Psychologists enable sexual abuse cults

Recently, other Tibetan cult members have been exposing Tibetan Tantra’s institutionalized sexual abuse, by exposing  Lama, like Sogyal of Lakar, good friend of the Dalai Lama, who has been protecting Lama Sogyal, doing damage control, and controlling the narrative, for the last forty years, to protect his sexually abusive Tibetan Lamaism, pretending to be “Buddhism.”

Here is the letter written by ex-Rigpa members of Lama Sogyal’s  group,  exposing his egregious sexual and physical abuse, while calling it ‘blessings’ and the fast track to enlightenment. The ex members go into explicit detail of his behaviors inside his Rigpa groups, that the public believes is the center and apotheosis and purveyor of enlightened activity,  bringing peace, mindfulness, and happiness to the world. This has allowed this sexual abuser and his guru-worshpping enablers, with PhDs, to  raise  millions, to build another Temple in Ireland for Lama Sogyal, where he has duped many Irish people, as he has the French at Lerab Ling in France:

Here is the documentary, in 2011, about Sogyal’s abuses,  that these western sexual abuse enablers, including psychologists, neuropsychologists, physicians, life coaches and yoga instructors, all now mindfulness trainers, who have been covering up for Lama Sogyal and his Tantric ‘Buddhism,” for the last forty years.  Most of them are part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,  and sit on its many boards and spin-off foundations, with a sociopathic Lama, like Lama  Sogyal. They can often been seen and heard, singing his praises to confuse more psychologists and other ‘soft scientists’ at their retreats, who have come to learn ‘mindfulness meditation” as a first step to be trapped into the Lamas’ Tantric net.

All the western celebrity psychologists , who are also Tantric Buddhist cult members, or big fans; or western academics, from our prestigious universities, circled the wagons around Sogyal, when this documentary was shown on Canadian Public Television:


Here is the list of just a few of the educated and western enablers,  with PhDs and professional degrees in psychology, neuropsychology, nursing, and psychiatry, and other sciences, who are helping someone like Sogyal Rinpoche to cover up for Tibetan Tantric abuses; Lama Sogyal, driven by the teachings of his occult Tantra,  has been abusing and keeping harems of western women,  whom he beats, and controls with spiritual and sexual abuse:

These are the celebrity lamas and western Buddhist teachers,  psychologists and other enablers of Lama Sogyal’s abuses; just a few of the, now, thousands of so-called experts on the Mind; bringing us the mindfulness movement; who have been protecting, and enabling a sexual abuser and sociopath like Lama Sogyal; the Dalai Lama’s  good pal, and his  Mind and Life Institute’s benefactor.

Mindfulness & Awareness Bringing Wisdom into Society This conference brought together world-renowned meditation teachers and key people in our society, such as scientists, psychologists, educators and business people, to explore what happens when we get to know our minds. They explained the true purpose of meditation – and envisioned what the world would look like if we were able to bring mindfulness and awareness into every aspect of our lives. The Speakers – Sogyal Rinpoche, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Sulak Sivaraksa, Sharon Salzberg, Alan Wallace, James R. Doty, Christophe Fauré, Peter Malinowski, Geneviève Hamelet, Sébastien Henry, Dat Phan-Angevin, Kimberly Poppe, Olivier Raurich and David Rycroft.

For more western sexual abuse players in the cover-up of a Lama like Soygal over the last decades, see Sogyal’s Lerab Ling website:

Or the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute’s Board of Directors.

And we wonder why sexual abuse in our western countries has increased, over the last forty years? With western enablers of their sexually abusive lamas, who have been covering up for them, instead of reporting abuse. Psychologists who have taken oaths to report abuse if they know of it, and instead cover up and look the other way. Who have been so dumbed down by their mindfulness that the are completely mindless now and no longer sane.

These  academic -credentialed members of the cult of Tantra, who are helping make the world go mad with their mindfulness, can  ignore the egregious, cruel  behaviors of someone like Sogyal, ‘greater than a king’ whose own  minds have been thought-controlled  by Tantric Lamaism, but   who are now teaching ‘mindfulness meditation, as a cure for all our western ills;  brought to us by medieval, misogynistic and despotic priests, only sixty-years out of the tyranny of their rule in Tibet and  who have fooled so many in the West with their first cult technique: mindfulness meditation in groups, and lots of it, before you are initiated into their Tantra and become mentally enslaved.

Now these lamas are going after the whole world. Thanks to these  western enablers who have lost their reasoning minds; along with Hollywood  and the  CIA who still  won’t release the real history of Tibet, under these lamas, along with  the American Psychologist Association,  and the American Psychiatric Association, who now licenses ‘vajrayana Tantric psychotherapists’ these days, to teach and provide counseling services at our prestigious universities as surreptitiously recruit for their sexually abusive gurus.

