Sexual Abuse in the Guru Cults of Tantric Buddhism


A western Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Thomas Rich,  a.k.a. Osel Tendzin,  Regent of and lineage holder of  the late Chogyam Trungpa, the Tibetan lama who brought Tantric Buddhism to the West,   seduces his mostly, heterosexual male students into the higher Tantric practices of the Vajrayana, to prove their devotion to him.  His  inner coterie of western students  and  Trungpa’s Vajradhatu Board  know he  has the HIV virus but believe, as he does, that their medieval Tantric practices will prevent him from passing this deadly virus on. They allow him to  continue to  have sex with his students, some even procure serial partners for him. After all, this  is their  appointed  guru,  their  master of the Vajrayana Tantra, their “enlightened” lineage holder of their first teacher,  Trungpa.

Taking vows to obey their gurus in all things, this board of  directors of  Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu  (now renamed  Shambhala International) including  an American physician,  lets this AIDS- infecting guru seduce and continue to have sex  with hundreds of mostly straight, male students to prove their devotion  and their commitment to Tantra, while keeping  back crucial information from members of this community,  for years. They put hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way. Not only the men that the Regent abused and exploited, but also their girlfriends and wives.

Inevitably,  at least one of  Trungpa and his Regent’s students was infected, along with the  young man’s girlfriend.  It makes national news.       

But, for the Western devotees of this Tantric  lineage of Trungpa, it is  all  just crazy wisdom,  that they believe will lead to an understanding of ‘one taste,’ i.e. that things are neither good nor bad, but pure in themselves.   Not even  apologies are  given to the young man’s family, while it was  often  overheard in the delusional, cult-chatter of this  group, that the young man’s death  was a result of the guru’s  “blessings; ”  an acceleration of his  ‘karmic cleansing’ for his future rebirth- to  quicken his path to enlightenment.

Since history is  taught as  illusion  in all Tibetan Buddhist groups- the now white-washed Vajradhatu, re-named  Shambhala International ,  is  video streaming   this  Tantric teacher on several of  its recruiting websites,  honoring this sexual exploiter that caused at least one death among his devotees.  Now, the Regent’s still delusional students are  creating new centers along the east coast  in the United States, with the blessings of the Kagyu Tibetan lamas. They believe twenty-five years is enough time to wipe out the memory of the truth about what they did.

Tibetan Tantric groups are always creating made-up lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, but this one is the same old Trungpa/Regent group,  reinvented and repackaged, with the help of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa Tibetan Lamaist sects, the most popular Tibetan lamas in the United States.  

The Dalai Lama, the Kagyu Tibetan lamas and Trungpa’s Tantric practitioners, have been  instrumental in bringing us the mindfulness movement, that has exploded all over the United States. These are the creators of this movement, with now hundreds  of their own centers, to teach others to become as mindlessly unaware as they are: with no longer any ability to judge right from wrong.

Behind the mindfulness movement is  an ever-growing army of Tantric Tibetan western psychologists and life coaches, counselors and consultants,  inside the Trojan horse of mindfulness. Tantra, that advocates pedophilia; Tantra, that encourages polyamorous relationships;  that advocates a fluid self  until it disappears into BIG MIND; Tantra that allows Tibetan lamas to keep harems of women and serial consorts for their androcentric, alchemical beliefs about their own semen being turned into “amrita;” Tantra that insists on  pushing the concept of “no-good-no bad” ethics;  Tantra, that substitutes irrationality, subjectivity and  emotions over reason and western ‘enlightened’ values that freed us from god kings; Tantra that replaces critical inquiry with superstition and dogmatic beliefs;  and Tantra that substitutes group mind and profound censorship, for freedom of thought and speech.  Tantra  is here to completely destabilize western democratic societies and its traditional institutions and all that we have gained in the last five-hundred years. Tantra is China’s soft power in the West.

Several years after the  Regent-AIDS scandal broke in 1989,  and was then covered over, under the rug, the same inner circle of the now dead Trungpa and Regent, continued their cover-ups, when a sixty-year- old, Vajradhatu member, college professor, and Shambhala teacher has sex with the ten-old daughter of another community member.  The case is  quietly settled out of court. Both the victim’s parent and the perpetrator of the pedophile abuse were Tantric students of Trungpa; Tantric practitioners who had vowed to keep the secrets of the lamas and their abusive beliefs away from the public eye. This Vajradhatu/Shambhala group, still reeling from the Regent scandal, couldn’t afford this news reaching the public, and exposing the whole stinking mess of of their Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’. Besides, daughters and  sons, husbands and wives, are secondary to protecting your gurus and their secrets.

