Dangers of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Globalism and Sexual Abuse

Who are on the spearhead of the mindfulness movement we see exploding all over our nation?

Would it surprise you  that  all of them are devotees of a guru-worshiping Tantric cult,  whose years of mindfulness have made them  mindlessly non-judgmental about corruption, sexual abuse and dangerous behaviors around them,  that have even caused mindless deaths in their group?

Mindfulness was the first cult technique that the Tibetan lama, Chogyam Trungpa, used to draw many young people into Tantra’s net. Tantra, that believes in a no-good, no bad, non-duality view. Dogmatically believes this. Religiously believes this. Because the non-duality Tantra that calls itself Tibetan Buddhism is actually a vajrayana Tantric cult that has been using a ‘Buddhist’ cover to draw people in.

Buddhism hadn’t existed in Tibet since the early ages. China brought what Buddhism there was, and then the Tibetan lamas and their occult Tantra took over in the 9th century, plunging Tibet into misery and poverty for over a thousand years.

It’s final goal is to be the new “secular spirituality” that says it is about a higher consciousness,  that is non judgmental,  compassionate, feminist, harmonious, wants unity and  progress and all for the greater good. It is really about narrowing down the reasoning abilities and discriminating intelligence of more and more people, until it disappears and populations are now easily manipulated and controlled.

Silicon Valley is on Board. So are many other international corporations that learned so much, when outsourcing in countries like India, still struggling against gurus  and their undemocratic and misogynistic effects, with their meditation and eastern cult techniques, that  quell individualism in the masses, accepting their economic  fate as their karma for past deeds.

Chogyam Trungpa, a Tantric Tibetan lama,  serial sexual exploiter, who kept women as young as fourteen in his harem of western women,  brought mindfulness to larger populations through his  Naropa Institute, Shambhala  and ‘Buddhist’ paths. His son now has over two-hundred and fifty Shambhala mindfulness meditation centers in North America and Europe to join with the  of thousands of other Tibetan and Hindu Tantric meditation halls, ashram and now yoga centers, some of them Tantric recruiting centers, that are creating a mindfulness nation.

Trungpa’s early students and Tantric guru-devotees, Francisco  Varela and Adam Engle,  met up with the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, another Tantric guru, and together they created the Mind and Life Institute, that is spearheading this mindfulness movement, able to network with influential propagandists, like-minded, globalist-oriented corporations, socialist-oriented and prestigious academic institutions, politicians and left-wing billionaires.  Together , with the Dalai Lama’s western devotees and cartel of Tibetan Tantric lamas along with other eastern cults, they are pushing the first cult technique that made everyone mindless in Trungpa’s group.

Although there are other streams as part of the mindfulness movement now, the most powerful thread and  the  ‘lineage’ of the mindfulness movement are these medieval misogynistic Tibetan lamas and their western guru-worshiping devotees, with academic degrees, who wanted to create a spiritual Utopia informed by Tibetan  eighth century mysticism and the occult.

Here are the main players of the origins of mindfulness movement:

The late Chogyam Trungpa who brought Tibetan Tantric Buddhism to the West and  used mindfulness meditation and other ‘contemplative’ techniques to get his students to not judge his  ‘crazy wisdom’ behaviors, his keeping of harems and sexually exploiting hundreds of his female students.

Trungpa hooks up with Zen through Suzuki Roshi and adapts many aspects of Zen meditation into his Tantric practices and his Shambhala path that he pretends is a secular path of meditation, that merges into Tantra who stay in his group.

The late Thomas Rich, lineage holder of the late Chogyam Trungpa,who he and his inner circle and Board of Directors,  know he has AIDS,  seduces his mostly, heterosexual male students into the practices of the Vajrayana to have unprotected sex to prove their devotion to him. At least one of his students dies from the AIDS infection. This group of Vajradhatu, now renamed Shambhala International, still deny any responsibility.  Rich helped Trungpa create his Shambhala path of Mindfulness leading straight into Tantra, its guru-worship and its no-right-no-wrong view, that caused the death of at least one young student in the group.

