Western Tibetan Buddhists: The American Manchurian Candidates


China’s  Han Priests, with Thrangu Rinpoche , fourth from left,  is a  major Tibetan Lama with hundreds of centers here in the West,  who tutored Communist Chinese Government’s Dalai Lama replacement. The Han Buddhist Abbots are  now merged under  this  Karmapa, Karme Kagyu Tibetan lineage-

“When near,  manifest as far.”  Sun Tzu in the ‘Art of War’

If  asked what is the  new religion promoted by Communist  China to  spearhead its  new  Global Buddhism for Harmony the answer will leave the world  in shock.  It is  Tibetan Lamaism a.k.a. Tibetan Buddhism,,  an  occult, ninth century  priesthood based on the Hindu Tantric cult of Guru-worship  overlaid with traditional  Hinayana and  Mahayana concepts.  This is the new  religion that  China hopes to   unite with  Han Buddhism to quiet their own masses by putting them in  a subtle Lama trance  in order, they say,  to promote harmony and peace and will   prevent  nascent democratic movements from arising in their nation.  Unknown to the world, and despite the masks the lamas put on, Tibetan Buddhism is rabidly, anti-democratic being a medieval theocracy of absolutist power.

From the article ” “Geopolitique”  Buddhist Soft Power, Chinese Style” in  the Swiss published “Market” by Arnaud Dotezac  :

“In short, Beijing is on the point of harvesting the devotional potential of the Tibetan community (and their Western followers) like ripe fruit”.

Not victims of Chinese oppression  after all,  the high lamas of the Karme Kagyu sect, the most popular in the U.S. , with thousands of western adherents, many hundreds of temples and centers across our nation,   have been  actively working with the Chinese Government since at least the 1980’s, rebuilding their monasteries  in  China and their new places of influence here west  with the free money and  labor of both their Asian and Western devotees.

Too bad the  Dalai Lama  didn’t tell all the monks and nuns and ordinary Tibetans  in China,   still  setting themselves on fire  for the Dalai Lama and his Free Tibet campaign to protest  “Chinese oppression”   that their God-Kings  have been partners with China  all along  to implement their mutual dreams of a Global Buddhism to bring totalitarian ‘harmony and peace’ to the world .

The  Dalai Lama  has given his blessing  to this Karmapa by  providing  him with  a home in India at one of his own monasteries ever since his dubious “escape” from China by helicopter and S.U.V. as the Chinese guards looked on.  He  also “recognized him”  as the authentic Karmapa incarnation of  the last one,  something the Gelugpas have never done in their centuries long tradition, i.e. recognize a  Karme Kagyu Karmapa. The Dalai Lama is actively promoting this Chinese Karmapa to take his place after he dies.

That is what the Dalai Lama really means  when he recently said: “there  will be no more Dalai Lamas after me” while pretending  that he is in a battle with China over the next Dalai Lama recognition.

 India  has  long suspected  him of being  at least ten years older than he claims as well as a Chinese spy intent on building monasteries along the Indian Pakistani border .   This is one of the reasons  Ogyen Trinley has been kept under virtual house arrest   in Dharmasala,  his  movements  restricted and under surveillance  by the Indian government.

Despite the travel restrictions  he nevertheless  has managed to  come to the   U.S. A.,  first in 2008 and  again in 2011, enthralling thousands in New York City and Boulder, Colorado.  In 2015 , he again arrived in America  this time  on a two- month, whirlwind tour of the U.S. prestigious universities.

The U.S. main stream news,   totally preoccupied with another fundamentalist and more violent cult,  the Islamic jihadists, with the same “civilization jihadist”  ambitions to implement their own theocratic,  Sharia law,   rarely reports anything negative about the Tibetan Lamas or the  Dalai Lama or their misogynistic cult, misnamed “Buddhism”,  which is really medieval  Lamaism in a Buddhist disguise.   This is the generic “Buddhism, however,  that is now being promoted by the corporatist elite, even thought it is a Tibetan- Hindu tantric cult.  It is what is now promoting the “mindfulness movement” so well received by the corporate globalists.   This occult “religion” is  always given a pass by our mainstream, corporate-run media. . When scandals start to emerge in the press about Tibetan lamas, particularly in the United States,  the Huffington Post , the New York Times, the Times all go into defense, distract and confuse mode by  calling  upon the  Western,   guru- worshiping  Tibetan Buddhist cult members to explain away the scandals and  to  inundate us with Tibetan lama fairy tales.