This western teacher is thus given a slap on the hand, by the same administration of this delusional cult organization  that takes “nothing happens”  to heart. They make the  slogan, “nothing happens,”  of their  Karme Kagyu Karmapa sect,  now colluding with the CPC,  into a bumper sicker and put it on their cars, from San Francisco to Boulder to Boston; reminding each other, and anyone else they can ensnare in their net, that all is an illusion, anyway, even death at the hands of one of their gurus.

So what,  that a ten-year old child was sexually abused by one of their own. “Nothing happens” is their motto.  Besides,  the Tantric teachings, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra”Wheel of Time’s secret teachings, recommend a  ten or eleven- year- old  girl from an outcast class, as the ‘ideal consort’ for the Tibetan lamas and their couple bliss practices. All pedophiles know it is easier to find prey when the family is poor.

In a few years,  after successfully covering-up of the abuse of this  ten-year old child by one of their own, they appoint this western teacher, in Trungpa’s group, as director of one of their Shambhala satellite centers, with the approval of Trungpa’s son;  the new King of Shambhala. As usual, these role models of awareness and compassion see nothing wrong in promoting this western teacher of Tantra in their organization. They know, being such a “scholar,”  that he had read the texts of their Tibetan lamas’ Tantras  and got “inspired.”  Anyway, in their guru-worshiping world view,  there is “no-right-no-wrong,” and nothing really happens, to make a fuss about.

If you always re-frame everything as crazy wisdom, saying this is all leading to the realization of  non-duality, “beyond good and bad, ” beyond right and wrong, than  everything is “basically good”  and basically crazy, at a very fundamental level. These  are the role models who actually believe they are bringing the world an ‘enlightened society.’

They are the same elites  who destroy nations, throughout centuries, because they, too, are living in God realms. Until they fall.

In 2014 ,  Naropa University, the first  Tibetan Tantric college  in the West,  founded by this same Tibetan lama, Chogyam Trungpa, and staffed and run by members of the previous Vajradhatu Board, who maintain their guru vows and forty-five  years of usual knee-jerk cover-up behaviors for all Asian and western gurus who become part of their Tantric,  atavistic world.  These are administrators and staff that have been in a religious political cult for now fifty years.

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Tibetan Guru Cults Recruit by Stealth




Lodro Rinzler, Director of  the Shambhala  Center  in Chelsea NY,  and long-time student of his guru, Osel Mukpo, son of Trungpa,  whose father  brought his sexually exploitative tantric cult from Tibet to the West , is morphing by distancing  from Tibetan lama scandals  in order to  find  new ways to recruit for  Tibetan Lamaism and his guru.

Not being satisfied with their decreasing enrollments and the  increasingly tarnished reputation of Tibetan Buddhism in general,  with its  sexual exploitation and tantric Law of Inversion,  that allows deception and  hiding one’s true intent    Mr. Rinzler has recently co-founded the  MNDFL center in Greenwich Village, NYC.

Rinzler’s Tibetan Buddhist  and Shambhala affiliations , at least for now, are left out of his  bio under “teachers”  on his  MNDFL center’s website. 

An Achayra of Shambhala International, Eric Spiegel, is a  financial investor  and member of  Shambhala.  He  is also on-board as a  teacher on the  tantric meditation train at MNDFL , someone who has been a cult member for forty years.  His is a devotee of   his dead  guru Trungpa,  Trungpa’s notorious Western regent, Thomas Rich  and now  Trungpa’s  son, Osel Mukpo ,  God King and  earth protector as well as the  ruler of the Shambhala Kingdom according to Mr. Spiegel’s  third eye.

Even Mr. Mukpo Jr.’s  devotee and  cook is listed as a teacher at MNDFL.

Sharon Salzberg, popular author ,  now devotee of Tibetan lamas  and listed as a teacher at MNDFL,  is also the enabler  and guru-worshiper of  the sexual predator,  lama Sogyal Rinpoche.  She perfectly  represents the new Western Buddhist who has  merged her mind and her other Buddhist practice with her Tibetan lama gurus  but pretends to be just a teacher of  simple meditation to help people relax.


