Psychologists enable sexual abuse cults

Recently, other Tibetan cult members have been exposing Tibetan Tantra’s institutionalized sexual abuse, by exposing  Lama, like Sogyal of Lakar, good friend of the Dalai Lama, who has been protecting Lama Sogyal, doing damage control, and controlling the narrative, for the last forty years, to protect his sexually abusive Tibetan Lamaism, pretending to be “Buddhism.”

Here is the letter written by ex-Rigpa members of Lama Sogyal’s  group,  exposing his egregious sexual and physical abuse, while calling it ‘blessings’ and the fast track to enlightenment. The ex members go into explicit detail of his behaviors inside his Rigpa groups, that the public believes is the center and apotheosis and purveyor of enlightened activity,  bringing peace, mindfulness, and happiness to the world. This has allowed this sexual abuser and his guru-worshpping enablers, with PhDs, to  raise  millions, to build another Temple in Ireland for Lama Sogyal, where he has duped many Irish people, as he has the French at Lerab Ling in France:

Here is the documentary, in 2011, about Sogyal’s abuses,  that these western sexual abuse enablers, including psychologists, neuropsychologists, physicians, life coaches and yoga instructors, all now mindfulness trainers, who have been covering up for Lama Sogyal and his Tantric ‘Buddhism,” for the last forty years.  Most of them are part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,  and sit on its many boards and spin-off foundations, with a sociopathic Lama, like Lama  Sogyal. They can often been seen and heard, singing his praises to confuse more psychologists and other ‘soft scientists’ at their retreats, who have come to learn ‘mindfulness meditation” as a first step to be trapped into the Lamas’ Tantric net.

All the western celebrity psychologists , who are also Tantric Buddhist cult members, or big fans; or western academics, from our prestigious universities, circled the wagons around Sogyal, when this documentary was shown on Canadian Public Television:


Here is the list of just a few of the educated and western enablers,  with PhDs and professional degrees in psychology, neuropsychology, nursing, and psychiatry, and other sciences, who are helping someone like Sogyal Rinpoche to cover up for Tibetan Tantric abuses; Lama Sogyal, driven by the teachings of his occult Tantra,  has been abusing and keeping harems of western women,  whom he beats, and controls with spiritual and sexual abuse:

These are the celebrity lamas and western Buddhist teachers,  psychologists and other enablers of Lama Sogyal’s abuses; just a few of the, now, thousands of so-called experts on the Mind; bringing us the mindfulness movement; who have been protecting, and enabling a sexual abuser and sociopath like Lama Sogyal; the Dalai Lama’s  good pal, and his  Mind and Life Institute’s benefactor.

Mindfulness & Awareness Bringing Wisdom into Society This conference brought together world-renowned meditation teachers and key people in our society, such as scientists, psychologists, educators and business people, to explore what happens when we get to know our minds. They explained the true purpose of meditation – and envisioned what the world would look like if we were able to bring mindfulness and awareness into every aspect of our lives. The Speakers – Sogyal Rinpoche, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Sulak Sivaraksa, Sharon Salzberg, Alan Wallace, James R. Doty, Christophe Fauré, Peter Malinowski, Geneviève Hamelet, Sébastien Henry, Dat Phan-Angevin, Kimberly Poppe, Olivier Raurich and David Rycroft.

For more western sexual abuse players in the cover-up of a Lama like Soygal over the last decades, see Sogyal’s Lerab Ling website:

Or the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute’s Board of Directors.

And we wonder why sexual abuse in our western countries has increased, over the last forty years? With western enablers of their sexually abusive lamas, who have been covering up for them, instead of reporting abuse. Psychologists who have taken oaths to report abuse if they know of it, and instead cover up and look the other way. Who have been so dumbed down by their mindfulness that the are completely mindless now and no longer sane.

These  academic -credentialed members of the cult of Tantra, who are helping make the world go mad with their mindfulness, can  ignore the egregious, cruel  behaviors of someone like Sogyal, ‘greater than a king’ whose own  minds have been thought-controlled  by Tantric Lamaism, but   who are now teaching ‘mindfulness meditation, as a cure for all our western ills;  brought to us by medieval, misogynistic and despotic priests, only sixty-years out of the tyranny of their rule in Tibet and  who have fooled so many in the West with their first cult technique: mindfulness meditation in groups, and lots of it, before you are initiated into their Tantra and become mentally enslaved.

Now these lamas are going after the whole world. Thanks to these  western enablers who have lost their reasoning minds; along with Hollywood  and the  CIA who still  won’t release the real history of Tibet, under these lamas, along with  the American Psychologist Association,  and the American Psychiatric Association, who now licenses ‘vajrayana Tantric psychotherapists’ these days, to teach and provide counseling services at our prestigious universities as surreptitiously recruit for their sexually abusive gurus.

These lamas, and their sexually abusive Tantra, have made these universities hotbeds of confusion and chaos, with you people, double-spun into rejecting their own western liberal educational foundation and holding up lamas, like Sogyal of Lakar,  as our ‘new religious models’ of enlightenment, and higher consciousness, in our march toward a herd mentality. , that these enablers of Sogyal and Lamaism represent. All, so we will be mindfully dragged into globalization and world citizenship with a ‘spirituality’ arm,  such as inspired by Tibetan lamas and that Machiavellian Dalai Lama, only 60 years from keeping slaves. Here to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with their medieval nonsense and misuse of female western students for their sexual Tantra bizarre beliefs and worship of themselves as ‘living Buddhas.”

There is more than one ‘swamp’ we have to drain.


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