Abuse in the Guru Cults of Tantric Buddhism


A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Thomas Rich,  a.k.a. Osel Tendzin,  Regent of and lineage holder of  the late Chogyam Trungpa, the Tibetan lama who brought Tantric Buddhism to the West,   seduces his mostly, heterosexual male students into the higher Tantric practices of the Vajrayana, to prove their devotion to him.  His  inner coterie of western students  and  the  Vajradhatu Board  know he  has the HIV virus but believe, as he does, that their medieval Tantric practices will prevent him from passing this deadly virus on. They allow him to  continue to  have sex with his students; some even procure serial partners for him. After all, this  is their  appointed  guru,  their  master of the Vajrayana Tantra, their “enlightened” guru.

Taking vows to obey their gurus in all things, this  inner circle of  Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu   ( renamed  Shambhala International) including  an American physician,  lets this AIDS- infecting guru seduce and continue to have sex  with hundreds of mostly straight, male students, while keeping  back crucial information from members of this community,  for years. They put hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way. Not only the men that the Regent abused and exploited, but also their girlfriends and wives.

Inevitably,  at least one of  the Regent’s students was infected, along with the  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news.       

For the western devotees of this Tantric  lineage of Trungpa, it is  part of the crazy wisdom  they believe will lead devotees to an experience of ‘one taste,’ i.e. that things are neither good nor bad, but pure in themselves.

No apologies are  given to the young man’s family, while it was  often  overheard in the cult-chatter that the young’s man’s death  was a  “blessing; ”  of the guru andan acceleration of   ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth- to  quicken his path to enlightenment.

Since history is  taught as  illusion  in all Tibetan Buddhist groups- the white-washed Vajradhatu, re-named  Shambhala International ,  is now  video streaming   this  Tantric teacher on several of  its recruiting websites,  honoring this sexual exploiter that caused at least one death among his devotees.  They have also created a new lineage, based on the Regent’s talks and books, with his favorite lover heading up the group. They still believe their teacher did nothing wrong. In fact, they believe that everyone that criticized the lama in their cult group, should confess, make amends and come back into the fold. This alone, reveals  how crazy is the crazy wisdom viewmistakes. This is the main teaching of Tibetan Buddhism, accompanied by obeying your vajra masters and keeping their secrets upon pain of hell realms the Tibetan lamas planted in our minds. 

Tibetan Tantric groups are always creating made-up lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, but this one is the same old Trungpa/Regent group,  reinvented and repackaged, with the help of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa Tibetan Lamaist sects, the most popular Tibetan lamas in the United States.  

The Dalai Lama, the Kagyu sect Tibetan lamas and Trungpa’s western devotees, have been the most instrumental in bringing us the mindfulness movement, that has exploded all over the United States. These are the co-creators of this movement, with Jon Kabat Zinn, a former Buddhist monk, with M.I.T. credentials.

The M.I. T. think-tanks are all over this mindfulness movement as are the early Trungpa students and the Dalai Lama with their Tantric Buddhism.  These are the so-called ‘scientists” that have concluded that mindfulness is the cure for all of the world’s ills. Mindfulness that will  eventually make others  as mindlessly unaware as they are: with no longer any ability to judge right from wrong; who have substituted fairy tales for objective history; replaced scientific inquiry with subjective feelings and dismissed objective research and facts with opinions based on their religiously fervent conversion to the dogmas of Tantra.

Behind the mindfulness movement is  an ever-growing army of Tantric Tibetan western psychologists and life coaches, counselors and consultants,  inside the Trojan horse of mindfulness. Many of them are graduates of Trungpa’s indoctrination path of Tantric ‘Buddhism.’

Several years after the  Regent-AIDS scandal broke in 1989,  and was then covered over by the early students of Trungpa, who are bringing us this mindfulness movement, swept under the rug, the same inner circle of their now two dead gurus, continue their knee-jerk reaction to hide and deny, when a sixty-year- old, cult member, college professor, mindfulness meditation instructor and Shambhala teacher,  has sex with the ten-old daughter of another community member.  The case is  quietly settled out of court. Both the victim’s parent and the perpetrator of the pedophile abuse were Tantric students of Trungpa; Tantric practitioners who had vowed to keep the secrets of the lamas and their abusive beliefs away from the public eye. This Vajradhatu/Shambhala group, still reeling from the Regent scandal, couldn’t afford this news reaching the public, and exposing the whole stinking mess of their Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’. Besides, daughters and  sons, husbands and wives, are secondary to protecting your gurus and their secrets.

This western teacher of Tantra is thus given a slap on the hand, by the same administration of this delusional cult that takes “nothing happens”  to heart. They make the  slogan, “nothing happens,” into a bumper sicker and put it on their cars, from San Francisco to Boulder to Boston; reminding each other, and anyone else they can ensnare in their net, that all is an illusion, anyway, even death at the hands of one of their gurus.

So what,  that a ten-year old child was sexually abused by one of their own. “Nothing happens” is their motto.  Besides,  the Tantric teachings, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Wheel of Time’ secret teachings, recommend a  ten or eleven- year- old  girl from an outcast class, as the ‘ideal consort’ for the Tibetan lamas and their couple bliss practices. All pedophiles know it is easier to find prey when the family is poor.

If you always re-frame everything egregiously bad as crazy wisdom, saying it is all leading to the realization of  non-duality, “beyond good and bad, ” beyond right and wrong, than  everything is “basically good”  and basically crazy, at a very fundamental level. These  are the role models who actually believe they are bringing the world an ‘enlightened society.’

In 2014 ,  Naropa University, the first  Tibetan Tantric college  in the West,  founded by this same Tibetan lama, Chogyam Trungpa, staffed and run by members of the earlier Vajradhatu Board,  who maintain their guru vows and forty-five  years of cover-up behaviors for all Asian and western gurus who become part of their Tantric,  atavistic world.  These are administrators and staff that have been in a religious apocalyptic medieval cult, called Tibetan Buddhism, for decades.