The Dalai Lama, who has fooled the West into believing he cares about  science  to give his mindfulness and other ‘contemplative practices’ a vehicle that would help him  and his devoted western students, pretend to have scientifically and objectively proven the many benefits of mindfulness meditation, to infiltrate Tantra into all western institutions to weaken them from within.

The late Francisco Varela, after  studying with Trungpa,  became the Tantric student of the Tibetan lama Tulku Urgyen and started following him as his guru.

Tulku Urgyen was the  father of Mingyur Rinpoche, who pretended to be on a three-year wandering yogi retreat to fool his western students, but who was really training Tibetan Tantric vajrayana guru masters out of Han Buddhist abbots  in China to make the Chinese even more obedient than they already are.

His brother, Lama Tsoknyi Rinpoche, teaches mindfulness in  Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong to help China  nip and/or weaken democracies in those countries, after bleeding Americans dry and fooling many more western psychologists into Tantric views  than even Trungpa did through his Naropa Institute. Now Naropa University, its says it wanted to be a “change agent to change the world” and it did, bringing more academics into the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Tantric net.

Lama Tsoknyi is the  pal and protégé of Lama Sogyal, the sexual predator lama who also likes keeping  harems of western women and  whom both the Dalai Lama and Lama Tsoknyi  protect and promote. Tsoknyi  considers Lama Sogyal his ‘mentor.’

Lama Tsoknyi, after successfully fooling so many in America with his Dzogchen and mindfulness teachings, is now a big part of China’s ‘soft power’ in the East, after he earned his ‘chops’ dumbing so many psychologists down in the West.

Dan Goleman, popular author and western psychologist who has been a guru-worshiper of Tibetan Lamas and a mindfulness instructor for the last forty years. Devoted student of the Dalai Lama and  Sogyal Rinpoche, the alleged sexual abuser of hundreds of western women who keeps a harem of young women and has had two sexual abuse law suits against him, the first rumored as settled for millions to keep it hush-hush.

One of Dan Goldman’s mindfulness roles is to keep Soygal protected and to bolster his reputation.

Sharon Salzberg, popular author , former Insight Meditation teacher and Theravada student,  now devotee of Tibetan lamas as well as  the enabler  and guru-worshiper of  the alleged sexual predator, Sogyal Rinpoche.  She perfectly  represents the new Western Buddhist who has  merged her mind and her other Buddhist practice with her Tibetan lama gurus  but pretends to be just a teacher of  simple meditation to help people relax. Salzberg is a big part of the Mind and Life Institute and would consider the Dalai Lama, along with Lama Sogyal, one of her Tantric gurus.

Jon Kabat Zinn, former Zen student who connected with the Insight Meditation Theravada group and is  now part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute and a major proponent of mindfulness,  Zinn has worked for decades, with these other western Buddhists, to make mindfulness seem disconnected with anything having to do with religion or the Dalai Lama’s Tantric , sexually abusive cult. He calls his version,  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR to give it that scientific patina.

Joseph Goldstein, former Theravada monk and Insight Meditation student and teacher. Like Goleman and Salzberg,  now hypnotized by the Dalai Lama and  Lama Sogyal the predator, and their medieval Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’;  part of the Mind and Life Institute, who is promoting a Three Stream Buddhism, made up of Tantra, Zen and Theravada to help create the Dalai Lama’s Adi-Buddha World Buddhocracy.

Sam Harris, who pretends to be a rationalist and secularist to fool  those who don’t identify with any ‘ism.’ Sam Harris has been a devoted Tantric practitioner, first studying with Sharon Salzberg and then through her, the Dalai Lama.

Sam Harris, who has been a Tantric vajrayana student of Tibetan Buddhism for many years,  says he is now a “Dzogchen” student.  What that means is that he no longer believes in facts or reason, but has reached the pinnacle of  Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Tantra where there is ‘no right, no wrong’  except to say all traditional religions are wrong. He is now saying he is not a ‘Buddhist’ because it is “too religious.”  He is following the Tantric Law of Inversion , which reaches its peak in Dzogchen, something I studied,  with these same Tibetan lamas,  for thirty years. Longer than Sam. What Sam is doing is lying, as the Law of Inversion  in Tantra allows,  where you can lie to spread Tantra with a new Tantric hook  now called Dzogchen.

