The Nancy Pelosi “flip flop” on China

“Nancy Pelosi Makes Rare Visit to China:

What can one expect these days from the so-called  “progressive party, ” that has regressed to protecting  medieval cults who want to destroy  us and substitute their misogynistic theocracy  to the detriment of our democratic principles, the Western enlightenment and the foundations of our separation of church and state.    Yet,  this is  the party that says it is  advancing human progress and  “empowering women. ”

Now that China is embracing  Tibetan Buddhism again to help them implement  their  Global  Buddhist Harmony Movement for World  Austerity,    then of course our illiberal  and ill-informed Nancy Pelosi is on the ready and willing to follow.

We know that California is  now China-West, thanks to Silicon Valley ,  San Francisco and Marin County,  where the Tibetan lamas have colonized and confused  these populations  for generations, and unbeknownst to them,   all for the Motherland and  its stealth infiltration.  Hollywood,  Hindu tantric yoga, disguised as just stretching exercises and a  New Age obsessed milieu – along with  the insidious influences of the tantric vajrayana of  the Tibetan lamas, these anti-Western influences  have bamboozled  and abused the United States for  now decades, thanks to Ms. Pelosi and her  high-jacked. party. Now that  our illiberal democrats across America , have appropriated our democracy by stealth to perpetrate a global, socialist agenda in politics, academia and other institutions and have morphed into Orwellian hues,  more and more Americans that consider themselves the elite, are completely paralyzed by their “idiot compassion.”  Like deer in the headlights they are  embracing and accommodating to  medieval cults determined to destroy our freedoms.  The hijacked democratic party refuses to see, hear or speak against apocalyptic cults living mentally  in the 11th century among us. Multiculturalism to dumb us all down with a tidal wave of primitive influences overwhelming us to destroy this nation,  instead of promoting true diversity. Global plutocrats don’t want nations or an informed populace that can reason and think critically.

No inner compass anymore. That’s what hanging out with Tibetan lamas with their tantric “Buddhism” does. A group whose main tantric mantra is:  “no right , no wrong”  as it stealthily undermines Western ethics and values over the years while pretending to be about peace. Is it any wonder that the new choice for this undemocratic party is  Hilary, someone who lies and obfuscates with impunity  and a majority of her base say they don’t trust her but will still vote for her?

It shouldn’t be surprising,  given the influences that have formed the non-thinking and irrationality  and amoral leadership of this party over the last two decades.  “Idiot compassion” is what they now represent.   Compassion without wisdom that has been disastrous for our country.  It seems that Europe is relearning that lesson,  painfully. Will it take another 9/11 for us to relearn it, as well?

So, of course  Ms. Pelosi, always the expedient politician like her pal, Hillary ,  is doing an about- face and traveling whichever way the wind is blowing and now it is blowing  to China,  and off she goes  to see how “really well the Chinese Tibetans have been doing all along in the Motherland.”  Can you imagine how much the Chinese and the Tibetan lamas  are laughing  behind her back, when she believes she is going to lecture the Chinese about their  human rights violations vis-a-vis Tibet when she has allowed gross abuses,  including sexual abuse to continue  here at home by these Tibetan lamas within their cult-groups  for the last forty-years? .   Or that she is still this much in the dark, as most ‘progressives” like herself are,  about the long-standing relationship between  China and Tibet, despite a few spats in the scheme of things,  over the last thousand years?

Or is it that Ms. Pelosi feels that the time is right to visit the Motherland now, particularly since  there is a Trans Pacific Trade Agreement that pretends  to the American people, that China is not one of its partners, when nearly everyone with a thinking brain  knows the  Special Administrative Regions (SAR)  of China are already under China’s thumbs and the rest of So East Asia is sure to follow.   This is why  these Tibetan lamas  feel it is time to be transparent with the  public about their decades-long  deception and collusion with China,  seeing  now that the United States has been so weakened under this administration and their collectivist, Alinsky-trained  President.  Now they are flagrantly  insulting their Western hosts  that have supported them for decades and naively allowed them to build their “Trojan Horse”in the United States and throughout Europe  with the same objective as their more violent  fellow misogynistic medievalists : destroying Western civilization and democracy.

The lamas  have also been busy rebuilding their monasteries  in China since at least 1982, while playing the abused victim of China’s evil policies here in the States and elsewhere,  and now they no longer feel a need to hide it.  The  Dalai Lama’s newly elected prime minister of his Tibetan Government in Exile,  Lobsang Sangay,  Harvard-trained  on the tax-payers’ ticket   has  recently  come out as loyal to the Motherland and now says, after fooling the West,  like his God King, the Dalai Lama, that he  is not interested in a democracy.   Even Maura Monyihan , long-time believer in Shangri-lai myths,  like her friend Nancy Pelosi,  was shocked.  It shows how little they both know about Tibet, the lamas and China.

Pelosi, minority leader of the “compassionate”  California style, illiberal, politically correct non-democratic party, that always perches from a high moral ground telling the rest of us to never use our own common sense and accept lies and cover-ups  while bringing us to the very  brink of  terrible suffering and disaster,   has apparently not the slightest cognitive dissonance that  at least Ms. Monyihan  shows over the back-stabbing,  duplicitous behavior of these  Tibetan Lamas.  Ms. Monyihan  must still have a conscience.