These lamas, and their sexually abusive Tantra, have made these universities hotbeds of confusion and chaos, with you people, double-spun into rejecting their own western liberal educational foundation and holding up lamas, like Sogyal of Lakar,  as our ‘new religious models’ of enlightenment, and higher consciousness, in our march toward a herd mentality. , that these enablers of Sogyal and Lamaism represent. All, so we will be mindfully dragged into globalization and world citizenship with a ‘spirituality’ arm,  such as inspired by Tibetan lamas and that Machiavellian Dalai Lama, only 60 years from keeping slaves. Here to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with their medieval nonsense and misuse of female western students for their sexual Tantra bizarre beliefs and worship of themselves as ‘living Buddhas.”

There is more than one ‘swamp’ we have to drain.


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Mindfulness Dangers


Who are on the spearhead of the mindfulness movement,  tied into globalization, exploding all over our nation?   Tantric Buddhist Lamas, and their western devotees,  who take vows to obey their lama gurus in all things,  and have a grand plan to be the religious arm of the future: the new ‘secular spirituality’ of world communitarian citizenship.  Mindfulness is the way they plan to do it.


Hollywood, shilling for these lamas for years,  have taken up mindfulness.  Some of the old hippy stars, like Goldie Hawn, are creating mindfulness foundations,  of their own.  to bring mindfulness into our schools.  

Katy Perry, who has become a role model for little girls being nail bombed in Manchester, thanks to Katy Perry’s mindfulness and  ‘open borders’ rhetoric, after the event,   translates as ‘don’t judge,” creating the double-bind, and paralyzing more westerners into no longer being able to judge between right and wrong, or lies from the truth, in order to protect themselves from harm.  

Mindfulness creates groupmind, over time. A Groupmind that can no longer think reasonably or rationally, but can be easily persuaded to move as a herd.


What the Tibetan lamas all told us, if done the wrong way, could put people in a coma.  It clearly has put California in a coma, where there are now hundreds of  Tibetan Tantric Buddhist and mixed Tantra centers;  hundreds of Hindu Tantric yoga centers, now teaching classes in mindfulness; no longer able to use their reason and ability to judge, except to judge everyone as bad, who disagrees with this One World  Plan. Those people, who still think with a reasoning mind and for themselves,  are very bad;  deserving of the “deplorables” label;  the “unworthy” smug smile; or much worse. 

Mindfulness creates the passive doormats, whom more radical elements in our society can control.

Mindfulness, over time, destroys reason and the ability to make reasonable, rational discerning judgements.

That is the point:  make a majority of our western societies less rational and more confused.

Inside Tantric groups, the lamas and their inner circle teach all  their western, mindfully meditating devotees and future change agents,  to see reason as the enemy and eventually not to believe in science or reason, or anything that has to do with objective facts.

Facts don’t exist for these Tantric gurus, and their western followers.

But, lying, according to Tantra’s Law of Inversion to meet your goals, of creating an Adi-Buddha world to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage, is perfectly allowed in Tantra’s “religion,” that kept the Tibetan people in serfdom and slavery and under the lamas” thumbs for over a thousand years. That’s what Katy Perry and Richard Gere embrace.

Western Tibetan Tantric Buddhists  promote their  view that  ‘mindfulness’  has been scientifically approved by  western PhDs who are now part of the Dalai Lama’s ‘scientism’ club of fans and/ or cult members of his guru-worshiping cult, who all reject reason and facts.

Mindfulness’ roots comes from  a mixture of  Tantra, with  Zen and  Theravada Buddhism, two other  Buddhist streams, who have foolishly joined up with the Dalai lama and his Tibetan Tantric cult to create this ‘mindfulness movement.’

Tantra is not Buddhism, but is about anarchy,  misogyny and the sexual exploitation of women, by Tantric yogis whose descriptions of women would bring chills to the heart.

Does anyone consider why India is considered the least safe place for women and young girls to live, in terms of rape and sexual abuse?  Tantra.

Tantra that is bringing us the mindfulness movement, and Goddesses, and GAIA to replace  reason and the  national sovereignty of Western nations i.e., helping dumb more people down with mindfulness.  A mindfulness lobotomy as one astute Buddhist group called it.

If one searches Google, these days, on the dangers of mindfulness, you might find one legitimate article, or two, amidst the cult-like praising of mindfulness by the mainstream psychology profession. Even these few critical articles often end with discussing the dangers of doing mindfulness meditation alone.

So the real mindfulness dangers, and the cult-like behaviors it creates in groups, are the very  dangers that are being  flipped into a positive, by too many in the psychology profession, who are encouraging people to do mindfulness in groups.  This is Aldous Huxley,  1984-Revisited, with mindfulness as the drug.