With few exceptions, most of the administrators and staff at Naropa are also devotees of Trungpa and his son: “change makers” on a mission to change the  world.  This is a very special group of self-declared “compassionate” academics  in Naropa’s contemplative halls; still obeying  their dead guru, Trungpa “to shift the world” out of a democracy and into a belief system created by an androcentric theocracy of the middle-ages.

Naropa has been graduating hundreds of western young minds like these,  with each “contemplative” graduating class. They will then go out into the world to recruit others into their Tantra as psychologists, art teachers, environmental advocates, social engineers’  and counselors and divinity heads of departments at our prestigious universities. Many  of these guru-worshipers, with academic and professional credentials,  who believe Tibetan lamas can never make mistakes and who grovel and prostrate and obey their gurus like abject slaves inside their groups, will join the army of   “mindfulness” teachers, starting centers and foundations of their own. They will teach this Tantric-based mindfulness at universities and hospitals, clinics and  corporations; even in the military.   Their hope is to eventually bring it into K-12 classrooms.  

Naropa’s  model administration, while helping bring mindfulness to the world and training the future of  “compassionate leadership, ” have  let another guru get away with destroying a young person’s life.  Katsura Kan, was Naropa’s Japanese dance guru. His abuse and exploitation of this young student fit right into Naropa’s Tantric ethics and policies that says “gurus can do what they want.”

Naropa’s administration and teaching staff,  with nearly half a century of denial  about Tibetan Tantric gurus and their egregious behaviors, of course, saw nothing wrong.

This  latest  scandal at Naropa,  concerning this Japanese sadistic guru, Kan,  is barely reported in mainstream news.  And the Boulder Daily Camera, the local paper takes Naropa’s side, as it has been doing since 1974.  This local newspaper in Boulder is Naropa’s and Tibetan Buddhism’s media propaganda newspaper.  Their whole town depends on keeping the secrets of the lamas, particularly from the college students at C.U..

Naropa, knowing they will be protected by a controlled media, carries on with its continuous creation of an annual, graduating class of  hundreds of woolly-headed,  new age spiritualists and “crazy wisdom”  warriors, all  ready to go forth as social justice and Tantric activists,  to spread their confusion as the next wave of contemplative psychologists, and “compassionate leaders,”  “compassionate dancers ” and ” compassionate artists”  promoting their Tantric  “no right no wrong views” on the rest of the world.

Sometimes, however, circumstances don’t always come together, to continue to protect these  guru- worshiping Tibetan lama cults. The  family  of this latest victim of  Naropa University’s cult milieu,  their beautiful daughter destroyed by  guru-worshiping memes  at the peak of her life,   are  not  also devotees of Trungpa and  his son,  as was true before.  This time Naropa is not so lucky.  This family is going public.  They have  started a cult-awareness network, warning young people about Naropa University.

The Dalai Lama’s favorite crazy wisdom lama, who has fooled so many in the west, Lama Sogyal,  has accumulated  two multi-million dollar lawsuits under his belt; one in 1994,  settled for millions, and again in 2011.     for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating  two of his devotees and possibly hundreds of  other Western women and keeping a harem of female devotees.

Despite this, Lama Sogyal  was  honored by the Dalai Lama and the wife of  the former  Prime minister of France and the other celebrity lamas  along with the usual  Hollywood  glitterati,  that hover around these Tibetan lamas for “compassion currency” and foolishly listen to Richard Gere for their knowledge about Tibetan lamas;  Many of these Tantric Buddhist western celebrities were at Sogyal’s gala  opening of his  western funded, eight million dollar Lerab Ling Temple in France, where he has been documented to keep harems  of women that he abuses.

The Dalai Lama  has  recently  inaugurated  another project to bring his medieval Tantra into the United States, to fool and dumb more of the West down. This is  Lama Sogyal’s  project; the  Tenzin Gyatso Institute,  named after the Dalai Lama and given His Holiness’s “blessings.”

Its primary purpose is to bring more Tibetan monks and lamas into the United States,  to study and pretend to get a Western education in order to infiltrate further into our culture, spreading more of the chaos of Tantra with their humble smiles.  Soon these lama graduates will get academic positions and  join their western Tantric female “professors and devotees, who ignore they keep harems and who already hold academic positions at our prestigious universities including gender studies. 

All sexually abusive religious systems depend on their female enablers.  By calling their Tantric teachings “feminist” and about gender equality, i.e. the opposite of what it really is, the lamas and these cult members of an androcentric, medieval cult are  fooling a critical mass of liberal, educated women across the West; particularly in the United States.

Lamas always pin female energy down, when they are conquering a territory, as they first did in Tibet, when they spread their net there.  

Now women are taking to the street to protest sexual objectification by wearing hats that objectify and tie them to their sexual organs.  They are hysterically protesting a sexist remark, while letting sexual predators, like these Tibetan lamas and their enablers, teach them ‘mindfulness meditation’ and pluck some of them out of the audiences for their harems and/or as serial sexual objects for their Tibetan Tantric practices. Practices that the cult members and the lamas refer to as ‘blessings’ for your next life,  when you pray to come back as a man. These  ‘gender-equality” proponents, these Tibetan lamas,  believe that a woman’s gender is  so unequal to men, that they can never reach enlightenment in a inferior, female body and must pray to be reborn a man.

Medieval superstition and a flat earth mentality and the misuse of young females drives these Tibetan lamas,  as sexual objects, will have access to many more females in the West ( an increasingly in Asian countries that they are colonizing)  than just little boy monks in Tibet  that they had to abuse.

That the religious ‘higher” practices of the Tibetan lamas’ views  defies biology, science and common sense, has never altered the Tibetan lamas’ atavistic beliefs that tell them they can reverse their semen in the sexual act, turn it into an immaterial substance and shoot it to the back of their skull; traveling through imaginary chakras.  That is the science, behind what drives these mindfulness proponents, including the Dalai Lama.

Yet, they have managed, to create a western “scientific” disguise of supporting pioneering research into the science of consciousness to bring mindfulness meditation to the planet,  calling it part of the new “secular spirituality,” or ‘sexual ethics,” terms coined by the Dalai Lama. Call something the opposite of what it is; repeat it often, like a mantra; and voilà! You have at least been able to turn lies into a new truth. That is the only magic these lamas have perfected.  The magic of lies to replace  western democracies with an Asian-Steppe fascist ‘religion’ they will call ‘secular spirituality’ and ‘secular ethics”; the opposite of what it really is: a rigid, theocracy of androcentric priests bringing amorality and chaos.

