canada , all joining his Kingdom.  He proceeded to develop his army and  his navy of “vajra guards”  as his  former hippies,  dressed themselves up  in fancy clothes  calling  each other the elite among themselves, the  “Lords and Ladies” as   anglophiles and  court sycophants and the wealthy elite gathered around the  lamas  who always need their house servants. These were the first cult members  to followed him  and set up shop at his “Kalapa Court” in Nova Scotia to set up his  “Enlightened Monarchy.”


Many more were to follow from Boulder Colorado where his U.S. center remains, doing the usual damage of confusing young people with eastern tantric memes  operating from headquarters,  Naropa University.

Naropa University and Shambhala International  (the old scandal-ridden Vajradhatu) are part of the same entity of “soft power” while pretending they are not. They are recruiting centers for the KarmeKagyu  Communist sect  with  their Western Tibetan Buddhists,  their shills without a scintilla of sense or a clue.

Since my own relatives came from the Maritime Provinces of Canada, where Trungpa set up his “Kingdom”,  I always thought that he was extremely naïve about the simple stubbornness of the  families of  Scots Irish and Catholics with very strong  traditional religious ties that Canadians held in this part of the continent.  I do remember though the ambivalence and love-hate feelings  about Americans; they were always impressed with the wealth and prosperity of their southern neighbors in this poor part of the Provinces.  Apparently that is still true, as they have let this sexually abusive cult of Tibetan Buddhism  bedazzle and fool them with their  fancy clothes, university degrees ,  prosperity  and faux- British manners, still taking them seriously and believing they are just a  peaceful, innocent Buddhist group  “doing their own thing” instead of  the  rabid cult of guru-worshiping utopian elitists  that they really  are.

Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu/Shambhala group must no longer be on the Canadian government’s “subversive list,” as it once was.  It should be.

But then these Tibetan Lamas, with their Hindutvat  tantric  memes,  have dumbed-down a critical mass of the  whole Northern American  Continent.  Europe, take heed, apparently only France and Germany has been as completely fooled by Tibetan Buddhism and the Lamas as  has North America.

So far,  the Tibetan Lamas have been quiet in the United States about their  most public affiliation with China  . Although the Dalai Lama’s Prime minister , Lobsang Sangay, has been emboldened of late with his anti-democratic rhetoric and his public statement of being a Chinese Nationalist, loyal to the Motherland when now in Washington, D.C.    while playing the “victims” for the last forty years.  Americans hate to be fooled.

Perhaps it is simply that most totalitarian governments  now see their chances,  and are totally emboldened by  an astoundingly weak  and foolish   U.S. administration.

As for the  luminous ones,  as the celebrity Western Tibetan Buddhists  refer to themselves,  they believe , as all fanatic utopians do, that they are going to save the world by clinging to this  atavistic  priesthood  from the middle-ages  they are helping to disguise with their  “secular spirituality,”  mindfulness awareness,   ecobuddhism, gender equality and  feminist masks.

The Dalai Lama is also partnered with its sister in guru-worship,    the world Hindu yoga movement being promoted by Modi.  

 The Dalai Lama has recently said that the  Hindu RSS, the radical militant part of Modi’s Government, a government that is promoting both Hindu Yoga and Tibetan Lamaism world wide along with China, have the same goals.  Of course they do.  They come from the same  Brahman- supported,  right-wing Hindutvat  stream.   Modi has come from a more prurient , disciplined stream of Hinduism, while sexual abuse is rampant in Hindu Tantric ashrams.   Do Modi and his RSS and BJP party understand what they are embracing for their  world ambitions?  Does China?   As it allows this stream of tantric lamas to  unite with Communist China’s goals of using  tantric guru-worship to cement loyalty to the Motherland?


Chinese Buddhist Guru ‘Vajra Master’ Jinke Xuanlei meeting BJP leader Tarun Vijay, president of a parliamentary group on India-China relations. Photo: Special Arrangement

Tibetan Lamaism  whose history of violence, misogyny and  labyrinthine intrigue  that befits the dark middle ages where these lamas mentally  still dwell  should not be  a vision of peace for the future for any nation .

But where  is the rest of  Western academia in all this absurdity of throwback regression to medieval times?  Do they  go along  with every  politically correct agenda  that supports misogynistic, patriarchal “religious freedoms” no matter how absurd?  As they reject their own Judaeo-Christian Western culture?  The latter religious stream that at least adapted to the separation of church and state over time unlike these fundamentalist  theocracies from the Swat Valley they are so enamored of and support, even though one  of them wishes to weaken us mentally and the another wished to kills us,   and both want to make us their slaves?    If , polygamous  Christian fundamentalists were trying to take over by infiltrating into  our secular academia with this much blatant aggression  and hubris, as these polygamous,  misogynistic  Tibetan  lamas are doing ,  along with their ancient enemies , the Islāmic theocratic  caliphate,  these  liberal academics  would be the first ones to start a  vociferous hue and  a cry.  It seems our academic left-leaning campuses are determined to bring down the very Western culture and liberal values that created these universities.

Or is it that billionaires east and west , bored with their absurd wealth , who now control our college campuses with their billion dollar donations,  are seeking imagined power  from tantric practices,  since they  are the ones primarily  supporting  this  eleventh century group of clerics who share more in common with  Aleister Crowley  than anything the Buddha taught.

This precious one,  Ogyen Trinley Karmapa, trained by the Karma Kagyu sect and  Communist China since a lad and part of its soft power against the West is  supported by the Dalai Lama as his successor.  When he said , over and over, “their will be no Dalai Lamas after me”, it was one of the few times the Dalai Lama told the truth.  It was to be this Chinese Communist Karmapa that was to take the Dalai Lama’s place.

Ogyen Trinley already  has his main  seat well- established in New York, started by his predecessor, the 16th Karmapa , his   Karma Triyana Dharmachkakra ( KTD)  center.  It is now run  nationalist Taiwanese who kicked out their  Western Tibetan  devotee counterparts,  but only after  these  Western lama devotees of the previous Karmapa gave decades of their free labor and blind devotion to  these Tibetan Lamas to build and maintain this   Karmapa lineage  seat for their reincarnated God King. They were building it for Oyen Trinley and expected to be part of the flock.

These Kagyu Buddhists,   who call themselves the “mishap lineage,” which  means they will rationalize anything negative that happens to them ,   don’t seemed  at all phased  to discover their  head guru,  the Karmapa, is  part of a Kagyu Lama- Chinese Worker’s Front  strategy to create a world Buddhocracy of Harmony and Peace.  Even though programmed for decades, as all Western Tibetan Buddhists have been,  to call out everyone in a frenzy of attacks  who is critical of Tibetan Buddhism or the Dalai Lama a “Chinese Communist.” .  Quite a diversionary tactic , for the last few decades and counting, to call everyone a “communist agent” who criticized the lamas or the Dalai Lama.  Then no one noticed that the Tibetan lamas are the Chinese communist agents after all.

But then the Dalai Lama does this all the time.  “Look at those Dorje Shugden practitioners! They are a cult!”  he says,  knowing the main stream press will  pick this up and  repeat it ad naseum.   Then no one focuses on the reality that each and  every sect of  these  Tibetan Lamas,  without exception,  including the Gelugpa sect of the  Dalai Lama,    are  part of the oldest “religion” of a thought control  cult in all the world: Tibetan Vajrayana “Buddhism” and its guru-worship.  All of these Tibetan Lama groups are Hindu tantric cults of tantric vajrayana, pretending to be just another stream of  Buddhism that they convince themselves and others was the “third turning” of the wheel of dharma.  The lamas just made this up. The historical Buddha never taught about gurus on thrones, he told his students that “no one should sit any higher than another” and “be a light unto yourself, Ananda.”  He was trying to counteract the Hindu Tantric guru worship in India that kept it in a Brahman-controlled caste system,  after his “awakening”.   He wanted people to wake up not fall asleep under a guru’s spell. He touched the earth, when he woke up, after his years in Hindu guru cults.

No wonder China,  has been  watching these Western guru-devotees  from afar and  has decided to re-embrace Tibetan Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism again. They are  using it to  tame their own ethnic masses, by deciding  to the unite the three million  Han Buddhists, , with the occult  dogma and rituals of Tibetan Lamaism  and create  monster hybrid vajra masters.   Why?  To increase their nation’s  devotion to  the Motherland, of course .  They mistakenly believe that  any moral corruption of these lamas,  considerably documented over  time, is “exceptional” and is the result of  evil  Western influence.  It is convenient to blame everything now on the West.

In fact, the amoral morass and confusion that we are experiencing in the West and United States  is in great part the result of the influences of these Tibetan lamas, Hindu gurus  and their eastern tantric occult influences  over time on our Western culture. that corrupts and confuses everything it touches.

It will be no different in China.

The Chinese  are very foolish to think that this vajrayana tantric influence, merged with their own Han Buddhism  will create more harmony and peace in China.  They should look more deeply at what has happened here  in the United States, Germany and other parts of Western Europe where these lamas have had their insidious influence.

All nations need to read the real history of Tibet under the lamas and  last sections of the Kalachakra Wheel of Time , the Tibetan  lamas’ apocalyptic prophecy tantra  , that they all  adhere to and believe in. It  predicts  a World War III they are hoping will happen , when out of the ashes the Tibetan lama  will arise as the  Chakravartin  lord of  the Universe presiding over a  world empire.    They have believed this myth for hundreds of years.   This is not symbolic to them,  symbolism and reality  for them are the same thing.  After losing Tibet because of their greed and corruption, the Dalai Lama gets a Nobel Peace Prize for basically running away with his gold and his relatives and leaving the Tibetan people to deal with the Chinese.   How typical of the lamas who never lift a finger for anyone as they have their hand out for the cash and are able to continue to fool the West.