Dzogchen, by the way, is the ultimate of non-judgmental, irrational practices of Tantra. In the hands of these lamas it is the ultimate of mind-control and the ultimate practice of  the double bind.  Dzogchen is the ultimate teaching of ‘irrationality,’ because Dzogchen is ‘crazy wisdom’ in the lamas’ hands. The crazy wisdom that lets lamas keep harems, be sexually promiscuous, and even get their own students killed.

Dzogchen, that Sam Harris now says he is practicing,  is the ultimate ‘no-good no bad irrationality religion.  That doesn’t want to judge anything as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  Except Reason. That is always bad in Tantra.

That is what has been so clever about Mr. Harris. His Reason Disguise.

Sam Harris  has been promoting  Tantra  through ‘mindfulness’ practice and teaching it  for years, as the merged  Theravada ‘ Buddhist vipassana, from a stream of Wirathu, the violent Burmese monk, who admires the Tantra of the lamas.  He has been hacking Muslims to death in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. He did lots of ‘mindfulness’  practice.

The merger of Theravada and Tantra has been a particularly scary mix. As demonstrated by Wirathu the monk who was inspired by the Dalai Lama’s Wheel of Destruction, Kalachakra Tantra. Yet this is what mindfulness is made up from; these two streams and the stream of Zen Buddhism that the Kamikaze were practicing.

Sam Harris has been a big part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute  whose Tantra doesn’t believe in facts or the rational mind.   Sam is doing all he can to help his gurus’ Tantra to spread.  It’s been very lucrative for him to have fooled so many atheists and rationalists that he is one of them.

Sam’s ‘Rationalist’ disguise has been almost as bold as the Dalai Lama’ ‘feminist’ mask.

Western Tibetan Buddhists, who are actually not Buddhists but in a cult of Tantra,  now believe that their mindfulness practices, and  other ‘contemplative practices’ of Tantra, are  what should inform science as well as all of a person’s decisions:

Here is the view of the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama who are the main promoters of this mindfulness meditation:

Whereas science relies on empiricism, technology, “objective” observation, and analysis, the Dalai Lama, Engle, and Varela [both Tantric students of Trungpa, sic] were convinced that well-refined contemplative practices and introspective methods could, and should, be used as equal instruments of investigation — instruments that would not only make science itself more humane but also ensure its conclusions were far-reaching. Mind and Life was formed to bridge this divide and advance progress in human well-being.



The Negative Results of Mindfulness Tantra

It is not that all forms of meditation are bad. Meditation, in moderation, can be very beneficial. Refreshing. A tool, used in moderation ( and not in groups!) and an opportunity to slow down a racing mind, take a breath, relax, and that’s it. Get up off the cushion and continue living and enjoying your life.

It’s when it is done in groups, in this form called mindfulness which is about programming people not to judge,  which means no longer using your reasoning mind,  led by those with a hidden agenda to control populations,  that makes it so dangerous, both to the person and to the societies in which it is spread.

Mindfulness training is always encouraged to be done in groups sessions. People, trained individually by the many Tantric-influenced mindfulness counselor, life coach, therapists in clinics and college campuses, will always be encouraged to go to a group mindfulness retreat to get more benefit from the process. This has them mindfully meditating in a group, first for a  whole weekend seminar, where they will meditate for many hours a day,  then on to a week-long retreat to then a month mindfulness retreat or longer, to further  open up to the non-judgmental programming and loaded language of these mindfulness groups.

Mindfulness is a dogmatic, religious cult technique, rooted in Tantra and guru-worshiping cults with their  group think, group speak, and group mind. BIG MIND they call it.