Nor does Pelosi  have any regret for having  whipped  the U.S. population  into a frenzy of  idiot compassion over the last twenty years by allowing  these lamas to massively fool everyone that they have been  abused  by China while garnering billions from the West for their bogus “Free Tibet” cause.   The Tibetan lamas , with their  victim status   filled their own coffers to the brim with  loot, while the infrastructure and neighborhoods of Ms. Pelosi’s  poorer constituency went to rot.

Instead Pelosi  helped funnel billions over the decades so  these  lamas could build their hundreds of temples and centers all over the United States while letting these lamas exploit and sexually abuse their students and undermine democratic principles inside their Western cult- controlled “Buddhist” groups, while she and her fellow ‘liberals” made  sure their egregious behaviors were always covered up.

She is typically all  “a flutter” about her coming trip to China as the usual empty  rhetoric of “compassion” passes from her lips- this is another “compassion mission of” the democratic party, selling another piece of the United States to the highest bidder,  when real compassion in this sister’s heart remains far, far away, as it does for all these expedient politicians looking out for  number one, and keeping their voting base completely dumbed-down. Ms. Pelosi?  I met a hundred of her in my time in the Tibetan guru-cults in the West.  Silly older women that believed that these lamas were so special and “enlightened” and refused to see what was in front of their face.  They always surrounded themselves with silly, rich old ladies as their “benefactors” and sponsors.  They are on thrones Ms. Pelosi, or did you notice?

Ms. Pelosi also  thinks nothing at all about  those  hundred and twenty-nine   ordinary Tibetans in China  inflamed by all the liberal rhetoric  here in the States by  the Nancy Pelosis of the world, who have not a clue about Tibet, the lamas or Tibetan “Buddhism” and its guru-worshiping tantra as these poor Tibetans set  themselves on fire over a chimera,  a bogus movement, called “Free Tibet” that Ms. Pelosi  and her progressive liberals,  along with the Dalai Lama, helped create and continue to promote . The lamas are laughing all the way to their Swiss banks.

Now that the Tibetan lamas are all back in bed with the Motherland,  it is time for the illiberal  party to  shift gears without a backward glance and get on board too.  Ms. Pelosi hopes the last two generations that the democratic party has  dumbed down,    will remain as incapable of remembering the history of last year, let along the history of our nation.  Last year was when Pelosi was railing against China and all its terrible abuses of the Tibetan lamas, like the Dalai Lama, blaming China for everything bad that ever happened to Tibet. She of course got   her “expert” advise from the Dalai lama and the cult guru- worshiping Western Tibetans like Robert Thurman who wishes the whole world to be ruled by these despotic Tibetan lamas someday in a future Adi-Buddhaworld.  Apparently Ms. Pelosi thinks that would be a good idea too.

This visit to China by Nancy Pelosi is also  a prelude to allow China to  bring in  their  newly cloned and hybrid, Han Chinese vajrayana masters and gurus,  trained by these treacherous, Tibetan lamas . They will now be part of  the answer to  the chaos that the Tibetan tantric vajrayana, posing as Buddhism, has already created with its Law of Inversion.

Now  that China  has seen how easily these Western fools, like Nancy Pelosi,  could be duped by the  Tibetan lamas ,   they have decided to  train their own Han Buddhist abbots in Tibetan lama deception and theatre, rituals and the occult.  It seemed only natural to do, in order to  quiet down their own ethnic groups that might be influenced by democratic yearnings.    Watch for the “immigration”  of these hybrid Han tantric masters  all along the West coast  for as the Chinese visa  tech workers in  Silicon Valley flood now San Francisco and elsewhere they need to be fooled in the States as well.  Doesn’t China already own Google and Facebook?   Mark Zuckerberg  Facebook owner and worth 44 billion  says Buddhism is “an amazing religion and philosophy”.    He married a Chinese Buddhist , so now he is an “expert” on Buddhism and he and George Soros agree.  Buddhism, however,  has always been disastrous when it is as a State religion. It results in repressive dictatorships.  Beware when billionaires tell you a certain religion is “wonderful.” They live in a god-realm. Many of them would like  to see Buddhism become the World religion for the rest of us.  But Buddhism is an individual spiritual path and should never be ‘recommended”by billionaires that want to convince the rest of us that “money doesn’t make people happy.”     I wonder if Mark will be expediting the influx of cloned Chinese Han -Tibetan Buddhist masters into  the Bay area?   Will he soon have Han-Tibetan shrine rooms for mandatory “meditation” to increase productivity at Facebook? Will the couple’s 120 million donation to the Bay Area schools  have a rider  with it to bring  Buddhism  surreptitiously  into the classrooms through  “meditation” programs in the curriculum?

After watching the successful  brainwashing  of a critical mass of the American public by a confluence of  “progressive”  influences brought to us by corporate billionaires  is it any wonder that China wants to use  the Tibetan lamas again for their “harmonious spirituality” to nip any ideas about democratic freedoms, individualism and a spirit of independent thinking ?

After all,  Tibetan Buddhism with its  Hindu tantric influences has proven so very effective as used by the “liberal progressives”  and corporate billionaires   for doing the same thing here at home.



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Christine A Chandler

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