Ogyen Trinley,  the Chinese  Karmapa ,  was attempting to  buy  up more  land in the U.S. heartlands, joining the  Kagyu Tibetan  Lamas.  This is to keep  adding  to their extensive lama land holdings  here America to further centralize their influence of tantric  confusion to undermine us from the inside out.  They have done a very good job  so far,  if anyone has cared to notice.  Chicago will be a good spot and central  since  our current  “progressive”  administration’s   friend Mayor Emanuel, is on board with the Tibetan Lamas or at least one pretending to be a Tibetan Lama.

Having connected with a “fake” Tibetan guru is quite an accomplishment, since the real ones are deceitful enough.

Someone should do an aerial map,  with dots,  of how many centers , temples, and other places of influence these Tibetan lamas have built all over the United States and  Europe  in the last forty years, thanks to the Dalai Lama mesmerizing the West with his net of tantra and his humble monk façade.  It would stun the ordinary American.      These lamas  always build- out in a  directional geometric pattern.  East-West-South- North and Central. The Karmapa is purchasing land in Cicero, Illinois:

“In an attempt to justify the purchase of a building in Cicero, a Western suburb of Chicago, for a dharma center in Rogers Park, way up on the city’s far North Side of Chicago, Lama Colleen said:

“We have the money, don’t ask how, but we can’t afford anything where anyone lives. Deal with it. We called the Karmapa while we were at the property and His Holiness personally approved the purchase right on the spot, end of discussion.”

What happened in Chicago is exactly what Ogyen Trinley Dorje will be standing trial for in India.”  from  blog; July 9, 2015

Perhaps someone could wake up our politicians,  on both sides of the aisle, and remind them  that all the military defense in the world is not going to stop our country from being undermined from the inside out  by all these do-good, Utopian , illiberal leftist and their  billionaire supporters.

This  Karmapa was  going to prove so very useful in adding a ‘religious’ arm to add to world-wide confusion   laying more manure over the poppy field of sophomoric rhetoric and tantric chaos  these  Tibetan lamas  and their Hindu tantric cult influences always bring to keep  mere humans asleep.

This Karmapa’s schedule in America,  before being re-arrested after returning to  India,  attests to  this “investment’  of multinational corporatism  in keeping the masses duped and dumbed-down  with a religious arm they are calling , laughably, “secular spirituality.”   This medieval head of a theocracy, slated to take the Dalai Lama’s place in furthering  world hypnosis,   is off to Berlin Germany this month  to give a seminar  in Bonn, called appropriately  Without Limit,”  despite  charges  of corruption and money-laundering  upheld in Hamachal Pradesh . A  part of the  German population  has always remained enamored by  the Tibetan Lamas since the early 1930’s and before.  Clearly this history is trying to repeating itself again.

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. “

Recently the Dalai Lama’s newly appointed  ‘prime minister’ , Mr. Lobsang Sangay, the representative of the Dalai Lama’s  Tibetan Government in Exile,  has been now publicly declaring   his anti-democratic, Chinese National  allegiance , since moving to Washington  D. C.

Maura Moynihan,, daughter of the late senator Patrick Moynihan, working tirelessly  at the Tibet Fund for the Dalai Lama’s false flag causes,  is surprised.

Another guru-inspired liberal, she hasn’t put all the pieces together,  perhaps  she never will.  There is always a faint hope that these progressive liberals,   targeted for decades  by the Dalai Lama  and his  Lamaism of ‘coercive persuasion”  and sophomoric rhetoric  , enamored  for decades by  everything Tibetan Buddhist and “spreading the word” of this cult for forty years, will come to their senses and out of their tantric Dalai Lama spell.  She is in shock that  Mr. Sangay  is  talking  now about Tibet being a “feudal society” since she has been programmed by the Tibetan lamas to think this is  Chinese communist, anti-Dalai lama rhetoric, what all guru-worshiping cult members of Lamaism knee-jerk believe.

But  how could it be  true Ms. Moynihan,  since he considers himself   a Chinese nationalist and is also a cult follower of the Dalai Lama?   Doublespeak and doublethink of the lama indoctrination that’s how.  

Ms. Moynihan obviously still believes in Shangri-lai , since she has long been involved in the Tibet Fund and Tibet issues out of her good liberal and naive heart, the first thing all the Tibetan lamas steal and then “project”  back to their bedazzled and mesmerized Western fans.   She doesn’t know about Tibetan Buddhism being a cult of  massive and ancient  thought control that created a cruel, despotic and misogynistic preisthood.  Since she has always had ‘aristocratic status’ in the inner circle of  the lamas, that  a circle of ‘handlers” they always gather around them, east and west. Besides, the  perks for these ‘lama inner circle administrators’  Western or Tibetan,  is compassion status and a belief in their own enlightened wisdom,  that has almost completely destroyed  our country with what  the Tibetan lama  Trungpa used to call “idiot compassion.”  The Tibetans surrounding her at the Tibet Fund  aren’t going to tell her the truth about the lamas,  since their own survival depends on the myth of Tibet and the lamas continuing. Besides, they  are still worshiping God Kings like her, even some setting themselves on fire for their Kundun.

She doesn’t know that both can be true,  i.e. that  Tibet was a  cruel feudal theocracy , that included slavery,  and that Communist China now sees its uses again;   or that  Sangay  and  the Dalai Lama could both be Chinese Nationalists;  or that Sangay could be a Chinese Communist and a guru-worshiping lama at the same time.  China realizes this.  The mind of a cult member , east or west, is always confused and compartmentalized.

That is the plan that China has for the minds of  all of  its ethnic people.   A plan to keep them in “harmony” and subdued,  instituting and incorporating within their United Workers Front  a Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist master plan of lama resurgence,  with these lamas and their  wealthy administrators  gaining the perks they always seek,  to keep their kleptocracy intact.

Nothing like a tyrannical religious cult,  spear-headed by these occult  Tibetan lamas,  to be merged with all the Han Buddhist abbots. This is a merging of  Han Mahayana Buddhism and the tantric  vajrayana cult of Hindu occultism for China’s new totalitarian state.   Ms. Moynihan,  may I suggest you start getting your history lessons about Tibet and the lamas now  from someone else beside guru- worshiping Western Tibetan Buddhists  and Tibetans in Exile.  You might want to consult with Western ex-Tibetan Buddhists.  The few that have escaped.

This   newly formed Buddhist guru theocracy is also the model China hopes to carry out for Quietism and  world Corporatism- Chinese style- and the lamas, like the Chinese,   always  take the long view  and once China saw how enslaved and enthralled Western  Tibetan Buddhists became, as well as  how long the Tibetans in Exile have remained in the Dalai Lama’s thrall they realized this would be the best form of mind control to quell their own masses,  without picking up a gun.

Sangay is kept on a long string by the Dalai Lama.  There is no “democratic” parliament of Tibetans in Exile.  They are simply calling it that, while the Dalai Lama always remains in charge.  There can never be a democracy that is a theocracy. It is a non sequitur on its face.

Tibetan ” Buddhism”   is  the state, the culture, the political organization, the language, the symbolism, the Art, in other words,  the total reference point of Tibetans who are still under a Lama Theocracy . That is why they  cannot   assimilate into  Western secular culture, until they throw off this yoke.  How could they,  still living mentally under the thrall of their medieval priests and God King, the Dalai Lama ?  But this medieval , tantric, occult priesthood,  is what Communist China hopes to harness with Han Buddhism, three million strong in China,  for its “soft power” in their nation  and eventually throughout the world.   Tibet and the lamas are  what would be called , more appropriately,    a “totalitarian theocratic kleptocracy” ,  not a feudal state.

Sangay, like the Dalai Lama, just mouths the words of a democracy, something he doesn’t understand, and certainly his education at Harvard  these days, would not have helped him understand.  His mind is only  barely  out of the eleventh century,   and all these Tibetan lamas and their “administrators” like Sangay,  are determined to keep their own Tibetan people still there.  And the lamas?   Well the lamas  and their handlers like the Dalai Lama and his Sangay,  just follow the money.

The lamas will attach  themselves to any nation, government or dictatorship, whomever wants to pay them for their “services” of thought control and religious repression, as long as they let them continue to spread out garner in more millions to keep their privileged positions.    Now it is  China where they are migrating  to.   One must never forget the Dalai Lamas’  first sponsors and benefactors were the  Mongolian Khans who gave them their names, “Dalai Lama” a Mongolian name. The Khans,  a group so fierce,  that China built a Wall to keep them out.  Now they will foolishly let these  Tibetan Buddhist tantric influences inside that  Great Wall, deep inside.  A reality the United States and China  now share in common. Letting the tantric vajrayana influence inside our respective cultures to cause havoc from within.

Please wake up Ms. Moynihan, use  your Western reason and intelligence again. It is buried somewhere  under the gods and demons,   and Herman Hesse Siddhartha  fantasies  we were all raised on in 1969.  You would not wish to be reborn in India again and again , as you have stated,  if you could notice, like you first did,  the terrible suffering these  Brahmin sponsored God men have caused in India for thousands of years, perpetrating a caste system of misery, suffering and terrible misogyny.  God men, like the Dalai Lama,  you have so admire for so long.   Your shock at the Tibetan Government in Exile’s leader, Mr. Lobsang’s  connections  and loyalty with Chinese Communist China,   should at least wake you up.  I would imagine it is starting to wake up the Tibetan people.

Perhaps we could wake up together,  all of us together, who have been so fooled by these Tibetan Lamas for so long, remembering  what our own Western “enlightened”  forefathers fought and died for,  for over half a millennium  to free us from  God Kings and  tyrannical priests.

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Christine A Chandler

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Western Tibetan Buddhists: The American Manchurian Candidates


China’s  Han Priests, with Thrangu Rinpoche , a  major Tibetan Lama with hundreds of centers here in the West,  who tutored China’s Dalai Lama replacement. The Han Buddhist Abbots are  now merged under  the Karmapa Tibetan lineage-

“When near,  manifest as far.”  Sun Tzu in the ‘Art of War’

If  asked what is the  new religion promoted by Communist  China to  spearhead its  new  Global Buddhism for Harmony the answer will leave the world  in shock.  It is  Tibetan Lamaism a.k.a. Tibetan Buddhism,,  an  occult, ninth century  priesthood based on the Hindu Tantric cult of Guru-worship  overlaid with traditional  Hinayana and  Mahayana concepts.  This is the new  religion that  China hopes to   unite with  Han Buddhism to quiet their own masses by putting them in  a subtle Lama trance  in order, they say,  to promote harmony and peace and will   prevent  nascent democratic movements from arising in their nation.  Unknown to the world, and despite the masks the lamas put on, Tibetan Buddhism is rabidly, anti-democratic being a medieval theocracy of absolutist power.