“Democracy is the problem!” Trungpa would always tell us, while encouraging  Tantra’s  “no right -no wrong”view;  his non-judgmental BIG MIND that ensured an  passive cult membership, devoid of the ability to choose for themselves what was right or wrong;  good or bad;  healthy for themselves and their own societies.

He then told his American students to “infiltrate” with their higher degrees to create his  dreams of world conquest. That is what this mindfulness movement, riding in on the stream of Tantra is doing: creating chaos and then providing the solution: ‘Mindfulness” that will narrow a person’s mind, make him or her incapable of making decisions based on their own discernment and ethics. Mindfulness that will create BIG MIND, as these Tibetan lamas call it.

Unknown to the public, these Tibetan Tantric lamas, are all religious tyrants and/ fanatics,  unleashed across the globe.These western enablers and change agents of the lamas, don’t believe in history anymore, so they don’t bother to learn that their enlightened gurus,  kept their  own people as slaves and serfs for over a thousand years.

The Dalai Lama’s great pal , who  is documented to keeps harems of western women, Lama Sogyal,  comes not from a lineage of mythological Tibetan Buddhist masters but,  more importantly,  a lineage of real family benefactors for the Tibetan lamas: the Lakar family.

When the scandals broke again about Sogyal’s sexual abuses the Tibetan Lamas and their enablers did what they always do: they gathered  their  inner circle of  guru-worshiping, western academics, psychologists, sexual consorts and harems, and circled the wagons around  Sogyal of Lakar,   right after a documentary was broadcast on Canadian public television in the Spring of 2011.

Photographs were taken of all the celebrity Tibetan lamas, along side Lama Sogyal,  looking all cozy together, as they quickly  came to their brethren’s rescue, taught beside him, or went to his centers to teach.  They published letters  of endorsement for  Lama Sogyal  that he, in turn,  then published on his own website,  Rigpa, and  other Tibetan Buddhist sites, to saturate the information pool with propaganda and cover-up fairy tales. They particularly didn’t want western, progressive liberal women, their main target, to  wake up.  That would be a disaster for the Dalai Lama’s Adi-Buddha plans.

A phony  website created  by a Dalai Lama monk (and former Stasi) was  also created  around this time, to scoop up those who were starting to question  these sexually exploitative Tibetan Buddhist groups.   This limited hang-out  of the Dalai Lama monk was only created to confuse the public that might wander into this site when googling “sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas” and to completely confuse potential dissenters or, more importantly,  potential whistle-blowers who  might wander in.

Then,there is the token female Tibetan lama, Jetsun Khandro,  the rare female who has been  recognized as a tulku and high lama,   in the Tibetan-Indian-Nepalese alliance of  caste-system Brahmans.

Khandro writes she “was shocked about these stories” that the sexual abuse victims are bringing  to her precious ears about the lamas !  But why would she be shocked?

She is not shocked,  she is lying , as the Vajrayana tantra and its Law of Inversion, that she is soaked in, allows.  She is another sister enabler of sexual abuse– the new “feminist lama ”  that will throw all women under the bus for a “place at the table” with the men.

In fact, this token female high lama,  Khandro of Mindrolling,  enables and protects  Tibetan lamas  like Sogyal,  with whom she maintains a very cozy relationship.      

She has had a busy year,  protecting her pal predator, Sogyal,  as you can see by the schedule othis number one female enabler for her  male tulku friends. She is especially honored for her role in  keeping Western  women fooled.

Thus, sexual abuse of a minor  or criminal negligence causing death at least  twice , or gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority over vulnerable others under one’s care  is always denied both within these cult groups and by the media who rely on the very sexual abusers and their wisdom women like these for the narratives about Tibetan Buddhism and the lamas.

Pema Chodron,  who is all dressed up in her Mahayana disguise, has  been protecting these sexually abusive Tibetan  lamas for the last forty years. That was her real job and she has been extraordinarily successful.

Chodron,  is a typical, trust-fund scion of the wealthy New York elite, before she became a Tibetan “Buddhist,” and then a  nun of Trungpa’s —  the lamas always surround themselves with rich old ladies from wealthy families— and she has promoted the Tibetan lama cult in the United States, more than any other woman on the face of the earth.

Trungpa was brilliant in creating double-binding effects.  After all, he was good friends with Gregory Bateson, who came up with the theory of the double bind. Such as “how could this humble little nun, promoting Tibetan Buddhism, be part of a sexually abusive Tantric cult?‘  Pema Chodron writes lots of Tibetan dharma-lite books for a general,  western female audience, which I am sure has contributed to their  current confusions and inability to discern anymore what to accept or reject or tell the difference between a sexist remark and a serial sexual abuser.

Chodron is invited to speak on talk shows like Oprah, or Bill Moyers, reaching a wide public and pretending that her Tantric guru-worshiping Tibetan Buddhism is all about “peace and love and “letting things fall apart.”  The most fooled by these lamas, thanks to enabling nuns like Pema are the LGBT groups, who were purposely targeted by the Tibetan lamas.  k.d. Lang recently has hooked up with Pema and supports her Pema Foundation; another money-making scheme that will benefit her misogynistic gurus. It has been lesbians, like k.d. Lang, that have  been the most easily fooled by these female sexual abuse enablers  of the lamas;  like Pema Chodron  and Jetsun Kandro, who both help recruit others into this Tantric misogynistic cult,

Sexual abuse in systems relies on female enablers like these. How else could they have been so successful in hiding their abuses and spreading their Tantric lies,  to destroy all the real gains that womens’ rights groups were making in the areas of sexual abuse prevention?  You had to dumb a critical mass of “liberal” women down first.  Tibetan Tantra and their misogynistic priests have succeeded, beyond their wildest dreams, in no small part thanks to their female enablers.

“Let things fall apart” has been Pema Chodron’s Tantric mantra teachings for women for the last forty years; mainly so she can protect her sexually abusive gurus and make sure all sexual abuse allegations fall apart about her lamas, before they are even formed.