By creating a state a of non-judgmental  awareness, not as a moment of relaxation, but as a ‘state of mind’ to aspire to and dwell within,  Mindfulness, connects  to this Tantric GURU MIND ideology, turns off a person’s discriminating reasoning abilities to discern and make informed and healthy decisions for oneself and ultimately one’s society, opens one up to further manipulation in groups by those with their own agendas.

I forgot to mention that mindfulness people, whom I have personally known, since I was one of them, in the cult of Tantra, for almost thirty years, see everyone as ‘heretics’ that don’t think like them. But they can pretend, for liberal progressives, their target of the last forty years,  that they are filled with compassion and are the best spiritual path for the world.

We are seeing this intolerance and inability to form reasoned opinions, this mindfulness Tantra, that remains in the shadows but creates, all across college campuses, chaos.

Many of the professors, who know longer judge, are mindfully ignoring dangerous and escalating violence and the Orwellian tactics of bullies, because they now believe it is wrong to see any behavior as ‘good or bad.’ Even rape of our western children in our own public schools. Or gang rapes in Sweden and Europe as a pathological altruism that always comes with Tantra, informs decisions in western nations.


Here are some of the  results of what happens when mindfulness based on Tantra, infuses a group:
Chogyam Trungpa’s  Vajradhatu‘s Board   now renamed  Shambhala International)  who had been mindfully meditating for years,  knew Trungpa’s Regent has the AIDS virus and how AIDS was passed on, a Board that included an American physician,  let Rich  continue to have sex  with hundreds of mostly straight, male students, while keeping  back crucial information from members of this community,  for years. 

Mindfulness had already taught them not to judge.

Since the AIDS virus was seen as ‘just a concept,’ in Trungpa and the Regent’s Tantric  group,  then inevitably at least one of the Regent’s students was infected after unprotected sex with his guru and, in turn, infected his  girlfriend and the young man died.  It makes national news.    

This mindfulness-informed decision puts  hundreds  of members  of the community  in harm’s way. Not only the hundreds of men that the Regent abused and exploited, but also their girlfriends and wives.

No apologies are given to the young man’s family or any of the other students that were put exposed to the AIDS virus. Today the Shambhala mindfulness meditation organization is rehabilitating this Regent’s life and creating a spin-off lineage based on his Tantric teachings , starting more satellite centers in rural areas, like Maine. The Tibetan lamas and the Dalai Lama all approve.

After the above  Regent-AIDS scandal broke in 1989,  and was then covered over by these mindfulness students of Trungpa and helped along in the cover-up by the Dalai Lama getting his Nobel Prize the same year, this Vajradhatu-Shambhala group of mindfulness practitioners and teachers,  continues their ‘hide and deny ‘ behaviors. When a sixty-year- old, mindfulness meditation instructor and Shambhala teacher,  has sex with the ten-old daughter of another community member the case is  quietly settled out of court.

The Vajradhatu/Shambhala group, still reeling from the Regent scandal, couldn’t afford this news reaching the public, exposing the truths about their ‘Buddhism.’

Besides, daughters and  sons, husbands and wives, are always secondary to protecting your gurus and the secrets of their real teachings.

This western teacher of Tantra is  given a slap on the hand, by the same Trungpa group that  takes “nothing happens”  to heart. They make the slogan, “nothing happens,” into a bumper sicker and put it on their cars, from San Francisco to Boulder to Boston; reminding each other, and anyone else they can ensnare in their net. For these mindfulness practitioners its all is an illusion, anyway, even death at the hands of one of their gurus, or pedophile abuse by one of their own, who is later made a director of a Shambhala center that teaches mindfulness meditation.  None of the cult members of Shambhala, who know about the abuse, protest. They carry on as though history doesn’t exist, which is what they believe.

So what,  that a ten-year old child was sexually abused by a sixty-year old cult member. “Nothing happens” is their motto.  Besides,  the Tantric teachings, including the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Wheel of Time’ secret teachings, recommend a  ten or eleven-year-old  girl from an outcast class, as the ‘ideal consort’ for the Tibetan lamas and their couple bliss practices. All pedophiles know it is easier to find prey when the family is poor.