From the article ” “Geopolitique”  Buddhist Soft Power, Chinese Style” in  the Swiss published “Market” by Arnaud Dotezac  :

“In short, Beijing is on the point of harvesting the devotional potential of the Tibetan community (and their Western followers) like ripe fruit”.

Not victims of Chinese oppression  after all,   the high  Lamas of the Karme Kagyu sect, the most popular in the U.S. , with thousands of western adherents,   has been  actively working with the Chinese Government,  since at least the 1980’s,  rebuilding their monasteries  in  China and their new temples and centers of influence in  the west  with  the free money and  labor of both their Asian and Western devotees.

Too bad the  Dalai Lama  didn’t tell all the monks and nuns and ordinary Tibetans  in China,   still  setting themselves on fire  for the Dalai Lama and his Free Tibet campaign to protest  “Chinese oppression”   that their God-Kings  have been partners with China   all along  to implement their mutual dreams of a Global Buddhism to bring totalitarian ‘harmony and peace’ to the world .

Ogyen Trinley, the seventeeth Karmapa ,  is  dubbed and marketed as the  Eco Karmapa in the West and  is the head of the Chinese- colluding Karme Kagyu and Drukpa- Kagyu sects.   He is also the darling  of  the Dalai Lama and his Gelugpa sect.  Further, the Dalai Lama has gathered all the sects together under one big umbrella, something the Dalai Lamas couldn’t achieve in Tibet for hundreds of years, not for lack of trying that resulted in bloody sectarian wars.  But, since the Dalai Lama has grown extremely wealthy again,  all the lama sects all follow the money and power, and now there are super-powers to attach to as  their  new “hosts” in the contemporary world.

The  Dalai Lama  has given his blessing  by  providing  the Chinese -promoted Karmapa a home in India since his dubious “escape” and has also “recognizing him”  as the authentic Karmapa incarnation, the 17th Karmapa,  something the Gelugpas have never done in their centuries long tradition, i.e. recognize a  Karme Kagyu Karmapa. The Dalai Lama is actively promoting this Chinese Karmapa to take his place after he dies.

That is what the Dalai Lama really means  when he recently said: “there  will be no more Dalai Lamas after me” while pretending  that he is in a battle with China over the next Dalai Lama recognition.

Ogyen Trinley’s   so-called escape from   Tibet in 2000  was  suspicious to say the least  and  India  has  long suspected  him of being  at least ten years older than he claims as well as a Chinese spy intent on building monasteries along the Indian Pakistani border .   This is one of the reasons  he has been kept under virtual house arrest  in one of the Dalai Lama properties in Dharmasala,  his  movements  restricted and under surveillance  by the Indian government and secret service since he  first escaped by helicopter and SUV over the Himalayas that the Chinese guards could not have missed.

Despite the travel restrictions in India since his arrival,   he  has managed to  come to the  ‘perpetually naive’ U.S. A. ,  in 2008 and  again in 2011, enthralling thousands in New York City and Boulder, Colorado.  In 2015 , he again arrived in America  on a two- month, whirlwind tour of the U.S. prestigious universities, mingling and wooing the academics and divinity students whose ability to be duped has not been seen since Vichy France.

The U.S. main stream news,   totally preoccupied with another fundamentalist and more violent cult,  the Islamic jihadists,  rarely reports anything negative about the Tibetan Lamas , the  Dalai Lama  nor  his andocentric, apocalyptic, fundamentalist ‘religion.    Tibetan Buddhism which is really Lamaism, is always given a pass, or when scandals start to emerge in the press,  or the public , particularly in the United States and now Britain,  is inundated with Tibetan lama fairy tales and positive  propaganda.

So accomodating to this  fantasy of Shangri-lai , and so aligned  is the United States, Britain and now China,  that in   Modi’s  Indian Government, Ogyen Trinley  is strangely given  a free ticket to  come to the United States,    despite his being under virtual house arrest in India, to persuade more Shangri-lai-ed  Americans of his “enlightened” nature  as well as  his  wise and deep environmental concerns and where he is green-marketed as the EcoKarmapa  while engaging in the usual  Tibetan lama sophomoric rhetoric and the collecting of lots of tax-free cash from his naive audiences during each American trip.  This alliance between India, the Dalai Lama and China is hardly noticed.  It  fits in nicely with the Krishna-Buddha-Sino  “blended”  religious movement that is part of the Chinese World Buddhist Harmony movement. By integrating Hinduism’s soft power of Yoga,  and Tibetan Buddhist lamas’  soft power of “meditation” ( both for the masses) and the tantric vajrayana yoga for the hard core devotee  that will shill like slaves to create this  Word Buddhists’ Harmony Movement ,  undermining , over time , unknowingly for the most part,  democracy and  freedom and contributing to a future World Banana Republic if the lamas and their helpmates get their way.   After all , the lamas were experts at making sure that Tibet remained a despotic theocracy for a thousand years,  taxing and working their people literally to death,  gathering the usual “elites”  around them to share in the lama largesse. They have proven remarkably capable of using every cult control tactic with their Western “sanghas” to recreate here what they had in old Tibet by getting educated PhD.s to believe in fairy-tales and occult magic  and corporate  CEO’s to handle expensive, public relations firms to help perfect the lamas Western  masked dance.

This is not only a religious cult,  but it is a political cult as well.

Those in attendance during his 2008 visit to Boulder, CO, old hippie types who were shocked, reported that  his western handlers charged four thousand dollars for a ten-minute group interview for various Buddhist dharma groups . He enthralled more  American western Buddhists and  more importantly,  the general public,  with his carefully-marketed,   environmental persona and  his handsome good looks.

While he  was  ‘wooing and mingling’ with students at prestigious universities and colleges this time  for his third visit  in the U.S.,   spring of 2015,  the perpetually biased and naive  mainstream media , “journalists” that have graduated from colleges and universities,  soaked now  in eastern memes and quite possibly Western Tibetan Buddhists themselves,  made sure this visit was hardly reported, except for the predictable hagiography propaganda pieces that the lamas get their devotees to tell about themselves.

While this Karmapa was  infiltrating our colleges and universities , and even  given an honorary degree at  Redlands University,   the U.S. media daily bombarded us with article after article,,  about a   Dalai Lama -China pseudo fight about his reincarnation,  when it was clear to anyone paying attention, that the Dalai Lama’s   next  “reincarnation”, was already among us and here .

For the Tibetans and China and the Western Manchurian candidateshere  in the United States,  This is the video they saw of the  Dalai Lama passing the baton to this Chinese Communist Karmapa in 2012 They now accept the recent news of his Communist connections,  ‘unflinchingly, ‘  as they do any egregious , deceptive , back-stabbing , sexual abuse  or anti-social behavior by their lamas,  If they had a flicker of doubt?  It would be immediately re-processed  as proof of their  own “impure perception.”

After a while it is noticeable, that  Ogyen Trinley  always maintains a  closely-shaved head and since lamas usually vary their appearances and channel their vanity through their hair,  Ogyen’s close shaved brow is  perhaps to   hide the temples of gray that keep appearing  in a certain light in photos . People would be in  danger of remembering  the rumors   he  is   forty instead of being the  “amazing twenty eight year old”  as everyone claims. The  physician who examined him  when he first arrived in India  over sixteen years ago, put him at twenty-four years old,  physiologically , not fourteen years old  as China and the Tibetan lamas  have claimed;  his paperwork has mysteriously disappeared.

There is a back-up quarterback for China, India and the Tibetan Lamas , however.  This is the other 17th Karmapa, Thaye Dorje, who has not been waiting in the wings but has been busy fooling Europe.  His teacher Sharmapa,  who taught everyone the same slavish guru-yoga, wrote a little book on democracy.   Pretending that he understood it while remaining in  eleventh century Tibetan  Lamaism.  This Karmapa  is already giving speeches at the U.N. to India’s children,  inaugurating lama Temples in Ladakh,    with China’s blessing.   Tulkus  in Tibetan Buddhism are   prepared and trained by the bushel,  ready to go out and shill for Tibetan Lamaism.  This one is already popular in Europe.  So the other Ogyen Trinley Karmapa’s   re-arrest  is not even a  blip on the screen, particularly  since it was never reported in Europe or the United States by the main stream media.  China and the lamas know that the West  doesn’t pay attention and  that the Western public will think this new one is the same Karmapa , and least for a while. That way they will never know about the corruption.   That is what they would have done in Tibet.  As for the Western followers of the other Karmapa?  visualizing him over their heads as their guru all these years?   Well,  anything could be the twig that snapped the camel’s back,  and these latest scandals by the Machiavellian lamas have been outrageous.   It will be a good test of how deep their thought control has been.

Now two generations of  of devotees  of Trungpa and his son have permeated and influenced   higher academia, journalism,  and particularly the  psychology field ,  thanks to the creation  of Naropa Institute by Trungpa  and the popularity of the Dalai Lama and his   well-funded organizations of influence and  networks of tantric, guru-worshiping  lama mafias. These “change agent” influences, the Hindu Tantra , has infiltrated deeply  into our society, thanks to Naropa,  and these guru cult members ,  who  have entered the corporate,   legal,  psychology,  psychiatric and  medical field as well as   the environmental field and international law and  international business milieus.