MNDFL is the the  trial balloon of these merged eastern cult streams to see how many people can be caught in their Buddhist-Hindu religious net.

The most cultic group of Tibetan Lamaism pretending to be westernized

The Shambhala cult and their God King, Trungpa’s son on his throne.

Guru-worshiping members of Shambhala,  like Mr. Rinzler and Mr. Spiegel and the cook , along with other Western Tibetan Buddhists,   are always scheming,  24/7,  on how to bring more students into their fold.  Now they have decided to just pretend  they are not doing this  by creating a stripped down meditation center seemingly without any religious affiliations at all.

Their new “meditation boutique” charges for each meditation session, or in packages by the month. This is  for those who are turned off by the proselytizing of Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Ashrams and other religious meditation centers and want to learn to meditate without being recruited by a cult.  Like the one Mr. Rinzler  is still fanatically devoted to , teaches at,  and  recruits for, non-stop.   Not only is Mr. Rinzler the director of the Chelsea  Shambhala center,  but he writes books and articles and teaches Shambhala meditation for his guru at various  Shambhala and other venues throughout the year. 

Mr. Rinzler’s own specialty  for the last decade in the organization has been trying to be cool and hip to reach millennials and  seduce them into his  Shambhala organization.

“You can just hang out and grab some tea” says  Mr. Rinzler, the   MNDFL’s “chief spiritual officer.” You can also buy  ” MNDFL-branded mugs, tees, totes and $150 meditation cushion sets”  when you first come through the door and will be none the wiser that you have entered a place of affiliated Hindu and Buddhist cult religions and their fanatics.   Or that most senior officials of Shambhala International are part of the Tibetan Lama  Karme Kagyu cartel- a medieval,  Trojan horse and running the  MNDFL show.

MNDFL is the clever corporate  “Mindful-branding” -the new commodity label for ‘environmental awareness,” “sustainability”,  and “healthy living”  being  tied into “meditation.”   Even the “tiny house” movement is part of the new MNDFL brand. Hoping to reach  a new generation, they are now  being  manipulated by corporations and cults  all hooked up now together in a  “A Spiritual Materialistic Explosion” to create the new spiritual commodity of meditation to dumb the world down,  but keep them shopping.

This is a “secular spirituality”  created and spearheaded by an 11th century priesthood of misogynistic theists and brigands with their  guru-worshipers and Western enablers who are programmed by their atavistic Tibetan  leaders  to be the least mindful and aware people in the room.

Shambhala International’s favorite shills for its deceits have always been expected to be great recruiters and entrepreneurs  as well as devoted students   to its  Tibetan  lama  lineage of their now  dead Trungpa (gurus never die they  just reincarnate).   Trungpa’s son, Osel Mukpo,  featured above on his throne,   whose  royal garb alternates with his specially tailored , priestly  robes, depending on the occasion,   rules his organization like a patriarchal,  wannabe Arab prince.  He puts”materialism”  boldly out front   in  the new movement of   “spiritual materialism, ” a term his father coined for quite a different reason.

The  real estate of  their guru,  Mr. Mukpo  Jr. and his  250 Shambhala Tibetan Buddhist centers, world- wide,  has to keep  expanding and always needs free labor,   constant cash donations  and  lots of membership-dues  as well as a  fresh  and continuous supply  of  younger devotees to do the Tibetan lamas’  bidding.  This bidding includes  becoming proselytizers and true-believers, like Mr. Rinzler, Mr. Spiegel and the cook.  It is also always hoped that their will be some attractive  young female  students  to become one of  the many  serial sexual consorts for the  Tibetan Lamas and their  cartel .  It is not unusual for these humble monk lamas on thrones to  share their Western sexual consorts among each other. Pimping  for their gurus can be another important duty  of devoted  Western Tibetan Buddhists in the  guru’s inner circle.

Plying people with cookies and tea and “social gatherings, ”  like the MNDFL is doing,   has  always been  Shambhala International’s  “modus operandi” – its love-bombing and seduction techniques at their own Shambhala  centers for the last forty years.    Nothing new about this deceptive strategy.  Shambhala members always follow  their  manuals  to  attract and keep new students in their net.  This makes creativity limited among their  Shambhala cookie- cutter presentators and why they keep re-inventing the wheel always resulting  in a constant stream of “theme and little variation” schemes.   But now they have decided to pretend there  MNDFL center has no other affiliations.    Just a “space to breathe” they all say as they slowly tighten the Tibetan Buddhist Hindu tantric net and yoke.