Mindfulness teaches them not to judge.

In 2014 ,  Naropa University, the first  Tibetan Tantric college  in the West,  founded by this same Tibetan lama, Chogyam Trungpa in 1974, makes their first graduate school major ‘contemplative psychology’ and mindfulness is central to their curriculum. This is the same Board that ignored their first guru, Chogyam Trungpa, keeping a harem of favorite women and his Regent knowingly having AIDS and having unprotected sex with his students because they don’t believe in biological ‘facts.’

Naropa’s staff and administration keep their guru vows and forty-five  years of cover-up behaviors for all Asian and western gurus who become part of their Tantric,  atavistic world. Still obeying  their dead guru, Trungpa “to shift the world” out of a democracy and into an ‘enlightened dictatorship’ what Trungpa called it;  a theocracy  of the middle-ages  streams of Hindu Tantric, Bon and the occult, with a Mahayana Buddhist cover and mindfulness as their first cult technique to get everyone on board with his plan. This is a plan shared by the Dalai Lama and all Tibetan lamas and their guru-worshiping enablers, because they are all in a Tantric cult, pretending to be ‘Buddhist.’

Many  of these guru-worshipers, with academic and professional credentials,  who believe Tibetan lamas can never make mistakes, grovel and prostrate and obey their gurus like abject mindless slaves inside their Tantric Buddhist groups have now created an army of   “mindfulness” teachers, mindfulness psychotherapists, and mindfulness life coaches,  starting centers and foundations of their own. They will teach this Tantric-based mindfulness at universities and hospitals, clinics and  corporations; even in the military and police departments  in Arizona  where there are lots of Tibetan lamas and their devotees doing mindfulness.  Their hope is to eventually bring it into K-12 classrooms.  

No one yet notices that all these mindfulness, thought-controlled promoters all speak and sound the same. They all use the same  jargon to make people think they are involved  with ‘science’ and ‘reason, ‘  ‘gratitude” and ‘compassion,” to weaken and fool new members into their cult of Tantra who will believe that mindfulness is going to cure the world’s ills and bring everyone into a state of harmony and peace. Instead its history shows that it destroys reason and the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do, what to choose, what to accept or reject.


These mindfulness proponents and surrogates for their Tibetan lamas’  hope to make every western professional an their institutions  “contemplative and mindful. ”  They want contemplative police officers,  who always stand-down; ‘contemplative’ educators who will teach propaganda as truth,  contemplative soldiers who are more concerned about gender issues and the fluidity of the self,  than protecting our nation.

Naropa’s  model administration and staff,  who have been graduating thousands of mindfulness psychotherapists and social activists for the last forty years, They recently let another guru get away with destroying a young person’s life.  Katsura Kan, was Naropa’s Japanese dance guru.  His abuse and exploitation of this young student fit right into Naropa’s Tantric ethics and policies that say “gurus can do what they want.”  “We don’t judge right from wrong.”

Naropa’s administration and teaching staff,  with nearly half a century of denial  about Tibetan Tantric gurus and their egregious behaviors, of course, saw nothing wrong with this Japanese, sadistic dance guru. They were too busy having  ‘mindfulness meditation days’ for students, staff and administrators instead.

This   latest  scandal at Naropa,   is barely reported in U.S. mainstream news. The Boulder Daily Camera, already taken over by the “contemplative journalists’ now graduating from Colorado University  is  inundated with the Tantric influences of Trungpa’s  Tibetan Tantra and Naropa cult, and always takes Naropa’s side, as it has done since 1974.

Sometime, however, circumstances don’t always come together, to continue to protect these  guru worshiping Tibetan lama cults. The  family  of this latest victim of  Naropa University’s mindless milieu,  their beautiful daughter destroyed by  guru-worshiping memes  at the peak of her life,   are  not  also devotees of Trungpa and  his son,  as was true before.  This time Naropa is not so lucky.  This family is going public.  They have  started a cult-awareness network, warning young people about Naropa University.