Accommodating to this  fantasy of  this Dalai Lama’s Tibetan “Buddhist” Shangri-lai , the United States, Europe and Modi’s  Indian Government, all  make sure their  own public believes this Chinese Karmapa is the new   Eco Karmapa and a Global Warming proponent that is keyed into ecology, “feminism” and equality. 

It  fits so in nicely with the Krishna-Buddha-Sino  World  Harmony movement,  brought to us by the Globalist agenda of a significant part of the U.N. whose Social and Economic Council (UNESCO) that now has a plethora  of cults  euphemistically call ” new religious movements” with  ” consultative and advisory”capacities. This is to work together  to promote their “secular spirituality” based on fundamentalist theocracies, all stuck in the middle ages but pretending to be “westernized” and here,  only to bring happiness and peace to the world.

  • Indian minister proudly displaying the new Hybrid cloned Vajrayana Han Chinese Buddhist master, trained by the Tibetan Lamas getting ready for the World Buddhist Harmony Cult Movement.

Those in attendance during  the Seventeeth Karmapa,  Ogyen Trinley’s 2008 visit to Boulder, Colorado, mostly old hippie, western Tibetan Buddhist cult members of Trungpa and his Kagyu sect,  themselves stuck in the eleventh century in their heads,  soaked in confusion, anti-democratic  and anti-western sentiment,   as well as a  guru-worshiping trances in their sanghas , were nevertheless shocked and  suspicious about this Karmapa. They were reporting to their own communities that  the Karmapa was charging  four thousand dollars for a ten-minute group interview! for all the various Buddhist dharma groups eager to come and see him.   But no mind, the  Karmapa was also here  to  enthrall  the general public,  with his carefully-marketed,   “environmental persona”  and  his handsome good looks.

On his more stealth visit in  the Spring of 2015 for over two months, as he traveled to every prestigious University, it was hardly reported this time in the United States media.
While this was occurring ,  the U.S. media daily bombarded the public with bogus, article after article  about a   Dalai Lama -China pseudo fight about his reincarnation,  when it was clear to anyone paying attention, that the Dalai Lama’s   next  “reincarnation”, was already among us, and was supported by both the Communist Chinese Government and the Dalai Lama.

The mainstream media  made sure that this false narrative and diversion was all over the mainstream news for weeks and weeks,  to cover-up this  2015 visit by the Karmapa, someone still  under house arrest in India for being suspected of being a Chinese spy.  He was rearrested in fact upon returning to India , on a renewed charge of money laundering  and purchase of land, illegally ,that had been set aside for poor India farmers. His minions took the blame instead but that didn’t stop the concerned citizens in India from doing what was right, since India knows that guru cults do what their Lamas tell them to do.

This Karmapa bought the land,  in order to build more  Tibetan monasteries along the Indian-Pakistani border. Now that was suspicious in itself.

For the Tibetans and China, as well as  all the Western Manchurian candidates, the Western Tibetan Buddhists devotees and idiots utiles of the Tibetan lamas, those who  ‘re-frame’ every deceit  of their  gurus  as “a great blessing,” this is the video they saw of the  Dalai Lama passing the baton to this Chinese Communist Karmapa in 2012 .

They now accept the recent news of his Communist Government connections,  ‘unflinchingly, ‘  as they do any egregious , deceptive , back-stabbing , sexually  abusing   anti-social behavior by their Tibetan lamas. “It’s all an illusion!” they say. “History doesn’t exist.”  Even though,  for the last forty years,  they believed The Tibetan Lama and mainstream media narrative that China was torturing the lamas and their religion.  That was a convenient narrative for  China and the Dalai Lama to make up so no one would notice their collusion.

If they had a flicker of doubt?  These cult members of the Tibetan  lamas?  It would be immediately re-processed  as proof of their  own “impure perception” and a sign that all is “impermanent and unreal” anyway and nothing really matters–the usual passive nihilism and defensiveness against any cognitive dissonance that barely reaches their woolly-headed sensitive trigger-happy, “mindfulness meditation” soaked heads.

There is a back-up quarterback  guru,  another Karmapa, if the legal system in Modi’s India cannot  be totally corrupted by the wealthy elite, or already hasn’t by the Hindu gurus and Barack Obama’s “advisors.”  If they  cannot protect this Karmapa from being rightfully  jailed for his role in the money-laundering illegal purchases  of poor Indian farmers’ land back in 2011.