There are now thousands of psychologists, psychotherapists, yoga instructors and life coaches, whose livelihoods are now tied up with this dangerous Trojan horse. They now have their own blogs or write articles entitled “dangers of mindfulness” only to overwhelm the ‘dangers of mindfulness’ category on google search engines, so the real dangers of mindfulness articles wind up on page five. Their  negative ‘headers’   about the ‘dangers of mindfulness’ are just to bury the truth. These are professionals with no conscience, no ability to research, no ability, anymore,  to tell the difference between what is healthy, or not, for individuals living in a free society.
After all the mindfulness, they no longer care about research or feedback or healthy debate.

Because mIndfulness meditation, over time, not only makes people less capable of real compassion and knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, but it also makes people increasingly think as a herd; more easily influenced by others and a controlled propaganda.  Some of the controlled media, like CNN even have celebrity anchors, doing mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness and its spread is to get people not to judge, not to care, about what they should care about: like telling the truth, and discerning lies from the truth. Instead they start believing they are becoming more awake, when they are being put in a mindfulness trance; now judging  everyone who doesn’t think just like them to be the ‘deplorables’, the unworthy; and a mirror for all their projections regarding their own out-of-control behaviors.

The psychology profession is also being slowly destroyed by this mindfulness movement and its Tantric influences.  Psychologists and social workers, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists,  who used to be the voice of reason,  very concerned about dangerous  cults and sexual abuse, now only seemed concerned  about sexist remarks, but not with pedophilia, genital mutilations, honor killings, child brides, or Tibetan lamas that keep harems of women in their midst.

 That is why  Trungpa, the first Tantric Lama, who took up residence in the United States and, after targeting the left and Hollywood, then targeted the psychology profession.

His cult members and their children, the “dharma brats,” now middle-aged, have continued to do so, together,  over the last forty years. They knew that it would be psychologists with good, sharp, clinical skills, that would be the first to see through their Lamaist cult ruse. So, the very first graduate degree, that the Tantric guru, Trungpa, created, at his Tantric college, Naropa,  pretending to be ‘ecumenical and Buddhist inspired,’ but is really a guru- worshiping cult, was a psychology graduate degree at his Naropa Tantric Institute , with mindfulness and ‘contemplative practices’ interwoven with a new age psychology,  central to its program degrees. Naropa has been graduating hundreds of Tantric-trained psychotherapists over the last forty years, every year, to infiltrate the psychology and psychotherapy profession and to weaken it from within.

Most of them don’t know that Naropa Institute, now University, in “little Lhasa” Boulder, Colorado,  is  actually under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Karmapa, the 17th, Ogyen Trinley; the  head of the Kagyu lineage and loyal the the Communist Party’s Workers’ Front. Their advanced  western Tantric students, those running the school,  put this Chinese-appointed Karmapa over their heads as their master guru.

China must be so please.  

Boulder Colorado was the first to send their money to a “Free Tibet” cause and still are, even though these Tibetan Lamas have been in bed with the Chinese Communist party since 1984. 

Thanks to Naropa, and its influences in the psychotherapy profession,  licensed psychologists and psychotherapists, who used to take western oaths to do no harm and report abuse, instead now deny it and look the other way.  Or worse, if they become full-fledged,  vajrayana psychotherapists they are enabling  the sexual abuse of their master gurus, their Tibetan lamas and training others in mindfulness to ‘look the other way.’

Some of these ‘mindfulness’ psychotherapists are even calling traditional psychology and psychotherapy  b…sh.t these days.   This is to further marginalize traditional psychotherapy, and psychotherapists that still use clinical skills.  These  mindfulness’ groups, which are in the thousands by now,  are having to come up with clever variations on this mindfulness therapy, embedding it in other modalities they create, with fancy acronyms, to make in sound different and more ‘scientific.’  But,  if you dig into what they are offering, you will see ‘being in the present’  learning ‘not to judge,’ ‘ starting with yourself,’  which will soon generalize to not judging anything as right or wrong, except Reason.

Mindfulness is about programming a person not to judge and to judge, mercilessly, those who don’t think like them.

Most of the regions,  in the United States, who doing lots of mindfulness and have lots of Tantric lamas around them ( California has 94 Tantric Buddhist centers and a Zen Buddhist governor who, like so many other Zen Buddhists, has come under the influences of Tantra)  are now acting crazy.

Hollywood, on board with Tantra for years, and increasingly delusional and crazy since then, are now aboard the ‘mindfulness train.’  So are the politicians in California, who have decided they can make up their own laws. Tantra always causes confusion and anarchy;

Tantric practitioners of these misogynistic lamas who keep harems of women, are the ones who have created this mindfulness movement, now hooked up with Zen and Theravada streams, and armies of yoga teachers who have jumped on board the mindfulness train, connecting it with Gaia.

Silicon Valley is on Board with mindfulness for its employees,  whether they want it or not; particularly after Mark Zuckerberg became a mindfulness ‘Buddhist’ and Apple, Inc, was already so Zen.