Promoters of the guru-worshiping Tantra are also the former and current sexual consorts and “wives”  of the Tibetan lamas,  who write  books about “spiritualized feminism” or they appear on the Canadian CBC,   where  a former consort of Chogyam Trungpa  is out and about,  doing the usual public relations and damage control for her Tibetan Buddhist cult. She forgets to mention in this interview  that she was a young consort of Trungpa by the age of fourteen and part of his seven-sister harem of sexual consorts. Yes, these lamas are known to keep harems.

As for the whistle blowers, the women who dare to speak out ?  The Tibetan lamas get their female enablers and their misogynistic  male devotees in their sanghas, to do their  damage control work for them. They write books and articles, or troll the comments sections on anti-cult sites, where they  harass the whistle blowers or say that these women exposing the truth  are “liars,” “crazy,” or “didn’t understand the teachings,” or are promoting a “conspiracy theory” about the lamas.

If it cannot be denied through a shut-down of communication in these Orwellian groups,  who promote BIG MIND, instead of sanity and reason,  then the sexual exploitation by the lamas  is re-framed as ” really consensual sex; ”   what all defenders of sexual abuse have said for centuries.  Even though,  in these Tibetan Buddhist  groups the devotees are brainwashed into believing  the lamas desires are always unquestioned, and the women  are told, by the lamas and their inner circle of enablers, that  they are “so lucky” to be chosen by these incarnated deities and gods on their brocaded thrones. “Such special karma” they tell them.

In fact, it is  Pema Chodron’s new guru and  Khandro of Mindrolling’s  pal, Lama Dzigar Kontrul, who is one of the worst of the lama abusers and hypocrites.  He  runs his own sangha like a tyrannical dictator,  expects absolutist guru devotion from others and  tells  all the women  who come to him, distraught and confused by  a Tibetan lama’s sexual groping and sexual advances, that:   “it’s a blessing” to be sexually exploited by lamas,  like him.

Ms. Lama Khandro,  Ms. Pema Chodron and Lama Dzigar Kontrol and his wife and now their son, all work as a team.    These lamas and their families of enablers have made a fortune off this Tibetan Tantric Lamaism posing as Buddhism.

Another  generation of women in the West and increasingly in the Chinese-speaking countries  are the Tibetan lamas’ targets, told that  Tibetan Buddhism  is really about  “empowering women.” The enabling women in this cult of sexual abuse  have their magazines, like  the Lion’s Roar,  put out on the shelves as an anniversary edition, at the Whole Foods check out lines, specifically targeting the affluent middle class female, by honoring one of their own and making  Pema Chodron a saint, like the Dalai Lama–two enablers of the sexual abuse women. These magazines should be pulled off the shelves as aiding and abetting the  spread of this Tantric guru cult, fooling everyone into believing it is about empowering women.  The lamas have always been the skilled masters of the masked dance.

Imagine if Whole Foods had a magazine promoting the Christian cult of  the polygamous Warren Jeffs  at the check out lines?  Can you imagine the uproar and boycotting of this grocery chain and the lawsuits that would ensue? Yet, thanks to  a large wealthy backing of misogynistic plutocrats, and corporate shills,  these commodities of a sexually abusive cult have managed to become impulse items at Whole Foods grocery chain lines.  Why is Warren Jeffs in prison and these Tibetan lamas, who keep harems are not? Because they are being protected by a colluding corporate media and wealthy global plutocrats, who like the idea of a return to harems and the medieval suppression of women’s rights.

Tibetan Tantra is  being pushed on the West  by a misogynistic and wealthy plutocracy  of billionaires, always looking for the next thrill in their own god realms. They want to keep women in their place, not empower them. There is no other reason why they are promoting a sexually abusive cult, as beneficial to women rights, and using main stream media to hide the truth  from the public about these medieval Tibetan lamas and their exploitative, misogynistic and despotic tyranny of a thousand-years in Tibet.

It is not just the women in these Tibetan Buddhist western communities who are first confused, hypnotizes and then misused, by these Tibetan lamas.  The men are cuckold by the lamas,   as well,  taught to consider it a great ‘honor’ another “blessing”  if  the Lamas, these enlightened beings, greater than kings,  choose their wives, lovers and  even  their young daughters,  some as young as fourteen  to be a Tibetan Lama’s consort.  As one older,  male student of Trungpa recently put it on a Shambhala blog site:

“No…I was there. VCTR  ( Trungpa) never mistreated women It was consensual…
Christakes….he f..ked all my wives, lovers……I was glad about it
no, you can’t touch him” Radio Free Shambhala blog:  2/10/2015

We are now bombarded with sexual gender choices, as though this things were coming from the ground up, of public opinion,  instead of from a  purposely controlled media and agenda to loosen family and marriage ties.  What’s next to embrace? Pedophilia?  Polygamy? After all our white-washed poet and  icon for a new generation and one of the first  Western Tibetan Buddhists and Trungpa student, Allen Ginsberg,  was a member of NAMBLA.
These Western enablers and cult devotees of Tibetan lamas,  trained and among us,  accept everything as “basically good.” Many of them are forming  consortiums, like this one linked.   As you can see, they often hold degrees in psychology, are trained in mindfulness and contemplative techniques, of Tantric Buddhism, and many are now licensed as   vajrayana psychotherapists or counselors and  professors, which means they are Tantric cult members who take  Tibetan lamas as their gurus, prostrate to the ground before them and take vows to obey them in all things, no matter how illegal or crazy and to keep their secrets,  over the laws of their own land.

Simple google ‘vajrayana psychotherapists’ and you will see that we are now inundated with these Tantric guru-worshiping recruiters, posing as genuine psychotherapists and psychiatrists and counselors, who are actually recruiters for their cult, of Tibetan Tantra.  That is what Trungpa told them to do, and there were thousands  of these  Tantric psychologists,  created over the last forty years,  that graduated from Naropa Institute  with ‘contemplative psychotherapy’ degrees to go out and ” shift the world” by helping destroy the values and ethics of a western democracy. That is what Trungpa told them to do, in order to: create his “enlightened dictatorship.” That ‘s what he called it.