This is the other 17th Karmapa,  Thaye Dorje,   a theme and variation, cookie-cut tulku –same shill, different name,  for the lamas and their Hindu guru-worshiping tantra.

This ” Thaye Dorje, ”   the competitor of Ogyen Trinley for the  Black Crown of  of the Karmapa’s  seat in Sikkim  is being bolstered in India, “just in case.”  The  Indian population , with their ancient history of nepotism, cronyism and massive corruption that comes along with gurus, doesn’t have the same “romantic view” of these Tibetan lamas and know how corrupt they can be when not pretending to be humble monks of peace and love.

Meanwhile,  Thaye Dorje, preaches  against consumerism and materialism  and tells middle-class westerners,  they should be satisfied with little, as he pockets their  loot, to build more centers and temples, to fool more people , to collect more loot so the lamas can get back on the top of their caste-system pyramid, when they didn’t have to work so hard to fund-raise for their money and where they just took it as taxes, and when people  were their slaves and serfs.  It was so much easier for them back then. And what do these generous  lamas’ give in return?  “Blessings.”

Modi has no problem with Tibetan “Buddhism,” because he knows it is really Hinduism and guru-worship and it will in no way interfere with his Pan-Hindu nationalist plans because Tibetan Buddhism comes from the same roots and Hindu tantra.  Although Modi is not of the tantric Hindu lineage and has no idea, apparently what he has taken on.    In fact,  the Dalai Lama and the RSS, the military “Nationalist” arm of Modi’s government,  are tight as can be.  The Dalai Lama refers to the RSS and Tibetan Lamaism as “sisters.”  Sweet.

Tulkus  in Tibetan Buddhism,   as all these international elite players  well-know, are  prepared and trained by the bushel in the Tibetan lama system and are made  ready to go out and shill for Tibetan Lamaism wherever they can be used to spread and build more and more centers.  Having another Karmapa already popular in Europe, in case the Ogyen Trinley version implodes,  will make sure Mr. Eco Karmapa is  not even a  blip on the screen, particularly  since his re-arrest  was never reported in the West,  this time around.

Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg,  surprise, surprise,  has  recently been gushing over how wonderful  Buddhism is.   There are pictures of him at a Buddhist shrine on his Facebook page.    Why is it that billionaires , like Zukerberg and George Soros,  love Buddhism?  Besides its ability to dumb down the masses, is it the   idea of ” positive karma”  and the  “compassion rhetoric” of Tibetan Buddhism and  their  concept of karma,    that tells these billionaires they deserve being insanely wealthy  for being so wonderful and “compassionate”  in a previous life,  close to divinity themselves,  like the lamas.

The Tibetan lamas have been flattering the wealthy elite for thousands of years, but these billionaires don’t know this.  It adds to their already inflated arrogance and moral superiority.    They never read the real history of Tibet, nor do they care about the  history of   Japan and the Kamikaze  or  Pol Pot’s Cambodia  — Pol Pot himself had been a Buddhist monk–  or think of Burmese monks, who “meditated a lot” and are committing genocide and hacking people to death,  or Bhutan,  a Tibetan tantric Buddhist country , that only allowed women to go beyond a fourth grade education a few years ago. Bhutanese women still believe that AIDS is caused by demons and they should be beaten for burning the supper.

So much for their Bhutanese  “happiness quota ‘ in the land of a Theocracy of Tibetan Buddhism and where  little boy monks are sexually abused,  routinely  just as it is common in Tibetan lama monasteries. The sexual abuse of women for the lamas’ consorts,  has been going on for a thousand years.

Any form of Buddhism is never a good match with ruling governments. It has resulted in militaristic dictatorships or theocratic authoritarian regimes. Yet this is what the guru-worshiping westerns want here. That is because they have been mind-controlled by all of these Tibetan lamas and their tantra.

Chaos is the Vajrayana tantra’s shadow  that always follows the Tibetan lamas wherever they go.  Tibet was,  at times, a  very violent country,  and not any Shangrai-la, but the mainstream media, controlled by global multinationals  who no longer hire real investigative journalists,  ( are they even training real journalists anymore?) don’t  want anyone in the rest of the world to know that.