Now Target, Walmart, General Mills, and hundreds of other corporations are  bringing ‘mindfulness’ to its employees.  Soon it will be required for all employees. Why? Because it makes people passive, and non-judgmental, over time, willing to accept the unacceptable, around them, just like we did in these cults of Tibetan Tantra that used mindfulness to keep us all in line.

International corporations are on board,  because they learned so much when outsourcing in countries like India, still struggling against gurus  and their undemocratic and misogynistic effects, with their meditation and eastern cult techniques that  quell individualism in the masses, accepting their economic  fate as their karma for past deeds. They noticed that the millions of poor people in India, a land absorbed by Tantric gurus and gods, all meditating, and chanting and accept their poverty without a whimper, never rebelled. Mindfulness is here to quell the world into accepting austerity as their future, creating a world of multi-billionaires and the rest.

Part II

Here are the main players and creators of the Mindfulness Movement:

The late Chogyam Trungpa, who started the Mindfulness movement and hooks up with Suzuki Roshi to give it that Zen flavor. Trungpa was an artist, and could spin a very seductive tantric net. Mindfulness was the first hook.

The late Thomas Rich, lineage holder of the late Chogyam Trungpa who, with his inner circle and Board of Directors  knows he has AIDS,  and seduces his mostly, heterosexual male students into the practices of the Vajrayana to have unprotected sex to prove their devotion to him. At least one of his students dies from the AIDS infection. This group of Vajradhatu, now renamed Shambhala International, still deny any responsibility.  Rich helped Trungpa create his Shambhala path of Mindfulness leading straight into Tantra, its guru-worship and its no-right-no-wrong view, that caused the death of at least one young student in the group.

The Dalai Lama,  along with Francisco Verela and Adam Engle, both Tantric students of Trungpa,  give Trungpa’s  mindfulness and other ‘contemplative practices’ a vehicle, through the newly created Mind and Life Institute and the hundreds of various other spin-off, non-profit foundations, centers, institutes that would help him and his devoted western students, continue Trungpa’s work of creating Trungpa’s and the Dalai Lamas ‘enlightened dictatorship,” their “Adi-Buddha world, while making the public believe,  at the same time,  that they have scientifically and objectively proven the many benefits of mindfulness meditation, even though, inside these Tantric groups, the lamas deeply program these westerner devotees,  many with higher degrees, not to believe in objective facts; only subjective experience.

Dan Goleman, popular author and western psychologist who has been a guru-worshiper of Tibetan Lamas and a mindfulness instructor for the last forty years. Devoted student of the Dalai Lama and  Sogyal Rinpoche, Dan Goleman has been the celebrity psychologist covering for Lama Sogyal,  alleged sexual abuser of hundreds of western women, who  keeps a harem of young women and has had two sexual abuse lawsuits against him, the first rumored as settled for millions to keep it hush-hush. This is despite Dan Goleman having taken an oath to report abuse as part of his psychology licensing. His vows to his gurus, to obey them in all things and keep their secrets, overrides his western vows to do no harm as a licensed psychologist.

Sogyal Rinpoche,  the alleged predator Lama of hundreds of women,  has been teaching mindfulness meditation for decades, as well as keeping his western harems of women that he demeans, degrades and sexually and physically abuses.  He is the favorite lama of the Dalai Lama, and the Tantric guru of Dan Goleman and Sharon Salzberg.

Sharon Salzberg, popular author , former Insight Meditation teacher and Theravada student,  now devotee of Tibetan lamas as well as  the enabler  and guru-worshiper of  the alleged sexual predator, Sogyal Rinpoche, she perfectly  represents the new Western Buddhist who has  merged her mind and her other Theravada Buddhist practice with her Tibetan lama gurus,  but pretends to be just a teacher of  simple meditation to help people relax. Salzberg is a big part of the Mind and Life Institute and would consider the Dalai Lama, along with Lama Sogyal and other celebrity Kagyu lamas, now connected with the Dalai Lama, one of her Tantric gurus.


Joseph Goldstein, former Theravada monk and Insight Meditation student and teacher and close friend with and fellow cult worshiper of lamas, and  like Goleman and Salzberg,  equally hypnotized by the Dalai Lama and  Lama Sogyal the predator, with their  medieval Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism, he is also  part of the Mind and Life Institute. Goldstein is promoting a Three Stream Buddhism, made up of Tantra, Zen and Theravada to help create the Dalai Lama’s Adi-Buddha World Buddhocracy.

Jon Kabat Zinn, former Zen student, who connected with the Insight Meditation Theravada group of Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein and Dan Goleman, and all practitioners of the occult of Tantra and working in tandem, as part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,  the real engine behind and the major proponent of mindfulness. Zinn has worked for decades, with these other western Tantric/Theravada merged ‘Buddhists’ where Tantra always wins out and who have worked very hard to make mindfulness seem disconnected with anything having to do with religion or the Dalai Lama’s Tantric , sexually abusive cult.  Zinn calls his version,  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR to give it that scientific patina.

