Mindfulness, and the Tibetan Cult of Tantra


Lama ‘justice’ for stealing a goat


The spearhead of the “mindfulness” movement is the Dalai Lama and his western devotees, who have come up with a formula of ‘mindfulness” from three streams: the Tibetan Tantric stream, the Theravada stream of Burmese monks, and the Zen stream of meditation.  But all of it is informed, and promoted by Tibetan Lamaism that is really Tantra; an androcentric, sexually exploitive and misogynistic world-view.

The westerners, who are proclaiming their scientific and academic credentials, to bring us this mindfulness movement, are actually an inter-connected body of western  guru-worshiping, Tantric practitioners in Tibetan Lamaist cults, financed and supported by the hundreds  of NGOs, spun out by  globalist-proponents, and certain corporate billionaires, both in the West and in China, with another agenda than just helping people learn to relax.

The underlying purpose of this mindfulness movement is to march us  into a world citizenship, without a whimper; believing this is saving ourselves to save the world.

Instead, it will make people malleable and more easily controlled; as they were in Tibet, as they are in all totalitarian governments; as they were in my cult of Tantric lamas, who kept harems of women and used their “religion” to sexually exploit their students, while telling the world they are “feminists’ and more open to gender-equality, bringing only happiness and peace to the world.

How peaceful has the world become, since these Tibetan lamas unleashed their Tantra on the Western world, for the last fifty years?

Mindfulness meditation has a geopolitical agenda, brought to us by medieval Tibetan lamas, to turn us away from our own democratic values, freedoms and national sovereignty,  by stealth.

Dig into the roots of this mindfulness movement and you will find the religious cult Tibetan Tantra, brought by Tibetan lamas and their western, guru-worshiping helpmates, along with certain, Zen and Theravada groups , now submerged under the Dalai Lama’s hegemony of his Tantric ‘Buddhism’movement that he calls, “secular spirituality,” when it is neither secular nor spiritual, but is the realpolitik of the world citizenship movement out of the U.N.

It is a  World Buddhocracy movement, led by atavistic medieval occult priests,  who pretend they are ordinary Buddhists;  scientific, secularist, feminist, ecumenical, and promoters of  gender-equality, when their Tantric cult religion is none of these things.

The Tantric lamas are ancient propagandists who know the power of rhetoric and words. It is how they kept their own Tibetan people enthralled and enslaved for over a thousand years.

Serfs who were taxed and kept in gross poverty; indentured servants who could never be free; kept without educations, hospitals, or any services or support for this over-taxation by the Tibetan lamas, who issued debt notes at high interest, inherited by each generation of poor peasants, while the lamas lived lives of  luxury on the backs of their own people.

“The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. They were taxed for religious festivals and for public dancing and drumming, for being sent to prison and upon being released. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being cast into slavery.”  Michael Parenti, Friendly Feudalism http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.h

The lamas were  the Church, the Government and the God Kings to obey, unquestioningly, in Tibet.

Just as they still are, inside western Tibetan Tantric groups who are behind this mindfulness movement.

These western, ‘mindfulness’ purveyors are actually guru-worshipers of Tibetan lamas, who  have taken vows to their ‘masters’ to obey them in all things and to perpetuate their  Tantric world view.

Mindfulness was the first cult technique that the Tibetan lamas used on us, inside their guru-worshiping cults, to destroy our reason, individualism, and to get us to think as a herd: The BIG MIND of Tantra.

Mindfulness is not just about learning to relax. It is about creating a state of mind that makes one  more passive and  non-judgmental, more open to manipulation, so that one can no longer discriminate between good and bad;  between lying and telling the truth; between feelings and rational thinking;  between a sexist remark and sexual serial rape, so a critical mass of people will conform to a BIG MIND;  a group think; unwittingly working to undermine their own freedoms, while believing they are saving the world.

Western Tantric Buddhists meet all the criteria of being in a mind-altering, guru-worshiping cult;  dangerous to democracies and women’s rights. The targeted, liberal progressives have been unknowingly under this Tantric spell for the last forty-years; not knowing its influence, by stealth.

Now the lamas and their western helpmates, their devoted guru-worshipers are bringing their mindfulness movement, to destroy what’s left of our twenty-first century reason and good sense. They will call it’ a form of  “secular spirituality” and “contemplative science,” that will create a non-theistic,  “secular ethics,” saying it is gender-neutral and good for the happiness of the world.  Tantra and its mindfulness technique is to make people more open to controlled propaganda

The Tibetan lamas, and their bogus ‘Buddhism” that uses a Mahayana disguise, have fooled many of the Zen and Theravada Buddhists by now who. attracted by the lure of mindfulness commodity,  have jumped on the mindfulness billion dollar business potential and who also hope that Buddhism becomes the world’s religion.

But Tantra is not Buddhism.  Tantra creates chaos and calls it compassion, invokes group think and calls it freedom, Tantra is anarchy that we are seeing now, all over our country.

Mindfulness will be soon be promoted as the antidote to all the chaos and aggression.  This is a typical Hegelian tactic of the left: create the problem and then offer the solution.

Tantric lamas, while using their own Tibetan people and letting them set themselves on fire for a bogus “Free Tibet” movement, so the lamas could garner billions from the ignorant, naive West, the Tibetan lamas have been rebuilding in China, since 1982, and are now the spearhead of the  Religious World Harmony Buddhist Movement, that the Communist Chinese party has decided will be their soft power in the world. They are now having these same Tibetan lamas, that fooled us by creating a false animosity in the West, so no one would notice the Tibetan lamas were training Chinese Tantric gurus in China to spread their guru-worshiping cult, there.

The Chinese people have to be fooled, like we were in the West, that this is Buddhism, instead of the Cult of Tantra so that the Communist Party can nip any democratic leanings in that country with a guru-worshiping cult that is trying to help destroy democracy throughout the West.

We are now watching the liberal progressives, the target of the Tibetan lamas for the last forty-years, turn hard-left and become like a third-world mob.  Out the chaos, will be the push for ‘mindfulness meditation,’  as the solution;  the cult technique used on us inside these Tibetan Buddhist Cults.

Wake up West. Wake up China. Wake up World.


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Christine A Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.


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