This is  the true Lamas’ system, that the main stream “liberal” media doesn’t want the United States and Europe to know about.  The Tibetan Lamas and their “Buddhism’s” real history told by  their cult devotees  and  these lamas, those who proclaim  they are bringing joy to the world and  that pretend they wouldn’t hurt a fly:

“The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. They were taxed for religious festivals and for public dancing and drumming, for being sent to prison and upon being released. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being cast into slavery.”  Michael Parenti, Friendly Feudalism http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html

The history of the lamas and their treatment of their own people would make these  progressive Utopians weep,  if they dared to  take off their willful blinders and go beyond the cognitive dissonance fire-wall they have constructed  to maintain their Shangrai-la fantasies about Tibet.

As for the Tibetan people?  The lamas  have been controlling them for so long that, even though  physically free of the lamas  and their cruel  religious dictatorship now,  they are still so mentally enslaved by Lamaism, after centuries of thought control,  that they  will  set themselves on fire for a “Free Tibet, “-a cause that never had any reality except to give victim status to the Dalai lama and these sexually abusive lamas for the last forty years in the West and fill their coffers with western loot.

Why  on earth would the Dalai Lama want to go back to Tibet when he is so busy making the whole world into Old Tibet’s image  for the future? Now with China’s blessing?

It seems billionaires in China, just like in the west, are  attracted to the esoteric, occult practices  of the Tibetan Hindu Tantra . Making billions is no longer enough of an aphrodisiac. Now they want the power and immortality  that Tibetan Buddhism and its occult religion deceptively promises them,  as well as the tantric permissiveness that will excuse sociopath behaviors as “cool.”

This affiliation with the Chinese government has proved  very lucrative for the Karme Kagyus  and all of Tibetan Buddhism. Now they can collect donations  not only from the West, but from China as well. This  Tibetan lama mafia are positioned to go from multi-million dollar enterprises to multi-billion dollar entities.  However, China we can be sure, unlike the West,  will expect a piece of the lamas’ collected pie.

Below are excerpts from  an  article by Arnaud Dotezac,  recently published  in ‘Market China’  that clearly documents  this collaboration of the Tibetan Lamas of the Kagyu sect with the Chinese Government entitled : Buddhist Soft Power:  Chinese Style”:

“China very quickly understood the political leverage associated with Buddhism, which currently has close to 300 million Chinese followers throughout the country….”Although the official patriotic Buddhist Association of China (BAC) was established in 1953, it has been since Deng Xiaoping came to power in 1981, that religion has played an official role in the construction of the new China. The aim was to mobilize all forces in the building of a modern socialist state and to serve Chinese interests abroad. “

Jiang Zemin endorsed this policy at the 14th CPC National Congress in 1992. He even went as far as making “spiritual civilization” a feature of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. This action was used not only to justify the value of “harmony” as the basis of Chinese public order and a sign of allegiance to the CPC, but also to project a softer image of China to the outside world.”

In China ,  this will be accomplished by merging  Han Buddhism with Tibetan Lamaism,  just as in the west there is  movement  by the Tibetan Lamas to merge itself with  Zen and Theravada  Buddhism  to form a One Dharma or Global Buddhist  stream for the world.

The article continues:

It is key to understand that the specific forms of Chinese Buddhism (“Han Buddhism”) have deeply shaped Chinese culture from philosophy to politics and arts, and even medicine, since the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE).

“Buddhism is the cement of Tibetan identity; a feature of particular note is devotion to the masters of teaching and meditation: the lamas. 

What all these lamas have in common is that they are respected and revered in a very powerful relationship of spiritual allegiance, even at the risk of manipulation and the abuse of power, which is very difficult to counteract. In contrast, the relationship between Chinese Buddhists and their Han clerics, while very respectful, is much less devoted. So it took some time for the authorities in Beijing to get the measure of this difference between Tibetan and Han Buddhism.”

“China is now investing heavily in presenting itself as the defender and benefactor par excellence of Buddhism. The creation of the “World Buddhist Forum” should, in particular, be seen in this context: this outstanding triennial event, launched in 2006, is attracting thousands of participants from 50 different countries. Most recently it has taken place in Lingshan, a sort of Pharaoh-like Vatican for Buddhism, in Wuxi, less than an hour from Shanghai”.

World Buddhist Forum 2009, held in Wuxi, China

The Chinese-approved Karmapa’s short name is “Ogyen Trinley” and was said to be seven years old at the time of his recognition.