Sam Harris, close friend of Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein and Dan Goleman and all students of the Tantric  Dalai  Lama, Harris  has been one of the Dalai Lama’s most important shills,  as a long-time member of the Mind and Life Institute to push Tantric mindfulness. He pretends to be a rationalist and secularist, to fool  those who don’t identify with any ‘ism.’  Except Rationalism  and Atheism.  They have been quite easily fooled by Sam Harris, who doesn’t believe in reason or judging anything as right or wrong except what his gurus tell him to judge as wrong; such as all traditional Semitic religions, particularly traditional Christianity. Why? Because unlike Sam Harris’s guru worshiping cult of Tantric Buddhism, Christianity, which respects Reason and the separation of church and State, supports individualism and individual responsibility,  not the Guru Mind, the Big Mind of Tantra that Sam Harris is really promoting by stealth.

Sam Harris  has been a devoted Tantric practitioner, first studying with Sharon Salzberg and then, through her, the Dalai Lama and is good friends with the other celebrity lamas, who are part of this Mind and Life Institute mindfulness movement.  Harris has been pushing Tantric Buddhism and mindfulness among the ‘rationalists and atheists’ for many years.

Sam Harris  has been promoting  his Tibetan gurus’ Tantra  through his ‘mindfulness’ practices’  and his ‘reason disguise,’ for decades now.  While lying to everyone, saying  that he is a rationalist and ‘non-theist,’  two things incompatible with his Tantra. as he faithfully vows to obey his lama gurus, and writes books on Lying and the End of Faith

Sam’s ‘Rationalist’ disguise has been almost as bold as the Dalai Lama’ ‘feminist’ mask. Tantric lamas in Tibet were the masters of the ‘masked dance’ and they have taught their guru-worshiping cult members the same skills.

Here is the view of the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama: of which Sam Harris has long been an important members of surrogate for Tantra:

Whereas science relies on empiricism, technology, “objective” observation, and analysis, the Dalai Lama, Engle, and Varela [both Tantric students of Trungpa, sic] were convinced that well-refined contemplative practices and introspective methods could, and should, be used as equal instruments of investigation — instruments that would not only make science itself more humane but also ensure its conclusions were far-reaching. Mind and Life was formed to bridge this divide and advance progress in human well-being.


It is not that all forms of meditation are bad. Meditation, in moderation, can be very beneficial. Refreshing. A tool done simply, briefly and not done in groups! It is an opportunity to slow down a racing mind, take a breath, relax, and that’s it.  Learning a relaxed breathing is all that it takes.

I forgot to mention that ”mindfulness’ meditators, whom I have personally known, since I was one of them, in the cult of Tantra, posing as ‘Buddhism’  for almost thirty years, eventually come to see everyone as ‘heretics’ who don’t think  just like them. They become the moral elite, those who know best’ what is good for the rest of the world. If you start to criticize any of the teachings,  or teachers,  you are attacked, shamed and then symbolically pronounced as dead. THAT is the group mind that mindfulness eventually creates and is why it is so dangerous.  Mindfulness is the cult technique of an authoritarian, totalitarian cult that manages to appear so innocent, at first. “Just a way to breathe and relax.”   Exactly what the Trungpa cult, who started the whole thing, said on those flyers I read in 1984. The year itself, should have been a red flag for me, because the absence of  free speech and free thought, inside these Tantric Buddhist groups, is Orwellian in nature, as I was to find out.

Tibetan Lamaist history, is archived and buried by a controlled media, is fantasized by politicians in New York and California, Vermont and Chicago,  who are now demonstrating what the Tantra of lamas can achieve, in destroying reason and the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do, what to choose, what to accept or reject. Why?  because Tibetan Tantra is here to push for a ‘spiritualized’ globalism throughout the world.  These lamas have always been used, throughout history to quell large populations into servitude and group mind.

Tim Ryan, for example, is enthralled with Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Tsoknyi Rinpoche considers and told us that Sogyal Rinpoche, the alleged sexual predator, who keeps harems of western women, was ‘his mentor.”  Tsoknyi Rinpoche is always protecting his brother lama, Sogyal.  Tsoknyi is now off to China, after bleeding the West dry, to fool millions of Chinese Han Buddhists that his Tantra is really Buddhist’s ‘higher teachings.”

The Dalai Lama’s favorite ‘crazy wisdom’ Tantric lama, benefactor and pal, Lama Sogyal, has been ‘mindfully meditating’ and teachings others to ‘mindfully meditate for year, has accumulated  two multi-million dollar lawsuits under his belt; one in 1994,  settled for millions, and again in 2011.     for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating  two of his devotees and possibly hundreds of  other Western women and keeping a harem of female devotees when he is not teaching his students how to mindfully meditate at college venues, like Connecticut College.