These Tantric Buddhist psychotherapists are  fanatic true-believers who are guru-worshipers of lamas inside their cult groups, who come to see these Tibetan lamas as their vajra masters, who are perfect and cannot make mistakes, and have vowed to perpetuate the lamas’ Asian medieval fascist world.

Trungpa saw right away that the psychology profession had to be fooled. They were the ones that were most concerned, at one time, about cults in our midst, and about sexual abuse.

They had to be infiltrated by these already brainwashed Naropa-type ‘contemplative psychologists and psychotherapists, who in their spare time, imagine themselves as deities and demons and prostrate, full-body before their lama  gurus, the Tibetan lamas, their vajra masters, before they drop pearls from their mouth..

This is who is bringing us the mindfulness movement.

Lama Sogyal, the alleged sexual predator of hundreds of western women, who keeps a harem of specially thought-controlled females, has been a part of the Dalai Lama’s and Jon Kabat Zinn’s mindfulness movement for decades.

At Lama Sogyal’s  new  Tenzin Gyatso Institute,  Certain multi-millionaires and billionaires,  have been the easiest fooled or worse–they know exactly what they are supporting:


“The founder of the Tenzin Gyatso Institute is Tibetan Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the ground-breaking The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, who has taught in the West now for over 30 years. Rinpoche is renowned worldwide because of his special gift for conveying the heart of the teachings of Buddha in a way that is both authentic and deeply relevant to the modern mind. He is the founder and spiritual director of Rigpa, an international network of Buddhist centers and groups in forty-one countries that enjoys the gracious patronage and guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since 1973, when he played a key role in His Holiness’s first visit to the West, Rinpoche has tirelessly supported the Dalai Lama, communicating his message and his teachings wherever he goes. The Tenzin Gyatso Institute is the realization of Rinpoche’s lifelong wish to make a lasting contribution to His Holiness’s work and to help safeguard it over the year”

Even though there have been documentaries, articles , essays and reports about  this Lama Sogyal’s   egregious spiritual abuse, spiritual fraud and sexual exploitation of his students  for the last two decades,  none of this matters.  These Western fans of these Tibetan Lamas are  happily undermining democracy and preparing for the time when  the dust settles and they can usher in their Age of Maitreya, their thousand-year Buddhocracy. That is their hope.

Which of these lucky women will get to go back to Lama Sogyal’s inner sanctum and be beaten and groped by this little toad after the music stops?  This video of his seduction dance to lure them into being beaten and humiliated in his “inner sanctum”  where he  has them wipe his ass, hits them with a stick, and has them  do other degrading actions to prove their devotion – these are the  ‘higher tantra’ practices of this Tibetan Buddhism we have had crammed down our Western throats :

Dr. Goleman, another popular western Tibetan Buddhist author, is a longtime guru worshiping Tantric Tibetan “Buddhist” and a western psychologist.  He was the  best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence,   part of the  social engineering movement to facilitate and substitute a   “no judgements” and “no right-no wrong  view”  and to elevate subjective experience over facts.  He has been promoted by Forbes and gives lectures to incoming Harvard Business students on “compassionate leadership.”

Goleman, who has been mindfully meditating for the last forty years,  says nothing about the compassionate leadership of his master Lama Sogyal, who has  allegedly  sexually and physically abusing hundreds of Western women under his  spiritual care.

Dr. Goleman is also, in effect, indirectly procuring more young women for Lama Sogyal at his mindfulness meditation retreats he gives at Garrison Institute in New York,  a front for Tibetan Tantric Buddhism’s spread. He is always creating a  “living Buddha” image for his Lama Sogyal;  the predator lama and great pal of the Dalai Lama.

Dr. Goleman can’t help himself; he has lost all awareness, being under his Tantric gurus’ thumbs for so many years.   So much for all the awareness and mindfulness brought to us by these models of sanity and psychological health, with their heads in the sand and merged with their gurus.

Dr. Goleman, who promotes Lama Sogyal the predator lama below,  is a perfect example of  just one, of the now thousands of  new “spiritualized psychologists ” making the world crazy.

It is Tibetan Lamaism, and its western  guru-worshipers, like Dr. Goleman, who are  spearheading  this booming “mindfulness” commodity. A movement that is, besides promoting chaos and the acceptance of sexual abuse of young women,  also promoting  Scientism  instead of objective research.

These  academic credentialed members of the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama, which includes Dr. Goleman,  are  pushing this mindfulness movement but, inside their cult groups, they have been taught “not to believe in facts.”  Subjective experience always trumps facts for Tibetan Tantric Buddhists.

Tibetan Tantric  Buddhists use “amazing” as a preface for everything they do.  They hope the public will  ignore recent studies that expose the downside of too much meditation such as  becoming “cult-like” and confused, easily manipulated, passive, less ambitious, and more open to propaganda and worse, for those with underlying mental health problems:  delusions, and hallucinations. There was always someone going crazy and/or  even sometimes killing themselves, after “meditation” retreats.

The Tibetan lamas feel so empowered now by their being embraced again by the Motherland and   China’s CPC’s religious affairs arm of its dictatorship , that they  aren’t even bothering to hide their affiliations with the Communist Chinese anymore; not since they have fooled a critical mass of  well-meaning but naive, liberal progressives  in the West- their main target of the last forty years.

So what, that a hundred and forty peasant monks and nuns have set themselves on fire for the false narrative that China has been  persecuting their Tibetan “religion”  in Tibet,  that they got all their western liberals to promote, while these  Machiavellian  lamas, here and among us,  have been busy, rebuilding their monasteries in Tibet, in collusion with China, since at least the 1980’s.

China should be careful what they have unleashed in China and in the China SAR territories.  The first Dalai Lama was a Khan, who created the lineage of the Tibetan “Dalai Lamas,” retrospectively.  The Dalai Lama’s Gelugpa sect was always the most ambition and violent of the lamas’  groups.  After the Dalai Lamas took over the mighty Khan tribal chiefs as their  ‘spiritual guides” and gurus,  where are the Khans today?   Following the Tibetan Lamas in tiny Mongolia and seeing the Dalai Lama as their Lord Vajradhara.