Trungpa’s son and current lineage holder, is  a marathon runner and jock,  who  is also Hid “Holiness” and “Highness”, in a dead serious joke, a fantasy Magic Kingdom of Shambhala, and is the   darling of Goldman Sachs, the Aspen Institute , Booze Allen Hamilton and the Altria Corporation, formerly known as the  Phillip Morris Tobacco Company.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel,   former Obama Chief of Staff,   admires this little  God King’s  ‘Ruling Your World, ‘ lama-style approach. He   invites him to speak in Chicago, hoping  to quell the “Black Lives Matter”.   He didn’t notice that the violence got worse after a visit to Ferguson, MO by the Dalai Lama’s monks and pals.  Chaos is the Vajryanana Tantra’s shadow and  that is what the  Tibetan lamas  always will bring.  Chicago is  to be the next Detroit, thanks to forty years of this type of compassionate leadership where there is lots and lots of talk about compassion, but little implementation on the ground.

The Dalai Lama  has long been  the ’cause celebre, ‘of politicians on both sides of the aisle-they often invite him  to speak at their Prayer Breakfasts, or before the National Assembly, as they join the Hollywood  glitterati set, neither group  having a clue about what or who  they are supporting . They don’t bother to actually  research  Tibetan Lamaism or what Tibet was really like under this former slave owner and religious dictator, the  Fourteenth Dalai Lama only fifty-plus years ago.   It is too important to have their pictures taken with this dissembler and his false causes , giving them some ‘compassion currency’ with the mass media  while supporting  a  misogynistic, religious dictatorship of tyrant God Kings .  No one can be as dim these days  as “progressives ”  and their politician and  Hollywood partners in propaganda, as they throw away their secular , Judeo Christian heritage that actually is able to separate Church and State.

China has already figured that out and hopes the  ordinary masses in the United States and the rest of  the world don’t realize this.

These Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ and Hindu cult memes,   have  spread far and wide into our western culture,  not only by these “contemplative vehicles” but also thanks to the Dalai Lama’s popularity .  The  Dalai Lama and lama cartel and their  wealthy enablers have  created a vast network ,  burgeoning into foundations and institutes and so-called, “non-profits.” all  to garner billions  to carry out harmony and peace for the world.    The lamas , the brigands and thieves of their own people have come  to steal Western compassion, join it with their  rhetoric,  and then project it back from their  guru thrones,  pretending  now that this compassion was theirs  all along.

But this was the Lamas’ system, who proclaim  they are bringing joy to the world and that they wouldn’t hurt a fly:

“The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. They were taxed for religious festivals and for public dancing and drumming, for being sent to prison and upon being released. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being cast into slavery.”  Michael Parenti, Friendly Feudalism

The history of the Lamas and their treatment of their own people would make these  progressive Utopians weep,  if they dared to  take off their willful  blinders and go beyond the cognitive dissonance fire-wall they have constructed  to maintain their Shangri-lai fantasies and their moral superiority. They might want to actually read the real history of Tibet.

As for the Tibetan people?  The lamas  have been controlling their minds for so long, that even though now physically free of the lamas  and their cruel  religious dictatorship,  they are still so mentally enslaved by Lamaism after centuries of thought control,   that they  will  set themselves on fire for a “Free Tibet, “-a cause that has long ago been over if it was ever a reality.  Why  on earth would the Dalai Lama want to go back to Tibet when he is so busy making the whole world into Old Tibet’s image  for the future? Now with China’s blessing?

It seems billionaires in China, just like in the west, are  attracted to the esoteric, occult practices  of the Tibetan Hindu Tantra . Making billions is no longer enough of an aphrodisiac. Now they want the power and immortality  that Tibetan Buddhism and its occult religion deceptively promises them.  Why these billionaires do not notice that these Tibetan lama,  occult practices were so ineffective that the lamas lost their own country , abandoning it en mass  when the game was up . This is  a mystery.

This affiliation with the Chinese  has proved  very lucrative for the Karme Kagyus  and all of Tibetan Buddhism. Now they can collect their  donations  not only from the West, but from China as well. This  Tibetan lama mafia are positioned to go from multi-million dollar enterprises to multi-billion dollar entities.  However, China we can be sure will expect a piece of the lamas’ collected pie.

Since coming on board with the Chinese Karmapa,  Thrangu Rinpoche and the other high, Kagyu and  Nyingmapa  Lamas all over the world, now under the Dalai Lama umbrella,  have done  very well over the last  decades, most growing into very wealthy,  family lineage corporations,  all tax-free in the U.S. As a  reward for their loyalty to the  Chinese Motherland,   Lama Thrangu and other Kagyu lamas  have been building hundreds of new monasteries and centers in the west  as well as in Chinacenters of influence’ for Tibetan ‘Buddhism’  , a.k.a. Lamaism,  to spread world wide.

Below are excerpts from  an  article by Arnaud Dotezac,  recently published  in ‘Market China’ but subsequently “disappeared”  (hard copies preserved) that also documents  this collaboration of the Tibetan Lamas of the Kagyu sect with the Chinese Government entitled : Buddhist Soft Power:  Chinese Style”:

“China very quickly understood the political leverage associated with Buddhism, which currently has close to 300 million Chinese followers throughout the country….”Although the official patriotic Buddhist Association of China (BAC) was established in 1953, it has been since Deng Xiaoping came to power in 1981, that religion has played an official role in the construction of the new China. The aim was to mobilize all forces in the building of a modern socialist state and to serve Chinese interests abroad. “

Jiang Zemin endorsed this policy at the 14th CPC National Congress in 1992. He even went as far as making “spiritual civilization” a feature of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. This action was used not only to justify the value of “harmony” as the basis of Chinese public order and a sign of allegiance to the CPC, but also to project a softer image of China to the outside world.”

In China ,  this will be accomplished by merging  Han Buddhism with Tibetan Lamaism,  just as in the west there is  movement  by the Tibetan Lamas to merge itself with  Zen and Theravada  Buddhism  to form a One Dharma or Global Buddhist  stream for the world.

While we have been obsessed with the dangers of one misogynistic fundamental religious cult of  Islam,  another one has been  very busy expanding under the radar and by stealth.  But  the cult of terrorists are very transparent about their agenda and anti-western, anti-democratic sentiments while,  unknown to the general public, the Vajrayana tantra  allows making   full use of lies and deceit to achieve their objectives; in fact this would be considered  ‘compassionate skillful means’ and  the highest Bodhisattva act of ‘generosity’  if these lies and deception had as its  final  end bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the masses.  So lying, as the Dalai Lama knows full well  while operating under  his Mahayana mask, is perfectly allowed in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism according to their  Tibetan tantric Law of Inversion.

At least when the fundamentalist Islamist State is  coming at you , you know what it’s  goal is.  Not so with the Tibetan Lamas,  who operate under many masks and disguises as their Tantric Vajrayana Buddhism, so admired by Ghengis Khan in taming the hoards he didn’t massively  kill in the Asian Steppes .   After all it was the Khan dynasty that first recognized the Dalai Lamas.  This  blends well with the Art of War principles  by Sun Tzu since deception is considered the first principle in the art of winning without picking up a gun.

Again, from the “disappeared” Arnaud Dotezac article:

It is key to understand that the specific forms of Chinese Buddhism (“Han Buddhism”) have deeply shaped Chinese culture from philosophy to politics and arts, and even medicine, since the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE).

“Buddhism is the cement of Tibetan identity; a feature of particular note is devotion to the masters of teaching and meditation: the lamas. 

What all these lamas have in common is that they are respected and revered in a very powerful relationship of spiritual allegiance, even at the risk of manipulation and the abuse of power, which is very difficult to counteract. In contrast, the relationship between Chinese Buddhists and their Han clerics, while very respectful, is much less devoted. So it took some time for the authorities in Beijing to get the measure of this difference between Tibetan and Han Buddhism.”

“China is now investing heavily in presenting itself as the defender and benefactor par excellence of Buddhism. The creation of the “World Buddhist Forum” should, in particular, be seen in this context: this outstanding triennial event, launched in 2006, is attracting thousands of participants from 50 different countries. Most recently it has taken place in Lingshan, a sort of Pharaoh-like Vatican for Buddhism, in Wuxi, less than an hour from Shanghai”.

World Buddhist Forum 2009, held in Wuxi, China

The Chinese-approved Karmapa’s short name is “Ogyen Trinley” and was said to be seven years old at the time of his recognition.

Akong with the young Ogyen Trinley looking more like fourteen than a young boy  in 1992 in Tibet

 Again, from the article by Arnaud :

“Akong’s dedication to the Chinese motherland earned him many very significant honours, such as being part of the social circle (guanxi) of Jia Qinglin, the former Number 4 in the regime during the presidency of Hu Jintao.

A regular at Chinese official events, Akong was counted as a main honour guest at a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the so-called “peaceful liberation” of Tibet in Lhasa, in summer 2011″.

Interview in London (23.10.2006) with Jia Qinglin and Akong

“He was also appointed a member of the executive of the highly nationalistic China Association for the Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture, an offshoot of the United Front, which plays a key role in the ‘normalisation’ of Tibet. Yet, despite the protection he enjoyed at the very highest level, he was assassinated in western China in October 2013, in mysterious circumstances”.

“Akong’s exploits could never have succeeded without the unswerving support of Dr Chen Li-an and some other well-placed Tibetans that Chen Li-an bankrolled”.

……the links proven to exist between the Beijing regime and the young Ogyen Trinley’s mentors – led the Indian authorities to place him under quasi-house arrest as soon as he arrived in India”.

Chen Li-an with Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche who is a key ally of Chinese interests

Thrangu Rinpoche , pictured above with Chen Li-an,   has himself over a hundred centers or practice groups in the U.S. and Europe alone.

This is common of all the higher ranking Lamas and their  lineages, which have now merged under the Dalai Lama hegemonic umbrella, such that now thousands of these centers of medieval theocratic influence are all over the west.

Thrangu was  very influential in getting all the other Kagyu and Nyingma lineage holders to  ‘get on board’ with this Chinese Karmapa,  when the Dalai Lama offered him a home in India, some who were even reluctant to do so,  at first.  But being the one that ‘boxed their ears’ to get them in line as toddlers and young tulkus at Rumtek, the seat of the Karmapas in Sikkim, made their cowering into compliance not difficult.  The Lamas are as controlled by Lamaism and its tyrannical authoritarianism as their western  Lama devotees since toddlers.