 Connecticut College is where he can scope out vulnerable  young women for his harems of western females where he uses ‘spirituality’ as a seductive technique at his ‘mindfulness meditation’ retreats.

 Lama Sogyal was  honored by the Dalai Lama and the wife of  the former  Prime minister of France and the other celebrity lamas,  along with the usual  Hollywood  glitterati,  at Sogyal’s gala  opening of his  western funded, eight million dollar Lerab Ling Temple in France, where he has been documented to keep his harems  of women that he abuses to prove their devotion to him.

The Dalai Lama  has  recently  inaugurated  Lama Sogyal’s  new project; the  Tenzin Gyatso Institute,  named after the Dalai Lama and given His Holiness’s “blessings.”

Its primary purpose is to bring more Tibetan monks and lamas into the United States,  to study and pretend to get a Western education in order to infiltrate further into our culture, spreading more of the chaos of Tantra with their humble smiles. Like Trungpa did with his less humble grin.

Soon  more of these Tibetan lama graduates will get academic positions and  join their western Tantric  female professors and devotees and who teach mindful meditation and who ignore that their lamas keep harems and sexually abuse their students. They don’t want to judge. They now hold  academic positions at our prestigious universities including gender studies.   

Or they write papers and articles  about sexual abuse being helped by mindfulness brought to us by sexually abusive Tibetan lamas and gurus who keep harems of women and prefer them to be of late adolescent age or younger.

Lama Sogyal,  close friend of the Dalai Lama,  and Hollywood stars, like Richard Gere, happily keeps his harems of western women right under the noses of his female western devotees and fans, never mind all his Hollywood pals, rich western donors, and billionaires, the later who must like the idea of harems of women who are kept in their place, all mindfully  meditating together while losing their minds and wholesale embracing eastern memes. These women, who are unwittingly enabling their own abuse, should live in India where there is a plethora of imaginary goddesses and gurus, and young females cannot walk the streets, alone.

When the scandals broke again, about Sogyal’s sexual abuses, the Tibetan Lamas and their enablers did what they always do: they gathered  their  inner circle of  guru-worshiping, western academics, psychologists, sexual consorts and harems, and circled the wagons around  Lama Sogyal,   right after a documentary was broadcast on Canadian public television in the Spring of 2011.

Photographs were taken of all the celebrity Tibetan lamas, along side Lama Sogyal,  looking all cozy together, as they quickly  came to their brethren’s rescue, taught beside him, or went to his centers to teach.  They published letters  of endorsement for  Lama Sogyal  that he, in turn,  then published on his own website,  Rigpa, and  other Tibetan Buddhist sites, to saturate the information pool with propaganda and cover-up fairy tales. They particularly didn’t want western, progressive liberal women, their main target, to  wake up.  That would be a disaster for the Dalai Lama’s Adi-Buddha plans.

Here is the Canadian documentary about a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Lama Sogyal, the Predator:


A phony  website created  by a Dalai Lama monk (and former Stasi) was  also created  around this time, to scoop up those who were starting to question  these sexually exploitative Tibetan Buddhist groups.   This limited hang-out  of the Dalai Lama monk was only created to confuse the public that might wander into this site when googling “sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas” and to completely confuse potential dissenters or, more importantly,  potential whistle-blowers who  might wander in. He has many articles about Sogyal and sexual abuse pretending that he is a resource for sexual abuse victims, when this is a site by a monk, ordained by a good pal of Sogyal the predator lama, who works at damage control for the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan “Buddhism.”

How else could these lamas and gurus have been so successful in hiding their abuses and spreading their Lamaist Tantric lies, except by fooling both gay and straight western women ( and men)  to destroy all the real gains that women’s’ rights groups were making in the areas of sexual abuse prevention?

You had to dumb a critical mass of western women down, who now march to protest sexism by wearing pink knit symbolic vaginas on their heads and screaming and yelling hysterically,  to protest being seen as sexual objects tied to their biology and emotions.

Lamas  and their female nuns are particularly good at fooling women who have already been abused. The lamas are master pretenders.  These high lamas  learned how to play to the crowds since toddlers.

They should all be decried by Americans and women for the havoc they are causing to real women”s’ rights advancement, throughout the world, as they pimp for corporate global media and the new favorite religion: Tantra and the new favorite cult technique: mindfulness. If these global plutocrats aren’t pushing mindfulness then they are pushing TM or Transcendental Meditation. Same effect.  Putting a vast majority in a meditation trance who believe their are becoming more awake.  Mindfulness lobotomy as the few western Buddhists left, that still believe in reason, call it.

Tantra is about chaos and confusion and pinning all female energy down, and the LGBT crowd and their western ‘progressive’ straight, white, doormats,  are at the front of the enabling line,  when it comes to keeping this sexual abuse of atavistic cultures,  thriving in our midst, while claiming to be the vanguards of women’s rights.