Multinational corporations learned so much when they outsourced in India, with its thousands of gurus helping keep India in a caste system to this day;  blaming their  suffering and accepting austerity and gross misery as their karma from past- life, bad deeds and praying for a better future life.

Below is Trungpa’s son, lineage head of Naropa University, that pretends to be secular and not affiliated with any “ism” except Denialism.  Mr. Mukpo Jr., pretending to be a  Tibetan lama, has the easiest group of all westerners to fool: the  former guru-worshipers of his father  Trungpa, who were taught to obey the Mukpos as God Kings and their made-up Shambhala Kingdom as the true government of medieval Asian war lords;  an imaginary kingdom more real to them than the world they actually live in.

Apparently certain multinational corporations just love Mr. Mukpo Jr.’s  style.

You can see the corporate sponsors, of Mr. Mukpo’s talk,  before the camera zooms out,  such as Altria, the former Phillip Morris Company who knows a thing or two about damage control for their own products of destruction being spun out as “beneficial” for mass consumption.

Public relations firms are helping the lamas  create their  new “secular spirituality “image  and  their feminism and gender equality image and  the “environmentalist proponents” of saving the world from global warming.  These lamas, the  vanguards of misogyny and oppression, who ruled their Kingdom in Tibet only fifty-plus-years ago with an iron cruel fist,  are being promoted by corporatism as the the face of “secular ethics” as though any of them have a clue of what “secular” or “ethical” means.  This is what can happen when two institutions in deception and rhetoric join forces:

Sakyong Osel Mukpo,   Trungpa’s son and and shill for the Karme Kagyu sect,  with no traditional training as a Lama,  as all the Karme Kagyu Tibetan lamas know,  but who are using him for the essential thing: “appearances.” Tibetan Buddhism is all about appearances and that Tibetan Buddhism’s uses have been appreciated by  billionaire s like George Soros , and Global corporatism.

Here is China’s very own Eco-Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley below,  on his  eight-week extravaganza propaganda tour , his third in the United States, even though other countries, like India, see him as a Chinese spy. This time his trip was ignored by the U.S. mainstream  media  It was  funded by Chinese billionaires .

What a coincidence that this Lama  Guru and God King Pope of the  Karme Kagyu lineage of Lamas,  this Ogyen Trinley,  is pontificating about environmental  and gender issues that have nothing at all to do  with his Tantric Buddhism and is completely  foreign to his medieval and superstitiously trained  mind but  can give him a disguise and a hook to spread his sexually abusive Tantric cult.

This  Karmapa  doesn’t have to say much that would actually show the true nature of  his medieval Lamaism.  He speaks to the crowd  in a Mandarin accented Tibetan, throwing in a few English language phrases here and there.  His western translator and enabler monk,  is well-trained to fill in the blanks, he has just the right accent and diction to make this Tibetan peasant sound erudite and wise and cover up for any of his  faux pas.  This head of a cult of Tantric chaos,  did speak a lot about women not being “aggressive” since Tibetan Lamas are experts in keeping women in their place.

Introduced ( the second introduction, after the fawning  head of the Divinity School at Harvard) by a Trungpa devotee and Naropa  “scholar.”  She  can barely resist prostrating to her God King Karmapa,  but does repeat her guru- worshiping mantra and oath at the end of her introduction:  Karmapa Kyenno.

This link shows his visit to Harvard.

A  link,  that recently showed how extensive this Communist Karmapa’s visits were, all over the United States is here.  It partially explains why our college campuses are now  in such disarray;  influenced by these Tantric psychologists and counselors,,  who have set up shop in the ‘health and wellness centers,’ all over our nation’s universities as they confuse and dumb more of our younger generation down, soaking them in the “no-right-no wrong” ethics of Tantra, which fits hand in glove with a Marxist agenda; where lies become the truth, coercion becomes “compassion;”  and sexual abuse becomes ‘feminism.” These are now occupied, no longer,  prestigious’ universities, where parents are paying 50,000 to 60,000 a  year to have their students soaked in left wing activism and socially engineered,  instead of getting an education that teachings them how to think and make informed decisions in their life.  

If they get depressed by all of this, they can go to the health and wellness center and be “counseled” by a guru-worshiping cult members of a Tantric cult; “vajrayana psychotherapists” who,  in their free time, are prostrating to gurus and obeying them in all things and enabling and covering-up for their sexual abuse.  They will be sure to refer them to a meditation retreat such as those the female-beating Lama Sogyal, gives at Connecticut College, looking for new consorts to add to his western harem.  Connecticut College’s website says it is about “empowering young women. “

Isn’t it long overdue  for the West  to take the blinders off and stop listening to guru-worshipers and cult members of Tantric Lamaism for all our information about Tibetan Buddhism and these lamas and start  reading  the real  history of Tibet and the Lamas?      

We need to stop letting guru-worshiping Tibetan Buddhists and their “spiritualized” feminists, these enablers of a sexually abusive cult,  tell us about how wonderful these lamas and their teachings are and how enlightened are these Tibetan  despots, soaked in misogynistic beliefs about women, the world, about their future divine rule.

We also need to do our own research and look  at the archived photos and films of ‘Old Tibet.

Here is another picture, worth a thousand words,  of  the father-in-law of Osel Mukpo, Chogyam Trungpa’s son, who was a nobody in the Tibetan lama hierarchy, before marrying into the cult of Trungpa and his Shambhala organization in the West; a lama  previously relegated to the poorest part of Southern India and not the high cool hills of Dharmasala, India,  like the Dalai Lama. Now he is the “reincarnation” of every deity and high lama of the past, present and future and has an eighty-foot throne in India,  land of the God-men,  where all the masks of equality and “feminism” fall away.

Secular and Scientific ????   CLICK TO ENLARGE

 Secular and Scientific ????
Secular and Scientific ????

Tibetans should save those “Free Tibet” signs and banners, adding “From the Dalai Lama” at the end, and stop setting themselves on fire.   The West should start making our own signs: “Free the West and the World  from the Dalai Lama  and  the cult of the Tantric Gurus.