Thrangu Rinpoche is also the abbot of Gampo Abbey-  a Shambhala International Tibetan Buddhist group almost swallowed up by  the sexual abuse scandals in the nineties when it was still called  Vajradhatu. This group, started by  Chogyam Trungpa along with  Naropa Institute now University and affilitated with Gampo Abbey is   one of the Kagyu Karmapa’s centers listed on Ogyen Trinley’s site. So is Gampo Abbey.    Naropa is also a  recruiting college for Tibetan Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism, while pretending it is independent and not a religious college.  They have redefined the word “ecumenical” and “secular” to mean Tibetan Lamaism.  This helped them to  get eventual  “university status” and government grants that go along with this,  paid for with our taxes so they could undermine democracy from the inside out, as Trungpa “commanded” them to do.  Deception is the name of the game with western students of Tibetan Buddhism who are programmed to fulfill their masters’ and gurus’  dreams to create an eventual  Adi-Buddha world.  Naropa has had  also had a  massive influence as a front for the “soft power” of the Tibetan Lamas and now we find  out for their own  Chinese Communist  masters.

 Despite his theater and his anti- Chinese inflammatory rhetoric for the West’s benefit over the last decades,   nations  so easily fooled by   the Dalai Lama’s fabrications  and doubletalk,  here is the Dalai Lama video,  of the Tibetan in Exile leader passing the mantle of the future leadership of all of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ to this Chinese Karmapa,  and therefore to the Chinese government ,

This is more than likely what  Dalai Lama actually  meant when he said recently , there will be no future Dalai Lamas because he knows it will be  this  Chinese  EcoKarmapa,  lying in wait,  to take over the Lordship of World Buddhism  after he dies, with the Chinese government  pulling the strings.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche,   part of the Chinese-affiliated Kagyu  Lama cartel, is  a favorite ‘westernized’  Drukpa Kagyu  Tibetan  Lama of the California psychologists and academics who met up with him at at Spirit Rock , a mediation center started by western psychologists and Theravada Buddhists, who have clearly merged their own group with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ , He has now been giving retreats  there for years and now  ‘blessings’ and retreats   in Taiwan , but it seems that  the Taiwanese, like their U.S. counterparts,   don’t yet know about the sexual abuses rampant in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ by these Lamas.

His western   students also  don’t  know that Tsoknyi the ‘precious’  Lama is  building  a Potala- sized Lama  Palace in Taiwan, modeled after the first Tibetan Lamasery, Samye Ling , as his western devotees continue to  wait for the center he promised them over  fifteen years ago to be built in Southern Colorado after millions were collected.  Instead they  are making offerings  to a ‘statue’ that Tsoknyi’s lower monks performed  pujas for,    as these superstitious monks believe that,   after days of mind-numbing chanting , they will  have imbibed the statue with a ‘life force of its own. That will have to do for these Western  devotees of little Tsoknyi, who pray to the statue now  for ‘blessings’  their minds so infantilized,   regressed to the  level of illiterate peasants more  led around by their nose rings  in the hands of  their  ‘scientific and westernized ‘ lama, who is laughing all the way to the bank.

  Lamas always hedge their bets,  and the wealthy Chinese in Taiwan and China  are proving to be a more lucrative target now for  lama Tsoknyi and all the other Tibetan  lamas  who are  cozying  up with their former partners in Imperialism . The Lamas don’t really care about international politics, or which group in power to which they they parasitically attach .   A Kleptocracy always has to know which way the wind is blowing and it is blowing strong in  Taiwan and China right now.

One can’t help but wonder if the Chinese Government knows about the  institutionalized misogyny and sexual abuse rampant in Tibetan Lamaism and that the pinnacle of their form of enlightenment is using females over the centuries for their  higher tantric practices that culminate in the  ‘bliss practices’ for the Lamas ?

Probably they suspect so,  since  Ponlop Rinpoche, another promoter  of this  Chinese Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley,  whose father was the money counter for the past Karmapa, earning him a seat up close to this one, recently impregnated a pop star in Tawain whom he was publically forced into marrying.

 Of course the Kalachakra tantra  of the Dalai Lama, and their other sexually exploitative tantras of the Lamas recommends an ‘outcast girl’ for their bliss practices. Actresses were listed as “outcasts” in the misogynistic dogma of Tibetan Buddhism as ideal  for their serial encounters for their “couples bliss practices.”

They better not tell her that in  Tibet , she would have been tossed out the back door where she was required to enter, after this lama was through with her.

The  Buddhists of Taiwan, and perhaps  in mainland China,   will  not be  so easily fooled by this Hindu Tantric distortion of the Buddhist teachings  as those in the west ,   since their countries have practiced Mahayana Buddhism for centuries.

  One group of Buddhists in Taiwan  has been very active in trying to warn the Taiwanese population about the Lamas real intentions and agenda for the last decade in their country :

  “The promiscuous couple-practice of copulation of Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism” has overly permeated Taiwan religious community due to the Dalai Lama’s active promotion and the establishment of his foundation in Taiwan to boost the issue. We have therefore received many public complaints about Taiwan Buddhist temples infested with the couple-practice of copulation. Many monastic monks are secretly practicing the copulation tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism.” They are clothed in Buddhist kasaya reciting sutras and chanting Buddha’s name in daytime, but follow Tantric lamas’ instructions and sexually abuse female adherents …. Zang Ghonpu , Chairman of the True Enlightenment Foundation.

Reference Source:

Again, from the “disappeared”  article by by Arnaud Dotezac, whose son,  recognized as a western tulku,  much be a  source of ambivalence to say the least, writing on the collusion between the Han Buddhist patriarchs , the Tibetan Lamas and the Chinese Government  in  ‘Soft Power of Buddhism in China’:


Framed picture of Ogyen Trinley wearing the clothes of Han monks, hanging on the wall of a Chinese temple (to the right of the photo)

“They finally realized that if the true allegiance of the very hierarchical Tibetan Buddhists were to be harnessed to Han Buddhism, the entire community could be shifted towards a very spiritual devotion to the Chinese motherland. For this aim, a very subtle and complex religious doctrinal merging process of the Han and Tibetan Schools had to be organised, with a superior rank given to Han Buddhism.”

“Many lamas, both in Tibet and in exile, have successfully put this to the test through the gradual merger of the two versions of Buddhism. Thus in recent years, one can see Tibetan lamas assuming the ways of Chinese monks while at the same time introducing them to Tibetan practices. It is a fact that, although under strict Indian control, Ogyen Trinley has set an example in this respect”.


Meeting of Ogyen Trinley and the approved Han Master Ching Yao, in India, 2.12.2009

In the west too, the Tibetan lama  and their fanatic psychologist devotees, like Dan Goldman , and Joseph Goldstein are  both devotees  of Randy Sogyal , and the Dalai Lama.  Goldstein’s  latest book is called :  ‘One Dharma, ‘  and he  has been  busy spearheading the integration of the  ” three streams”   here in the States and in Europe, bringing together the Zen and Theravadan Buddhists  under the Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ umbrella.  In other words, a  ninth century, misogynistic priestly tyranny  promoting  the chaos of the Hindu Vajrayana Tantra, brought to Tibet by a Indian Sadhu and sorcerer,  is now leading the way with the mindfulness movement in the United States.  A movement that  first came out of the ‘insight mediation’ stream of Theravada and  Spirit Rock Center in California, now merged  with Tibetan lamas and the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,  his cover to spread Tibetan Lamaism and to eventually  merge the ‘Three Streams’ of Buddhism for a One Buddhist World movement.

World Totalism with a  patriarchal, misogynist and repressive Buddhist religious arm carefully cultivated to have a ‘peaceful , harmonious ‘ face is why this  Chinese Karmapa  is here to “mingle” and ‘wow’ the young to add to the knowledge of  ‘soft power’ for China  as he ‘woos’ the young at our prestigious universities in the States during his two-month tour.  Another generation duped, they hope, by these eastern gurus and charlatans.

See an article here on Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the new Chinese billionaires attracted to Tibetan Buddhism is China.

“I have even heard it whispered that in Old Tibet, that pristine and contemplative land, the lamas were the allies of feudalism and unsmilingly inflicted medieval punishments such as blinding and flogging unto death. Yet the entire Western mass media is uncritically at the service of a mere mortal who, at the very least, proclaims the utter nonsense of reincarnation and who affirms the sinister crazy belief that death is but a stage in a grand cycle of what appears to be futility and subjugation . What need then to worry about nuclear weaponry, or sectarian frenzy, or the sale of indulgences to men of the stamp of Steven Segal? “Harmony” will doubtless kick in. During his visit to Beijing, our sentimental Baptist hypocrite, ( George W. Bush) turned to his dictator host, recommended that he meet with the Dalai Lama and assured him that the two of them would get on well.  That might easily turn out to be the case.  Both are very much creatures of the material world. Hitchens, Christopher,    ‘The Divine One,’ The Nation, July 27/August 3, 1998 p. 8

Prophetic words by the late Christopher Hitchens.


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Christine A Chandler

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The Dalai Lama, 969, and Zen: The Global seeds of a World Buddhocracy

Meditation, Misogyny and Machetes

Christine  Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

The  Burmese Theravadan Buddhist lineage of the 969 Movement that has been hacking Muslims to death,   is the lineage now merging with the Tibetan Vajrayana Tantric ‘Buddhism’ of the Dalai Lama. This is being accomplished   through the Dalai Lama’s  Mind and Life Institute’s  streamand its affiliation with the Insight Meditation group in the United States.

What people don’t know is that this  Burmese Theravadan lineage of Wirathu  is  the same lineage called ‘Insight Meditation’ or Vipassana meditation,  relabeled ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation that Sharon Salzberg,  Joseph Goldstein,  and Jack Kornfield  founded  and are promoting  at their Barre MA Center and at the successful California retreat Center,  Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California for the “greater good of the world.”