Sexual abuses of minors, of women, young girls and boy monks, even criminal negligence causing death at least  twice , or gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority over vulnerable others under one’s care, and all of them are students and/ or  teachers of mindfulness.

“Let things fall apart” has been Pema Chodron’s mantra teachings for women for the last forty years; mainly so she can protect her sexually abusive gurus and make sure all sexual abuse allegations against the lamas fall apart.

Promoters of the guru-worshiping Tantra are also the former and current sexual consorts and “wives”  of the Tibetan lamas,  who write  books about “spiritualized feminism” or they appear on the Canadian CBC,   where  a former consort of Chogyam Trungpa  is out and about,  doing the usual public relations and damage control for her Tibetan Buddhist cult. She forgets to mention in this interview  that she was a young consort of Trungpa by the age of fourteen and part of his seven-sister harem of sexual consorts, his favorites. Yes, these lamas are known to keep harems.

As for the whistle blowers, the women who dare to speak out ?  The Tibetan lamas get their female enablers and their misogynistic male devotees in their sanghas, to do their  damage control work for them. They write books and articles, or troll the comments sections on anti-cult sites, where they  harass the whistle blowers or say that these women exposing the truth  are “liars,” “crazy,” or “didn’t understand the teachings,” or are promoting a “conspiracy theory” about the lamas. When you control main stream media, thanks to cult members of Tantra, like Adriana Huffington of Huffington post, a devotee of  the Tantric guru Bhagwan Rashneesh and now the Tantric guru, the Dalai Lama, who has influenced millions of young people over the last decades with her Huffington Post propaganda newsspeak, she has help confuse millions of western young women, who are now being mowed down in London, and other western countries, because they don’t know who to believe.  Cult journalists, pimping for Tantric gurus?  Or their own good sense?

Another  generation of women in the West, and increasingly in the Chinese-speaking countries,  are the Tibetan lamas’ targets, told that  Tibetan Buddhism  is really about  “empowering women.”

Western enablers and cult devotees of Tibetan lamas, mindfully meditating, become either ‘door mats” or frenetic, fanatic true believers, under their chilled-out grins. They are now mindfully training others to not judge; except people who still judge with their reasoning minds to think for themselves. That is what ‘mindfulness’ hopes to end as it ushers in an androcentric misogyny disguised as GAIA.

Even though there have been documentaries, articles , essays and reports about  this Lama Sogyal’s  egregious spiritual abuse, spiritual fraud and sexual exploitation of his students,  for the last two decades,  none of this matters. Not to these western Tantric billionaires who think keeping harems of women is just fine. These are the international globalists who can no longer think.

Which of these lucky women will get to go back to Lama Sogyal’s inner sanctum and be beaten and groped by this little toad after the music stops?  This video of his seduction dance to lure them into being beaten and humiliated in his “inner sanctum”  where he  has them wipe his ass, hits them with a stick, and has them  do other degrading actions to prove their devotion – these are the  ‘higher tantra’ practices of this Tibetan Buddhism we have had crammed down our Western throats :

Dr. Goleman, a popular western Tibetan Buddhist author, is a longtime guru worshiping Tantric Tibetan “Buddhist” and a western psychologist.   He has been promoted by Forbes and gives lectures to incoming Harvard Business students on “compassionate leadership.”

Goleman, who has been mindfully meditating for the last forty years,  is a big part of the Dalai lama’s mindfulness movement.  He says nothing about the compassionate leadership of his other master guru, Lama Sogyal,   DL’s big pal and benefactor lama, who has  allegedly  sexually and physically abused hundreds of Western women under his  ‘compassionate leadership’ and spiritual care.

Dr. Goleman is also, in effect, indirectly procuring more young women for Lama Sogyal at his mindfulness meditation retreats he gives at Garrison Institute in New York,  a front for Tibetan Tantric Buddhism’s spread. He is always creating a  “living Buddha” image for his Lama Sogyal;  the predator lama and great pal of the Dalai Lama.

Dr. Goleman can’t help himself; he has lost all awareness, being under his Tantric gurus’ thumbs for so many years.   So much for all the awareness and mindfulness brought to us by these models of sanity and psychological health, with their heads in the sand and merged with their gurus.

These are the examples of mindfulness meditation’s long-term effects.

Dr. Goleman is a perfect example of  just one, of the now thousands of  new “spiritualized psychologists ” making the world crazy.

China should be careful what they have unleashed in China and in the China SAR territories.  The first Dalai Lama was a Khan, who created the lineage of the Tibetan “Dalai Lamas,” retrospectively.  The Dalai Lama’s Gelugpa sect was always the most ambition and violent of the lamas’  groups.  After the Dalai Lamas took over the mighty Khan tribal chiefs as their  ‘spiritual guides” and gurus,  where are the Khans today?   Following the Tibetan Lamas in tiny Mongolia and seeing the Dalai Lama as their Lord Vajradhara.