We need to call out all the cults in our midst, here to destroy our western culture; call them out and  stop funding  them as “new religious movements” these are political cults whether it is  Islam, Tibetan Buddhism, New- Age  Christian Dominionism, Pan Hindu Ashrams and Hindu Tantric yoga centers, disguised as position exercise centers, or Tibetan Tantric cults pretending to be simple mindfulness meditation centers.

They are here and among us, operating with smiling faces of peace or frightening us with violence, but similarly they are here among us to  massively assimilate us to their  medieval Caliphates,  their City on the Hill, their Pan-Hindu or their Adi-Buddha Worlds.    We need to call out these pseudo-religious groups for what they are :  “Cults” of thought control.  We need to make a determined effort to  dry them up; first by taking  away their tax-free status as “churches” and “educational ” institutions, including their many spin-off foundations, pretending to be “non-profit,” in order to  hide and funnel their money into vast political networks  to spread themselves further into our Western culture.

Let’s  remember our our own lineage of true liberal- not progressive “liberal”  left- wing agendas, that have become Orwellian in nature – our western liberal tradition– that  values real freedom, first to think freely and reasonably and yes, judgmentally again,  meaning with discrimination  about what is healthy or not, for our own culture and ourselves, and not from a  politically- correct agenda imposed by those who wish to end our real freedoms.   Let’s make an effort to   snap out of our bubbles,  smash our bell jars and speak out against real abuse, that is all around us, but is being protected from the light of day by those who wish to control us, and fool us, with empty words and rhetoric,  to camouflage their real intent.  Let’s reclaim our western reason and discriminating judgment and common sense. Which is just  good sense that becomes common again.



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Tibetan Guru Cults Recruit by Stealth





Lodro Rinzler, Director of  the Shambhala  Center  in Chelsea NY,  and long-time student of his guru, Osel Mukpo, son of Trungpa,  whose father  brought his sexually exploitative tantric cult from Tibet to the West , is morphing by distancing  from Tibetan lama scandals  in order to  find  new ways to recruit for  Tibetan Lamaism and his guru.

Not being satisfied with their decreasing enrollments and the  increasingly tarnished reputation of Tibetan Buddhism in general,  with its  sexual exploitation and tantric Law of Inversion,  that allows deception and  hiding one’s true intent    Mr. Rinzler has recently co-founded the  MNDFL center in Greenwich Village, NYC.

Rinzler’s Tibetan Buddhist  and Shambhala affiliations , at least for now, are left out of his  bio under “teachers”  on his  MNDFL center’s website. 

An Achayra of Shambhala International, Eric Spiegel, is a  financial investor  and member of  Shambhala.  He  is also on-board as a  teacher on the  tantric meditation train at MNDFL , someone who has been a cult member for forty years.  His is a devotee of   his dead  guru Trungpa,  Trungpa’s notorious Western regent, Thomas Rich  and now  Trungpa’s  son, Osel Mukpo ,  God King and  earth protector as well as the  ruler of the Shambhala Kingdom according to Mr. Spiegel’s  third eye.

Even Mr. Mukpo Jr.’s  devotee and  cook is listed as a teacher at MNDFL.

Sharon Salzberg, popular author ,  now devotee of Tibetan lamas  and listed as a teacher at MNDFL,  is also the enabler  and guru-worshiper of  the sexual predator,  lama Sogyal Rinpoche.  She perfectly  represents the new Western Buddhist who has  merged her mind and her other Buddhist practice with her Tibetan lama gurus  but pretends to be just a teacher of  simple meditation to help people relax.


MNDFL is the the  trial balloon of these merged eastern cult streams to see how many people can be caught in their Buddhist-Hindu religious net.

The most cultic group of Tibetan Lamaism pretending to be westernized

The Shambhala cult and their God King, Trungpa’s son on his throne.

Guru-worshiping members of Shambhala,  like Mr. Rinzler and Mr. Spiegel and the cook , along with other Western Tibetan Buddhists,   are always scheming,  24/7,  on how to bring more students into their fold.  Now they have decided to just pretend  they are not doing this  by creating a stripped down meditation center seemingly without any religious affiliations at all.

Their new “meditation boutique” charges for each meditation session, or in packages by the month. This is  for those who are turned off by the proselytizing of Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Ashrams and other religious meditation centers and want to learn to meditate without being recruited by a cult.  Like the one Mr. Rinzler  is still fanatically devoted to , teaches at,  and  recruits for, non-stop.   Not only is Mr. Rinzler the director of the Chelsea  Shambhala center,  but he writes books and articles and teaches Shambhala meditation for his guru at various  Shambhala and other venues throughout the year. 

Mr. Rinzler’s own specialty  for the last decade in the organization has been trying to be cool and hip to reach millennials and  seduce them into his  Shambhala organization.

“You can just hang out and grab some tea” says  Mr. Rinzler, the   MNDFL’s “chief spiritual officer.” You can also buy  ” MNDFL-branded mugs, tees, totes and $150 meditation cushion sets”  when you first come through the door and will be none the wiser that you have entered a place of affiliated Hindu and Buddhist cult religions and their fanatics.   Or that most senior officials of Shambhala International are part of the Tibetan Lama  Karme Kagyu cartel- a medieval,  Trojan horse and running the  MNDFL show.

MNDFL is the clever corporate  “Mindful-branding” -the new commodity label for ‘environmental awareness,” “sustainability”,  and “healthy living”  being  tied into “meditation.”   Even the “tiny house” movement is part of the new MNDFL brand. Hoping to reach  a new generation, they are now  being  manipulated by corporations and cults  all hooked up now together in a  “A Spiritual Materialistic Explosion” to create the new spiritual commodity of meditation to dumb the world down,  but keep them shopping.

This is a “secular spirituality”  created and spearheaded by an 11th century priesthood of misogynistic theists and brigands with their  guru-worshipers and Western enablers who are programmed by their atavistic Tibetan  leaders  to be the least mindful and aware people in the room.