Tibetan Buddhism has also been infiltrating into Spirit Rock and this  Theravada stream through the influence of the lama, Tsoknyi Rinpoche who has been teaching at Spirit Rock and  is the Tibetan guru and now master of Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein,  also students of the Dalai Lama and affiliated with his Mind and Life Institute.  These two streams , Tibetan Buddhism and Insight Meditation are now almost completely merged.

That this  particular  Burmese Theravadan lineage of Buddhism of the Insight Meditation group    is the  same  lineage as  the  ‘wrathful’  ‘969’ leader,  Wirathu’s  ‘meditation lineage’ is not widely known.

Harvard Business School and Forbes  also indirectly endorse  these merged streams  of meditation by promoting  the  Mind and Life Institute’s  popular psychologist, Dan Goleman, also a student of the Tibetan  lama Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and the sexual abusing lama, Sogyal Rinpoche. Sogyal Rinpoche, Mr. Goleman’s main Tibetan lama, has had a documented, forty-year  history of exploitation  of Western women has been legion but almost  totally ignored by western  main stream media and academia, in no small part by the infiltration and celebrity of Western Tibetan Buddhist guru-worshipers, like Mr. Goleman.

Mr. Goleman, besides writing popular, and NY Times best-selling  books on emotional intelligence, and  on compassionate leadership- leadership skills presumably learned at the feet of his sexually abusive master and guru Sogyal the predator  is good at  helping Sogyal lead  young females, who have been seduced through “mindfulness meditation”  into his harem with the help of Mr. Goleman. Mr. Goleman also  gives   focused leadership training programs’ for  graduate students at Harvard Business School and through the internet  and a segment of western corporate media is facilitating all of this to create ,  it seems, more ‘cooperative workers ‘  for the future New World of Corporate Quietism, sexual abuse by the leaders of this movement be damned. In fact, the latent misogyny that never dies among the males that are attracted to this occult  androcentric religion, Tibetan Buddhism, means that “the more things change, the more they remain the same.”

 Wirathu, the head of this Burmese Theravadan Buddhist stream these Western teacher  have been trained in,  is  described  in a Times cover story as the Bin Laden of Burma . He has been leading the anti Muslim, “ethnic cleansing”  campaign  described as a ‘genocide’ by the Human Rights Watch.  This serves to further  expose the violence and ethnic racism that can be under the thin veneer  and all positive projections we superimposed on our new favorite  western religion,  Buddhism.

The  969 website, since taken down,  also reflects this particular  Theravadan Buddhist lineage’s  continued and  long-standing connections with Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Dalai Lama.

Wirathu, 969’s leader,  has  quoted the Dalai Lama and the  Kalachakra “Wheel of Time” teachings  of Tibetan ‘Buddhist tantra’  and its  apocalyptic teachings  about a World War with all Semitic religions, particularly with Muslims,  as doctrinal  justification for his movement.  This Kalachakra tantric empowerment has been   given by the Dalai Lama to hundreds of  thousands of people worldwide over the last decades, including five times in the United States.

The Dalai Lama has had a close relationship with this  Lineage of Burmese Theravadan Buddhism,  as did the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Lamaism,   when both their  sects and the Dalai Lama and his Gelugpa sect  first arrived as refugees in India.

As mentioned, Salzberg , Goldstein and Jack Kornfield,   first brought this lineage of Burmese Theravada Buddhism  of Wirathu’s 969 lineage to the United States through their Vipassana Insight Meditation centers, where they labelled it “Loving Kindness Meditation”. The developed it for the West,  first  in Barre,  Massachusetts and then  through Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, that was started as a spin-off,  by Jack Kornfield, who was one of the signatories decrying the sexual abuses of Asian teachers in a letter to the Dalai Lama and a 1993 meeting that ensued as a result. This creation of Spirit Rock,  ironically, was  to counteract the abuses that were being exposed in the 1990’s by these Asian teachers.

Joseph Goldstein,  also one of the founding teachers of this  Burmese meditation lineage of “Loving Kindness,”   along with Sharon Salzberg and Dan Goleman, is also part of the “mindfulness meditation” movement of the Dalai Lama through his Mind and Life Institute vehicle  and other Western-funded vehicles and programs to infiltrate into all aspects of Western culture through “meditation”  and other liberal-sounding programs. Even though the Dalai Lama and his Gelugpa sect were known to not meditate in their sect. Thus the need to join up with this Theravadan Buddhist sect that is known for Vipassana meditation skills in order for the Dalai Lama to pull his greatest hoax on the West.

Mr. Goldstein, like Mr. Goleman and Ms. Salzberg,  is  also  now  a devoted student of the Tibetan Lamas and all of these spiritual commodity promoters,  have been seen teaching along side  both Tsoknyi Rinpoche and his pal Sogyal Rinpoche, the sexual predator of women and gross misogynist, since the two lineages  have  joined forces. Goleman, Salzberg and Goldstein all consider lama Sogyal one of the Tibetan masters  as it is common now to have more than one Tibetan master guru and even to cross streams of Buddhism to accomplish its spread.

Goldstein has actually suggested an‘integrated framework’ for  what he now  practices as ‘Buddhism,’   by advocating in his  new  book a  One Dharma .  This framework would be  the  merging of not only the Burmese and Tibetan Buddhist  lineages of  machete wielding monks  and sexually abusive lamas as their poster boys,  but also of  Zen Buddhism and its recently exposed  sexually abusive abbots, that have been making national news recently.  We can already see  that  merging materialize in the increasing number of co-teaching retreats among these three traditions and led by the ‘celebrity teachers’ of these schools.

Joan Halifax of the Zen tradition, for example, an old friend of Sogyal the predator in her days before becoming a Zen Abbot,  now teaches beside Tsoknyi rinpoche, and Tsoknyi Rinpoche  co-teaches with  Salzberg,  Goldstein, and Goleman. All of them are connected to the multi-million dollar Rigpa organization of Sogyal Rinpoche,  where they can be seen teachings at  his Lerab Ling center and harem  in France.  Sogyal Rinpoche, the sexual predator and misogynist and good friend of the Dalai Lama ,  who promotes Sogyal, while describing himself as a “feminist” and all these ‘meditation masters” are intimately connected  with the Dalai Lama’s  Mind and Life Institute . With the support of the Dalai Lama, Sogyal  has even started his own Institute called the Tenzin Gyatso Institute, named after the Dalai Lama and inaugurated by him in order to infiltrate Western academia even further, and bring these sexually abusing monks and their occult Vajryana disguised as Buddhism to mingle in our campuses and infect more young people so susceptible to their cult influences.

Tibetan Buddhism always creates a paradigm of cronyism, nepotism  and family connections, in this case to promote, protect and cover-up for the vast corruption of all these streams now merged and promoted as the new secular spirituality  , a theocratic Global Buddhocracy movement to save the world and be the religious arm for the future neo feudalism coming our way. .

All of these western  ‘enlightened teachers’ are  now advocating  a   One Dharma approach to establishing  a new religion for the West. Unknown to the public,   this One Dharma for Global Harmony is also connected to Communist China’s  new merging of  Chinese Han Mahayana Buddhism with Tibetan Lamaism ,  part of their  World Buddhocracy movement. They are all interconnected through the Dalai Lama , his Mind and Life Institute and  the Kagyu lamas who are colluding with China in creating a  hybrid vajra master movement  .

That this  vast  “mindfulness meditation” movement,  promoted by the likes of John Kabat Zinn,  whose interconnection with these medievalists is off the radar as he pretends to be the most ‘secular’ meditation of tzars, but who is  actually on the Board of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,   is connected with a lineage that is hacking people to death, and  is connected with a sexually abusive  Tibetan Buddhist Tantric occult lineage of despotic theocrats,- and all  is  deeply  buried ‘underneath’ this  movement because it would not add to the public relations,  ‘positive image’ that is being created by a  corporate public relations team cramming it down mainstreams throats all over the United States and elsewhere in the world,  as it becomes the latest commodity of “secular spirituality” and  a movement to stop Global Warming now Climate Change,   to reflect the fluid statistics about weather.  Hooking up with Global Warming was part of the Dalai Lama’s strategy in 2009, according to a Wiki-leak,  although the Dalai Lama neglected to tell the Tibetans who were still setting themselves of fire.   That is why the Chinese Communist Eco-Karmapa, is designated as such,   the new Ecology Pope,  of lamas, joining the Catholic Pope of Ecology, Pope Francis , while both of them declaim being “political” and only ‘religions “heads just like the Dalai Lama, as all of them promote merging the State and Religion, once again and have no respect for its separation.   The Eco Karmapa  is “writing” books on saving the globe,  although he has been  recently re-arrested on money-laundering charges and the illegal purchase of land in India, a fact covered up in the Western media. This happened right after his whirl-wind tour for two months, at our prestigious universities, where this occult misogynist received an Honorary PhD from a former Baptist college, Redland University.

This merging of the Burmese and Tibetan lama lineages in America  was,  at first,  mainly accomplished  by the Tibetan Lamas by stealth, out of  Jack Kornfield’s  “Spirit Rock  Meditation Center in California even though  Mr.  Kornfield , a Western holder of this Burmese lineage  was warned by his  first Theravadan teacher that ‘mixing streams’ of psychology, and other Buddhist lineages like this would be disastrous and that ‘maras’  and confusion would surely follow.

This merging also helped along the total corruption now of the clinical   psychology field as two of the founders of Spirit Rock are clinical psychologists and many Buddhist teachers there also hold psychology degrees.  They attract  many psychologists to the center and  then they too become Tibetan Buddhists who then become the change agents for this global movement to recreate an 11th century theocracy.  The warning that mixing psychology and psychotherapy with these Tibetan Buddhist streams would also be disastrous, was given by at least one Tibetan lama ,  Namkai Norbu, who wrote a little book about this, called Buddhism and Psychology,  that few Buddhists or psychologists read, so this  was also not heeded. As stated  Mr. Kornfield, himself a clinical psychologist,   made sure that Spirit Rock leaders  and Board, are top-heavy in psychologist credentials.  Being in California, the land of New Age insanity and political correctness made this a “perfect storm.”