Akong with the young Ogyen Trinley, looking more like fourteen than a young boy  in 1992 in Tibet

 Again, from the article by Arnaud :

“Akong’s dedication to the Chinese motherland earned him many very significant honours, such as being part of the social circle (guanxi) of Jia Qinglin, the former Number 4 in the regime during the presidency of Hu Jintao.

A regular at Chinese official events, Akong was counted as a main honour guest at a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the so-called “peaceful liberation” of Tibet in Lhasa, in summer 2011″.

Interview in London (23.10.2006) with Jia Qinglin and Akong

“He was also appointed a member of the executive of the highly nationalistic China Association for the Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture, an offshoot of the United Front, which plays a key role in the ‘normalisation’ of Tibet. Yet, despite the protection he enjoyed at the very highest level, he was assassinated in western China in October 2013, in mysterious circumstances”.

“Akong’s exploits could never have succeeded without the unswerving support of Dr Chen Li-an and some other well-placed Tibetans that Chen Li-an bankrolled”.

……the links proven to exist between the Beijing regime and the young Ogyen Trinley’s mentors – led the Indian authorities to place him under quasi-house arrest as soon as he arrived in India”.

Chen Li-an with Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche who is a key ally of Chinese interests

Thrangu Rinpoche , pictured above with Chen Li-an,   has himself over a hundred centers and is also the abbot of Gampo Abbey-  a Shambhala International Tibetan Buddhist group, that itself has over two hundred centers in the world. This group was  almost swallowed up by  the sexual abuse scandals in the nineties when it was still called  Vajradhatu.  It was then rehabilitated, with the Dalai Lama’s help  as it was such an important tool in conquering the West.

Composed of old, leftist radicals and the most fanatic  of the Western Tibetan guru-worshipers, this  group, started by  Chogyam Trungpa along with  Naropa Institute -now University -and affiliated with Gampo Abbey are two  of the Chinese government-affiliated Kagyu Karmapa’s centers listed on Ogyen Trinley’s site. 

 One group of Buddhists in Taiwan, not easily fooled by the Dalai Lama’s “Buddhism”   has been very active in trying to warn the Taiwanese population about the Lamas real intentions and agenda for the last decade in their country :

 “The promiscuous couple-practice of copulation of Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism” has overly permeated Taiwan religious community due to the Dalai Lama’s active promotion and the establishment of his foundation in Taiwan to boost the issue. We have therefore received many public complaints about Taiwan Buddhist temples infested with the couple-practice of copulation. Many monastic monks are secretly practicing the copulation tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism.” They are clothed in Buddhist kasaya reciting sutras and chanting Buddha’s name in daytime, but follow Tantric lamas’ instructions and sexually abuse female adherents …. Zang Ghonpu , Chairman of the True Enlightenment Foundation.

Reference Source:    http://foundation.enlighten.org.tw/trueheart_en/26

Again, from the “article by by Arnaud Dotezac, whose own son was conveniently  recognized as a Western tulku.   A common ploy to play on rich and influential parents in the West in order to suck these families  into Tibetan Buddhism for life.  Apparently Arnoud Dotezac still believes in the separation of Church and State by publishing this article.

Monsieur Dotezac , after removing the link to his article at Market,  has  fortunately  put it back up on his internet site:


Bravo!  Monsieur Dotzac !   Merci!

Framed picture of Ogyen Trinley wearing the clothes of Han monks, hanging on the wall of a Chinese temple (to the right of the photo) from the article :  http://www.market.ch/fr/blog/details/article/geopolitique-buddhist-soft-power-chinese-style.html

“They finally realized that if the true allegiance of the very hierarchical Tibetan Buddhists were to be harnessed to Han Buddhism, the entire community could be shifted towards a very spiritual devotion to the Chinese motherland. For this aim, a very subtle and complex religious doctrinal merging process of the Han and Tibetan Schools had to be organised, with a superior rank given to Han Buddhism.”

“Many lamas, both in Tibet and in exile, have successfully put this to the test through the gradual merger of the two versions of Buddhism. Thus in recent years, one can see Tibetan lamas assuming the ways of Chinese monks while at the same time introducing them to Tibetan practices. It is a fact that, although under strict Indian control, Ogyen Trinley has set an example in this respect”.


Meeting of Ogyen Trinley and the approved Han Lama Master, Ven Ching Yao, in India, 2.12.2009 


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