Shambhala International’s favorite shills for its deceits have always been expected to be great recruiters and entrepreneurs  as well as devoted students   to its  Tibetan  lama  lineage of their now  dead Trungpa (gurus never die they  just reincarnate).   Trungpa’s son, Osel Mukpo,  featured above on his throne,   whose  royal garb alternates with his specially tailored , priestly  robes, depending on the occasion,   rules his organization like a patriarchal,  wannabe Arab prince.  He puts”materialism”  boldly out front   in  the new movement of   “spiritual materialism, ” a term his father coined for quite a different reason.

The  real estate of  their guru,  Mr. Mukpo  Jr. and his  250 Shambhala Tibetan Buddhist centers, world- wide,  has to keep  expanding and always needs free labor,   constant cash donations  and  lots of membership-dues  as well as a  fresh  and continuous supply  of  younger devotees to do the Tibetan lamas’  bidding.  This bidding includes  becoming proselytizers and true-believers, like Mr. Rinzler, Mr. Spiegel and the cook.  It is also always hoped that their will be some attractive  young female  students  to become one of  the many  serial sexual consorts for the  Tibetan Lamas and their  cartel .  It is not unusual for these humble monk lamas on thrones to  share their Western sexual consorts among each other. Pimping  for their gurus can be another important duty  of devoted  Western Tibetan Buddhists in the  guru’s inner circle.

Plying people with cookies and tea and “social gatherings, ”  like the MNDFL is doing,   has  always been  Shambhala International’s  “modus operandi” – its love-bombing and seduction techniques at their own Shambhala  centers for the last forty years.    Nothing new about this deceptive strategy.  Shambhala members always follow  their  manuals  to  attract and keep new students in their net.  This makes creativity limited among their  Shambhala cookie- cutter presentators and why they keep re-inventing the wheel always resulting  in a constant stream of “theme and little variation” schemes.   But now they have decided to pretend there  MNDFL center has no other affiliations.    Just a “space to breathe” they all say as they slowly tighten the Tibetan Buddhist Hindu tantric net and yoke.

Shambhala International ‘s traditional  enrollment numbers are always in flux, despite their latest money-making scheme of  bringing  Shambhala cult teachings online.  This  constant dip in membership is  very dangerous for  their guru’s  lavish lifestyle ,  along with  his enrollment ambitions that  always fall about nine million, nine hundred and  ninety-five thousand members short of  his ten million member mark.

You wont find any lectures, elaborate Tibetan shrines  and banners at MNDFL,   since these things  are clearly turning people off ,  so Mr. Rinzler  and pals have  simply stripped it down completely,  and cleaned it up to look like a “meditation mall. ”

But this is not a group of diverse meditation instructors or secular meditators,  as they deceptively claim. Almost all of them are affiliated with Tibetan Buddhist cults and/ or Hindu, Vedic and  Yogic teachings- i.e. Tibetan Buddhism’s  Tantric roots, and most  are in the Shambhala International organization or affiliated with it.

The Theravada and Zen groups , along with their Hindu tantric brethren, have  recently  joined forces with Tibetan Buddhism, the most popular, unfortunately,  in the United States.  They have decided there is strength in numbers so they have united in their consumer marketing campaign. This makes their real intent invisible to the public  by  it being embedded  into so many  meditation choices that  ultimately lead to the same place.

As Mr. Rinzler says,  “Well, we like to think of it as a meditation university”!

“Meditation and Mindfulness ” is the new  commodity  tied into certain  multi-national corporations and created  by these Tibetan Buddhist lamas  and their Western guru-worshiping enablers, like Mr. Rinzler,  Mr. Spiegel,  Ms. Salzberg and the cook.  Deception to reach the masses and fold them into their religious net is perfectly acceptable according to  Tibetan Buddhism’s tantric rules.  But their  goal is not to make people more mindful and aware through meditation,   as they say,  but more passive and easily manipulated, apolitical and turning inward,   at least until they are all on board with Mr. Rinzler and company  with their religious-political ambitions.

Now that  Tibetan Buddhist groups,  like Shambhala, have joined forces and are  tied into  multinational corporatism,   the other Buddhist and Hindu tantric groups have jumped on board.  Corporatism now has a stealth religious arm that has MNDFL as the new brand.

Multinational corporations learned so much when they outsourced in Asia watching their Eastern corporate partners in third-world countries keep their  Hindu and Buddhist workers easily  accepting of their   eighty- hour- work weeks with little pay and no complaint .  “It’s just my karma” they say.  If you add  a Tibetan guru-worshiping component to the mix,   you can make people your slaves  as these  Western global corporations soon found out.

Even better,  if they model  Western Tibetan Buddhists,  like at Shambhala International ,  or like  the Tibetans of old,  they will get them to  pay their lama gurus to work like slaves for them.
In this respect, Mr. Rinzler is operating according to the Dalai Lama’s  far-reaching and equally deceptive grand plan.  Mr. Rinzler is not just pushing his own guru’s   spiritually materialistic  scheming .   This mindfulness meditation commodity  is the new product  and general business model for Tibetan  lamas’ everywhere now,  to hasten their religious infiltration by  insinuating  themselves  into every crook and cranny of  Western culture through a   “spiritual secularism” and “meditation movement, ” and the new MNDFL- Mindful brand.

They can only hope that  the millennials and burnt-out professionals, with hefty trust funds and  six figure salaries, who unwittingly come through their doors and keep coming back,  will remain none the wiser, until they are “caught” in the sticky net of the Hindu-Tibetan tantra. Tantra  translates as a “net” in Sanskrit.

The  fanatic guru-worshiping members  like Mr. Rinzler, Mr. Spiegel, Ms. Salzberg and the cook ,   whose own minds are  always merged with their  gurus,  repeating a looping  tape that whispers in their ears this mantra over and over:   “recruit, recruit, recruit,”  will soon tip their  hands.

I wonder how long  it will take? For the new meditators at MNDFL to  figure out they have been duped?

Knowing how impossible it is for guru-worshipers like Mr. Rinzler, Mr. Spiegel, Ms Salzberg and the cook  to not speak glowingly and incessantly about the wonders of their “enlightened”  teachers and masters and their occult Tibetan Buddhism,   I  predict  it  wont take very long .


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