Tantra was starting to come apart at the seams. The Dalai Lama’s favorite crazy wisdom lama, who has fooled so many in the west, Lama Sogyal,  has accumulated  two multi-million dollar lawsuits under his belt; one in 1994,  settled for millions, and again in 2011.     for allegedly sexually abusing and physically beating  two of his devotees and possibly hundreds of  other Western women and keeping a harem of female devotees when he is not teaching his students how to mindfully meditate. 

 Lama Sogyal was  honored by the Dalai Lama and the wife of  the former  Prime minister of France and the other celebrity lamas  along with the usual  Hollywood  glitterati,  that hover around these Tibetan lamas for “compassion currency” and foolishly listen to Richard Gere for their knowledge about Tibetan lamas;  Many of these Tantric Buddhist western celebrities were at Sogyal’s gala  opening of his  western funded, eight million dollar Lerab Ling Temple in France, where he has been documented to keep harems  of women that he abuses.

The Dalai Lama  has  recently  inaugurated  another project to fool and dumb more of young America down. This is  Lama Sogyal’s  project; the  Tenzin Gyatso Institute,  named after the Dalai Lama and given His Holiness’s “blessings.”

Its primary purpose is to bring more Tibetan monks and lamas into the United States,  to study and pretend to get a Western education in order to infiltrate further into our culture, spreading more of the chaos of Tantra with their humble smiles. Like Trungpa did with his less humble grin.

Soon  more of these Tibetan lama graduates will get academic positions and  join their western Tantric  female professors and devotees, who teach mindful meditation and who ignore that their lamas keep harems and sexually abuse their students. They don’t want to judge. They now hold  academic positions at our prestigious universities including gender studies.   

Or they write papers and articles  about sexual abuse being helped by mindfulness brought to us by sexually abusive Tibetan lamas and gurus who keep harems of women and prefer them to be of late adolescent age or younger.

All sexually abusive religious systems depend on their female enablers . Both the colluding ones and the unwitting enablers who are now fooling a critical mass of liberal, educated women across the West; particularly in the United States.

Tibetan Lamas always pin female energy down before they colonize a territory.

Medieval superstition, a flat earth mentality, and  exploitation of  both women and boys, drives these Tibetan lamas,  who have access to many more young women in the West ( and increasingly in Asian countries ) with their Tantric ‘Buddhism’  than just little boy monks in Old Tibet and Bhutan, they abuse.


Lama Sogyal,  big pal of the Dalai Lama, who happily keeps his harems of western women right under the noses of his female western devotees and fans, who are all mindfully  meditating together, comes not from a lineage of mythological Tibetan Buddhist masters but,  more importantly,  a lineage of real family benefactors for the Tibetan lamas: the Lakar family.

When the scandals broke again, about Sogyal’s sexual abuses, the Tibetan Lamas and their enablers did what they always do: they gathered  their  inner circle of  guru-worshiping, western academics, psychologists, sexual consorts and harems, and circled the wagons around  Lama Sogyal,   right after a documentary was broadcast on Canadian public television in the Spring of 2011.

Photographs were taken of all the celebrity Tibetan lamas, along side Lama Sogyal,  looking all cozy together, as they quickly  came to their brethren’s rescue, taught beside him, or went to his centers to teach.  They published letters  of endorsement for  Lama Sogyal  that he, in turn,  then published on his own website,  Rigpa, and  other Tibetan Buddhist sites, to saturate the information pool with propaganda and cover-up fairy tales. They particularly didn’t want western, progressive liberal women, their main target, to  wake up.  That would be a disaster for the Dalai Lama’s Adi-Buddha plans.

A phony  website created  by a Dalai Lama monk (and former Stasi) was  also created  around this time, to scoop up those who were starting to question  these sexually exploitative Tibetan Buddhist groups.   This limited hang-out  of the Dalai Lama monk was only created to confuse the public that might wander into this site when googling “sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas” and to completely confuse potential dissenters or, more importantly,  potential whistle-blowers who  might wander in. He has many articles about Sogyal and sexual abuse pretending that he is a resource for sexual abuse victims, when this is a site by a monk, ordained by a good pal of Sogyal the predator lama, who works at damage control for the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan “Buddhism.”