The merging of Tibetan Buddhism and its misogyny  with psychology and psychotherapy profession over the last two decades is one of the major enabling factors of the rampant sexual abuse by these Tibetan lamas who continue to  beprotected and enabled in our society, by the very profession that should be calling them out.

The Insight Medition group’s  former Theravadan  teacher,  U Pandita  Sayadaw, the  current  lineage holder of   969’s peaceful meditation path in Burma and represented by the monk,  Wirathu, the   machete-wielding monk,    has yet, himself,  to publicly speak out against the violence being perpetrated  in Myanmar (Burma)  in the name of his form Buddhism. Nor have , to my knowledge, Ms. Salzberg,   Goldstein, Kornfield and Goleman. They do not want their connection with this lineage to be well-known.

Nor has Aung-San Suu-Kyi,  spoken out,  the darling of the West and our illiberal  democrats.  

The now illiberal democrats and progressives,  usually so concerned about “human rights”are also silenced.    It shows that their compassion is mostly lip-service an has morphed into  idiot compassion, compassion without any wisdom behind it.   But then again,  there is little protest from our current  U.S.  administration, nor  the corporations tied to  it , who  wish  to exploit Burma and Burmese resources. Meanwhile the politicians and their lobbyists,  on both sides of the aisle,  hope to “appear” to be the compassionate politicians. They are also praying they can continue to   maintain the fiction,  throughout the West, that only Buddhism is a “non-violent religion.”   This is  a very important myth  to keep Western progressive illiberals  ignorant about their favorite eastern spirituality groups so that the One Buddha -One Hindu Yoga and meditation movement can continue smoothly,   particularly as it serves to make  individuals less rational,  more confused, more incapable of making clear decisions as their  wooly-headedness no longer believes in “facts on the ground.”  Facts are just ‘opinions’ as they pursue their disastrous Utopian goals. An obsession  with their “inner spirituality and  wealth” as the Western nations material and moral wealth keeps dwindling as these  fat cat politicians and their religions leaders get richer and richer while overturning our  democracy from the inside out.

Some of these more naive Utopians amongst us, the liberal admirers and protectors of these  fundamentalist theocracies at the expense of Judeo-Christianity and its separation of Church and State,  actually now  believe that  primitive religious fundamentalist groups,  whom they refuse to call out, who are still completely stuck in medieval times, beliefs and solutions, are going to actually “assimilate” to Western values  and democracy sometime in the near future.  This is the danger of Utopianists in our midst,  for when you have been purposely dumbed- down by a form of idiot compassion , you cannot see the enemy at the gate.  That is what the rest of the dictators and religious theocratic fundamentalists around the world are so happy about:   the West’s pervasive idiot compassion, that will be its downfall as it continues to throw tax-payer billions at these corrupt entities and nations and their determination to end democracy across the world as a short-lived experiment.

In a sense , this Western Buddhist movement and  Tibetan Buddhism –  in particular,  a guru-worshiping cult that  completely undermines reason and turns people into passive “spiritual seekers”   shills  and zombies of their  lamas, incapable of even common good sense anymore,  are  working  hand- in -glove with the Islamic jihadist terrorists.  But  neither of the  these  groups  know they are enabling each other,  since they remain ancient enemies unable to let go of grudges. They both developed in the Swat Valley and these movements have similar views of women, democracy and the desire to rule the world with their Theocracy. One is good at dumbing people  down, making  them passive and soon  believing there is no right or wrong and that judgements are a hate crime thus they are  incapable of taking strong action when necessary, the other is sociopathic in their violent wish to destroy the separation of Church and State.  But they are not funamentally different in their desire for a theocratic rule that keeps women particularly in their place. It’s just the the Tibetan lamas are more deceptive and better at soft infiltration.

The Tibetan Lamas, of course,  predict this violence  between Semitic religions, they welcome it, applaud it,  in their doctrinaire teachings, and hope to be the victors when the dust settles and they can usher in their own repressive theocracy. They are ready with the thousands of centers and monasteries they are building all over the world not only  with Western tax-free money, but also in China  and So East Asia now as well.

The problem for both of these misogynistic, despotic and authoritarian cult religions  is the fact that they are in competition with each other – one is racing to convert the whole world to their respective,  atavistic way of thinking the other is biding its time.  The other  difference is that the Islamic jihadists are telling us the truth about their antipathy toward the West, while the  jihadist lamas on cats’ feet,  the Tibetan lamas and their partners the Hindu tantric gurus, ( who are now teaching together, many yoga centers now have Tibetan lamas teachings meditation, ) are operating by  stealth,  undermining our Western values and  freedoms with a slow , drip-drip turning us into soft targets , incapable of  discerning right or wrong anymore.  Namaste.

An  “Amoral Landscape,” is what Tibetan Buddhism and the lamas always  create,  ushering in chaos and confusion,  before the rigid hierarchy of control their teachings always ultimately creates. An “Enlightened Dictatorship”  was what Trungpa, the first popular Tibetan Buddhist lama told us all the time, over and over  was the goal.  He meant a Theocracy, of course , but we were too naive and mind-controlled in his group to see this.  His many adherents today are still promoting this goal.  He was vocally undermining democratic values, particularly the individualism of  our own Enlightenment that brought us the Bill of Rights.  That is why, on college campuses today, where these Tibetan Lamas and other primitive religious influences have infiltrated, there is so much confusion and a clamoring to end individual freedoms , in the name of Freedom. That is how confused people become by the Hindu/ Tibetan Tantra.  These influences are also coming through the dozens of Hindu Yoga centers that you see in every major city,  disguised as places to just learn to “stretch.”

The difference between Trungpa and these other lamas?  He was just honest about what he was doing. Thanks to the Dalai Lama these lamas are all now in disguise, adorning themselves in liberal values, like ecology, feminism, ecumenism, gender equality,  all things they  actually despise.  We forget, these lamas fooled their own people for a thousand years and counting with their “masked dances.”

Sam Harris,  a popular western author and promoter of  ‘Secular Ethics’,  and  a  Theravadan student who studied with one of the  Insight Meditation founders,  Sharon Salzberg,  and  the Dalai Lama,   is himself part of this  theocratic ,  merged lineage, this  Adi- Buddha movement by stealth while promoting himself everywhere as an atheist and a secularist .    Sam writes books,  significantly entitled “Lying,”  or  “Letter to a Christian Nation”  or “The End of Faith, ”   endorsed by one of his  favorite Tibetan lamas, Dzongsar rinpoche of the  Tibetan guru-worshiping cult Sam is part of ,  Tibetan Buddhism. While he knocks Christian religion and theocracy in general and calls out political correctness and Islam’s horrendous treatment of women, Sam does not tell the complete truth , even to himself.  Typical of mind-controlled, Tibetan Buddhists.

When out promoting  and proselytizing for Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ as the most “peaceful and non violent  religion” he  doesn’t tell the public that  he is heavily connected  with all the celebrity players  of the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama  and its  Theocratic Buddhocracy,  an institutionalized sexually abusive and misogynistic priesthood cult of guru-worship, that destroys rational thinking while saying it is promoting it.   Salzberg,   Goldstein and Dan Goleman, who  write endorsements for Sam’s and his wife’s books, continue to enable the number one lama sexual predator and misogynist, Sogyal Rinpoche, their  own guru and master and favorite of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama , Sam’s favorite guru , also has covered up for the sexual abuse and Sogyal for forty years.

All these psycho-buddhists and soft scientists have  become the shills for these despotic  Tibetan lamas, unaware,  perhaps,  that they were targeting  purposely by the lamas  to be their “change agents” in the West.  The self-proclaimed “atheist and rationalist” Sam Harris, never tells that to his audience because he probably doesn’t know.  This Tibetan Buddhist and now “Dzogchen” student,  like I was,  is a shill for the lamas and their misogynistic religion as  oppressive of women  as the Imams and the jihadists. .

Of course  the “self-immolations”  by Tibetans for their Guru King the Dalai Lama, in front of children in the streets of China , doesn’t count  as “violence” for Sam or any of these  peace-loving  Buddhists. Nor does the  history of  Tibet,  with its sectarian fighting,  its invasion of Bhutan, and its common way to deal with political conflict, disputes of power and leadership changes:  by assassination.  Censoring of free speech and actions was done by cutting off limbs and cutting out tongues.  Because Sam,  this rationalist and atheist, doesn’t read the real history of Tibet, he apparently doesn’t know the violence of this peaceful religion he is always promoting.  He is enjoying his special meditation trance , his Dzogchen peaceful trance, that he believes is the epitome of awake and aware, while ignoring an elephant in the room, the size of Mt. Meru, the adrocentric, misogyny and sexual abuses of his favorite theocracy,  Tibetan Buddhism that he continues to promote.

One wonders what history of Tibet, this rationalist and atheist Sam has been reading.   Let me guess.  Tibetan Lama hagiographies and fairy tales.    That’s what all Tibetan Buddhists read.  Certainly not the history of  the Lamas’  tyrannical despotism over their own people for a  thousand years that enslaved them, kept them illiterate and semi starving, dying at the ripe old age of thirty -five.  A tyranny admired by Himmler, Serrano,  the 969′ monk,  Wirathu, and Shoko Asahara’s and his Aum Shinriko group.

While promoting   one of the most androcentric and misogynistic religions  towards women,  Sam wants to focus  on the misogyny of another fundamentalist theocracy of “priests” as he  rightfully exposes and bucks up against the insane political correctness of the liberal and Hollywood crowd that are embracing these 11 century jihadists and serving up our country to them on a silver platter.   But seriously Sam,  if you want to be a real rationalist and atheist,  detach yourself from the net of tantra these lamas have throw over you.  You are just their shill to implement their own Holy War against Semitic religions.

