Sexual Abuse in Tibetan Buddhism


A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Osel Tendzin,  regent of  Chogyam Trungpa who brought  tantric Buddhism to the west,   seduces his male students into the higher tantric practices of the Vajrayana.  His  inner coterie of western students  and Vajradhatu Board  knows  he  has the HIV virus but believes, as he does, that  his  medieval tantric practices  prevent  him  from passing  this deadly virus on. This  inner circle not only allow him to  continue to seek out  sex with his students but continue to pimp for him to find new partners  because no one,  knowledgeable about his illness, dares to speak out or stop him.  After all, this  is their  appointed  guru,  their  master of the Vajrayana Tantra appointed as another “enlightened” lineage holder of their first teacher,  Chogyam Trungpa.

Since  Tantric  Buddhism  is really about  Hindu-based guru worship, not Buddhism,  and is a thought-controlling cult of unquestioning devotion to  Tibetan lamas, this group is deeply  programmed to  see a   guru’s  desires and wishes  as a command to be unquestioningly obeyed.   Besides, these sexual encounters with many bliss partners are encouraged by Tibetan Tantra teachings.

This  board of  directors of  Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu , (now renamed  Shambhala International) which includes  an American physician,  let this AIDS- infected regent and guru seduce and continue to have sex  with many,  mostly heterosexual,  male students for  several years, long after the dangers of the spread of  this deadly disease were  publicly well- known .  Keeping  back crucial information from the members of this Vajrayana tantric  community,  where sexual couplings and re-couplings  are considered  a sign of detachment and a lessening of ego-clinging for these “higher tantric practitioners” – with increasingly inflated egos from all their occult practices,  they know the sexual promiscuity of this regent , modeling his teacher Trungpa,  is habitually  flagrant and increasingly out of control. So these  administrators put hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way.

Inevitably,   one of  his  students is infected by this teacher along with the  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news. This  young man’s subsequent death is  caused as much  by these guru-cult influences as the AIDS virus itself,  cult influences  that continue to enable the  behavior of  Tibetan Buddhist lamas  to this day.

For the Western devotees of this Tibetan Buddhist  lineage of the  Lama Trungpa, it is  all  just crazy wisdom,  leading to  a great and profound teaching of ‘one taste’, i.e. that things are neither good nor bad but pure in themselves.   Not even  apologies are  given to the young man’s family,  while it was often  overheard  in the delusional, cult-chatter of this  Vajrayana tantric group that the young man’s death  was a result of the guru’s  “blessings, ”  and accelerating his  ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth-all to  quicken his path to enlightenment.

Tibetan “Buddhism” is covered over with Buddhist concepts until one reaches the apex of its indoctrination, its “bait and switch,” vajrayana essence and main thread and fruition of its “path.”   All students of Tibetan Buddhism  are eventually involved in  tantric guru worship and are programmed to become lama cult devotees, who repeat the mantra “may I always obey my master and never reveal the secrets  of the vajrayana or may I rot in hell.” Yet, to the outside world, these tantric cult members convince others they are non-theistic scholars, and teachers, psychotherapists, and “secular Buddhists,” who are only engaged in the “science of the mind”  and are teaching “mindfulness meditation” techniques to bring happiness to the world.

Since history is  taught and considered  as just an  illusion in  this sangha of   Trungpa –  as it is in all Tibetan Buddhist groups- the white-washed and  newly named organization of  Shambhala International ,  is now video streaming   this  tantric teacher on several of  its recruiting websites, honoring this sexual exploiter that caused at least one death among his devotees.  His delusional students are starting to create  Dzogchen centers  from coast to coast in the U.S. 

Several years after this scandal involved Trungpa’s group,  a   sixty-year old  Western  teacher of this same Vajradhatu/Shambhala  organization has sex with  the ten- year old daughter of another community member.  The case is  quietly settled out of court and the teacher of tantra is given a slap on the hand by  a group  that takes “nothing happens”  to heart.  This slogan is soon on their car bumper stickers , from San Francisco to Boulder to Boston, reminding each other and the world that all is an illusion anyway.   Besides,  the vajrayana tantric teachings, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra secret teachings, recommends a  ten or eleven- year- old  girl from an outcast class as the ‘ideal consort’ for the Lamas and their couple bliss practices. Sixteen and twenty year old females were also ideal.

In 2014 ,   Naropa University, the first  Tibetan tantric college  in the West,  founded by this same Chogyam Trungpa and staffed and run by a  Naropa Board that includes  Trungpa’s  first  Western students,   maintain their guru vows and forty-five  years of denial and knee-jerk cover-up behaviors for all their gurus.

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David Bowie, Mary Finnegan and the Marketing of Tibetan Lamas

Mary Finnegan has a new book about David Bowie called the Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab.

You can read it in about two hours. It’s all about who was there, who was who and leaves one with the feeling of who cares.  Well, aficionados of David Bowie  will care and read it, particularly now that he is dead, and young people into his music, and the idea of a “fluid” self as a life choice.   So will those curious about the  “sex, rock and roll” and  early drug scene in the sixties. A pretty large and  marketable crowd.

What is interesting is that in  Mary’s blog post,   in 2013, in the archives at her website Flower Raj she reveals her reason for writing: to expose the”horror stories”  and  “dark side, the very dark side” of  Tibetan Buddhism because of corrupt Tibetan lamas, she says,  and the naiveté of old flower children like Mary.

In this  post she notes that she  had become a “one-woman activist”  exposing Lama Sogyal and his corruptions and the  shadow side of Tibetan Buddhism which she knew well.  Mary did become   a one woman activist and she did expose Sogyal, the predator Tibetan  lama , relentlessly, in article after article in the British Guardian.  Mary  had been in  Lama Soygal’s  inner circle for years.  She was  even one of his older,  female students who ‘pimped” for him finding young and naive women to join his Lama harem.  Unknown to the public,  pimping for their Tibetan  lamas is a common task for many devoted Western students inside their communities or sanghas.

Mary is even more explicit about her  experiences  in her  short memoir about Sogyal,  written anonymously, about  her days in his Rigpa community entitled: “Behind the Thangkas,”

This would have been the better book and more helpful to the younger generation who  will,  sadly,  be fooled by   Tibetan “Buddhism,” as so many before them have been,  by this book  about David Bowie and his early days at Samye Ling.   Sadly, because  Mary  was almost a  feminist voice for the many women abused by this Tibetan lama and so many others like him–a feminist voice, with experience of the sexual abuse inside these Tibetan Buddhist sanghas, that now  appears forever silenced.  The lamas have been silencing their women for hundreds of years.  They don’t have to put them in burkas–they just have to control their minds.

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