Multinational corporations learned so much when they outsourced in India, with thousands of gurus helping keep India in a caste system to this day;  blaming their  suffering and accepting austerity and gross misery as their karma from past life, bad deeds,and praying for a better life, next time around.  It is how you prevent a real democracy from happening in India, so a caste system can continue to flourish.   Its how you destroy a current American democracy from within, and make it a land of increased austerity,  taxed to death, just like Old Tibet.

Below is the son of Trungpa the new lineage head of Naropa University  and Shambhala International after his father, Chogyam Trungpa died.

Mr. Mukpo Jr., pretending to be a  Tibetan lama, had the easiest group of all westerners to fool: the  former guru-worshipers of his father Trungpa, all heavy-duty mindfulness meditators, who were taught to  merge their minds with their gurus and obey them as God Kings, seeing his made-up Shambhala Kingdom as the true government of the future; a lineage  of retro warlords and a theocratic kingdom, more real to them than the world they actually live in.

This is what too much mindfulness can create: people who wish to destroy their own democracy to substitute a medieval theocracy of Buddhist Kings.

Apparently certain multinational corporations just love Mr. Mukpo Jr.’s  style.

You can see the corporate sponsors, of Mr. Mukpo’s talk,  before the camera zooms out,  such as Altria, the former Phillip Morris Company who knows a thing or two about damage control for their own products of destruction being spun out as “beneficial” for mass consumption.

Public relations firms are helping the lamas  create their  new “secular meditation called ‘mindfulness and their  feminism and gender equality image and  their posing as  “environmentalist proponents” of saving the world from global warming. These lamas, the  vanguards of misogyny and oppression, who ruled their Kingdom in Tibet only fifty-plus-years ago with an iron cruel fist,  are being promoted by corporatism as the the face of “secular ethics” as though any of them have a clue of what “secular” or “ethical” means.  This is what can happen when two institutions in deception and rhetoric join forces:

Sakyong Osel Mukpo,   Trungpa’s son and and shill for the Karme Kagyu sect,  with no traditional training as a Lama,  as all the Karme Kagyu Tibetan lamas know,  but who are using him for the essential thing: “appearances.” Tibetan Buddhism is all about appearances.


 Secular and Scientific ????
Secular and Scientific ????  Osel Mukpo, Trungpa’s son’s father-in-law on his throne in India.


Tibetans should save those “Free Tibet” signs and banners, adding “From the Dalai Lama” at the end, and stop setting themselves on fire.   The West should start making our own signs: “Free the West and the World  from the Dalai Lama  and  the cult of the Tantric Gurus.

We need to call out all the cults in our midst, here to destroy our western culture; call them out and  stop funding  them as “new religious movements” these are misogynistic political cults whether it is  the radical cult of Islam, the Tibetan Tantric cult of Tibetan Buddhism, New- Age  Christian Dominionism, Tantric Hindu Ashrams and Hindu Tantric yoga centers, disguised as position exercise centers, or Tibetan Tantric meditation centers ruled over by despotic lamas and their guru-worshiping followers pretending to be simple mindfulness  centers.

They are here and among us, operating with smiling faces of peace or frightening us with violence, but similarly they are here among us to  massively assimilate us to their  medieval Caliphates,  their City on the Hill, their Pan-Hindu or their Adi-Buddha Worlds.    We need to call out these pseudo-religious groups for what they are :  “Cults” of thought control.  We need to make a determined effort to  dry them up; first by taking  away their tax-free status as “churches” and “educational ” institutions, including their many spin-off foundations, pretending to be “non-profit,” in order to  hide and funnel their money into vast political networks  to spread themselves further into our Western culture.

This billion dollar commodity of mindfulness is their soft weapon in the West, to destroy our reason, our intelligence, our ability to think clearly and make decisions based on our own ethics and rule of law. This is the most dangerous of cult techniques, this mindfulness of these Tibetan lamas and their Zen and Theravada helpmates because it has fooled most of the psychology and human services professions who now believe that mindfulness is a panacea for the world instead of the Trojan horse of billionaires and despots from Tibet.

Let’s  remember our our own lineage of true liberal- not progressive “liberal”  left- wing agendas, that have become Orwellian in nature – our western liberal tradition– that  values real freedom, first to think freely and reasonably and yes, judgmentally again,  meaning with discrimination  about what is healthy or not, for our own culture and ourselves, and not from a  politically- correct agenda imposed by those who wish to end our real freedoms.   Let’s make an effort to   snap out of our bubbles,  smash our bell jars and speak out against real abuse, that is all around us, but is being protected from the light of day by those who wish to control us, and fool us, with empty words and rhetoric,  to camouflage their real intent.  Let’s reclaim our western reason and discriminating judgment and common sense. Which is just  good sense that becomes common again.



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