Pema Chodron,  is the  mindfulness meditation nundarling of the progressive liberal crowd,  interviewed by Bill Moyers and promoted by that icon of awareness, Oprah, many times and she has many Tibetan lamas and their sexual exploitations to protect.

First,  her first Tantric guru and teacher Trungpa, whose alcoholism, sexual abuses and keeping of harems she defended, covered up for and excused, with her ‘no right no wrong view’ and then Trungpa’s  Regent, whose own sexual abuse killed at least one student in Pema’s Tantric Tibetan Buddhist cult, Vajradhatu/Shambhala International, which Pema has been a devoted member, and recruiter for, for decades, probably kept that cult afloat for years. But Pema did much more than that.

Her chic-lite books, popular among wealthy progressives, tell western women not to act out their anger (particularly about sexual abuse by her gurus) and to just “let it all fall apart.”

She also makes millions for the lama’s foundations.  Now she has a foundation of her own that k.d. Lang supports.

LGBT people were targeted by the lamas and these days they sure don’t seem too concerned about sexual abuse of heterosexual females.  Even rape they can ignore. They get very upset about being called a ‘girl’ or a sexist remark, than about serial sexual abuse and female harem-keeping by dirty old Tibetan lamas they now adore, along with their Tantric nuns.

Last time I saw k.d. Lang on an episode of  Portlandia, I knew she was vulnerable and depressed. Now she can be the  happy, hapless enabler of a sexually abusive cult of Tantric priests and their enabling ‘nuns,’ and give them lots of money and feel better while another LGBT woman sells her straight sisters down the river.

How else could they have been so successful in hiding their abuses and spreading their Tantric lies, except by fooling both gay and straight western women  to destroy all the real gains that women’s’ rights groups were making in the areas of sexual abuse prevention?

You had to dumb a critical mass of western women down, who now march to protest sexism by wearing pink knit symbolic vaginas on their heads and screaming and yelling hysterically,  to protest being seen as sexual objects tied to their biology and emotions.

Then there is the token female Tibetan lama, Jetsun Khandro,   recognized as the reincarnation of the sexual consort of the 15th Karmapa, so the 16th Karmapa said.

She is considered a high lama in the Tibetan-Indian-Nepalese alliance of  caste-system Brahmans.

Khandro writes she “was shocked about these stories” that the sexual abuse victims of Tibetan lamas are bringing  to her precious ears about the lamas !

She is not shocked by the sexual gropings and abuses of these male lamas, her pals,  she is lying , as the Vajrayana tantra and its Law of Inversion, that she is soaked in, allows.  She is another sister enabler of sexual abuse– the new “feminist lama ”  that will throw all women under the bus for a place on the thrones with the men.

In fact, this token female high lama,  Khandro of Mindrolling’s main job is to   enable and protects  Tibetan lamas  like Sogyal,  with whom she maintains a very cozy relationship.      

Sexual abuses of minors, of women, young girls and boy monks, even criminal negligence causing death at least  twice , or gross and criminal misuse of one’s spiritual authority over vulnerable others under one’s care, and all of them are students and/ or  teachers of mindfulness.

“Let things fall apart” has been Pema Chodron’s mantra teachings for women for the last forty years; mainly so she can protect her sexually abusive gurus and make sure all sexual abuse allegations against the lamas fall apart.

Promoters of the guru-worshiping Tantra are also the former and current sexual consorts and “wives”  of the Tibetan lamas,  who write  books about “spiritualized feminism” or they appear on the Canadian CBC,   where  a former consort of Chogyam Trungpa  is out and about,  doing the usual public relations and damage control for her Tibetan Buddhist cult. She forgets to mention in this interview  that she was a young consort of Trungpa by the age of fourteen and part of his seven-sister harem of sexual consorts, his favorites. Yes, these lamas are known to keep harems.

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