Shambhala International ‘s traditional  enrollment numbers are always in flux, despite their latest money-making scheme of  bringing  Shambhala cult teachings online.  This  constant dip in membership is  very dangerous for  their guru’s  lavish lifestyle ,  along with  his enrollment ambitions that  always fall about nine million, nine hundred and  ninety-five thousand members short of  his ten million member mark.

You wont find any lectures, elaborate Tibetan shrines  and banners at MNDFL,   since these things  are clearly turning people off ,  so Mr. Rinzler  and pals have  simply stripped it down completely,  and cleaned it up to look like a “meditation mall. ”

But this is not a group of diverse meditation instructors or secular meditators,  as they deceptively claim. Almost all of them are affiliated with Tibetan Buddhist cults and/ or Hindu, Vedic and  Yogic teachings- i.e. Tibetan Buddhism’s  Tantric roots, and most  are in the Shambhala International organization or affiliated with it.

The Theravada and Zen groups , along with their Hindu tantric brethren, have  recently  joined forces with Tibetan Buddhism, the most popular, unfortunately,  in the United States.  They have decided there is strength in numbers so they have united in their consumer marketing campaign. This makes their real intent invisible to the public  by  it being embedded  into so many  meditation choices that  ultimately lead to the same place.

As Mr. Rinzler says,  “Well, we like to think of it as a meditation university”!

“Meditation and Mindfulness ” is the new  commodity  tied into certain  multi-national corporations and created  by these Tibetan Buddhist lamas  and their Western guru-worshiping enablers, like Mr. Rinzler,  Mr. Spiegel,  Ms. Salzberg and the cook.  Deception to reach the masses and fold them into their religious net is perfectly acceptable according to  Tibetan Buddhism’s tantric rules.  But their  goal is not to make people more mindful and aware through meditation,   as they say,  but more passive and easily manipulated, apolitical and turning inward,   at least until they are all on board with Mr. Rinzler and company  with their religious-political ambitions.

Now that  Tibetan Buddhist groups,  like Shambhala, have joined forces and are  tied into  multinational corporatism,   the other Buddhist and Hindu tantric groups have jumped on board.  Corporatism now has a stealth religious arm that has MNDFL as the new brand.

Multinational corporations learned so much when they outsourced in Asia watching their Eastern corporate partners in third-world countries keep their  Hindu and Buddhist workers easily  accepting of their   eighty- hour- work weeks with little pay and no complaint .  “It’s just my karma” they say.  If you add  a Tibetan guru-worshiping component to the mix,   you can make people your slaves  as these  Western global corporations soon found out.

Even better,  if they model  Western Tibetan Buddhists,  like at Shambhala International ,  or like  the Tibetans of old,  they will get them to  pay their lama gurus to work like slaves for them.
In this respect, Mr. Rinzler is operating according to the Dalai Lama’s  far-reaching and equally deceptive grand plan.  Mr. Rinzler is not just pushing his own guru’s   spiritually materialistic  scheming .   This mindfulness meditation commodity  is the new product  and general business model for Tibetan  lamas’ everywhere now,  to hasten their religious infiltration by  insinuating  themselves  into every crook and cranny of  Western culture through a   “spiritual secularism” and “meditation movement, ” and the new MNDFL- Mindful brand.

They can only hope that  the millennials and burnt-out professionals, with hefty trust funds and  six figure salaries, who unwittingly come through their doors and keep coming back,  will remain none the wiser, until they are “caught” in the sticky net of the Hindu-Tibetan tantra. Tantra  translates as a “net” in Sanskrit.

The  fanatic guru-worshiping members  like Mr. Rinzler, Mr. Spiegel, Ms. Salzberg and the cook ,   whose own minds are  always merged with their  gurus,  repeating a looping  tape that whispers in their ears this mantra over and over:   “recruit, recruit, recruit,”  will soon tip their  hands.

I wonder how long  it will take? For the new meditators at MNDFL to  figure out they have been duped?

Knowing how impossible it is for guru-worshipers like Mr. Rinzler, Mr. Spiegel, Ms Salzberg and the cook  to not speak glowingly and incessantly about the wonders of their “enlightened”  teachers and masters and their occult Tibetan Buddhism,   I  predict  it  wont take very long .


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