Shoko Asahara was  also greatly influenced by  the hidden teachings of the  Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra , given all over the world  and promoted as  just about “peace and harmony”  while hiding   its medieval ,  misogynistic and apocalyptic predictions of a giant world war that would usher in this  peace and harmony only  after a great catastrophic world calamity that will be the vehicle for the  Lama’s  Adi Buddha world .

Asahara, who studied the”secret teachings of the Kalachakra” was simply attempting  to  hasten this ‘peaceful world’ by attacking ordinary people with  ‘sarin gas’ on a  Tokoyo subway in June of 1994,  that injured 500 people and seven of them died.

So much for the ‘peaceful influences’ of  Tibetan Shangri La.

The Lamas and their controlled media were able to cover up the considerable connections that Asahara had with the Dalai Lama, taking private teachings on the Kalachakra from him, and donating considerable monies to the Dalai Lama’s causes.  The Dalai lama recognized him and his cult as a great and positive influence in Japan,  endorsing him and encouraging his group to continue their work.  That hundred thousand- dollar donation to the Dalai Lama helped.  The lamas will endorse anyone, even Steven Seagal , if the money is right.

The misogyny within this  969 Buddhist sect  of Wirathu’s ‘Buddhism’ also  fits nicely with Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ misogyny and its historical violence and ethnic prejudice.  Repressive authoritarianism and  mistreatment of women usually go  together.

Wirathu and other Burmese religious leaders justify their control over women and their stance as based on an ‘interfaith’ marriage ban to protect the majority Buddhist population in Myanmar.  Educated women who are against this ban  are silenced in a country known for its unequal treatment of women, as an article of March 3rd, 2014 in Myamar news discusses:

“The culture in Myanmar also encourages women to remain submissive and accept decisions that are made on behalf of them – often by men. This behavior is accepted in private life and in public.

Women who do speak up publicly can expect to be strongly criticized, including by other women.

Those who support an inter-faith marriage ban believe they need to speak for other Myanmar women because they lack the intelligence to know what is best for them.

In an interview with this reporter on July 17, 2013, U Maung Maung from the Theravada Dharma Network, a support group of the 969 movement, said: “The law is necessary because our Buddhist women are not intelligent or educated enough to protect themselves.”

The lamas own history of violence under their “peaceful” theocracy is well-documented.  Keeping peace  in Tibet by these Lamas  meant  gouging out of eyes, tongues, and lopping off limbs, for even minor offenses  such as stealing a goat, pre-1959- methods not  dissimilar to the radical Islamists-   by this priestly gaggle of misogynistic feudal Tibetan tyrants and slave holders, who allowed  no questioning of their iron-handedand repressive rule in their  Lama Theocracy. They owned their  people , body and mind, and this is what Sam is promoting while bashing other religions.

Between the fundamentalists Imams and the fundamentalist Tibetan  lamas,  vowing to convert the world to their One Truth,  the West is between  a hard place and a rock as it is inundated with medieval mindsets,  while our national leaders in power  seem determined to embrace them both  as though either are  capable of some near future “assimilation, ” finally embracing democracy.  They both hate democracy and both hate the West.   Both see us as barbaric, its just that one is more capable of telling the truth about this and they other never will.

Dan Goleman, popular author of “Emotional Intelligence, ‘   like Sam Harris, is also a long-time  devotee of  Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ ,  and endorses Sam Harris’ and his books,  as do the Tibetan Lamas like Dzongsar Rinpoche.

Goleman , while sitting at at the feet of his ‘master’ Sogyal Rinpoche or teaching beside him  is  enabling,  protecting  and facilitating  Lama  Sogyal’s  “still alleged” ,  in other words protected  but well-documented,  sexual predatoriness and physical abuse of hundreds of western women over the last forty years  in his  multinational, multi-million dollar Rigpa empire.

When not teaching  focused leadership skills to Harvard Business school graduates, Mr. Goleman is  seen,  infantalized and childlike, promoting Sogyal as a great ‘master ‘and teacher, with whom he  has taken  his Vajrayana vow  to never see  him  as anything but  ‘perfect’ no matter what behaviors he might erroneously, as a mere human, think he is seeing  , a vow clearly more important than his oath as a psychologist to do no harm and protect others from the  harm  of Sogyal, if known.  Instead, Mr. Goleman is a recruiter for Sogyal’s harem as he praises the glory of his master and teacher and guru.

Sogyal now has his own Dalai Lama Institute ,  the Tenzin Gyatso Insititute, approved by the Dalai Lama, to bring even more of this tantric lama/ medieval and sexually abusive monk influence  and misogyny to the United States.

American psychologists,  the new psychologist Tibetan Buddhists, who research nothing anymore and are now helping to dumb the world down, since  Tibetan Lamaism targeted that group  here in the U.S over forty-years ago  and a new,  generation of cult-controlled western, Tibetan Buddhists have emerged- the ” Western Tibetan Psychobuddhists” –  academics and ‘scientists  that can be found everywhere now since  ‘infiltrating’ is what they are really best at and  pushing their  Utopian goal as shills of the Tibetan Lamas and also  China’s soft power. As the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama says of its ‘mission statement’ :

 it is in “its most ambitious phase yet: three global initiatives in the areas of ethics, education, and human development; craving, desire, and addiction; and mapping the mind. “Attempting to cultivate universal, human values rooted in the most rigorous science means thinking globally and multiculturally,” says President Arthur Zajonc. “It also means creating a coalition of institutional partners around the world in order to discover from each just how expansive and inclusive those human values are—and how they can be fostered appropriately in, by, and for those cultures.”

Toward this end, Mind and Life has established Mind and Life Europe (now operating in Switzerland), and is planning an expansion in Asia and beyond. “Mind and Life has always been a place where people come together,” says Zajonc. “This is not about multinationalism in the way one normally might think about it. It’s about supplying the most profound insights of , diverse contemplative traditions—along with the science that affirms them—to as many as we can. It’s about creating an inexhaustible well of service.”

Salzberg, part of the Dalai Lama Mind and Life Institute,  is often seen teaching with her Mind and Life colleague,  Tsoknyi rinpoche  on such topics as ‘Global Warming’ or  ‘Feminism’ or  ‘How to Combine Grown up Mind with ‘Childlike Mind” -that’s an actual name of a retreat that  Tsoknyi Rinpoche  is giving to these psychologists at his retreats.  This is a recent favorite topic of Tsoknyi rinpoche for his now completely infantilized , regressed and childlike western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ devotees with PhDs,  all  prostrating  in unison to him, whenever he enters a room.

Salzberg and Tsoknyi can also be seen teaching together on Global Warming, along with Krishna Das, a Hare Krishna chanter  who often teaches beside Tsoknyi  and Ms. Salzberg at his retreats and gets the psychologists and academics in the audience  to join their Tibetan mantra chanting with Krishna chanting –  a double dose of cult mind control.  As Tsoknyi tells his students: Hindu chanting and singing is so helpful to increase “guru devotion” to Tibetan lamas like himself.

This are the same  people ‘leading the way’ in spiritual cutting edge paradigms for our New World of ‘secular spirituality’ and ‘mindfulnessawareness”.   They hope to be the ‘alternative’ religion,  the  Trojan horse, another  misogynistic, despotic religion  in disguise “as peaceful and loving” while the world is terrified into the lamas laps and their  net of Tantra.

Salzberg, Goldstein, Goleman and Kornfield hope that these connections with the  anti-Muslim violence of 969 and the sexual abuse rampant in  their cult, Tibetan Lamaism is never made  with the new spiritual commodity: the  mindfulness movement infiltrating into  our schools, our military and our corporations with its peaceful, smiley face.

Totalism with a smile and  mindfulness meditation to turn the world away from paying attention, while saying it is to improve attention.  It will improve the attention to increase the mindfulness at an eighty-hour work week for the future.

Even Ken Wilbur,  popular author and founder of Integral Life, never one to be left behind, is coming out with a book,  The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Evolution of an Integral Buddhism  about the future of Buddhism and this new merging of streams promoted by such luminaries as Patrick Sweeny,   featured in Ken’s movement, the homosexual partner and  heir of the notorious regent of Chogyam Trungpa, Thomas Rich,  who shocked the world when he spread AIDS   among his students, and at least  two of them died. Mr. Sweeney, main “sexual consort” of  the Regent of Trungpa among the hundreds that he seduced over the years while he was knowingly infected with the disease,  is now touted by Ken as ‘one of the most treasured Buddhist teachers”  in the world, contributing to this ‘fourth turning of the wheel of dharma’, of Mr. Wilbur’s  a new integrated Buddhism that Ken has made up and wants to be part of the religious  amalgamation for the Brave New World ahead.

These ‘ One Dharma’ proponents are exploding on the world scene.

But of course the Lamas and their Western followers  have always believed in their own narratives,  mythologies and fairy tales.  The lamas, of course,  have never had a secular education, although declaring themselves ‘experts’ and ‘wisdom holders’ for the world  in the topic of ‘secular ethics”, “gender equality,” the “environment” and, if you have a dime, I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge-  “feminism.” Now they are going to save the world from wars and global warming.

Any form of Buddhism,  has never done well when  merged with politics or social engineering  always becomes a religious arm of repression, particularly  when it becomes merged with the State. 

Now Tibetan Buddhism has hooked up again with China who has decided  Tibetan tantric Buddhism, a.k.a. Lamaism, should be embraced, mixed  also with Han Buddhism, and used to create not only a  National Buddhism for Harmony and Peace for China  But for the whole world.  Loyalty to the Motherland is ensured while China’s long range plan, after taking our jobs, our corporations, and our debt, can  bring their One World Harmony movement to the world. 

So the One Dharma  Buddhocracy movement brought by all these interconnected players should  be as much of a concern as  the other fundamental religious movement, but we are being distracted.  Because this is the radical and medieval religious movement  that is coming in on cat’s feet, after contributing considerably to the dumbing down of the West, for the last forty years. It is like having the Wrathful Khans at our front door,  with their Shock and Awe tactics, while the Tibetan Lamas, the peaceful deceivers on cat’s feet in the fog they create  are at the backdoor.   We need to pay attention to all directions  when we are under siege..


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